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Day 294: Natural Learning Ability of the Feral Child

A feral child (also, colloquially, wild child) is a human child who has lived isolated from human contact from a very young age, and has no (or little) experience of human care, loving or social behavior, and, crucially, of human language.[1] Some feral children have been confined by people (usually their own parents); in some cases this child abandonment was due to the parents’ rejection of a child’s severe intellectual or physical impairment. Feral children may have experienced severe child abuse or trauma before being abandoned or running away. Others are alleged to have been brought up by animals; some are said to have lived in the wild on their own.

This Definition or Description of a Feral Child from Wikipedia shows the Complete Ignorance that Exists around this topic. In essence, a Feral Child is a Child that Never Had Human Contact at all After Birth and its own contact is for instance an Animal or a Group of Animals that End Up Taking Care of the Child. For instance this has happened with Wolves.

Once the Child is Exposed to the Human Factor – the Child is no longer Completely Isolated and this would be shown through the Natural Learning Ability. What the Feral Child shows so clearly – the Human when Born immediately starts to Learn and Adapt to its Environment by Copying that which is Necessary to Survive - learning how to Emphasise and Direct the points that will for instance Provide more Food which we will call Manipulation.

It is Important to Note that the Human Body learns Without the Parent showing how, Without an Educator, Without a Scientist, Without a Psychologist - it simply Learns at a Very Rapid Pace. We call this the Quantum Physical because of its Astounding Ability to Multi-Dimensionally Learn and Form Relationships Calculating What is Best for the Body to Conquer its Environment and even as a Baby like Sucking on a Tit - it is not the Baby that is Learning, it is the Baby’s Body that is Learning.

Astoundingly enough, the Fact that there is a Natural Learning Ability with Each Child has not been Explored At All. In Fact,  it seems like This Very Point is used by the Haves to Impress Upon the Have-Nots, what they are Never Going to Have so that the Body can Learn to Accept its Condition and Eventually when the Consciousness Energetic Body Develops the Body will be Able to Supply the Thoughts, Feelings and Memories that will Convince the Person that their Condition is Acceptable because it 'Feels Good'. This 'Good Feeling' though comes from the Time when the Body was in its Natural Learning Ability Phase- its Quantum Learning Phase - the Phase between Conception (as yes its Learning Starts at the Moment of Conception) and the Age of 7 (Seven).

If you Want to Understand the Reason Why the World Is What It Is: Study What Happens to a Child and what is in a Child's Environment between Conception and the Age of 7 (Seven) and You will Understand - Given the Natural Learning Ability of the Physical - Why the World Isn’t Changing.
We have At the Moment for instance At Least a Billion People that Adhere and Try to Implement World Change through Positive Thinking, with Absolutely No Effect Whatsoever, but to Create an Imaginary World in Complete Isolation form their Fellow Humans where they can be Happy and Turn a Blind Eye to the Actual Physical Reality that is Happening in Every Breath in Every Human Body for Real.

The Problem is Fascinating because the Mind only Develop Eventually as an Externalisation of the Physical Quantum Process and On Average, less than 3% of the Quantum Movement will be left within the Movement of the Mind. Those with More Movement is Strangely being Claimed by Science and Educators and Psychologists as 'More Intelligent'. That is Not Actually True.
By a Bizarre Mistake of Fate some will have 4% or 5% of the Ability of the Quantum Physical Externalised as the Mind. One of the Major Differences between the Mind and the Quantum Physical is that the Mind only Moves One Relationship At a Time and has only been able to Quantify this Relationship through the Movement of Pictures but it remains only Linked to the Movement of One Relationship At a Time.
The Quantum Physical though do Not Function according to Just the 5 (Five) Senses and Record Exact Detail.

The Mind as a Tool of Self-Interest through which the Entity in its Awakening will Attempt to Dominate its Environment has Developed Mechanisms through which to Entice the Release of Some of the Quantum Knowledge the Physical Holds for Use by the Consciousness Entity. Our Total Evolution into the Age of Knowledge is Finding Ways to Develop Relationships with the Physical Without us Knowing that We Are Doing This - through Which we Gain Access to Some Abilities that Allows Us to Become Unique in Being Able to Compete and End Up as a Winner in Some Way. Here for instance, our Futile Attempt in Education Promoted by our Educators and our Parents play a Major Role in Degrading Life to a form of Instinctive Survivalism. An Example of this for instance, is the Use of Sweets to a Train a Child into Submission causing the Physical Response that the Sweets Produce to Become The Key through which the Child’s Consciousness and Mind will be Controlled to Ensure the Child Remains within the Confines within the Environment that is Pre-Existing.

An Interesting Point to Consider is that Whomsoever is an Adult of Earth Right now, No Matter what the Level of your Education, No Matter what your Reasoning Ability - You Are in Fact Completely Controlled by the Environment Input between Conception and the Age of 7 (Seven). Very Few People has Ever Broken this. Osho for instance, Broke this to a Degree, you can Study his Childhood to See.
But it is Important to Note that We Do Not in Fact have Experts on Earth about Education, about Psychology, about the Development of a Child Because the Experts are Contaminated with the Early Learning Disabilities that will Confine Reason only to Survival and Competition and which will Preclude the Development of Common Sense and Equal Consideration of What Life Is or What the Opportunity Represents to Find Oneself in a Form that is Alive and that can Learn by Itself.

If we would Find a Way to Change The Way We Learn and to Change the Environment that we Allow a New Born to Grow-Up in, We Will Change the World.
It will only Take Time.

 Parenting - Perfecting the Human Race on EQAFE

The Natural Learning ability of the Physical Dissected
Overview of the 3 Phases of Child Development:
Phase I: 0-1 Years
Phase II: 1-3 Years
Phase III: 3-7 Years
The Natural Learning ability of the Physical Dissected
Specificity of Child Development 0-1 Years:
The relationship to Sound and Energy of Words. 
The Natural Learning ability of the Physical Dissected
Specificity of Child Development 0-1 Years:
What happens when the Baby Resists the Energy of the Words?

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