Friday 30 November 2012

Day 230: The White Light and the Legion of Angels - ADC - Part 77

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 61

Does God Exist in the Afterlife? – Part 12

The White Light and the Legion of Angels

We continue with the ‘Gods in the Afterlife’ Story. After quite some time – Exploring All facets of the Hereafter through the Portal, we Arrived at a Significant Point. The Point was unplanned, unpredictable and Sudden. Throughout many years of Communication, there has been One Central Guide, who came also through the Mediums and the Portal, so - we were Discussing Progress of Self-Forgiveness over a Cup of Coffee while Sunette was Exploring the Dimensions, when he suddenly asked me a peculiar Question. In this, a certain Sequence of Events took place: some Points, Direct Actions – some Points, Unforeseen Consequence – some Points, Unplanned Synchronicity. He asked me: “If I could after all that I have witnessed through the Power of Forgiveness, in what we have already walked at that stage, if I could Trust God?”- and, with the Principle of Self-Honesty Applied, my Immediate Answer was: “No.”

Up to that stage I have not in any way Connected with The White Light while we were Exploring the Heavens. So I Requested Sunette to go and ask The White Light a Series of Questions, but then I changed my mind. Sunette was already at The White Light, and I said: “I’ll Ask the Questions Myself.” From my perspective there was only One Way to Ask the Question, and that was to become One and Equal, in fact, with The White Light.

So, Sunette Witnessed me Walking Into The White Light and then I asked the Questions as My Being. All this Happened in Quantum Time, because Immediately: The White Light dissipated and Revealed from within it – a Group of Masters that was Manipulating things from Behind the Scenes. They were very Upset, “how Dare I”. And, the Beings in Heaven were also quite Taken Aback, because they did not Expect that that which they Revered, was just an Illusion – something they Believed in, without Understanding how it Functions. And therefore it had More Power than it should have, and whenever something has More Power and Authority than it should have: the Followers will Follow without Question. Similar to How Humanity Follow their Leaders, and Children Follow their Parents – All Structures of Authority that Do Not Produce a World that is Best for All. And that was the Question I Asked: “Why is a World that is Best for All Life Not Existing?” And, in essence, through that: I Challenged their Authority, as the Authority was Not Acting as the Author, as the Scriptwriter, as the Creator that is Best for All Life, and therefore - it was Immediately Diminished and Less-than Life Itself as what was Witnessed with the, what we Call “The Deletion” of The White Light, but that’s not Really how it Functions. But, for the Purposes of Understanding a Deletion, it’s Sufficient.

Now, there were certain Consequences with the Deletion of The White Light. With The White Light – All the Angels Ceased to Exist, because: they were Just Dimensional White Light Artificial Intelligent Robots, doing the bidding of the White Light in its Process of Control. Acting, in a way – like the Policeman in the Head, as the Authority Figures that Impose the Rule of Law of The White Light as God, making sure that the Followers do not Question the Authority. It was thus just an Extension of the White Light, and came to an End with the White Light.

How Channels could Operate, we will explain in other Blogs, or you could Study Journeys into the Afterlife where an Extensive Account is Given on All these Issues and Why, for instance – Psychics, Channels, Remote Viewers, Lucid Dreamers, Near Death Experiences and so-on – haven’t got a clue of what is Really Going on.

At the same time, another Side-Effect was that the Soul System also Disappeared, and suddenly all the Projected Images of All the Beings in Heaven: was no more. And ALL Beings, in the Universe, in the Heavens/Dimensions – suddenly had the Same Shape. Yet still Individual, Recognizable Awareness. This shape was fascinatingly enough, the Shape of an Egg. And that is How it Continued from then-on. We did Explore HOW these Projections Function – but, they were Nothing but Forms of Shapeshifting, in a way – which some could do Better than Others.

This Placed the Whole Context of ‘God in the Afterlife’ in a Total Different Perspective, because - Everything that was Believed, and that existed as Energy that was Extracted through the Mind from Earth to Create the Heavens: was no more, and was Returned to Earth as Source. And what Remained, in a way – was Eggs Waiting to be Born.

The Question would be: “How do one bring these Eggs to a Point where they can be Born as Life?” Because, it was Certain: they have Never been Natural Life, they have Only Ever been Unnatural Consciousness that was Based on Energy, that would Allow the Abuse of Life at Levels of Horror that no-one on Earth is yet to Accept as their ACTUAL Responsibility.

Was there a God in the Afterlife? Yes and No. Any God that requires Authority, requires Followers and is thus Limited, there is thus No Point to their Continued Existence. Does that mean God exist or do not exist? And if God Exist, what would that Entail?

