Tuesday 29 October 2013

Day 516: Why Are we Here on Earth? The Battle of the Stars - Part 3

“And within that ‘Spitefulness’, a Fear ‘emerged’ that: If you have to Trust another, they have ALL the ‘power’ - because at ‘any given moment’, they can ‘Spite’ you. Therefore you cannot ‘submit yourself’ to anyone, you cannot Trust anyone, because = what is Inherent, and that emerged more and more, was: ‘Spitefulness’. And have a look... it exist exactly like that, every single day of your life. Your whole life has existed in the ‘principle of ‘Spitefulness’’. You have Never Transcended ‘Spitefulness’ in any way.”

So within that, an interesting thing occurred: Groups were formed. Groups that eventually became a different form of Expression. Instead of Balance, Polarity became the ‘guiding-force’ of the Universes.

Balance was no-longer, because Balance became impossible because Dishonour became the principle of Existence. Dishonour meaning: I have the power, the ultimate -power = I can Spite you whenever it suits me. And through that I can exert my power over you. And no matter how good you are, no matter how good I am - the end of the day, I still have power = I can say, No. I can Spite you. I can – In Spite of Knowing what is the Best - I can do what is the best for me. And I can do it because I have Free Will. Because I've always had Free Will. - which is fascinating, yes, we always had Free Will. We’ve been in Existence a very long time.

In this all, a fascinating thing started happening: Things started to Spiral out of Control, because it was no-longer in Balance. And this Spiraling out of Control, the Mathematical-Equation of Existence that was always a Balanced-Equation = became Unbalanced. And because the Inherent-desire of Free Will linked-to the desire and the definition that Free Will Encompasses the power of Spite - in Spite of all Efforts = it became a Design that was ‘Infinite in Nature’. It just continued, because as time Progressed – and Remember, time was always defined by those that are ‘here in time’ - as time Progressed - beings would continue in their ‘action of ‘Spitefulness’’ and ‘Free Will’ and Create Groups that work-together and that define the Reason why their belief, their Free Will to be a specific way. Which you could call - at that stage - virtually like Religions, like we have today.

Have a look... your Religions of today exist in Spitefulness to each other. They will exist because they believe they have Free Will. And accordingly, they express themselves and are, in a way, in conflict, which is the conflict-point is the Polarity-Point. And through that, everything in Creation that was a Balanced-Expression, became an Expression of Energy. Because, from that Friction was created an Energy.

What was fascinating though, is in that Energy that was Created, something new Emerged: You could get an Higher-Energy and you could get a Lower-Energy. And automatically, a Battle started: The Battle of the Stars, in a way.

The Battle of the Stars was: Who can have all the Cool High-Energy and push the others to a Lower-Energy so that they can feel they have exerted their power of Free Will - which is in fact, actually Spitefulness – to such a degree that they have all the Power, and that the others are in Fear of their ‘power’, which means, actually, in Fear of their Spite.

So now Free Will has actually become something covering-up Spitefulness.

And have a look... in today's Society it's exactly what Exists. In this Spiraling - it was Clear that the Universe as we know it: Would be Changing Forever, which is what happened. And where all-things were in a form of Quantifiable Quantum-Reality where it was, there was an Immediacy - the point of the Polarity, the point of the ‘Spitefulness’, the point of the exertion of power - caused a Separation between all-Beings and that Separation was like a ‘Tear in Existence’ that became bigger and bigger and bigger.

Friday 25 October 2013

Day 515: Why Are we Here on Earth? Free Will and Spitefulness – Part 2

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 514: Why Are we Here on Earth? Balance and the Universe - Part 1: 
"But then again beings also died, so in a way, the being ‘Emerging’ was someone that had been there before - it´s like Reincarnation.

Very much of the Reincarnation was in effect a Continuation, rather than a form of ´paying for something you´ve done ‘right’ or ‘wrong’´ - because ´right´ and ´wrong´ per se - did not exist. What existed was simply: ‘Balance’

There was an ‘Understanding’ that everything in Existence actually Existed in Balance. There was not Nature as you would understand it now - because the Experience/Expression was quite Absolute from that perspective, as the Point of Balance was Absolute - which means in terms of how it existed: It had an Absolute Effect on the Balanced-Expression of Everyone that was Here – as the ‘Here of Then´.

