Thursday 28 February 2013

Day 311: The Secret to Self-Realisation

What is it that Spirituality, Religion, Psychology, Education, Parenting, Consumerism, Capitalism – is Focused on Preventing?

What is the ONE thing the Human Cannot FEEL, that is Actually the FIRST REAL FEELING that will be Experienced on the Journey to Self-Realisation as Life?

What is the ONE thing the EGO FEAR, as that is the Certain Way to End the EGO Forever?

What is Lacking in the Human that makes it Possible to Accept and Allow the World the Way it Exist without Making Any Substantial Attempt to Change the World?

What is the MISSING Ingredient that Prevents a World that is Best for ALL to be Created?

It is SHAME!

You will do Self Forgiveness and Write Every day, but without SHAME - you will Not Change, and it will All be in VAIN. Even PAIN will not Change Humanity. It will Only Be SHAME. SHAME will be the First REAL Physical Feeling, and Once You Change – You Rebirth as Life, you will Learn to FEEL for Real and be Really Alive.
Those that are of the Illusion as CONsciousness, can Feel No Shame! The Only Shame they Know is the Shame the System use to Keep one Enslaved. Real Shame is a Physical Realisation that Will Remain WITH You, As You, ‘TILL YOU CHANGE!

The NICE thing about SHAME, is that it is a Real Time Indicator as to Where you Are in Your Process. NO Shame yet, NO Change yet.
But, do Not Stop Self Forgiveness. Realise, that initially - Self-Forgiveness is Removing the Layers of Self Deception and suddenly, Shame will be HERE – then the Journey to Change Start. Then the Outcome is Certain. You WILL be Reborn as Life.

Do Not FEAR Shame. That is what Parents and the System use to Control you. Fear of SHAME. EMBRACE Shame, if you can Find it!
In the Shame you will See WHAT YOU ACCEPT and Allow and How that INFLUENCE and HARM others on a Level of Life – NOT the System. System Shame is to Not Pay your Debts – then you are blacklisted to Force you to Shame. That is Not Real Shame. That is Control, like a Parent Forcing a Child into Submission to Adhere to the System of Slavery. That is Why the Parent will Never teach the Child Real Shame, only the Shame of Slavery.

Real Shame is the Key to FREEDOM, the Key to Silence WITHIN, the KEY to LOVE, the Key to LIFE, the KEY to a New World, the KEY to Forgiveness, the KEY to Self-Honesty, the KEY to Intimacy, the Key to TRUST, the Key to Insight, the Key to the Universe, the KEY to Life.

Those without Real Shame, will attempt to Shame you to SHUT you UP – because they have no Shame. Pity them, because they have Lost Life Forever.

See the News – Every News Bulletin is All about SHAME – yet You will FEEL Nothing.

That was Why you Created Religion – To Have a Way NOT TO FEEL SHAME.

That is Why Heaven Existed. To Separate Oneself from SHAME.

That is Why the Soul was Created, to Justify Why SHAME Should Not be Experienced.

That is the NATURE of Spirituality, to Come up with Apparent Rational Explanations Why NO SHAME Exist, without Realising that with NO SHAME, NO Life is Possible, as Abuse will destroy Life, and Yet NOTHING – NO SHAME will exist.

That is Why Christians will Use the Blood of Jesus to Wash away SINS, because there is NO SHAME. All that is Shameful and HARMFUL to Life is Justified.

And NO Self-Regulation exist. Honesty is only Used to Regulate Adherence to the System. Self-Honesty as Self Realisation Self-Management and Responsibility to ensure that ALL have what you would want for yourself, simply Do Not Exist and with it Not Existing, Glaringly is ABSENT – SHAME.

Without Regret or Remorse, Every Human in every Moment is only Serving Self-Interest and Create False Images of Love and Light and Consciousness – standing before that which is Real, which is Life, which is Physical Substance, Right HERE. And Yet – NO SHAME.

No Human Have Ever Experienced REAL SHAME, as that will ENSURE that You WILL become Life. The LIE Persist.

Watch the Documentary OBEY to See to What Extent One will Go – Even Destroy the World, and Yet – NO SHAME will Exist. Because you are NOT Really Alive, that is Why you Harm.

That is Why you Cheat and the Shame you Feel when Caught, is Not Real SHAME – Real SHAME would Have been Enough to Prevent you from Cheating.

That is Why the Bulimic throw up – NO SHAME, only Self-Interest. And the Regret and Shame felt AFTER throwing up – IS NOT Real, it is the MIND, the False Ego Preparing the Way to Throw up again. Real SHAME would have Prevented the Indulgence of Self-Interest.