We’ll continue the Discussion in the next post
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Thursday 29 November 2012

Day 229: Thought at the Quantum Level - ADC - Part 76

The History with Life After Death – Part 60

Does God Exist in the Afterlife? – Part 11

Thought at the Quantum Level

There are Those that Equate Thought to have the ‘Power of God’ and to apparently Influence Reality at the Quantum Level. And, specifically – they would Equate this to Energy and Feeling and ‘Claim’ that ‘being Positive’ in this context, will actually ‘Change the World’ because it ‘Moves Reality at the Quantum Level’.
What is Really Interesting about this Claim, is that these Teachers, Masters and Gurus cannot Explain to you, exactly where a Thought is located, where it comes from, how it looks like in its Dimensional Existence, how it is Energized, what Charge moves it, what is the Switch, what is the Relationship between the Thought and the Character that Pretends to speak as if it is ‘Alive’ – they cannot Explain to you how Feelings are actually Manufactured and Compounded as the Energy; the whole Point is completely based on you ‘Experiencing’ an Energy, and then Believing that having a ‘Good Feeling’, means: it must be ‘Good’.

Now, if this all comes from our Parenting-System – where Parents prepare Children very Effectively to be Moved by any form of Positive-Experience, which is Equated to some form of Self-Interested benefit in the Physical World: by the Time the Chid becomes an Adult – they’re Positively Compromised to be Easily Manipulated by those that Prey on the Whole Positive-Energy Scenario. Those that prey on this have Realised that they can Move people with Words and Images in their Imagination, to Build a ‘Positive Idealist Reality’ with No Substance. And that they can keep people Trapped in this Positive Loop, by simply saying to them: “Stay away from the Negative. Ignore it.” And obviously, anything that is Challenging this whole Positive – is Seen as Negative. Even if it would Teach you How Positive and Negative Energy within the Mind is Actually Created, and that Positive and Negative Energy within the Physical is a Natural Phenomena, while Positive and Negative Energy within the Mind as Consciousness: is Unnatural. ‘Natural Energy’ Supports Life. Unnatural Energy Abuse Life - as you can see in the Physical World.

So, in a way – the Masters that Claim that Thought Moves at a Quantum Level: are kind of Artists, that can Paint Pictures with Words and Images and Stories that Ignites the Imagination of their Followers, and find the Switch that the Parents Implanted with, for instance – Control through Sweets, or Positive Reinforcement Words, and they keep using these Words to Paint Pictures and to Create a Particular Consciousness, that Produce a Particular Feeling. Through this – Creating a Particular Style of Propaganda, to Ensure that the Person Never Investigate All Things as they ACTUALLY function and so – in a way: the Positive Artists and Masters are Con-Artists, because they do Not Create Awareness – they Create an Alternate Reality that is Unnatural in this World, called Consciousness. And, they do it through Continuous Propaganda that are completely Fear-Based, where they Insist one must Focus on the Positive in the Mind and Ignore the Negative in the Mind, which Cause the Consciousness Entity as Personality that is Created: to Ignore the Physical Reality and the Way that Natural Forces move, and to Ensure that the Physical World – exist as a Place that is Best for all Life, Always.

Now we can say, that Both the Con-Artists and their Followers Deserve each other, because: they Play the same Propaganda to each other, over and over as ‘Love and Light’ and Positive Thinking and Positive Approaches. But, we can’t Ignore the fact, that they’re Only Trapped in this Loop, because: they don’t Actually Understand what Thought is, what Quantum Reality is and How that Functions.
Quantum Reality is Simultaneous Movement, Direct-Interaction. Consciousness, Mind, Thought Movement – moves within the Time Context that is Established at an Individual Level by each Mind, and that will Synchronize in Partnership with other Minds purely based on Self-Interest. But Thought, only moves ONE Thought at a Time, and there is No Simultaneous Movement. The Thought is also not Independent as a Self Moving Entity, but is Fuelled by Energy, that is Extracted from the Physical Body in an Extremely Painful Process, which the Consciousness Character is not Aware of, because it is not Existing IN the Body, it exist in the ENERGY-BUBBLE called Consciousness, in Complete Separation from Reality.
Time on Earth as the Physical, is a Simple, Measurable Point, as it is Presented and Existing as the Measured-Movement between various rather Large Bodies (the Sun/Moon etc.), that produce day and night and cannot be denied as Actual Reality, to those that now exist on Earth.

The REAL Time, which is Earth Time: is the REAL Awareness that Must be Considered in Measuring whether this World is a Positive World that is Best for All, or if it is a Negative World that is Not Best for All. And within this Context one must Investigate your Contribution in Creating the World the Way it is. Because, this is where your Thoughts have an Influence: it makes you Blind to Reality – because you exist in your own Time in the Imagination of your Illusion, which you Charge with Unnatural Energy, Unnatural Colour, Unnatural Light – and then claim that this Unnatural Light is ‘Real’ and claim that this Positive Energy is ‘Love’. While, where Real Light exists, which is on Earth and Real Love should exist as What is Best for All Life: is Completely Ignored, just because one has Created your Thoughts as your Gods.
The Reality is: Even a Breath on Earth is More Powerful than All Consciousness that ever existed, because without a Breath: Consciousness would not exist. And without a Body: ENERGY would not Exist in the Mind. The Mind is Not an Independent Existence – it is Subject to the Physical. And what happens After Death, is Also not Independent from the Physical, and therefore – Those that Deny the Physical World: Deny themselves LIFE.