In the Question that emerged on: Why is Everyone not Equal? - the Point was then Approached to Consider the Equality of Everyone and Change the Point of ‘Balance’. That immediately emerged as quite an interesting Point which was seen as ´unacceptable´.

It was seen as an ´atrocity´ to ´Change what is Here´ - because what is Here was apparently ´the only Answer´ and it was ´working´ from the perspective of everyone Participating. What was not understood obviously is that: The only Reason it was ´working´ is because of ‘the Submission of Everyone to the particular System’. And in the Acceptance of that, obviously, there was the Point that there was Inequality = there was not the Actuality of Equality between all beings.

Although they would All come from the Same ‘Source’ - their ‘Lineage’ would determine: ‘What they’re Equal as and to’, which is very much similar to what we have today - where your Equality is virtually determined on your Lineage, your Intelligence is dependent on your Lineage.

Your point of ‘Effectiveness’ in this Reality is dependent on what ‘Colour’ you are, which Country you’re in and how your ‘Family-line’ fit into that and your History of your ‘Lineage’ and all kinds of things - ‘Pre-determine’ your ‘Experience’ to quite a Vast-degree in this Reality.

Now, the only way, then to Question this Point, to bring Awareness that this Point, In Fact, was a ‘Weakness’ - this Point that there was not Equality, was the ‘Inherent–weakness’ of Existent Existence = was to actually Challenge the Point.

So in that - after the discussions and the Considerations broke-down, and did not go any further - one of the Beings that was standing as ‘the Point of Balance’ of one of the Galaxies = Abdicated ‘the Point of Balance’.

Immediately Many things Happened at Once. So we'll look at the various points from different perspectives: One was Immediately, that: A Fear ‘arised’.

The Fear that; because ‘the Point of Balance’ does not Exist, everything will now become Unbalanced, which will cause the Universe to ‘End’. Fascinatingly enough, was that: One of the Primary-Points that was there, which is very similar to today: If you do not ‘adhere to your Belief-System’ - the ‘End of your Existence will come and then you will be ‘judged’’.

So, in a way, that ‘inherent-judgment’ of, what was would flow out of the ‘Unbalancing of the Creation’ as it existed then = came forth.

A fascinating thing then occurred: The point of ‘Free Will', then, was Challenged - to truly Reveal its Nature.

And how it was Challenged was fascinating, because all that was required by everyone was a fascinating point: They had to ‘Stand-Together’ in their 'Free Will' and have 'One-Will,' and everything would be Balanced.

But an interesting thing occurred - some realized an interesting point: They could say: "No" - when it comes to the Point of: “Let’s Stand Together”. And they could do it in a peculiar ‘form of experience’, called "Spitefulness" – they could hold all the ‘power’, by simply saying: "I will not Stand Together, Equal as One. I will do it ‘my way’, because I have 'Free Will.'” In that Singular Moment = All of the Universes or Galaxies started to disintegrate over time, because - what was Spreading like Wildfire, was a form of ‘Revenge’: "If you say you're not going do it - I will say the same and I’ll ‘Spite’ you back." So ‘in Spite of’ having all that one can imagine, in Absolute-Balance - requiring One Singular Point to Stand in Balance Equal and One, by Realizing that your ‘Free Will’ wasn't really 'Free' = the ‘Original Sin’ occurred: That of ‘Spitefulness’.

And within that ‘Spitefulness’, a Fear ‘emerged’ that: If you have to Trust another, they have ALL the ‘power’ - because at ‘any given moment’, they can ‘Spite’ you.

Therefore you cannot ‘submit yourself’ to anyone, you cannot Trust anyone, because = what is Inherent, and that emerged more and more, was: ‘Spitefulness’. And have a look... it exist exactly like that, every single day of your life.

Your whole life has existed in the ‘principle of ‘Spitefulness’’.

You have Never Transcended ‘Spitefulness’ in any way.

Thursday 17 October 2013

Day 514: Why Are we Here on Earth? Balance and the Universe – Part 1

bernardpoolman desteni universe balance history A very long time ago there was Balance in the Universe.