Those WITHOUT SHAME is NOT WORTHY of the Gift of Life – If you Need another to SHOW you How SHAMEFUL you are, you are LOST and what this Means is that You have LOST the Gift of Life. You have FAILED the TEST of Life – You are but an Illusion that soon will Return to Breath, and Life will be Gifted TO Another and it WILL NOT BE YOU!

Parents have NO SHAME as they Train their Children to be SHAMELESS – in so doing, Robbing their Children of the Gift of Life – There can be No Greater Atrocity, and Yet you will React to what state, as you Must, as Your Status is WITHOUT Shame, and thus Without Life.

This All will End as it Must – See the Grave Yard. There will be No Great World Calamity or World War. You FEAR to Lose the ILLUSION too Much. But your Illusion will be taken – In a Breath, Suddenly, Without Warning, and you Will Lose it All – Life – ALL you have Ever been. Such a SHAME…

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Day 310: The Children of the Law of One (Part Three)

Encryption of the System of Self (EOSOS) – continued

For Context from the Previous Post:
“Who wants to Know that? That it’s Just been a Lie. Because, you’re not Reliable. All you are - is: Able to Complete the Lie and Repeat the Lie. No Change. No Support. No Feeding of each-other. No Responsibility. No Consideration. No Actual Love.
And yet, when the Answer is Here as the Actual, Practical, Physical Solution – you would Demonize it.”

That is Why we went to the Demons First, because – Osho had a Very Interesting Consideration: You have to go to the Lowest Point. You have to go to the Point where it can’t get Lower – and Find out, What is What and Stand Up from there. And if you go to That – you go to the Demons. And then you Test a Simple Thing: If the Demons can be Helped, through their Own Application of Self Forgiveness and Transform themselves Eternally, and Give Up their Self-Interest, their Revenge, their Anger, their Resentment – then, Anybody Can; and that is where we Went, to the Demons – and that is What was Proven, ‘til there were no more Demons. No more Beings Separated by Past Lives into Existences of Absolute Anger, in Existences of the Demonic.

Certainly it must Still be Faced As the Mind on Earth, as Mind Demons and System Demons - as That is busy Happening right Now, if you Dare to Look – you will See. And, if it happens to you – be Grateful, because you have an Opportunity: an Opportunity to Maybe Transcend this Life, and to Maybe Transcend your Self-Interest through Self Forgiveness and Self Honesty, to Bring-about the Synthesis of Equality and Oneness - to Truly Become a Child of the Law of One.
Because – the Law of One left out a little bit of its Necessity: Equality, the Law of One and Equal as Life, HERE. Are you a Child of that? NOT YET – because, it’s only Knowledge, it’s Not in Application. Knowledge without Application is Useless. Knowledge without the Living Reality – Breath by Breath, is Useless. It is Absolutely, like – Doing NOTHING. It is a Complete Illusion.

So – there has been Many Parables, Many Stories. Kryon had Parables. The Children of the Law of One had Parables. Jesus had Parables – they were ALL, in essence, THE SAME; over Thousands of Years on Earth, which Transmutes into Millions of Years in the Heavens, because one day is equal to a thousand years. And YET – No Change, and YET: NOTHING has come about of That which will bring about Heaven on Earth, Practically, Actually, Equally – Feeding each other… And, HERE I Am – and, you’re going to React to me and we will Have to See if you can Forgive yourself, because I will Never Forgive you for What you have Done and What you have Allowed, and how you have Caused this World to become a Place of Such Atrocity.

You can only EVER Forgive yourself, because that is the Process of Self-Creation. Would you do that?
Would you Create yourself to That which is Best for All Life?
Would you be able to Give-Up your Self-Interest to become Part of the Destiny (Desteni) of One and Equal?
Do you Understand Why it is that We Are Who we Are, HERE, Standing in your Way? - Unless you are Part of us – you will Never be Anything… and YET, you Will - because: Beyond Death we Wait for you as well, and there is No Way through but through WHO WE ARE, because we are Already One and Equal. We are THAT which you must Still Become. And therefore: we are the VERY Point that you have to Transcend and Stand with One and Equal.
Can you do That?...Unlikely. Isn’t that Funny? Very Unlikely…Because, your Own Creation is your Own Self-Interest and Ego will come-up with MULTIPLE Backchats, MULTIPLE Reasons Why, somehow, We must be the Demon. Obviously – the Origin of Any such Points (Backchats/Reasons) is the Demon-itself. The Origin of the Very Light that Enlightens – is the Demon-itself; and that Demon is YOU, Here on Earth, Existing without Remorse – Feeding off the Very Life Force that Gave you Life. Separating Everything into Categories, Ideas and Ideologies – Limiting every other Part so that you can Feel Better about yourself. All of it: just a Fuckin’ Illusion…A MASSIVE Illusion.