And to Mislead the Many that were Unfortunately Programmed by the Parents to Follow Positive Reinforcement, those that Feed on this: Should Stop. Because, you’re not only Harming yourself, but you Harm everyone that you take with you, in your Illusion by Feeding on their Addiction to Positive Reinforcement.
The Solution is that Parents should not have Children, if they do not Understand HOW the Physical Body and the Mind in fact Interacts, and if they don’t Understand the Consequences of Playing with the Fire of Unnatural Energy, Unnatural Light and Unnatural Love. And how That can Lead to their very own Children, abdicating their Gift of Life – to Walk Into a Reality after Death, that will be the Biggest Shock Ever Imaginable.
And those that Claim that they Travel to the Afterlife: if you Think – you have no Clue what you are saying, because: only once you have Stopped Thought, and become the Complete Physical; will you be able to See what Really Exist Beyond the Transformation Called Death. And if you would Die only as Thought: what you will Continue as is just Thought. And THAT is, as you well know, when you look at your own Thoughts: Really NOTHING – a very fickle thing that one can Delete in a Single Moment.

I would Implore, those that Abuse each other with Positivity: Investigate All things, in HOW it actually Functions, and Keep what is Best for All Life, Always, in the Physical - Because you are in the Physical World, Undeniably. Your Future Depends on WHO YOU ARE in the PHYSICAL WORLD, because once you Master the Physical World in ALL Ways: you will be Prepared to Face the Next Dimension. If you do not become Equal as the Physical: Only Illusion Awaits. And Life has no use for Illusions, as Illusions Acts like Parasites.

We’ll continue in the next post…


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Wednesday 28 November 2012

Day 228: And then the Soul Matured… - ADC - Part 75

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 59

Does God Exist in the Afterlife? – Part 10

And then the Soul Matured…

As Mankind Moved through the Industrial Age into the Technology Age, and being ‘Born in Sin’ became the Age of Debt – the Soul Matured to its Ultimate Role on Earth, the Role it was always Intended for: and it became a Commodity that you can Buy and Sell.

With the advent of the Soul becoming an Commodity, it was no longer being God as the only Commodity being Sold, but the Image and Likeness of God as the Soul as a centre piece within the Religion of Self, became a Commodity that could be dressed-up in all kinds of Colours, all kinds of Oils, all kinds of Incense, all kinds of Feelings, all kinds of Emotions – and it became one of the Greatest Inventions of the Capitalistic Age, where you could Sell the Invisible and Dress it up like a Product on a shop shelf, creating All Kinds of Experiences as apparent ‘Evidence’ that the Soul is ‘Real’. And, from the perspective of Consciousness, as a Reality created through Imagination – the Soul appeared to be ‘Real’. Just as ‘Real’ as all the Gods each Individual Created as Individual Gods – leaving the Universe filled with billions of Gods, All apparently the ‘Ultimate God’ and All apparently ‘better than Everyone else’s God’, and All apparently at an Individual level had Access to the One True God, which was ‘Their God’.

Now, we have already Explained the Technology that cause these Delusions to become so Intensely Profound, that you would Sell your Life, literally, for Imagination. And, I suppose – in the Evolution of Words, the fact that the Word ‘Magic’ forms part of the word ‘Imagination’ and with the Law of Attraction, filling the centre stage – Training everyone that they are Magicians that could Imagine Anything and Accomplish it: the Soul-God Commodities fit Right Into the Future’s Market. As each one, that Could Present the Best Magical Story that could be Experienced – would Sell a Different Future, ALL apparently, Amazingly, Fantastic…as it should be, because on Every Product on the Shelves, you could Read the Promises made about the Wonders these Products would do for you, and you become Convinced by it and Consume it.

The Whole Soul-thing was no Different: you could Consume each Message on your Journey, and when you had your Fill you Find the Next Message. It didn’t matter, and it still doesn’t matter, that the Very Message of the Soul and of Love: is Produced on the Living-Tissue of other Living Beings that share this World with you, because you are the ‘Soul’, you are ‘Special’, you are the ‘Divine Chosen One’s’, and it Matters Not – HOW it is Achieved, but only THAT it is Achieved. Because, this Physical World whose Blood is Sucked from under the ground, as Dark as Human Blood and Consumed in the Race to Inhumanity - is ‘apparently’, Just an ‘Illusion’. If Only you could fill your belly with Illusions. If only you could fill the tank of your car with Illusions. If Only you could dress your Body with Illusions. If Only you could Create your Home as an Illusion. If Only you could have Sex with Illusions. If Only you could fill your wallet with Illusions. If Only you could Realise: Reality, by Stopping eating to See if Illusions and Prayer and Meditation and ‘Love and Light’, will prevail or Not. If Only, after you have Realised the Truth of the Physical – you would Rise Up and make sure that every Belly is Filled, make sure that Every Being has a Home, make sure that Everyone has Effective, Decent Clothing – and ALL the other things that’s currently your ‘Illusions’ that you have to Buy. If Only – you would Dare to be Self-Honest, and let the Soul go and let God go to See if it will Really make a Difference. If Only you would Focus on That which In Fact make it Possible for you to Have your ‘Life’…