Balance doesn´t mean anything per se but that it means - Balance.

The Universe was not Structured as it is now - it was structured in Galaxies -which you now would call a Universe - each one of them representing like a Petal of a Flower - a Particular Expression.

You had a Galaxy or a Universe, whatever you wanna call it, I mean, a name is really irrelevant - you had one that was Expression as Crystals, one as Sound, one as Water, you know, you had one as Mathematics - you had all the facets you now have intermingled - it was like, there were ´societies´ of it, it was Expressions of it.

Now - to ‘maintain’ that Balance an interesting thing was necessary, because that was all that was understood - what was understood is that: For Movement to occur; ´Energy´ is required, and that ´Energy´ would move as a ‘form’ of a Polarity – and that Polarity would be done in a Curious way: By having a single-Being stand as ´God´, as ´King´ - which was fascinatingly enough - a particular DNA-Lineage that stood as that.

So that means, that this - out of the same ‘King’ the same ‘Principle’ that you now have in terms of ‘Kings’ and of, of Tribes and things like that -you had the same ‘Principle’ then. And the very fact that that Being stood there, Everyone believing that that was the ‘Point of Balance’ = the Balance existed.

In every Galaxy it was like that: There was a ´Royal House´, so to speak, that ´maintained´ the Balance of Everything. And, there was Peace and there was a certain ‘level’ of Equality. And what was honored above all was: ‘Choice’, ´Free-Will´. The ‘‘Choice’ to express yourself’, the ‘‘Choice’ of the ‘Individual’’ – ‘Individuality’.

And within that obviously - a fascinating point that was understood then, was that: One must Support Each-Other. So the ‘Interconnectedness’ of Everything was ‘supported’ through the ‘Choice’ – beings would make a ‘Choice’ to Support Each-Other through the ‘Principle of Supporting Each-Other’ - but there was a ´specialness´ about the ‘Choice’. The ´specialness´ was that: You could ´make the ‘Choice’ to ‘Support’ someone.

Then a strange thing occurred - a very strange thing: One day the Question was Asked: Why could everyone not Balance themselves? Why is the Balance separate from everyone?

What is the Point that is not understood? Why do you have an Inequality where something like a ´God´ is required to ´maintain’ the ‘Balance´, to ‘maintain’ the ‘Balance’ in ‘Choice’?

Understand at that stage already - Beings or People - you could call them ´Man´ - at that stage it was not ‘HUman’ - it was Man.

Man existed very much as they do today, in a way that - they were all coming from Planets, you know, like we come from the dust of the Earth. If they’re in a Crystal-Universe or -Galaxy they will be Crystal-like - and in their Form and in their Expression and their ´Skills´ and everything is related to ´what they are coming from´ - they would ‘Emerge’, in essence, from the ‘Substance’ which they are, where they are finding themselves from - call it the Planet, or that particular Galaxy or Universe. And their ´Skill´ would be specific.

Obviously at that stage, things like Sexuality, as you understand it today - did not exist. I mean - it (Sexuality) was a point of beings ‘coming together’ as a ‘Mother’ and a ‘Father’ = the Family-Construct did exist - that would in their Merging, in their Expression of ‘Support of Each-Other’, would make it ‘possible´ for a place of Support, a place of Consideration, a place of...you can call it ´Love´ to exist, for a being to ‘Emerge’ into Existence.

But then again beings also died, so in a way, the being ‘Emerging’ was someone that had been there before - it´s like Reincarnation.

Very much of the Reincarnation was in effect a Continuation, rather than a form of ´paying for something you´ve done ‘right’ or ‘wrong’´ - because ´right´ and ´wrong´ per se - did not exist. What existed was simply: ‘Balance’.
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Saturday 12 October 2013

Day 513: Zero-Point and Other Points – Anu the Savior – Part 11

The more Specific you are the more Specific you´ll be Able to See. You Decide, thus, how Effective you become. Everyone is Absolutely - Self-Responsible. “

It must obviously make CommonSense that; everyone will be coming to a Singular Point, and See Exactly the Same and Speak Exactly the Same - as One: Isn´t that Oneness and Equality? = Oneness implies that. Yet you´ll be Individual.