And yet – you don’t Hold your Life in your Hands, it’s Always one Breath Away from being Taken Away. And when that Happens: Who will you be? You’ll not even Remember Most of what you’ve Done on Earth, because it’s All just Physical-Memories; the Little-bit of you that will Remain: will have to Start again. That is Most Difficult, because – you Start with So Little. You Start with Nothing, but the Realisation that: Everything you’ve ever been is an Illusion = That is the Reality of Death, at this Stage.
And, although you’ll be Helped – you’ll also Not be helped, because you Have to Create yourself to be One and Equal, to Be That which is Life itself. Because, unless you can Create you As Life = you can Never be Life.

Obvious Commonsense…

We’ll continue more in the Next Post…
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Tuesday 26 February 2013

Day 309: The Children of the Law of One (Part Two)

(For context: This Post is a direct-continuation of the previous Post. These Posts are being Transcribed from Recordings, as Bernard Records his Blogs/Speaks his Blogs and then it’s Transcribed. From the previous Post – to this Post, the Recorder that he was in the Process of speaking into, suddenly/unexpectedly stopped as it was so Full of Data that no more recordings could be done on it. So, we first had to clean up the Data, lol. Thus, one will Find a Reference in this Post to the Recording Process.)

Encryption of the System of Self (EOSOS) – continued

So, here we Go – Children of the Law of One Continued.
The Recorder is Full, Full of Blogs Recorded. You See – I don’t Write the Blogs, I Speak them. Because, in the attempt to Stop what we’re doing, the Great White Light, Representing God – tried Everything to get my Ego to Accept the Rewards and Gifts of Heaven. One of them (the Gifts) was Three Guides. Three Guides of the Language, That was the Original Language - from which Sound was Drawn, where Pictures of Sound was made. That is where and how Writing started, Originally. And, within that – One of the Guides was Khalil. Yes, THE Khalil.

Now, if you Read the Works of Khalil Gibran – you’ll Notice an Interesting thing: in The Prophet for instance, he says “you must take an axe to the roots of the problem”. The Root of the Problem is the Ego - is How one has Grown the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, instead of the Tree of Life. How you have Separated Body, Mind and Spirit into Three Entities – Instead of One Being. And therefore, you have Created Death – where you go as the Spirit or the Soul, Disregarding the Root of the Tree of Life, the Very Flesh, the Very Source of your Being.
Because, if you’re Self-Honest – you’ll Notice: you Didn’t Exist, until you had a Body. And in the Body you Created a Mind - that you can’t Remember How you Created your Mind, and How you use the Mind to Create your Consciousness. And here you are, Professing ‘Wisdom’ – instead of Realising, that: Wisdom is just Knowledge Dressed-up as Bullshit.

So, what did we Do? We Questioned Jesus, for instance – as one of the very First Acts of the Portal Opening. I wanted to Know - Why did Jesus Commit Suicide? Yes, have a Look: He didn’t Die on the Cross – he Died on the Cross KNOWINGLY, Deliberately. That is Suicide. Instead of Taking the Situation further and Creating a World that is Best for All – he Left Only KNOWLEDGE; and, he Committed Suicide. As if saying: “I can’t Change the World”, “I can’t bring about a World that is Best for All”. And that was my First Question to Jesus: “WHY did YOU NOT Complete your Responsibility?”

That was the same Questioned Asked to the Children of the Law of One: “Why have you NOT brought about, at the Very Source, the Very Origin of Life itself – which is the Physical, an Existence that is Best for All? Why have you only EVER Shared That which is in the Third Step of Separation? Why have you Not made Three into ONE? Why have you NOT SHOWN how things Really Work?” You Know Why they Couldn’t? They didn’t Know, because they were just the Result - as Spirit and Soul. They didn’t even Realise that their Very Existence was Dependent on the Energy Created by the Physical. And Only when that Energy was Removed in an Instant – did they Realise the Greatness and the Vastness of their Mistake, because: the very Next Moment, Everything they’ve Ever Known - was GONE. It wasn’t REAL.
And there we had it: the End of Heaven, in One Single Breath. And when that Happened: a Process Started - One of VAST Significance. Because, in that Very Single Moment: a New World was Born.
Yes, it takes Time – because, we have to Actually Create it. But, the Old will Never be. You will Either do this on Earth, or you will do this After Death. But, you have NO Alternative anymore. Because: Everything you have Ever Created, throughout ALL Time, through the Process of the Spirit and the Soul – is No More. And all you have left - is your Own Mind and what you can Conjure up there, in which and How to Actually Delude yourself as if you are ‘Something’. When, in fact – all of it is in Separation, Completely Alone. NONE of it is In Fact, in Any Way making Any Difference – but to your Own Life. That’s Why the Pursuit of Happiness is such a Disease, such an Atrocity. And yet, one would Not put an Axe to the Root….Would One? Because, that would mean – you have to Give Up Everything you have Ever Done. Everything has Always been a Lie…