But – the Soul has made Man Inhumane. The Soul has made Man something that Cannot be Compassionate, because Compassion has become a Word of Imagination, a Form of ‘Magic’ which Disregard the Physical Rules of Life on Earth and Superimpose upon it – a Series of Justifications and Beliefs and Imaginations, that makes this Suffering on Earth seemingly ‘Filled with Glory’, ‘Lessons’. One Should not claim a Lesson to be so, if you cannot Live the Life you are Willing to let others live, while you live in Splendour.

I Understand that ‘Love and Light’ and ‘Feeling Good’ is ‘Wonderful’, it helps one Forget where you are, and let you live in your Own Created Imagination. It is so much Easier there, and one can Even Delude yourself to Believe that that is ‘Freedom’. But, it Only Feels like Freedom, because you have Disengaged yourself from your Responsibility to other Life-Forms on Earth, to such an Extent – that you would Stand By and let them Die, while you Live in your Imagination, Without Feeling anything, in essence: the Definition of a Psychopath.

The Situation on Earth is Extensively Serious. The Immune-System of Earth is Accelerating its Effectiveness, and Soon Man will No Longer have Any Protection against the Immune-System of Earth. What will Man do then? Can Man Blame the Earth, for taking Action to protect itself against the Massive Abuse? Do Mankind Deserve the Earth? Is the Human In fact an Advanced Being?
Currently, we have Reached the Time – where we are at the End of our Knowledge to Defend ourselves Against Bacteria. Our Antibiotics is being Surpassed by the Earth’s Immune-System, which is Bacteria and Viruses amongst others. We are One System, but if we Treat the System we’re part of as Unequal, and become a Cancer – we must Understand that we’ll face a Consequence. And within the Domain of the Earth: we are Not Dominant, we are but a speck of Dust of a Much Larger Organism.

Our Time to Correct these Obvious Atrocities - is Limited. The Children of Today, will Enter a Future that will be far less Certain than ours, if we do not Stop and Bring About a Different Way of Life on Earth, which is in Harmony with All other Life Forms Here on Earth. Theoretically, we can Do this – but will we take the Action Necessary to Produce a World that is Best for All Life?

This Answer will Be Certain: we Created this Answer. Our Daily Living, Show – in Stark terms, what we are Creating. And, in a way – the World and All of Humanity, Functions in a Rather Democratic Way: what the majority of Humans on Earth Accept and Allow, is what will Happen. History Shows this so Clearly. We Vote Democratically, Daily, in Thought, in Word, in Deed as we Participate in a World System that have No Compassion for Life, Whatsoever. And only have Pretend-Compassion in the Imaginations of a Delusional Mind.

We’ll continue this in Posts to come…

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Day 227: Ain’t Ye All Gods? - ADC - Part 74

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 58

Does God Exist in the Afterlife? – Part 9

‘Ain’t Ye All Gods? 

“‘Ain’t Ye All Gods?” – that was what was Asked 2000 Years ago by Jesus. So, what is a God – but a Creator? And Man place so much Emphasis on his ‘Creativity’, which implies: Man is a Creator. After all, we Created our Society, we Created our Economic System, we Created our Social System, we Created our Justice System, we Created ALL the Systems that Manage Mankind and the Animals on Earth, and some of the Plants. So, are we Gods? ‘Cause - we Are Creators.

Then, there is another Point to Consider: “by your Works, you will be Known”. That would mean, not our Job, but That which we have Created, Defines us. Can we say that that is ‘Godly’ and ‘Divine’? This Question must be Answered by each one Self-Honestly, because Certainly – we Create, but What we Created is in our Image and Likeness, because Gods Create in their Image and Likeness.

Many Claim they are ‘Divine’, but for That to be True: one need to take more than a few Cups of Wine. And once you are totally drunk, you may be able to Convince yourself that there is some Divinity in Man.
Now here we have to Pause for a Moment and Look at another Point, and that is that: it is Claimed by Many that this World is the Dwelling place of Satan, because God cast Satan to the Face of the Earth and made the Earth the Dwelling place of Satan. And, furthermore – we have the ‘Fallen Angels’, one third of Heaven that was Cast out. What Evidence do we have that there are Satan’s and Devils on Earth? All we have to do is Look at the Works of those who’s Dominion the Earth is. What is Mankind Creating? Is it a Way to Live by? Or is it the Reverse: Evil? What do our Works say about us? And, we’re not in Heaven; we’re definitely cast out here on Earth. So – we’re Definitely ‘Fallen’, and we keep on Falling because things are not getting better – despite every Possible Delusion we can come up with which Claims ‘Divinity’, ‘Godliness’. Unfortunately, our Works as a Society Speaks for Itself.