So those that resist the point where you are going to be the Same as Everyone else: It´s only because you´re dishonest.

You Will Be the Same.

They’re (the Dimensions’) demonstrating it - I mean - from the beginning as it was applied in Heaven -all Beings in Heaven = Spoke the Same. Use One-Body – you’ll have Similar Expressions.

It´s different Beings, but they Speak as One. Not totally Equal, but as One. So they are at the ‘Oneness-stage’ - Equalizing themselves.

What is their (the Dimensions’) point? Their point is the Physical. As it is written - and remember, this has been scripted - it is scripted in our ´Holy Books´: And the Dead will Walk amongst the Living = It is soon.

Obviously the Dead are also Walking amongst the Living - those that are remaining as Mind-Systems will also be Dead, walking amongst the Living.

But it is in all-ways, understand - so also those that is now Dead will Walk amongst the Living. And please, don´t try and contact your ‘dead-ones’, they no longer exist = make Peace with it. They were never real in the first place.

Everything you are experiencing; if you slow yourself down at the moment of your Question - you´ll notice you are creating the Voices in your Head. You are creating the experience = Everything you are creating Yourself.

That´s why Breath is so important: To make sure you don´t Fuck with yourself.

I mean: Breathe, Slow-down, Look, Direct; do not allow yourself to deceive yourself. ‘Cause the end of the day; only you´re going to carry the Consequences of your own deception.

And no-one can deceive another - understand that. It is impossible: You can only deceive yourself.

Deception of another is not possible. It requires their (the others’) participation, but in that moment of participation, of that moment of permission - it´s no longer somebody deceiving them, it´s them deceiving themselves.

So, only Self-Deception exist - there is no other deception that exist.

Anu did not deceive anyone - Everyone agreed through their participation.

The Elite do not deceive the World, everybody agrees through their participation.

One of the most difficult steps that will be ahead; is an Equal Money-System For All. Because, there you have to wrap yourself around a peculiar point: The fact that you are actually determining the value of the Money anyway - already.

And that the current mess that the World is in; is so because you have created it this way - by accepting that this is the System that you want and which defines you; through a ‘principle of Polarity’ – of ‘Winning’ and ‘Losing’ – which is imprinted through our ‘schooling-system’, through our ‘religious-systems’, through ‘good and evil’, through Polarity - in every single way - layer by layer by layer by layer. But it´s not Real.

You are Designing your actual experience in Every Moment.

Everybody Agrees in this World to place Money as an Equal Support-System for All: Overnight, crime will diminish - exponentially. Corruption will diminish. There will be no need for Politicians. There will be no need for many things that now exist; what will be Required is a Re-Evaluation of Who You Are in Self-Honesty - Who You Really Are will be Faced = With that Singular Step.

So, in a sense, Anu noticed, in Existence that; Existence was moving without Direction, without Consideration of Each-Other. That everybody was only focused on themselves and their own survival and their own ‘happy-go-lucky-lives’;
And he took that point and he directed it into a single System – obviously, to ‘satisfy himself’. But in that way - becoming the Savior of Existence. So you wanna really know who’s the Savior? Anu the Reptilian is the Savior. He already Saved your ass - by trapping you in your own dishonesty.

Now have a look at architecture: Ar-chi-Textures: Which is the Fabric of the Design of the accepted Construct. This is all done through ‘time’, through ‘Energy’, through labor - have a look, the same principle applies: Through the placement of control, through ‘Energy’, through the ‘movement of Money’, which is ‘Energy’, through the hands of those that participated, which is ‘Energy’, through constructing the roads, the flow of ‘Energy’ in this Existence to an accepted-system where everybody accepted it as the way it is today - it didn´t happen overnight. It took a long time to create it. It is the Fabric of Existence as it is now. We have created it this way. We have to find our Solutions within it.

You’re not just going to Change what´s Here. Those kind of shit that you apparently can “change in a single moment” from the perspective of ‘your experience’ - I mean, you really have to understand what the fuck you’re doing; and it´s gotta be Real.

It´s like: You Breathe, you´re out of your Body, and, Confirm, and it´s Always like that - It´s not an ‘on the off chance’ ‘near-death-experience’, where ‘a light blind you so much that you believe that there´s fucking ‘life after death’’.

