Friday 1 February 2013

Day 288: Earth your Energy for Enlightenment

The Earth forms a Platform to Measure Cycles through Night and Day as Beginnings and Ends, to give a Measurable Reference whether the Energy we Generate in the Mind as our Consciousness are following Patterns that result in Creating Life on Earth in a way Worth Living for Every Being on Earth.

One of the Picture Representations of God is a Man with a Lightning Rod in his hand.
To protect buildings and facilities on Earth against Lighting and the Damage it cause, these facilities and building will have an Earth Wire.
Energy within the Practical Use on Earth is Electricity. And every device we create that requires Electricity as Energy will have an Earth Wire somewhere within its connection to the Electricity Grid as to Protect it against Fluctuations of Energy. At this stage even our best Scientific Minds do not understand everything about electricity. They know how to create it, they know how to harness it and how to employ it for Profit. But what it Exactly is - isn't quite clear.

In the Matrix Movie, the Analogy is drawn that the Human Brain and in fact the Human Body - creates Electricity - sufficient to run peculiarly a Television. Maybe that is just a Cosmic Joke.
The Energy produced by the Human have Names: as Emotions and Feelings within a Construct named Consciousness.

When the Electricity/Energy that the Human produce is not Earthed in Reality of Life on Earth, the Human will go into a World of their own, which is Magically without Consideration for Life on Earth. Therefore humans with No Earth on which to base their Imagination will come up with a wonderful world of their own where they live alone. Strange enough, those without an Earth will still live on Earth and would not Follow the Dream of their Imagination to immediately Depart to the Better World they have created in their Mind. This alone should be enough to Disregard any contribution from any person without an Earth for that Energy - Because their Contribution would be so Removed from the Earth Reality that in fact their Existence on Earth will only produce Harm to Life on Earth.

This is very clearly demonstrated throughout the Ages. Where constructs based on energy without Earth Reality have created a Social System of Great Inequality because Magic in the Imagination is not Reality and if one impose it on Earth: Great Division occur.

Unfortunately, all our Social Systems have become Contaminated with the Imagination of Human Energy without an Earth Reality that can be Measured Day by Day to see that the Patterns Participated in and created - in fact produce an Earth Reality that is Best for All Life and that Every Parent would wish upon their own Children.
Interestingly enough, we all come from Parents and most of us become Parents. And we all Know that the System we have created on Earth seems to not be able to ensure a Dignified Life as a Matter of Cause.
Therefore we Teach our Children that they must Compete and make sure they Win, because the Winner Takes All. And because everyone else do it - it is justified.

We have created our Spirituality which is like Electricity that is not understood to be based on what we have been able to Imagine within our Energy. Within this, all Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions that constitute our Consciousness exist strange enough without us Understanding how any of it Actually Functions Mechanically and we take its Existence for granted as if it is our Right in spite of the Day by Day Pattern of Life on Earth demonstrating ad nauseam that we as the Human Race are not Functioning as an Effective Benevolent Responsible Species.

Our Education systems, our Religious Systems, our Economics Systems, our Political Systems, Consumer Systems, Ownership Systems, our Thought Systems, our News Systems, our Knowledge, Systems our Wisdom Systems are all Contaminated by our Fear of Losing Out if we do not look after our own Self Interest First and therefore we Teach our Children their Unique Place which could be Anywhere in their Imagination where they can Always be First and thus be the Winner.

And in this, we Destroy Life on Earth and cause a Holocaust of a Magnitude that is so Vast it should be Beyond Imagination. But yet, we Dig Deep within ourselves and we Imagine another Self Righteous Excuse because Apparently the Human Race is the Highest Creation and therefore, ‘Beyond Responsibility’.

Dabbling with Energy without Understanding that as a Resource just like Oil it is a Finite Non-renewable Construct, seems to be Missed in spite of Graveyards Full of Graven image showing that Imagination do not exist Beyond the Grave as it is based on a Finite Physical Resource of the Human Body, seems to be Totally Missed by even our Brightest, Wisest Minds which should be Dedicated to ensure that whatever we do and Teach our Children in Fact is based on Earth.

What will it Take before we Wake Up in the Morning after the Death of Sleep to see and realise that the Patterns we are Participating in, of the Cycles on Earth is in fact Damaging to Life.

To Set Yourself Free from the Addiction of Comfort that your Imagination produce, join us at DIP Lite and see Life in a Real Light.
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