God, in the sense of ‘Love’, would Create Works that Portray Love. For instance, what many Claim is ‘Unattainable’: a World where Life is Honoured in every way, practically, as That which is Best for Everyone – both Individually and as a Group.
We certainly Can Confirm, that what exist on Earth is being Created by the Group as Humans. The Works though, Indicate very Cleary that: we are Incapable of Creating, it seems, Anything else but as much Harm as any Creator can Conceive and Live-out, Generation after Generation. Our History Books Read like a Horror-Story, which Only Evil can come up with.

Now, from a Point of Practical Living: Jesus was probably the Most Enlightened Being and Most Likely the Only Enlightened Being that has Walked the Face of the Earth but for the One Point, which was getting himself killed before he Managed to get more Humans to Understand the Principles of Benevolent Creation, which is: “Love they Neighbour as they self”, “Give as you would like to Receive” and “Do unto another as you would like to be Done to”. A Trinity of Principles, which when Applied as the Rule of Law and as the Constitutional Right to Life as Equals: would Create a World which is In Fact Godly.

But, How likely is it that the Fallen Human in his Satan-Cloth (and here Satan means to “Say it inside”, which is “Thinking”), would Give-up his Method that he use to Curse others and himself? Because, strangely enough, the Human would Insist on the ‘Right to Privacy’ in their own Minds, where they then can Curse Everyone as they like. And, that is what the Human do: Constantly Cursing, Judging, Demeaning, Depicting other beings on Earth in All kinds of Ways that are most Atrocious. But, when the Human Speak: it’ll say ‘Nice Words’. The Truth, though - is the Satan within as the Way one “Say it”. Fascinatingly enough: that there is a Massive Forgetfulness by these Creators on Earth. Man is Taken through a Process from a Child of Purity to One of Complete Contamination – Ending-up as an Organic Robot, that Parrots what it was Taught, Generation after Generation, Accumulating Layer upon Layer of Self-Deception; without even Understanding the most basic components of the Mind and how that Interacts to Produce Thought, Feeling and Emotion…Never mind Personality and Character. Our most Advanced Psychologists have No Clue about the Science behind this – but would Dare to virtually Declare half the World Insane, just for a Measure of Profit, and there will be No Shame.

Then we have a Group on Earth that Claims they are the ‘Light of the World’ and that they are ‘Divine’, they are ‘Children of the Universe’. And, whenever they see each other they will say: “Namaste”, and they will Claim that it means: “I recognize, the God in me, is the God in you”. But, they don’t Understand that the Mind is ambidextrous, that the Mind is Yin and Yang, that is Spirals in Precision like a Google Search Engine - and whenever you Speak a Word, it Scrambles the Letters to form more Possible Words to See what ‘fit’ the Works of Men throughout their life. And then it Checks whether the Speaker In Fact has the right to speak the Words, as the Works, as the System, as the World – to Check, if the Person is Honest with themselves. Here, obviously Not at a Conscious Level, because the Person do not Live as a Conscious Being, but as a Subconscious and Unconscious Being – which Constitutes more than 94% of the Totality of the Person. And, therefore: the Measure is Within the Past of what’s gone before, what is being allowed and what is being accepted, what is being Created as the World, as the Society, as the Part each one Play – mostly Indirectly. And in This, the Mind Emerges and say: “Yes, you can say “Namaste””, and the Feeling is Released and one FEEL it, but the Mind Equate it to a New Word: “Me, Satan” – the Exact Letters of Namaste, rearranged to Portray the In Fact Nature of the Human on Earth as it is Evidenced in the World System.
And these ‘Divine Beings’, beLIEve that there is some ‘Greatness’, when this ‘Greatness’ would have showed up in the Works as the World System, and it is Nowhere to be Found. Nowhere can you Find a Group of Men working together but for very few that are Working to Produce a World that is In fact Worthy of Namaste, in All Ways as it Must Be, for it to be True. And if One Dare to Question these One’s that Claim ‘Divinity’: they come up with All Kinds of Excuses, but will Refuse to Consider the Works that is In Fact on Earth, but Rather would Create an Illusion in the Mind – the very thing they don’t Understand how it Functions, and Conjure up the Curse they place on themselves by Cursing Life in the Physical as ‘not Valid’ as ‘not Worthy’, while it is THEM that are not Worthy of Life.

