Saturday 12 October 2013

Day 513: Zero-Point and Other Points – Anu the Savior – Part 11

The more Specific you are the more Specific you´ll be Able to See. You Decide, thus, how Effective you become. Everyone is Absolutely - Self-Responsible. “

It must obviously make CommonSense that; everyone will be coming to a Singular Point, and See Exactly the Same and Speak Exactly the Same - as One: Isn´t that Oneness and Equality? = Oneness implies that. Yet you´ll be Individual.

So those that resist the point where you are going to be the Same as Everyone else: It´s only because you´re dishonest.

You Will Be the Same.

They’re (the Dimensions’) demonstrating it - I mean - from the beginning as it was applied in Heaven -all Beings in Heaven = Spoke the Same. Use One-Body – you’ll have Similar Expressions.

It´s different Beings, but they Speak as One. Not totally Equal, but as One. So they are at the ‘Oneness-stage’ - Equalizing themselves.

What is their (the Dimensions’) point? Their point is the Physical. As it is written - and remember, this has been scripted - it is scripted in our ´Holy Books´: And the Dead will Walk amongst the Living = It is soon.

Obviously the Dead are also Walking amongst the Living - those that are remaining as Mind-Systems will also be Dead, walking amongst the Living.

But it is in all-ways, understand - so also those that is now Dead will Walk amongst the Living. And please, don´t try and contact your ‘dead-ones’, they no longer exist = make Peace with it. They were never real in the first place.

Everything you are experiencing; if you slow yourself down at the moment of your Question - you´ll notice you are creating the Voices in your Head. You are creating the experience = Everything you are creating Yourself.

That´s why Breath is so important: To make sure you don´t Fuck with yourself.

I mean: Breathe, Slow-down, Look, Direct; do not allow yourself to deceive yourself. ‘Cause the end of the day; only you´re going to carry the Consequences of your own deception.

And no-one can deceive another - understand that. It is impossible: You can only deceive yourself.

Deception of another is not possible. It requires their (the others’) participation, but in that moment of participation, of that moment of permission - it´s no longer somebody deceiving them, it´s them deceiving themselves.

So, only Self-Deception exist - there is no other deception that exist.

Anu did not deceive anyone - Everyone agreed through their participation.

The Elite do not deceive the World, everybody agrees through their participation.

One of the most difficult steps that will be ahead; is an Equal Money-System For All. Because, there you have to wrap yourself around a peculiar point: The fact that you are actually determining the value of the Money anyway - already.

And that the current mess that the World is in; is so because you have created it this way - by accepting that this is the System that you want and which defines you; through a ‘principle of Polarity’ – of ‘Winning’ and ‘Losing’ – which is imprinted through our ‘schooling-system’, through our ‘religious-systems’, through ‘good and evil’, through Polarity - in every single way - layer by layer by layer by layer. But it´s not Real.

You are Designing your actual experience in Every Moment.

Everybody Agrees in this World to place Money as an Equal Support-System for All: Overnight, crime will diminish - exponentially. Corruption will diminish. There will be no need for Politicians. There will be no need for many things that now exist; what will be Required is a Re-Evaluation of Who You Are in Self-Honesty - Who You Really Are will be Faced = With that Singular Step.

So, in a sense, Anu noticed, in Existence that; Existence was moving without Direction, without Consideration of Each-Other. That everybody was only focused on themselves and their own survival and their own ‘happy-go-lucky-lives’;
And he took that point and he directed it into a single System – obviously, to ‘satisfy himself’. But in that way - becoming the Savior of Existence. So you wanna really know who’s the Savior? Anu the Reptilian is the Savior. He already Saved your ass - by trapping you in your own dishonesty.

Now have a look at architecture: Ar-chi-Textures: Which is the Fabric of the Design of the accepted Construct. This is all done through ‘time’, through ‘Energy’, through labor - have a look, the same principle applies: Through the placement of control, through ‘Energy’, through the ‘movement of Money’, which is ‘Energy’, through the hands of those that participated, which is ‘Energy’, through constructing the roads, the flow of ‘Energy’ in this Existence to an accepted-system where everybody accepted it as the way it is today - it didn´t happen overnight. It took a long time to create it. It is the Fabric of Existence as it is now. We have created it this way. We have to find our Solutions within it.

You’re not just going to Change what´s Here. Those kind of shit that you apparently can “change in a single moment” from the perspective of ‘your experience’ - I mean, you really have to understand what the fuck you’re doing; and it´s gotta be Real.

It´s like: You Breathe, you´re out of your Body, and, Confirm, and it´s Always like that - It´s not an ‘on the off chance’ ‘near-death-experience’, where ‘a light blind you so much that you believe that there´s fucking ‘life after death’’.

I mean, and you accept all the suffering in this world, blindly. Yes, you are blinded by your fucking ‘near-death-experience’ -Wake Up! It´s not Real. You are already near death!

The ‘channels’ of this World, those that program-themselves to become “very important ‘spiritual-beings’” in the ‘eyes of others’ - I suggest you Stop. Because, in Self-Honesty - if you look at it:
You are creating yourself. You are practicing it, you are studying it, you are meditating - until you become this ‘special person’ that deceive everyone around you. Your message is not Real. You are not seeing anything that is Real.

We have only shared 1% of Reality, specifically - to leave everything else for those that can Really See.
And Hear me: You are seeing Nothing. You do not in any way have access to anything that is Real – You are just seeing your own beliefs that you’re regurgitating in your Mind. And that´s everyone: Every single ‘channel’ in Existence, every single fucking ‘psychic’: You are just a fucking Mind-Reader. You can maybe assist some. But mostly you won´t; because to really assist somebody, you have to Give-Up your Life. And you are not Willing to do that - you want an hour of somebody´s time and you want Money for it. You are not Willing to Walk the roads with somebody for the time it will really take.
It takes many, many, many, many years of Support to help a Being - to Support them, to Assist them; through many trials, many difficulties.

There is not enough Money in this World that can do this for All Beings. Therefore - we need a New System, so that Everybody can be Supported.

There is not enough Money in this World to save the World - even if all the Money is taken in the World as the Collapse of the Money-System shows now - you´ll not change this World. It will just get worse.

Okay, we will continue at another time.

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