Wednesday 7 November 2012

Day 207: Pain and Pre-Programmed Design - ADC - Part 55

The History with Life After Death – Part 39

We continue with looking at How to use Pain Effectively, in Finding your Preprogrammed Design that Acts as the Automated Generator of your Energetic Consciousness.

Here, you must Understand, that when you are Walking in your Preprogramming and you are Living it – you will Experience your Life as Working and you will be very ‘Happy’ with your Life, because that is the Reward programmed in, to Keep you within the Designed Self-Interest of your particular ‘Life Placement’ within the Greater Design, which has been Hidden from Man since the Beginning, because: if you Knew the Truth about the Soul and All that goes with it as Consciousness – you would have Fought this Preprogramming, tooth and nail, in Every Way Possible. But, due to this Existing within the Flesh, outside the Frequency of your Senses – you are in effect, Unaware of it, Completely, and cannot see the Systems and are Purely the Result of these Systems as Energy, that Keeps you Functioning within a Pre-Determined Plan, while you are Fed False Information that seem to make sense and correspond with your ‘Feelings’ and so-called ‘Intuition’, and therefore you have accepted the slaughter-house of Earth for Generations upon Generations, NEVER Actually, EVER, ASKING the Questions or Challenging the Design to Find-out: What is REAL.

The Human have even Justified Levels of Brutality and Abuse that they would NEVER ALLOW to happen to themselves or their Children, but just because it happens to someone else: it is ‘Self-Righteously Justified’, and a meaning and reason is given to it through a Way of Logic that is Biologically created by the Body as the System to have a ‘Feeling’ Result that is Trusted above ALL ELSE, but not a Single One that trust these feelings or emotions, have a clue where they come from or how they are Created, and they are simply Termed a ‘Higher Force’ / ‘Love’ / ‘Divine Intervention’ / ‘Universal Mind’ – it is ASTOUNDING, the level of Justification that Exist.

Within this, Obviously, Millions upon Millions landed in the Demon Dimension After Death – for arbitrary reasons, but essentially because: they were ‘Incompatible’ with the Program of Control that was Based on ‘Love’ and ‘Consciousness’ and therefore they were banished – as it also Acted as a very Efficient tool of Fear to Keep the Rest in Line, through the Reward System that Heaven provided.

In essence, it was like a Consumer-System, where you have the ‘Good Products’, which were the ones going to Heaven and you had the ‘Waste Products’, which were the Demons. Nobody Realised, that in the Eyes of Heaven – they were only Products in the Production Line, that was Mining the Living Earth with the Mind, converting it into various forms of Energy from which the Heavens and Consciousness and All that goes with it, were Created.

Fortunately there are Some ways one can Challenge this within you, if by Some Bizarre Fate you do still have some Integrity Left. This for instance is: the Law of Resistance. If you deliberately Resist your Program and focus on what is Best for All Life, for instance: you are going to Experience, through time, more and more Pain, Discomfort, Physical Pain Impulses – all Kinds of ‘Dis-Ease’, Not the Form that is Illness, necessarily. Through this, and Observing the particular point you are Resisting – you will be able to look at the corresponding Pain, in terms of where it is Occurring within your Physical Body. Now, here – because it is One System, realise the Obvious: the Pain will Always be Exactly the same for Everyone, in terms of its Location in the Body and the Particular Program-Design it represents. From this Base-Foundation, it will circle out and take on the Unique Features of your Individuality, and if you want to have a Lengthy spell of Discomfort, then you will go through All the steps of your Unique Individuality and dismember those Points through self-forgiveness to give yourself the Right to Responsibility for your own Existence through Self-Honesty.

But if you are Able to consider that the very Design in its Base Functioning of Oneness within this Consciousness System, is exactly the same, and it only takes on many faces – like different TV series, you can go to the Root of the Problem Directly, so to speak – to the Root of Evil, where Evil represents the Opposite of Life, which is what the Human in essence function as through the Mind as Consciousness. So, within this – you will then Radically Walk as Breath moment-to-moment, as Reality, Directing yourself within this to be at All Times, where Feasible and Possible, the Directive Principle that will Inevitably Produce that which is Best for All Life AS the Living Decision within and as the Living Breath that will Never Stop or Give In to the Uniqueness, until the Foundation of Life as Equal as One is placed forevermore as the Only Starting Point from which Life will Emerge. And so – one will use the Pain to Find within you the Designs as the Signs of Pain, and then use the Science of Relationships and Mathematics, which is the Foundation of All Existence – to Redesign yourself, to What is Best for All Life.

In the next Post we’ll go into Specific Examples of what was walked in the relationships to Pain

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