And so, they Produce and Create the Ultimate Proof of their True State, which is: “Ignorance is Bliss”, and in this ‘Bliss’ – they Remain, no matter what, no matter the Evidence, no matter Reality. Because ‘Bliss’, is All they beLIEve in.
This is Not Love, this is Not Life – this Ignorance is Evil and must be Stopped. A Total Re-Education is required, because each Man, no matter How Educated: is Fundamentally Flawed in the Subconscious and the Unconscious, without ANY Clue as to how it Functions. How could you Dare to Ever Trust a Single Thought, a Single Feeling or a Single Insight, when the very Works of Men on Earth Shows the Extent of the Evil that Dwell on Earth?

We’ll continue with God’s in the Afterlife that Created these Men. Would these Gods be any different than their Creation?

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Monday 26 November 2012

Day 226: Is Experience Evidence of God? – Part 2 - ADC - Part 73

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 57

Does God Exist in the Afterlife? – Part 8

Is Experience Evidence of God? - Part 2

The Idea of God and/or Creator Gods – are Rooted in, and is the Result of: the Continuous Dumbing-down of the Populace throughout the Ages with an Elite Protecting their Position of Privilege at All Cost. This is Done through Information-Control and with the Notion that Man either ‘Can’t’ or ‘is Not Allowed to’ Understand How Creation works. Within this Context, for instance – the Creation of Consciousness and Personality, specific: is more based on Assumption and Conjecture than Actual Fact. And so, even the most Advanced Students of the Human Mind, cannot give you the Exact Layout of a Total Mind and the Exact Nature and Way that a Thought, never mind Consciousness or Personality, is In Fact Created.

Similarly, the same Information Control existed in the Hereafter, and in the same way that on Earth, for instance - Consciousness and Personality is Glorified as the ‘Ultimate Achievement’ and the ‘Ultimate Existence’: the same Methodology was used in the Afterlife where the Vehicle was the Soul. Now, in Researching this – it is Important to Observe what in fact happens; so over many years, we have been Watching what Emerge from the Human Body after Death and we have Investigated what happened during the time of the Soul.
Firstly: During an Incarnation – a part of the Soul always remained in Heaven, while most of it would be on Earth in either one or Several Bodies. So, upon Death – the Guide would meet the One that’s Passed Over and would Disengage, from the Being, a Recording of their Life – (this is in a way where the current-day Digital Recordings comes from, you know – “as above, so below”), and this was then Stored in the Library which most know as the ‘Akashic Records’. What remained of the Soul would then be re-united with the Soul Group, and the part of the Soul that Remained. The Soul Group will then Act as the Reminder of the Soul History as they always stayed behind to keep the Memory going during an Incarnation. Memory was Critical to this Whole process, and on Earth you for instance have the Family that continue the Memory and Tradition of the Family Name, and in Heaven you had the Soul Group or the Soul Family that continued the Memory or Traditions of that Group. So that Everything on the Surface would look absolutely ‘Okay’, and in the small group like Family or Soul Group, the experience would be ‘Fine’. Because the Greater Things, like “how things work”, “where’s God”, “who’s God” – those things that has to do with Authority: is Always out of reach of most people and most Souls, so that the Family and the Soul became the Ultimate Vehicle of Control to Ensure that the World System and the Soul System remain Stable within a Programmed-Intent - with very few being able to Break Out of these Systems without Grave Consequences in terms of Family-Rejection, for instance on Earth and in Heaven, being thrown into the Demon Dimension.

Now, most Souls would be in a Process – which was termed ‘Ascension’. This Process of Ascension was a Movement from One Heaven to the Next, which worked similar to the Schooling System on Earth. The Only Difference being that: in Heaven, the Soul had to Reach a particular Vibration/Frequency before they would be allowed into the Next Heaven or Frequency-Band – which would then require them to leave their Soul Family/Soul Group and then join a New one in the next Heaven. This is how it Generally worked, and we are now talking about the General Process, which affected Most Beings/Souls/Humans. Obviously, for details on all of this – you can listen to the Recordings about Journeys into the Afterlife, these Blogs are purely just in context with the question about the Afterlife and the Existence of God/Gods.

The Soul was not Allowed Access to God, initially, and had to Prove their Worthiness before they would be allowed Direct-Access, for instance to The Great White Light and the mediators were the Guides or the Masters. From the perspective of those in Heaven – The Great White Light, which was like a Wall of Light that stretched into Infinity in All Directions: was God, and you could ask God Anything and God would Answer. This obviously Created quite a problem for those who believed they would sit on the right hand of God’s Throne, because at this level, there was simply no Throne. But, there was an Interesting thing about every Heaven, where there was a Throne…

Lots of Information about the Soul can be found in the Books of Michael Newton “Destiny of the Souls”, where you can clearly note the Information Control. It is not all exact, there are discrepancies, but it gives a Reasonable Overview and is the closest anyone got to How the Hereafter as the Soul was functioning.

We’ll continue in the next post
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Sunday 25 November 2012

Day 225: Is Experience Evidence of God? - ADC - Part 72

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 56

Does God Exist in the Afterlife? – Part 7

Is Experience Evidence of God?