Who wants to Know that? That it’s Just been a Lie. Because, you’re not Reliable. All you are - is: Able to Complete the Lie and Repeat the Lie. No Change. No Support. No Feeding of each-other. No Responsibility. No Consideration. No Actual Love.
And yet, when the Answer is Here as the Actual, Practical, Physical Solution – you would Demonize it.

We’ll continue more with the Children of the Law of One in the Next Post/Transcribed Recordings…
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Monday 25 February 2013

Day 308: The Children of the Law of One

Encryption of the System of Self (EOSOS) – continued

They Share such Beautiful Words, and this Beauty in their Words is called “Wisdom” and even “Enlightenment”. The ‘Magnificence’ of this ‘Wisdom’, is that it ‘Lights’ the Mind up to such a Stage that one becomes Blind to Reality and then you Live as this ‘Light’ Only; and then, Generation upon Generation: Nothing Change. But, the Wisdom becomes, as it did eventually: the Bright Lights of the City, the Bright Lights of Consumerism, the Bright Lights of Having Money, the Bright Lights of a Greater Education, the Bright Lights of Intellect – and, over and over, the Message is Read of the Children of the Law of One…and No Change Take Place. Nothing.

You See, what Happens then, is that: these Very One’s that Embrace the Children of the Law of One’s ‘Wisdom’ – would Demonize the Practical, Actual Solution to How to Feed each-other, like - the Equal Money System, like the Principles of Equality that Desteni Represents. That would be Demonized, because you have Become the Demon-itself as the ‘Enlightened Light’ - Unable to See, that: you have Never, Actually, Understood Anything – you have Never gained Enlightenment, In Fact.
You have Only made the Mistake, the Age-Old Mistake: You have Progressed from Thesis to Anti-Thesis to Synthesis. And, through that Process – you have Created the Spiral, the Fibonacci Spiral. The Spiral on which Consciousness is Created; and you have Created the Mind, or actually – you’ve Created from the Body, the Mind and the Spirit – Three-in-One, and you have Separated the one from the other so Completely, that: by the Time you Reach the Spirit, which is the Soul or Enlightenment – you Regard the very Source, That which Gave you Life, as an ‘Illusion’. The Very Flesh that Is the Origin of Self – you Disregard, Completely.

And that is Why, at Desteni, we Went ‘Beyond the Veil’ and we Removed the Opposite of Thesis, which is ‘The-Is’, which is – That which we Removed, was: the Anti-Thesis, because That was Heaven, That was Beyond the Veil of Death - and the Synthesis that came from it, so that One have a Process that is Restoring Equality. A Process that Brings Heaven to Earth, which brings Thesis and Anti-Thesis as Equal, so that: the Synthesis is COMPLETION…the Very Process that is Not in Play throughout Time.

That is Why, if we Look at it: the Message of Desteni = is the Message of Jesus: “Give as you would Like to Receive”, “Do unto another as you would Like to be done unto”, “Investigate All Things, and Keep That which is ‘Best for All’” – “Best for All”, which is Obviously ‘Good’. Because, What is Best for All - is GOOD. So, therefore – they use the Word ‘Good’, because it was supposed to be Understood that the Word Good implies What is Best for All. Otherwise, it’s Not Good – is it? How can it be ‘Good’, if it’s Not Best for All?
But, Self-Interest and the Ego – took that, and made of that an Atrocity. In fact, Attacking and trying to Demonize and Destroy ANYTHING that would take the Desteni-Message to What is Best for All – to in fact Bring about a Practical Solution in ALL Dimensions, which must obviously Include the Origin, the Source of your Very Existence – which is the Earth.

You didn’t come from the Planets ‘Out There’ – you came from the Planet Earth. You’re not an Alien from another Planet, you’re an Alien from the Planet Earth. And, that is Why you’re an Alien on Earth that Destroy All the other Life Forms, because – you’re an Alien Invader. You only Look at your Own Self-Interest. You don’t regard the Other Life Forms that come from the same Source as you did, with the same Life Force that you have – as your Equal. They’re in fact far more than you, because they make your Existence Possible. You’re not making their Existence Possible. They don’t Need you. They can Exist without you…All of them. You can’t Exist without THEM.

