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Day 226: Is Experience Evidence of God? – Part 2 - ADC - Part 73

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Is Experience Evidence of God? - Part 2

The Idea of God and/or Creator Gods – are Rooted in, and is the Result of: the Continuous Dumbing-down of the Populace throughout the Ages with an Elite Protecting their Position of Privilege at All Cost. This is Done through Information-Control and with the Notion that Man either ‘Can’t’ or ‘is Not Allowed to’ Understand How Creation works. Within this Context, for instance – the Creation of Consciousness and Personality, specific: is more based on Assumption and Conjecture than Actual Fact. And so, even the most Advanced Students of the Human Mind, cannot give you the Exact Layout of a Total Mind and the Exact Nature and Way that a Thought, never mind Consciousness or Personality, is In Fact Created.

Similarly, the same Information Control existed in the Hereafter, and in the same way that on Earth, for instance - Consciousness and Personality is Glorified as the ‘Ultimate Achievement’ and the ‘Ultimate Existence’: the same Methodology was used in the Afterlife where the Vehicle was the Soul. Now, in Researching this – it is Important to Observe what in fact happens; so over many years, we have been Watching what Emerge from the Human Body after Death and we have Investigated what happened during the time of the Soul.
Firstly: During an Incarnation – a part of the Soul always remained in Heaven, while most of it would be on Earth in either one or Several Bodies. So, upon Death – the Guide would meet the One that’s Passed Over and would Disengage, from the Being, a Recording of their Life – (this is in a way where the current-day Digital Recordings comes from, you know – “as above, so below”), and this was then Stored in the Library which most know as the ‘Akashic Records’. What remained of the Soul would then be re-united with the Soul Group, and the part of the Soul that Remained. The Soul Group will then Act as the Reminder of the Soul History as they always stayed behind to keep the Memory going during an Incarnation. Memory was Critical to this Whole process, and on Earth you for instance have the Family that continue the Memory and Tradition of the Family Name, and in Heaven you had the Soul Group or the Soul Family that continued the Memory or Traditions of that Group. So that Everything on the Surface would look absolutely ‘Okay’, and in the small group like Family or Soul Group, the experience would be ‘Fine’. Because the Greater Things, like “how things work”, “where’s God”, “who’s God” – those things that has to do with Authority: is Always out of reach of most people and most Souls, so that the Family and the Soul became the Ultimate Vehicle of Control to Ensure that the World System and the Soul System remain Stable within a Programmed-Intent - with very few being able to Break Out of these Systems without Grave Consequences in terms of Family-Rejection, for instance on Earth and in Heaven, being thrown into the Demon Dimension.

Now, most Souls would be in a Process – which was termed ‘Ascension’. This Process of Ascension was a Movement from One Heaven to the Next, which worked similar to the Schooling System on Earth. The Only Difference being that: in Heaven, the Soul had to Reach a particular Vibration/Frequency before they would be allowed into the Next Heaven or Frequency-Band – which would then require them to leave their Soul Family/Soul Group and then join a New one in the next Heaven. This is how it Generally worked, and we are now talking about the General Process, which affected Most Beings/Souls/Humans. Obviously, for details on all of this – you can listen to the Recordings about Journeys into the Afterlife, these Blogs are purely just in context with the question about the Afterlife and the Existence of God/Gods.

The Soul was not Allowed Access to God, initially, and had to Prove their Worthiness before they would be allowed Direct-Access, for instance to The Great White Light and the mediators were the Guides or the Masters. From the perspective of those in Heaven – The Great White Light, which was like a Wall of Light that stretched into Infinity in All Directions: was God, and you could ask God Anything and God would Answer. This obviously Created quite a problem for those who believed they would sit on the right hand of God’s Throne, because at this level, there was simply no Throne. But, there was an Interesting thing about every Heaven, where there was a Throne…

Lots of Information about the Soul can be found in the Books of Michael Newton “Destiny of the Souls”, where you can clearly note the Information Control. It is not all exact, there are discrepancies, but it gives a Reasonable Overview and is the closest anyone got to How the Hereafter as the Soul was functioning.

We’ll continue in the next post
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