We’ll continue with the Afterlife part in the Next Post, although what we will discuss is Related – which eventually, will All make Sense.

The Human Being, Subjectively Believe - that ‘Experience’, based on an Energy or Feeling or Presence: is ‘Evidence’ of ‘God’.
I met a man once that was part of a very Strict Religion - who had, according to him, a Very Personal Relationship with God. He did not just ‘Feel God’ or Experience a ‘Presence’, but whenever he was taking a shower – “God would throw him Physically around against the walls in the shower, if he’s not Listening to what God wants him to do”. This type of experience, do happen to people - and there seems to be a necessity of Water in the surroundings, or even underground, for these type of Physical Phenomena to take place. But, a type of experience like this would also be termed a ‘Poltergeist’, which have limited ability to move things around and that Feed on Extensive Fear. Now – the Very Religious, base Religion on a Fear of God and where this Fear is Extensive and Cultivated over a long period of Time, especially Impressed upon the person during Childhood: the Possibility of the Personality that deals with the Fear of God of becoming Dominant to the point of exerting an Influence on the Environment, where there would then be things moving around – is Possible, and has been Recorded. Is this though a Valid Experience of God?

The Pure fact that these type of Experiences are limited to short bursts of Phenomena, certainly do not ‘fit the bill’ of God. Where the Phenomena is accompanied by Voices in the Head ‘Claiming’ to be God – the point is certainly More Serious.
So, in the Event where one Do Experience Poltergeist Activity or Voices in the Head claiming to be God: it is Suggested that one either Stop or get some Help, because such Obsessions with Voices in the Head could cause one to make Decisions that is not only harmful to yourself, but also harmful to others. Therefore, one can certainly Not Allow yourself to Run Free with these things. And there is also a Responsibility on those that is Aware of such Activity: to take Action, before there is Consequence. As Consequence is That which cannot be Changed, because it’s Too Late. And we are in a Reality where it is Possible for Things to be Too Late.

There is Also those that ‘Claim’ that they Experience the ‘Presence of God’ during Prayer, or during Meditation, or when they’re in the ‘House of God’. Here Self-Honesty is Crucial, because you’ll be able to Trace Back the Experience, to Memories during Childhood normally – that has been Energized through an Impression, and that would either grow through one’s Denial of it, or through one’s particular Fascination with it. Either way – it will Energize and it will be a Program that will Build-up Energy ‘till the Moment occur that will turn on the Switch with a Flood that will be Feeling like a ‘Presence’, a ‘Warmth’ – even a Great Stability. ANYTHING one Experience and ‘Claim’ to be God that is in Any Way an Influence on your Awareness by having you ‘Experience’ some Invisible Force: is Not to be Trusted, because – if you Had the ‘Know-How’ of the Technology of the Mind in relation to How Memory, Thought, Energy, Feelings, Emotions are Constructed and Activated to Produce a Particular Physical Experience: you’ll Understand Why I say this. Because then you will See that it is Only a System.

But, Unfortunately – as we All Know, or Should Know and Most probably haven’t Realised even, is that No Human Being, not even the Highest Educated or the Greatest Philosophers, or the Greatest Psychologists, or Psychiatrists: have a Clue How Thought, Emotion and Feeling Functions as the System that Produce the Thought.
For that – one will have to spend some years to study, because you were not Taught this during your Quantum Physical Stage from Birth to 7 Years. So, the Child’s Ability to Comprehend Reality is Stunted Extensively, which Produce a Completely Stunted Adult, which is Why we have a World Today where there is a Complete Lack of any form of Commonsense, Compassion, Empathy, Reasoning Ability, Consideration for each other. All the Functions that would make the World a Better Place is Lost, because: the parent was Incapable of Actually Explaining and Training the Child on How EXACTLY the Human Being as Physical and Mind FUNCTIONS as a PRODUCTION UNIT that PRODUCE Words, Feelings, Emotions, Thoughts and to bring in a Cross-referenced Context to make sure a person do not Create themselves as Some Deranged Personality that has Obsessions, Fears, Phobias, Anxieties – All Kinds of Experiences that Keep the Person in a Constant Illusionary Trap of their own Creation, which in the End: make the Person Subjected to the Chemical God as Psychotropic Drugs – making LOTS of Money for the Charlatans that claim they have a Clue about the Human Psyche.

So, if you Experience God – you can just as well go and take a Drug and you will have the Same Experience.

We’ll continue this in the Next Post
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Saturday 24 November 2012

Day 224: Does God Exist in the Afterlife? Part 6 - ADC - Part 71

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 55

Does God Exist in the Afterlife? – Part 6

Throughout my Communication with the Other Side, through a Deep Trance Medium in the 1980’s – I was Introduced to God, from the Perspective of those that have Passed Over. They Called ‘God’, with Great Reverence: The Great White Light – in Who’s Face, you couldn’t Stand.

