Monday 5 November 2012

Day 205: After Death Communication – Part 53

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 37

Demons and Ascension  

Now, it is Important not to confuse the Demonic with the Satanic and Satanic Ritual.

The Demonic, per se, existed as an Afterlife Dimension, and as such – were the Closest to the Human Experience. Here it is Fascinating, because – the Demonic or Sorcery that did occur in the Distant Past, had actually more ‘Magical’ influence due to the Density of Substance being less Dense. The ‘beauty’ of the Focus on Intensity and Higher Vibrations of Energy, is/has a fascinating Side-Effect, in that: it Consolidate Density and thus Consequence to what we have now on Earth. So, from a Physics perspective, specifically around Energy, Ascension implies the Coming of Age of the Physical Dimension, which thus will eventually Lead to a World that is Best for All. And in that, the Dear Lightworkers and Ascension-Seekers are doing Great Work, as they Densify the Earth and the Human Systems – to make the Consequence of one’s Intention Visible as Human Civilization, in a most Profound way - where one Now can See, Everywhere: the Lack of Integrity of the Human Race in its Absolute Focus on Self-Interest. Separating each part to the Ultimate Degree, which has an Outflow, which could benefit Mankind Tremendously, in that: it will Force the Total Breakdown of All Relationships, which will in itself Hold the Key to Forming New Relationships. And this Time: the New Relationships will not hold unless it is what is Best for All.

So, through the Demonic, as Man Ascend to Earth to Become the Object of Consequence of its Own Creation – there will be Born, on Earth, the Ultimate Self-Interest, which in its Totality Holds the Ultimate Answer – where Each will Realise, that: Self-Interest as Best for Self, can only Exist as Self-Interest as Best for All – and that only This Point is Possible to be a Point of Balance, Equilibrium, Harmony and Peace, and thus: the Actual Manifestation of Love on Earth in its REAL form.

To get there though, we’re going to have to Walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, through the Darkness of the Soul in the Dark Night of Civilization, where one cannot see further than what one Breath Allows you to See; Forcing you to become Aware of the Most Profound Life-Giving Force on Earth, which is: a Single Breath. Teaching you to Live Breath by Breath, and through that – Untie the Many Memories that Bound each one to their Fear of Loss, causing so much misery for Life on Earth. Bringing each one, Alone, Together, to Meet in the Darkness of the Human Creation and inevitably to Realise, that: If this World is to be Heaven on Earth to which All Ascended – because, after all, Heaven will be on Earth, so when you are Ascending you’re going to Land on Earth.

Your Dear Gurus should have warned you, the Great Masters should have seen this coming. But, they did play their Role in Bringing about this TIME, which is in a way the END of TIME as we KNOW it.

So, in this coming-together, the meeting between Man and Man, Man and Animal, Man and Plant, Man and Life Force in Many Forms, in a Single Breath – in a Way where Trust between each other will be FORCED as a necessity for Survival – in this ALL: there will be no more place for Fear, because the Consequence will be ABSOLUTE. And thus, Commonsense will Arise out of the very Need and Desire for Life. And through Desire for Life, the seed of Life will be Sown, and the Realisation will Dawn on Man, that: Unless Every Relationship, in Every Way, between Every Life Form is Always what is best for ALL participants - there will Never Be Peace and Harmony, and No-one will Ever be Free.

And in this, the Arrogant and Bullies that only prevails because they feed on the Fear of the Ignorant – will become the Ignored and the True Ignorance that they are will be Visible, like Light in the Darkness. And ALL of their True Nature will be Shown, and one will FINALLY See that there is some ‘good use’ for the Light, because it is, after all, from the Darkness that we all come, and it was only the Light that brought us Fear.

So, Dear Light Ones – time for Self Honesty and Commonsense, if you Dare, if you Care – so that you may Share your Life with another Life, so that these lives can meet and Life can be ONE, and EQUAL as What is Best for All, because then: there will be No Fear - and Light will have No Power to Create Fear, because there will no Longer be any Shadow that is Unknown or Unexplained.