Friday 9 November 2012

Day 209: Quantum Systemization - ADC - Part 57

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 41

Continuing with the Pain Point…

So, within the Design of Consciousness as the Illusion of Infinity – there is ‘seemingly’ an Infinite amount of Dimensions that Follows the Ratio of Pi in its Expansion, that cause slight Variations within Memory and Characterization which Presents the Illusion that ‘Consciousness is Evolving’. Therefore, in the Study of the Law of Resistance within the Emergence of the Preprogrammed Design, which Presents itself as Variations of Discomfort, sometimes called ‘Pain’ – an Extensive Study in specific Detail is necessary, of Quantum Systemization, as that form the Specificity of the Systematic Design that is followed in the Creation of This Delusion called ‘Consciousness’.

This ‘Consciousness’ drops at Death, so - the only time, as such, you have to Get It, is while you’re in the Physical Body.

Therefore, shortly, a Series will Start with the Portal, specifically, on Quantum Systemization and how that can assist oneself within your own Process of Self-Realisation as Life as What is Best for All. As well as Preparing those that will work with Children, to be able to use, for instance, the Veno Structural Resonance as a way to establish what Systems managed to slip past the Parental Care to become the Domino-Effect that will Drive the Child to the Disaster of eventually becoming the Con of warped Responsibility based on self-interest, termed ‘Consciousness’.

Thus, for those that Realise that Earth is Obviously a place of Life where One is to Learn about Life, under the most stringent conditions: this will be of Great Value.

For those Lost in Faith and Belief in the Illusion as the Illusion as Energy as Feeling as Emotion as Love: help is one the Way. 

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