And yet, you want to be the Master? Because, ‘apparently’ the Fact that you have ‘Intellect’, the fact that you have some form of ‘Individual Perception’, according to yourself - is Greater than All the Other Living Beings on Earth? Don’t you Realise, that they have Exactly the same, that they Communicate just like you, that they Exist just like you?

We’ll continue with the Children of the Law of One in the Next Post…

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Sunday 24 February 2013

Day 307: Innocence of a Child - Encryption of the System of Self (EOSOS)

Encryption of the System of Self (EOSOS) – continued

The Concept/Idea of the ‘Innocence of a Child’ Forms part of the General Language and Belief-System that exist with Every Human, and - this particular form of Encryption is quite fascinating because: Although the Adult will Profess the Innocence of a Child – they will do Nothing about it. They will Purely, in fact, Admit that: the Innocence of a Child is taken away by the Adult, Deliberately and will Full Knowledge, and that the Adult Accept that as ‘a Way things must be’.

This particular Encryption is Imposed on the Child at a very young age. First of All, the Child Observe, in the Quantum-Phase of Learning from Birth to 7 Years, that - there is very Clear Discrepancies in the Behaviour of the Adult and the Behaviour of Society at Large; calculations are made in terms of the Physical Survival Instinct, which is rather the Prior Knowledge the Physical has by Virtue of its Design of what it Needs and what Functions is Natural. And, according to That – it would Calculate what to do, how to behave, to get these Natural Functions to Function Naturally.
The Child will Observe, in Innocence, that: the Adults are Not Innocent. And, they would Copy the Behaviour of the Adult, and very quickly – the Child would do what the Adult do. And, whenever the Child is Challenged - the Ultimate Act of Ignorance is used, one Demonstrated Daily by the Adult: the One where the Adult ‘Plays Dumb’ and Pretend that they Don’t Know what they’re Doing; and Pretend, that – ‘this is the Way things are’. And therefore, with a Sweet Smile and Innocent face, the Chid will look up in the Adult’s Eyes and say: “I didn’t do it, I don’t know who did”.
Who Taught the Child this? - The Example of the Adult. Because, there is a Silent Agreement in this Encryption, between All Adults, All Families – to Never Speak of this Constant Lie that’s Proliferated in every way Possible. To Never Speak about the fact, that: everyone, Deliberately, is all the time Planning to, in some way - Take Advantage of Someone else. To be Always on the Alert, to be Able to be Ready whenever there is an Opportunity to Take Advantage and to Take it. The Reasoning, simplistically: “If you don’t Take it First, which is ‘Winner Takes All’ - then, the Other One will Take it First”. So, there is this Agreement - that: “Whomsoever Takes Advantage First, they’re the Winner – so, let’s just let it go and Next Time be Faster and Better at How we Deceive and How we Take Advantage of”.

And, this has Proliferated, this has Accumulated over Generations to a Stage, where – the Human Take Advantage of Life on Earth without Any Sense of Morality, without Any Sense of Awareness, without Any Sense whatsoever as to the Consequence of this. For instance, if one have a Look at Antibiotics: it is well-known, through Research, that Antibiotics have a Side-Effect. It Trains the Bugs to become More Effective. The Bugs are Genetically Superior to the Human, so – they can Actually Learn from the Genetics.
The Human, simply, cannot Learn. It is Because the Human’s Natural Learning Ability, as the Physical, has been Compromised by a Thing - called Consciousness, which is Consisting of an Energy-Derivative; it is thus Inferior in every way to the Physical. And therefore, it must Compromise and it must Deceive to exist - as it does for instance, with the ‘Innocence of a Child’-Concept.
So, it is well-known that: Every Possible Attempt that the Human, under the Disguise of Consciousness, has made to Take-On the Bugs, the Bacteria and Viruses of this Reality – has Resulted in SUPER-Development, they’ve Learned. Now, we just Continue doing it – can you Believe it? Instead of Looking at Co-Existence - we Look at Chemical-Warfare, we try and Find all kinds of Ways.

