Friday 15 February 2013

Day 298: The Power of Intent

Intent is very well Demonstrated through the Principles of Competition that is Taught to every Child. Increasingly more Focused – the Intent of the Winner is: to Win at All Cost - No Matter What, No Matter What the Cost. Because the Winner does Not want to be the Loser, and therefore: the Total Focus of the One that Intend to Win, becomes Focused on the Intention, the Winning; Excluding everything else – No Matter What. Seeing All Else as Simply Collateral Damage that ‘Must Happen’ – for One to Achieve the Winning Position.

In this, the Pursuit of Happiness has become the Bizarre Runway of the Human Rave, where Each One can Pursue their Intent of Happiness Individually, without Competition, because “you can make your Own Rules about What makes You Happy. All you have to do is Exclude anything that will make you Unhappy and that will Inconvenience you.”
So, in this Process – we Now have Achieved the Ultimate Separation. In this Separation, we do not have to Care about anyone or anything else but our Intention to Win, because: “to Win is Good”, “to Win place us Above everyone else in our Own World and we become the Centre of our World. In being the Centre of our World – Only those things that work for us is Important…everything else, we can Exclude”.

Within this Context, we have Found a ‘Wonderful Way’ to make sure we are Protected from ‘Anything else’. That - is Money. That - is Private Property. That is – a Fence that Keep us Away from Everyone else, so that in “Our Little World where we are God, we can Control Everything”. “And we have the ‘Power of God’, which is Money – to make sure and ensure, that: Nobody Intrudes in Our Domain of Happiness”. “We are Winners”.
In this, we have Taken the Power of Intent into the Spiritual Realm. The Spiritual Realm, where we have Placed our Definition of Spirituality, our Definition as ‘Deity’ – in the same context as this Race to be a Winner: “No-one may Question our Opinion. Our Opinion is Above All, and we are Always Right – because, we have Decided we are Right. No Matter what the Evidence, No Matter what the Feedback, No Matter the Collateral Damage, No Matter What Harm Happens in this World – Our ‘Opinion’, Our ‘Winning Idea’, Our ‘Winning Ideal’ that ensure our Personal Protected Happiness: is the Only Acceptable Way.” And, we have Gone as Far as Entrenching this as Law within our Democracies…Making a Mockery of our Existence.

This Power of Intent has become the Most Powerful thing, where “we can use our Imagination in Any Way we Want”, because we have Created the Principle, we have come to Believe the Principle – that you can “Achieve Anything that you can Imagine. All you have to do is Focus upon it”. But, we have Not Included within that – the Physical, Practical things you’ll Need to do this. For instance, the Money you’ll Need to do this and How you’ll Obtain the Money. The Way you’ll have to keep yourself Separate through Owning Property and Protecting yourself in every way Possible from others. The Fact that, because you Have – there will be Have-Nots, and that you have Not Considered the Impact of ‘Having’ on the Have-Nots.

Have a Look at the Power of Intent as where we are at this stage in this World, you’ll Notice - if you Dare to Study and take-off the Blinkers of your Own Intent, that: things are Not getting better. Unemployment is Rising. Poverty is Rising. More and More people are being Excluded. The Collateral Damage is Rising and the Experts keep on Giving us Hope by saying: “Oh! It’ll just be another 10 or 15 Years and then this will be over.” Because, they use a Peculiar, Fascinating form of ‘Science’ – which is: Statistics. Statistics is not a Science – it is a Very Brutal Way of Using Patterns, and making Life only a Number.
And when Life is Only a Number – “you do not have to Feel what really happens to someone. All you have to do, is Worry about yourself. Make sure you are Part of the Numbers, and you have the Numbers to Protect you. When you have the Numbers to Protect you – then you are on the Upswing, you’re ‘On Top of the World’. But, you’re Not really ‘On Top of the World’ – you’re ‘On Top of the Pattern’. The Pattern that Must go down, and you must do Whatever it Takes to Remain at the Top. Within that, you have to Push others Down. Step on them. Make sure they don’t Rise. Make Sure – they do Not get what you ‘Have’”.

It is a War – a War going on within the Minds of Men, within the Secret Mind, where you Plan at All Times: How to Overcome your Fellow Man to make sure You Win. And in this War – the Winner Takes All, and it is Justifiable.
This is being Reflected in Every Way in our Society Now, to such an Extent that one can sit in a Room with a Joystick and fly a Drone, and go and Kill people simply because: They May Threaten ‘your Happiness’, ‘your Way of Life’. You can even Give Medals for this, as Trophies – taking our Education System to the Ultimate Point of its Conclusion: Creating Killers. Winners as Killers, that do Not Care about Anything else, but their Own Self-Interest.

If you can Hear this: it’s Time to Reflect for Real and take-off the Blinkers of Intention
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