One of the Interesting Points within this Communication with the Other Side, was a Particular Signature – One Not Immediately Visible, but through Time it Emerged as a Critical Factor that Shape what we Understand About the Other Side. And this Factor was: Information Control. Again – the “as above, so below” point, and “as below, so above” coming through, Information Control: “He who Controls Information, Controls the Narrative, Controls the Choices, Controls the Nature of Intelligence, Controls the Nature of Society”. And, strange enough – at that stage, I accepted this Control quite Readily – without Question.

The Brainwashing I have undergone during my Childhood and Education at School and University, prepared me Extremely Well to Accept the Authority implied by the Reference to ‘God’ as Absolute, Unquestionable. It took me some years before I got to Questioning this, and we will go into that in Detail.

What was fascinating about the Communication, was How Often the Different Dead Beings would refer to God, and if I asked a Question that was outside their Authority – they had to Excuse themselves to first go and Ask what they may tell me. Initially, I just saw that as ‘the way things work’ – very much how we Accept the same way of Authority on Earth. One don’t want to step outside your Authority, and therefore – you want to Prevent Conflict and Ridicule and rather stick to the Narrative and the Story that everyone else is Sticking to. Even if it’s a Ticking Time-Bomb that Exterminate the Human Race: “Let’s not question the Story, let’s not question the Narrative. Let’s Accept that the Authorities ‘Know Best’, even if the Evidence of How Life on Earth is Treated – clearly Indicate that the Authority in All its Forms is certainly Not Benevolent, and in fact Downright Destructive and Deliberate.”

But, as you have All Experienced yourself: I found myself initially Incapable on putting my finger in anything out of place, because the Narrative from the Other Side fit Perfectly with the Narrative we were Taught.
Fortunately, the Deep Trance Medium was Not a ‘Willing Medium’. He was a Healer, and that was his way of making a Living. So – the Deep Trancing was a Side-Effect, he could not just ‘Switch it Off’ – he was Born with this, what he called: “a Curse”. And he continuously Reminded me Not to Trust Anything – he said, Directly: “These Fuckers are Lying to you”. And in Time – due to Actions he took, certain Points Revealed that Showed the Extent of Control. First, for instance – someone would suddenly come through the Medium’s Body with a Message to their Family saying: “Please contact my Family and tell them I am Not Dead”, but before they could say much more – the Doorkeeper, which were always an Angel with Authority, would Yank the chain and pull the being out of the Medium’s Body and come and tell me they were speaking out of turn, I must not concern myself with what they said and that they must wait in line for their turn, only one at a time may speak. That made Perfect Sense to me, I mean – I’ve been standing in line from Childhood, ‘waiting my turn’, Accepting that as ‘the way things are’ – that the Authority upfront knows ‘more’ than me. And normally the Authority would explain any Disharmony or Point that do not fit the Narrative, as: “that’s just the way things are, sometimes things go wrong.”

But, in Time – the Deep Trance Medium got more ‘Unhappy’ about Life in general and tried to leave the Body while in Trance. That caused quite a stir, because that was not supposed to happen. You had to wait in line for your time to die – you couldn’t just Decide to Leave the Body, it’s just Not Acceptable. But, an Interesting thing became apparent: Those on the Other Side, couldn’t get the Medium back in his Body – he used Bolts of Light, the very Weapon of Heaven, and of the Great White Light – to Protect himself from those that wanted to get him back in the Body. So – they had to show me what to do, to Pull him back into his Body, which I then duly did and…it worked, he was Back in his Body.

This would become a Very Important Point later on in the Opening of the Portal, because this was Actual, Real, Evidence that one could leave your Body without Dying, that your Body remains Alive…unless you have Fear or are in Complete Separation with your Body. But a Deep Trance Medium – with No Fear of Death, didn’t have these Issues.

Through the many years of Communication with the Other Side, One Point was Regular: someone would come and Pray to God for Humanity. To me, that seemed like a ‘Good Thing’, although through Time – I started Noticing that it was only Words going Nowhere and that – the fervent Belief that ‘somehow’, these Prayers are accumulating some form of Value that is ‘somehow’, mysteriously, going to change the world into a Better Place: is Just not Happening. This has been Growing, these ‘Prayers’, from the 1980’s to now in 2012 – without any Effect, whatsoever. In fact, self-honestly, if one Study History – will Notice a Distinct Deterioration on Earth with the level of People Not taken Care of, in Appropriate Ways, as at the very Least – an Equal Creation of God, but more Appropriately, Equals as Life. There is Simply No Improvement in the Human Condition. To Understand this – we have to Understand a Little Bit More about what we Believe God to be, and whether, in fact, there is a God, and whatever it is we call God – what could that possibly be? Because – The Great White Light, referred to by the Dead Souls through the Deep Trance Medium, was certainly not anyone’s Figment of Imagination, but…was That God? The Dead Ones certainly believed so. Why did they believe that they were Actually able to be in the Presence of God in Heaven?

We will continue this Discussion
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