Monday 11 February 2013

Day 296: Desteni and the Consciousness of Love and Light

If you are Reading these Words and you have not yet Studied the Desteni-Material, there is yet Hope. So, Force yourself to Read these Words with Openness. Realising that, you are going to React to what I Share – and if you were Free, you would have been Able to See what I Share without Reaction. Reaction only Confirms that you are in fact Not Free, and that is of Great Concern. And you should Note this as a Gift Desteni Share with you.

I have Walked this Path a little longer than you. I have been Enlightened. I have been the living embodiment of Love and Light. I have embodied All Initiations, All Meditations. I have Communicated with Angels and Archangels, with the Hierarchy, with what is termed ‘Aliens’. I have travelled the Path of the Soul. I have Astral Travelled, I have Soul Travelled. I have Communicated with Billions of Beings throughout the Universe – both Individually and Collectively. There is Nothing that is on Earth or in any other Dimensions that is Available in any form of Teaching, that I have not yet done and taken to its Full Expression to Test its Validity: and I have been you, I have defended – every step of the way just like you do; but in the End – the Commonsense of Life Prevailed and the Real Illusion Dropped.

So, here goes: I have Found the Most Magnificent Beings under the Veneer of their Demonic Self in the Halls of Hell. I have Communicated with them, and Walked with them the Path of Self Forgiveness and Self Honesty – ‘till the Point where they could Realise themselves as Life and drop That which Caused them to become Demonic. And now they Walk on the Road to Life – a Path you are Yet to Walk upon.
And I have Found, under the Veneer of Enlightenment, Alchemy and Love and Light – the Greatest Evil. In fact, the Fascinating thing is that – everyone that Attacks the Desteni Message, in some Way claim themselves to be Enlightened and of Love and Light and ‘Mentally Superior’…and yet - they Dare to Attack a Message which Total Foundation is: Self Forgiveness, Self Honesty, and the Establishment of the Unification of Life as that which is Eternally Best for All. The Single and Only Message that Result in an Existence of Eternal Harmony and Peace, where ALL Beings are Equal in ALL Ways; thus - That which is True Quality and yet, within ALL of this Equality, Each Being, is a Complete, Fulfilled Individual.

Fascinatingly Enough – those that Claim Enlightenment and Love and Light; do not even Dare to Investigate the Desteni Message, or to Apply Self Honest Self Forgiveness, or to Dedicate themselves to an Existence where All Life is Uplifted to What is Best for All, which is the Highest Purpose, the Highest Outcome and the Only Solution where All Ego Ends.
Furthermore – Most of the Silent Love and Light Enlightened ones React In Fear to the Desteni Message, Claiming that the Message is “Dark” and “Fearful”…and that there must be something wrong with People that Want to Ensure that Every Living Being becomes the Best they can be. Do you See the Problem? What is Wrong with the Enlightened and Love and Lighters of this Age? They are being Controlled by Fear. They do not Investigate and Enhance who they are, because they Believe they Already have ‘The Answer’. But, the Answer as is Evidenced on Earth, have No Effect to what happens on Earth, and it cannot Bring a World of Equality. In Fact, Love and Light and Enlightenment – Entrench and Justify Inequality.

I Have Walked the Path of the Christ…and Found it Wanting, of No Consequence and No Value to Life whatsoever. I knew Full Well when I Presented my Findings, that there will be Reaction, because from the very Moment I broke the Veil and the Programming that Controls Feelings, Love, Light, and Enlightenment - from that very Moment: those Under Control could not Hear me. And I had to Find ways to get through to you, because – on the Other Side of the Veil: I was Watching Millions Die and Exiting the Body in a State of Inequality and Limitation, so VAST that Even the Concept of Reincarnation offer NO Support or Value.

There are Value in some of the Messages from some of the Masters that’s been on Earth, in as much as these Messages can be Applied under the Law of One on Earth, which is Governed by the Laws of Physics – to Result, with Right Action, in a World where Man Live in Peace and Harmony.
Yes, you see – the Law of One is not a Mental Condition; it is a Physical Institution. We are All One on Planet Earth, made from the same Dust under the same Laws of Physics. Earth is the Creation as EXAMPLE of the Law of One, where one is Tested to See if you are Capable in Directing Yourself within the Law of One, to RESULT in an Existence of Oneness and Equality. That is Why the Stay on Earth for each one is Temporary and Time Controlled - It is a Test, the Ultimate Initiation, the Ultimate Test – and thus far, 99.99999% of Humanity will Fail this Test. This simply because: through the Glamour of the Mind, and the Hypnosis of the Preprogramming - the Human has become a Vampire that Drinks the Very Life Blood of Fellow Humans, Simply for the Pursuit of Happiness and Self Interest.

And yet, there is a Way Out.

There are Many Blogs, many Interviews, DIP LITE – lots of Support, All of it Free. Even the Serious Student can do the Advanced Training Free – all they have to do, is put in Writing their Commitment to themselves the Journey to Life Blogs.
See, at Desteni – Paying for Training, is a Self Honest Act, and because you are Able to. If you are not able to – but you Prove you want to help yourself, the Training is Free. Being dishonest with yourself and others about this point, Only Harms you – and because, Life on Earth has an Expiry date, there is a Point where All Must be Accounted for. So, there is Really no excuse – but Ego and Fear, that can Prevent One from Walking the Path to Eternal Life for Real. And to Investigate Why the Soul is Deception, Why Enlightenment is Deception, Why Love and Light is Deception. And Why the Real Reality, the Reality of ONE as the Law of One: is Earth, the Heart of Life.

Join us. Now…or After Death. But Join us, you will. ALL beings, beyond the Veil are walking this process – every single living thing in the Universe; one and equal – ‘till this is Done. You are in the Minority - You are the `1%, we are the 99 %. Don’t be Fooled by your Mind. 

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