Wednesday 20 February 2013

Day 305: Reeva Steenkamp - Collateral Damage in the War between the Haves and the Have-Nots

Here we have an Example of our Current Society and how it Functions. If you Look at the Bail Application of Oscar Pistorius and his Version of what Happened – you’ll Notice the Clear Indication, that: He was Overcome by a Sense of Terror. Now, a ‘Sense of Terror’ is the Only Way he can describe What Happened. But, that ‘Sense of Terror’ became the Mechanism, became the Control, became the Action - that Lead to the Death of Reeva Steenkamp. Someone, he claims, he Loves very Deeply.

And, this All because of a Fear that exist within Society, to which he Subscribed, that: he must Protect his Property; and by definition of Protecting his Property – must Protect his Life, because his Life Stands in the Way of his Property in this War between the Haves and the Have-Nots. And for That, he has Acquired the Most Proficient Weapons with which to Defend himself against the Have-Nots.

In his Bail-Application, he Extensively Share the Extent of his Capital, his Property and his Money, which is Used as Evidence that he would Stand Trial – because, he is Bound to the Country by his Capital and his Property. He is, by Definition, one of the Top Percentage that is Part of the Haves. He has Property, Cars, Money, Guns – All things that, Justifiably, according to our Current System: he ‘Earned’, by Virtue of his Particular Skill.
Now, obviously – the System Only Values Certain Skills. And other Skills, which are the Real Functional Skills of our System – are Not Valued Sufficiently to Create a System Equality. So, you have, thus – this Haves and Have-Nots.

And, in this Whole Process – in Protecting what he has, that which he Loved, became Collateral Damage. This is happening often around the World, and is one of the Side-Effects of our Particular System of Inequality.
Unless we Come to an Approach within which we Change the System to One where ALL HAVE, Equally, Sufficiently - That which would make Life Worthwhile, and there is No Need to Take, Steal or in whatever Means Acquire Goods, because you are a Have-Not: Our Society will Not Change.
The Violence that is a Threat, that hangs over the Head of the Haves - simply to Protect what they Have, would Disappear. And, Situations like this Particular form of Possession, which was by a Mind-Demon – when we Explain what a Mind-Demon is Extensively, and that this will Happen a lot, and I can say A Lot More – as this War between the Haves and the Have-Nots, Escalate. And there will be MANY, as Collateral Damage.

The Question would be: Do one Wait until it happens to you, or those whom you Love – before you Consider that the System must Change?
And even when it Happens to you – will Oscar Pistorius consider, that: the Reason Why this Happened was because of his Value System, his Belief System and his Subscription to a System of Inequality? And that, in Protecting his Property – he Destroyed that which he Love, and his Life.

When will we Learn? How far must this Develop, before the Basic Teachings of Jesus “to Give as one would like to Receive” and “to Do unto another as you would like to be done Unto” - will become part of our Social, Political System in Every Way? So that, Life-itself is Valued as the Only Capital that is Protected via Constitution and a Bill of Rights, Equally for All, all over the World.

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