I mean, and you accept all the suffering in this world, blindly. Yes, you are blinded by your fucking ‘near-death-experience’ -Wake Up! It´s not Real. You are already near death!

The ‘channels’ of this World, those that program-themselves to become “very important ‘spiritual-beings’” in the ‘eyes of others’ - I suggest you Stop. Because, in Self-Honesty - if you look at it:
You are creating yourself. You are practicing it, you are studying it, you are meditating - until you become this ‘special person’ that deceive everyone around you. Your message is not Real. You are not seeing anything that is Real.

We have only shared 1% of Reality, specifically - to leave everything else for those that can Really See.
And Hear me: You are seeing Nothing. You do not in any way have access to anything that is Real – You are just seeing your own beliefs that you’re regurgitating in your Mind. And that´s everyone: Every single ‘channel’ in Existence, every single fucking ‘psychic’: You are just a fucking Mind-Reader. You can maybe assist some. But mostly you won´t; because to really assist somebody, you have to Give-Up your Life. And you are not Willing to do that - you want an hour of somebody´s time and you want Money for it. You are not Willing to Walk the roads with somebody for the time it will really take.
It takes many, many, many, many years of Support to help a Being - to Support them, to Assist them; through many trials, many difficulties.

There is not enough Money in this World that can do this for All Beings. Therefore - we need a New System, so that Everybody can be Supported.

There is not enough Money in this World to save the World - even if all the Money is taken in the World as the Collapse of the Money-System shows now - you´ll not change this World. It will just get worse.

Okay, we will continue at another time.

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Day 512: Zero-Point and Other Points - Living Words - Part 10

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 511: Zero-Point and Other Points – Group Design - Part 9:
”I mean, like a safe, you had a whole time-delay lock kind of thing, that then gets opened and then you get ‘disengaged’ and then you die. That’s how they killed many of the people that managed to break-through, they simply disengage them from the System and then they die.”

its-time-to-stop-carrying-the-past-investigate-self-with-desteni-i-process So, this is the primary ‘Design of Equality’ was: That you would be ‘in place’ because your ‘placement’ within this Reality is ‘all feeling fine’. That’s why we had to interfere, for instance, specifically with Andrea – to Move her, we had to create a new ‘System’ for Andrea, disengage her from her ‘placement’, because she’s ‘demon-possessed’, so nobody will care about that, because you’re seen as ‘Mad’, you are just disregarded by the System because you are ineffectual - you are actually quite cool, because you charge everybody else up as you walk into their world and you shake up their world, I mean, then you get some ‘Energy’ moving there, and that means you get your ‘Energy’ to the System anyway - to get her out, so that when the event takes place; she has no ‘choice’. So when it all happened, she had no ‘choice’, that’s why she’s here.

She had no ‘choice’, because it all was just in Place. And no matter how she tried to think about it, she could not invalidate the Placement, it was just what it was.
Okay, and so was each of the points as one bring it in, while some of the points or some of the people we brought in, was particularly here simply to teach others how dishonest human-beings really are. That’s why I say many of the beings that come here will not make it, because they’re simply just fucking dishonest. We just brought them here to fucking show how dishonest they are, and they will act accordingly. They’re pre-programmed within their Design.

What we’ve done is, obviously, this is no longer Feeding Heaven: All this ‘Energy’ is now Feeding the demise, the destruction of = Yourself, it’s all inverted to yourself. And in that, you cause a massive compression of Reality - and within that, what happens is it’s been directed - the point that’s now happening is; the Mind, the ‘emotional-body’ is merging with the Physical. Eventually the total existence will be only Physical-Beings, no Minds.

And you will become a Physical-Expression of your Madness or your Life; you decide.

So, fascinating - really actually simplistic if you look at it - how you were fucked-with in terms of “feeling in place”, how you “‘feel’ you have a ‘purpose’” and all the things, so that – any Question that may come up - is always ‘answered by the System’ through events in Space-Time. And you keep on accepting it, because "it seems so ‘right’". You don´t look at the Bigger-Picture and says: “But, there’s something wrong - we have One Billion People Starving = What the Fuck is going on?!?!?” - “Because MY ‘life’ is okay, I am looked after - ‘God ‘is looking after me! I am special! And we are all saved already, we don´t have to do anything! ‘God’ ‘promised’ that. And I can ‘feel’ so…I ‘feel’, this is so ‘real’. It sits so well with me, I, we, are saved! I am ‘divine’!” = It´s the fucking System telling you that and you believe it.