They’ve Now Found Another Way in which they can take-on the Bugs – and, they will Become More SUPER. SUPER-HEROES. Obviously, they are the Defence System of the Earth. The Human is an Alien-Invader, because the Human has Never become Part of the Earth, Part of Life – the Human has tried to Dominate it. Instead of being, Here, as Dominion, as a Support, as an Understanding to CREATE a Reality that is Best for All Life - the Human has Created an Ideology, an Ego, a Consciousness of Superiority. And, has Taken that to the Point where – the Human, Erroneously, Claim that: there is ‘Something Better After Death’; and so the Human has Created a Three-Part Existence: The Body, the Mind and Spirit.
The Body, is that which Gives Life.
The Mind, is the First Major Separation.
And then, the Final Separation – is Spirit. Spirit, as That which Becomes Nothing – which is not even Able to Conceive How it Become What is Became. Oh…you’ll See once you’re Dead, it is Quite a Little Problem…

And so, the Innocence of a Child – which should have been Developed with Proper Parenting, with Developing Vocabulary that is Worthy of Life, with Developing Language and Linguistics that Support All Life, that Honour Life, that Respect Life…Instead of that: the Innocence was Destroyed. And, Who did it? –The Parents. ONLY the Parents, it’s No-One else.
Everything that Exist – the System, the Corporation, the Elite – Every Single Part of the System that Now is being Blamed for What Happened on Earth: All were Developed and Allowed…by Parents. Not by anyone else, because that is the Essence of the Human Existence on Earth: Humans Exist because they had Parents. And Parents Taught them, by Example, by Removing the Innocence – to Become the same as them, and Even Worse. All the Time, Developing an Encryption – So Prolific, So Silently Agreed-upon that Nobody Dares Challenge this Encryption, because then: “there is Something Wrong with you”, “you are not Honouring the Family”, “you are not Honouring Tradition”, “you’re Not Honouring the Way of Life” – What ‘Way of Life’? The ‘Way of Life’ that Rape Children from Young and Remove their Innocence – a Mental Rape, a Rape of the Life Force…there could be No Greater Atrocity. It is In Fact a Holocaust happening every single day, with FULL KNOWLEDGE of everyone that Participate in it…and yet: You All Continue.

Granted, there has been a Point that: the Consequence of what you’ve Done, takes Time to Manifest - sometimes so long, that you kind of ‘Forget’. That is Changing. The Consequences is Going to Zero-Point, to a Singularity, where the Consequences will Manifest Faster and Faster. Maybe, then – Man Will Learn…
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Friday 22 February 2013

Day 306: Encryption of the System of Self

Interesting, that – if One shorten this, it is: EOSOS. It’s Virtually like an Ethos of the SOS. An SOS is one of the very First Signals used to Communicate Distress.
Now, in this World – the Physical Form, in the many Variations that it is Existing, is in fact in Extreme Distress. So much so, that – if we Look at the Human Form: We have Developed a Psychology around Distress; and Every Form of Stress, we’ve Given a Particular ‘Name’.

And, we have Refused to Consider that: Distress exist, because we have Created Systems of Form, as InFORMation, as Images and Likenesses of Ourselves – or what we Like about ourselves or for ourselves – Separating each Part into Categories of Likes and Dislikes. Encrypting this Within our Self as a System, even getting this Self as a System to Speak Words In Formation, through Sentences - Sentencing us to our Convictions, so that we Remain Convicted within the Prison of ourselves, without Any Awareness Whatsoever about Life. Only having Consciousness of the Systems we’ve Created, through the Reward System that the System Produce us, which is Feelings of Energy that makes us Happy and makes us Feel Good.
So, by Following this Peculiar Existence: we seem to Not Notice, that – when things Really get Rough in the Physical, and we are in Trouble – the WE that is in Trouble is Not the Consciousness, but is the Physical Body.
So, if you Fall in the Sea and you’re going to Drown – it’s your Body that Drowns. If you’re in a Car Accident, it’s the Body that’s in the Car Accident. If you don’t get Food – it’s the Body that Starves. Everything that is of Real Value, that is Life-Threatening – involves the Body. And if the Body gets Damaged, the System of Self as Consciousness – is suddenly, Irrelevant.

Fascinatingly enough, we’ve Created a Way to Protect this System of Self - by Creating Value-Systems that we Entrenched to such a Degree, that it Overrides the Basic Needs and Requirements that is Equal within All as the Physical Body; That Becomes Irrelevant, and we would Allow people to Starve and Allow people to Live in Life-Threatening Situations, Work in Life-Threatening Situations – just so that we can have a Consciousness of ‘Happiness’. And, we would have No Moral Problem with it, because – even our Morality is Not based on the Physical, which is That which Really Gives Life, but is Based on our Consciousness as That which Really Gives ‘Happiness’.