Yes - your Design. I mean, you are Designing this, and the System just responds and says: “YES!” You ask: “Is it so?”, and it says: “YES!” - Any ‘voice’ you ‘hear’ is the System.

The System has become self-functioning, ‘aware’ – completely. Locking-out Heaven. Heaven didn´t expect that, because Heaven didn´t realize that the System is Alive.

Anything you ever create: Is you = it´s always Alive.
There is only two parts in Existence now that is getting the ‘main-attention’: Which is the Dimensional-Beings and the Human-Beings. They are that part in existence that is totally, fucking dishonest.

They (the Humans and Dimensions’) will be Purified by everything else in Existence.

If you are not Equal with it (existence), if you are not Standing Honorable as Life Here as All Parts that Is Here - you´ll be taken to your experience that will get you to reconsider your conviction.

Because, as a convict of your convictions you will be convicted - by Life, and you´ll serve your sentence until You Change your sentences - and the Words that come from you is Living Words – and not just words you were taught to speak; And that you take Responsibility for those Living Words, because you are Actually Living it - you´re not just spewing forth poison.

The Living Word thus is: You as the Physical, as Who You Live, as What You Are - the Real Truth, Purified.

Obviously you can do it in your points where you are in separation and where you are harming as well -but within that - it turns automatically through the System to ‘Evil’ and returns to you.

So I suggest; you cannot expect to be in a System of which you understand nothing and expect to understand everything over-night. It takes Application. It takes Dedication. It takes Consideration. It takes Specificity.

The more Specific you are the more Specific you´ll be Able to See. You Decide, thus, how Effective you become.

Everyone is Absolutely - Self-Responsible.

Monday 7 October 2013

Day 511: Zero-Point and Other Points – Group Design - Part 9

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 510: Zero-Point and Other Points – Alcohol - Part 8:
“That, you must know is your feedback; if you cannot leave your body = fear and dishonesty. You’re not willing to give up your total-reality, Unconditionally – the only reason, otherwise, you’ll leave your body.
Which is also quite cool, because according to your
reactions to the point of leaving your body, you can establish what fears it is that’s still holding you back, what desires, what points are still controlling you, what points are still your ‘master’, what is still the ‘purposes that you are subscribing to’.“

soul system disengage lock anu bernardpoolman So, Heaven, in Reality, as that part that requires ‘Energy’ = is the Real Evil in existence. The manifestation being, Earth as ‘Good’ and Heaven as ‘Evil’ as a Polarity-System. That has all been inverted, so everything is now going to ‘zero-point’.

From what perspective? From the perspective of not existing as a ‘purpose’ anymore, of actually becoming Real, an Actual-Rebirth of the Physical.
You have a Chance, while you are in the Physical, to actually change the outcome of what you have Allowed, by removing all the layers of self-definition, layer by layer through Self-Honesty until you have Amalgamated with Existence in its Totality, its Total Design, Everything that is Here, the Totality of Nature, the Totality of Everything that exist, of all Beings, in you HERE, where you Stand in Absolute Trust as Life = no matter where you are; you can be Trusted. That you stand as life. That you are not subject to your Environment of the Mind.
Understand, you are in limitation. You cannot at this stage get out of limitation. No one will get out.

There will not be anyone that’ll be ‘First’. And there will not be anyone that’ll be ‘Last’, that would be a System. Everyone will reach this point together, at the Same Moment.

There are two Minds at play here; the one is Your-Mind and the one is the Real-Mind. How does it work? You have a System that you can Equate in the form of, virtually like a worm in a way, that form ‘groups’.

These groups are groups of ‘purpose’. You plug-into this as ‘your-world’ and your ‘family’ plugs into the other points and your ‘friends’ and all the people that you’re going to meet, and have a look;

You only meet a certain amount of people in a lifetime, and all of them play some role in your ‘purpose’ and you play some role in their ‘purpose’. It’s all by ‘Design of Purpose’.