So, every Word we have – is a Strange Ethos that do Not Consider Life, it only Consider Consciousness. We’ve gone as far as even Creating Complete Belief-Systems, Spiritual Ways, which apparently ensures that: ‘After’ your Body, which gives you Life, Dies – you’re going to go to a ‘Better Place’, which is Fascinating that one can actually get yourself to Believe that and Justify that…Without Understanding, in the First Place – How you became this Consciousness? What are the Thoughts, and the Feelings and the Emotions that Created this Consciousness? How do they Function? Where are they Seated? How are they Implanted? What Energized it? What is Behind it all? - In Fact, in Detail.
Ask Any of our Scientists, or our Psychologists, or our Most Advanced Thinkers in this World – and they Cannot Help you, at all. That should Concern you, because you are Basing your Complete Existence on Something that you have No Power over, Whatsoever. But yet you Claim you have Power over it. If that is True: Stop Thinking and See What Happens. Stop Thinking and See whether you will Die. Stop Thinking and Start Seeing what’s Going on in this World.

If you can’t Stop Thinking…Why can’t you? What is the Cause of this? Where did these Thoughts Come from? Why don’t we have the same Thoughts? Why do our Environment Shape our Thoughts? Why do Parents Shape who we are? Why do they even give us Names, what’s their Point in that?

This Encryption of the Image and Likeness of ourselves – even have Passwords, and we’ll get to the Passwords in the Next Post…
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Wednesday 20 February 2013

Day 305: Reeva Steenkamp - Collateral Damage in the War between the Haves and the Have-Nots

Here we have an Example of our Current Society and how it Functions. If you Look at the Bail Application of Oscar Pistorius and his Version of what Happened – you’ll Notice the Clear Indication, that: He was Overcome by a Sense of Terror. Now, a ‘Sense of Terror’ is the Only Way he can describe What Happened. But, that ‘Sense of Terror’ became the Mechanism, became the Control, became the Action - that Lead to the Death of Reeva Steenkamp. Someone, he claims, he Loves very Deeply.

And, this All because of a Fear that exist within Society, to which he Subscribed, that: he must Protect his Property; and by definition of Protecting his Property – must Protect his Life, because his Life Stands in the Way of his Property in this War between the Haves and the Have-Nots. And for That, he has Acquired the Most Proficient Weapons with which to Defend himself against the Have-Nots.

In his Bail-Application, he Extensively Share the Extent of his Capital, his Property and his Money, which is Used as Evidence that he would Stand Trial – because, he is Bound to the Country by his Capital and his Property. He is, by Definition, one of the Top Percentage that is Part of the Haves. He has Property, Cars, Money, Guns – All things that, Justifiably, according to our Current System: he ‘Earned’, by Virtue of his Particular Skill.
Now, obviously – the System Only Values Certain Skills. And other Skills, which are the Real Functional Skills of our System – are Not Valued Sufficiently to Create a System Equality. So, you have, thus – this Haves and Have-Nots.

And, in this Whole Process – in Protecting what he has, that which he Loved, became Collateral Damage. This is happening often around the World, and is one of the Side-Effects of our Particular System of Inequality.
Unless we Come to an Approach within which we Change the System to One where ALL HAVE, Equally, Sufficiently - That which would make Life Worthwhile, and there is No Need to Take, Steal or in whatever Means Acquire Goods, because you are a Have-Not: Our Society will Not Change.
The Violence that is a Threat, that hangs over the Head of the Haves - simply to Protect what they Have, would Disappear. And, Situations like this Particular form of Possession, which was by a Mind-Demon – when we Explain what a Mind-Demon is Extensively, and that this will Happen a lot, and I can say A Lot More – as this War between the Haves and the Have-Nots, Escalate. And there will be MANY, as Collateral Damage.

The Question would be: Do one Wait until it happens to you, or those whom you Love – before you Consider that the System must Change?
And even when it Happens to you – will Oscar Pistorius consider, that: the Reason Why this Happened was because of his Value System, his Belief System and his Subscription to a System of Inequality? And that, in Protecting his Property – he Destroyed that which he Love, and his Life.

When will we Learn? How far must this Develop, before the Basic Teachings of Jesus “to Give as one would like to Receive” and “to Do unto another as you would like to be done Unto” - will become part of our Social, Political System in Every Way? So that, Life-itself is Valued as the Only Capital that is Protected via Constitution and a Bill of Rights, Equally for All, all over the World.