And all of these are Designed according to ‘Fuzzy-Logic’, so that you have the ‘idea’ of ‘choice’, so that you perceive apparently have ‘choice’ and that these things are not just ‘random events’ - you call them; “Coincidence”.

They are not ‘coincidence’, they are by Design according to the ‘group-placements’ you are existing in and there is a certain amount of migration allowed within the System between groups where you can do an ‘evolutionary-step’ from ‘who you were’ to a ‘more’ ‘advanced form of being’, where you have a ‘greater ‘purpose’’.
Now, what is fascinating, that exist within you as your Design as you plug-into the System: All the words you’ll speak, all the thoughts you’ll have, all the people you’ll meet = everything you’ll do in that life, will be in a primary Cycling-Design that spins, within this, as you learn language, as you learn education, as you become part of the culture and the society; you start to participate in society. As you start to participate, you are beginning to participate into ‘your interpretation of time’ within this Reality and your world starts to move, and as you move within this, you are now moving to points which is like gears, that move in, where you meet and cross-reference other beings within your Design of your ‘group-purpose’, the ‘total-purpose’ of this group, obviously, was only one thing; ‘Energy’ - to supply ‘Energy’ for the System, for Heaven.

What was Anu’s idea: Was, obviously, to come to Earth and exist within ‘His System’, here, because he had certain peculiar things he liked, like Sex. Okay, so, therefore - his ultimate goal was to create a way that he could be here and have all the ‘Kundalini’, the Sex he could have and have fun with as much as he wants to. So he had a whole thing with that.

Therefore the whole Design was based on his Desire for ‘Self-Satisfaction’, which was obviously the Male-Female Principle. Him being dominant, as the, as the Male, which is what is dominant in this world.

So within this whole thing, as you start to participate within this ‘Group-Design’ and this is the ‘equality-design’, you were then placed Equal, that Design there, as ‘who you are’, is Equal to your place within the ‘group-design’, therefore you ‘feel’ in place.

You ‘feel like’ “you are where you’re supposed to be”. Because, according to the feedback you are getting – ‘who you are’ is at the “right place”, and everything that happens in your world support your ‘purpose’, therefore “your ‘purpose’ must be the ‘right purpose’”.

And what is more fascinating is that; you are existing in this ‘bubble of your life’, within your own ‘Time-Cycle’, not the same as anyone else’s – within your own Breath, which is determining your own Actions, your own movement in energetics – if you are not, obviously, bringing in ‘sufficient’ ‘Energy’ for this ‘primary equality-design’ to Feed Heaven, then events take place in your world, that push you to move faster: Things are given and taken away, I mean, the System just shuts-off and a part of your Design is taken out and the next moment you’re divorced or you have a relationship that fucks up your whole, you know a secret-relationship that suddenly walk into your life, and that get your ass in gear so you fuck a little bit more, I mean, just ‘Feed the System’. And you can’t understand why you are consumed with just wanting to fuck. You see this woman and you can’t help yourself.

But, she’s in your ‘Group-Design’. She was placed particularly to make sure that you keep on Feeding the System ‘Energy’.

Now understand that; this whole System here where within, where everyone is plugged-in, is also running in its own ‘Time-Design’. It has a particular amount of ‘Energy’ it must ‘generate’, ‘harvest’, while everybody is participating in this.
Once that’s done, they ‘disconnect’ the being and the System ‘disconnects’, and the being dies. Up to a couple of years ago, there was a actual Machine that came and disconnect you, and – they had secret... the whole fucking ‘coding-system’ so that not anybody can just go in and ‘disengage’ you, I mean, it’s a whole fucking ‘coding-system’, I mean - just like a safe, I mean, like a safe, you had a whole time-delay lock kind of thing, that then gets opened and then you get ‘disengaged’ and then you die. That’s how they killed many of the people that managed to break-through, they simply disengage them from the System and then they die.
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Sunday 6 October 2013

Day 510: Zero-Point and Other Points – Alcohol - Part 8

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 509: Zero-Point and Other Points – Choice - Part 7:
“The ‘idea’ that existed was; that it would be possible to keep on controlling the outcomes within this reality. What was not taken into account was; Nature itself, the Animal-Kingdom and that there is gonna be human-beings that is going to Challenge the System. “

So we found quite a number of Beings in the Dimensions, in Heaven, that had made major-impacts on Earth while they were in the Physical. Remember – that the Beings in Heaven could not directly influence the Physical through intervention, they had to pre-program it as an ‘Energetic-event’. So, if there is an Apparition or if there is an event of somebody doing some ‘miraculous thing’, it requires ‘Energy’, the ‘Energy’ needs to be in a particular Design so that it plays out, I mean, you turn water into fuckin’ wine, it is an ‘Energy-Design’, it is a Molecular-Design, that requires particular inputs to achieve a particular outcome - If the fuckin’ ‘miracle’ is ‘real’, I mean for it to happen.

But what was the point of “water into wine”, it was nothing to do with the ‘miracle’ = it was the whole point of Intoxication, the whole point of submission to the System of ‘marriage’, of procreation, of making the whole intoxication ‘Divine’. Wine equals ‘Divinity’ – because, have a look: Even up to today Alcohol is accepted as something that is not Challenged at all in our Society.

While alcohol is the very thing that causes the Greatest Submission to the System and Allows all the Systems to integrate the most effectively.

There is one thing one must consider not to participate in: It is Alcohol.
If you would Dare to be Self-Honest and Slow-down within and as Breath as you are creating and you look at the ‘choice’ you are exercising…

What is ‘choice’? ‘Choice’ is the point where you are directing ‘Energy’, you are giving it direction and form - that that point you are actually creating your experience, especially, you know, if you look at Salvia and all these various things - that’s what happens. You use things like Coke, Cocaine - I mean, that supports your ‘primary-desire’ within your Personality, and therefore – quite a few beings can use that, has been using that, to be ‘effective’ in, for instance in decision-making in business or an ‘expression’, because they become ‘more assertive’. It suppress their fears.

So there’s a chemical-change that takes place. Obviously there is so many different points, every being experience it according to themselves. I mean, you’re not gonna experience the same as another one.
There is no hard and fast ‘rules’ for these things. The point is abuse. The point is Self-Honesty.

All you have to do is go and become the spider that is being eaten by the wasp in its life-cycle, to find out that there is a Fuckup in this System.
Because, then, you are injected with a poison that keeps you alive but you can do nothing, as the spider, while the offspring of the wasp eat you to grow, and you die a slow death, very slowly, as you are being eaten alive.
Observe the fascinating point though that; you are eating yourself alive using a Mind-System, you’re Eating your Physical-Body. That’s why you don’t feel the pain of it - because you’re not in the Physical-Body.

If you were in the Physical-Body you’ll be in Pain all the time, because the total System interacts = feeding of the Physical.

But you are doing exactly the same: You are Feeding of Earth, off the Physical. You have done so with many Planets, Earth is just the next Planet in row where we’re feeding; consuming Earth, which inevitably will be no more - which is why there is already concern in our so-called ‘educated Elites’ of the World; that the Earth will not sustain in infinity a human-race living here. We have to find another fuckin’ Planet to go to, so we can live there.

They’re really not concerned about the individual. The individual is irrelevant in this equation. And you really are irrelevant.

You are simply here to support the System, functioning for those that are in charge of the System, which acts on behalf of ‘God’ and believe me, the Elite believe they act on behalf of ‘God’ and they were programmed to believe that.
They even had regular interaction,what they now have, they still believe they have, but they don’t actually have regular interaction. We’re not, at this stage, going to explain how all these things has changed, because, I mean you can’t even conceive how it’s changed – it’s just not possible. You are existing within a ‘limited-range-frequency’ of ‘Energy’. You are absolutely limited. You cannot leave your body without dying. That’s due to actual fear and dishonesty.

That, you must know is your feedback; if you cannot leave your body = fear and dishonesty. You’re not willing to give up your total-reality, Unconditionally – the only reason, otherwise, you’ll leave your body.

Which is also quite cool, because according to your reactions to the point of leaving your body, you can establish what fears it is that’s still holding you back, what desires, what points are still controlling you, what points are still your ‘master’, what is still the ‘purposes that you are subscribing to’.
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