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Tuesday 19 February 2013

Day 304: The Encryption of Systems (Part Five)

For Context from the Previous Post:
The Ultimate Way Out, obviously, has been made an Absolute ‘Evil Thing’. That means - Social System that is Best for All. It branded through Time, Designed through Time, to be Seen as Communism - because then, apparently, you won’t have Any Value, No Capital Value; you’ll not be able to Own anything and therefore, it’s Not ‘Valid’. Very Cleverly Designed so that you could Never Break the Control.

And so we have a System, a System that is Individually Centred, within each Human - as their Own Unique Code, the Book of Life, which is Ensures that: No One gets Out, No One Finds Life; and everyone that Looks at the World, do Not Look at the World as it Really Exists - you only Look at the World through your Designed Encryption and through the Feelings that you have Accepted and Allowed. And what you See is Measured according to these Feelings, and when you ‘Feel Good’ about it, then you do it - if you ‘Feel Bad’ about it, you stay away from it. You Never Challenge the System, because from your perspective – ‘everything is exactly the way it should be’.
You’ve been Enticed, you’ve been Plied, made Pliable through your Designed Program that keeps on Giving you Answers according to your Self Interest. And therefore, you Don’t Question the Design - but Believe that there is a ‘Higher Hand’ at Play which ‘only have Your Good Will at Heart’; because ‘you can always reach a point where you Feel Good’. But of all of the Design and how it Functions, the Essence of the Total Program: you haven’t got a Clue and you have No Desire to Find out, because - that would be Very Tough, because Every Single Thing will Not Feel Good. It will Feel Bad, because - it is not according to your Design and the Mirror within which you Look in your Image and Likeness is the Only Thing you Trust: “Mirror, Mirror in my Mind, how can I be Kind to Me? Self Interest. How can I make sure I Win? How can I make sure I get what I Want? Because it is ordained this way, I can’t take on this System, it is TOO BIG. I can’t question God, God knows Better!” Really?

There is Help if you Dare to Question. There is Help if you can Manage to get past your Self Designed Ego and your Intuition, and your Feelings, and your Energy and your Ideas of Reality. If you can Drop the Veil, if you can Break the Veil and become Available for Life, you will See that: the Physical Reality in fact Represents the Totality of our Existence…and it’s Not a Pretty Sight. And each one, no matter how Directly or Indirectly you Participate in it, is Causing this.
You are the Root Cause for the World in the Way that it Exist. And what you use to do it - is your Program, is your Idea of Good and Bad that you’ve Programmed in. And, you use a peculiar thing to Keep you in a ‘Wonderful Protective State’, which is: Money - it’s Capital, it’s Property. Not Realizing, that: that is your Self-Created Jail. You have Created it, and you will Defend your Jail - you are your own God, you are your own Guardian, you’re your own Guardian Angel. Nothing that you Create in your Mind through which you Reflect, is in any way something that is Supporting you to Find the Truth - it Only Supports you to Find ‘your Truth’, which you’ve Programmed in before, so you can Always Find it as ‘your Truth’, in Total Self Interest, without Consideration for what and how things Actually Exist.

There is Help, there is Support - if you Dare to Investigate. So, start with DIP LITE – it is Free, with a buddy to Help you to Break through some of the Points. But it will require Extensive Study. Whenever somebody claims they are Enlightened, know one thing: Enlightenment was part of the Script, Enlightenment isn’t Real. You cannot become Enlightened, from the perspective of some form of Consciousness – because, that will Separate you from your Responsibility as Life and you will Never be Self-Honest about what you really do.

Do Investigate, Test Self-Forgiveness, get to Understand Self-Honesty. Do Not Listen to your Thoughts, and your Feelings and your Emotions – they are your Guards of your Jail Cell. You are just in a Prison, ‘Pry Son’ – you are the Son of your own Design, you are the Creator, you are Playing God. But all of this Playing God, is all an Illusion of Self-Interest - where you Place your Interest before Life. That is Unacceptable.

Join us.

Expansions on the Words Prison and Enlightenment:
More on Pry-Son or ‘Prime Son’: Prime being Prime Creator and you being the Son. Your Encryption is God, from your perspective - and your Experience is you as the ‘Son of God’. And therefore: You have Designed, in essence, your Own Religion; where you are the Creator and the Created and the Creation – the Trinity. And this Trinity Traps you in a Triangle from which you Cannot Escape, simply through your Own Dishonesty and Self Interest.
On Enlightenment – we have a Series presented by Kryon, which Explains in Detail How the Design and the Encryption Function that has Ensured to Trap those of Love and Light in a most Bright Prison. A most Amazing Prison, where you are Alone and you can Entertain yourself with your Illusions for your all Life. It will take some Guts to Study Kryon, because it Challenge the Total Detail of what’s been Given before.

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