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Day 215: The Soul, Ascension and Life after Death - ADC - Part 63

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History of Life After Death – Part 47

The Soul, Ascension and Life after Death

Here we’re going to look-back at when I was Heavily into Meditation, Ascension, Activation and you-name-it. I’ve for instance studied the works of Torkom Saraydarian and did all the Activations published as Meditations by for instance Dr. Joshua David Stone during ‘95 to 2000.

During this time, I Connected with what I Perceived to be my ‘Soulmate’ and pushed the point of Ascension to its Ultimate - studying Every Channel of any sort, coming from all possible perspectives. What is fascinating is that all the Channels nowadays that are published, are exactly the same line and tone as it were then - As it was the same line and tone when I was studying it in the 1980s, with the same Promises and Hopes and Ideals.
But back then I was just another Lightworker on the Road to Ascension - absolutely dedicated to Love and Light, taking it to Consistent Absolute Application, applying it to Every Part of my Life. Sending Love and Light all the time – not only in Mediation – to Everything and Everyone in the Universe, holding them in my Chakras, Activating my Charkas, Expanding my Aura, doing DNA Activations, studying Reiki, studying the Infinite Way of Joel Goldsmith, studying The Power of Now from Eckhart Tolle, studying Conversations with God, you name it – the channellings with Kryon: all the books. Reading Tarot Cards, doing Tarot Card Readings for people - and I was Really Good at-it.

So, I understand completely the situation every Lightworker finds themselves in. I have dedicated close on 15 years of my life to this, I have taken it to a Level of Discipline that Few applied-it-at. I studied Soul Travel, Astral Travel – Soul travel is Eckankar. Yes, I did the whole tut. And at the same time, I had at least twice a week sessions with Various Mediums and Psychics, Investigating the Correlation to establish that I’m doing All that Can-be Done.

So, when I am taking on the Soul and the Spiritual Ideologies and Channelling and what it represent - Understand: I’ve already walked it to its Fullest Conclusion and when the Portal opened, I was still much of this. It is only with what we’ve found that I realised the Extent of the Problem and then eventually decided to-go Public and we decided to call it “Desteni”.
Because we found what was Really Going-on, and within what was Really Going-on we have an Obligation to Bring Awareness to those Willing to Listen - because in the End everyone is going to find out the Real Truth. But if we can prevent the Consequence in Any Way, and we didn’t do our Best to do so – we are also then Part of the Consequence. And therefore within all of this with the Desteni Message, we only ever report exactly What we have Found, and there are several hundred hours of interviews already.
It is the Most Difficult Message to Share, because it is a Message that No-One wants to Hear. It took me a year-and-a-half before I was Satisfied that I was actually Hearing the Message and that I was Certain that we have to Stop what we are Creating on Earth.

And then I started Studying all the Other Points on Earth more extensively, to find the Correlation about What we Found on the Other Side of the Divide called ‘Death’ – and ‘Life on Earth’.
The problem was Astounding – in-fact Heart Breaking, but there was no-moment to Cry, because every single moment somebody dies. And if they Die as a Soul, they have Sould Life, and the Consequence become Unbearable.

So is there Life-after-Death as the Soul? I Thought so, I Believed so, I Professed so – but through Meticulous Study of What we Found throughout the Universes, throughout Time: it was very clear that we’ve been Mislead -- not in as much by ‘something’ as it is by Ourselves and our Self-Interest. We could be Manipulated through Suggestion: exactly as what Now Happens on Earth through Television for instance. Nothing has changed, the same Pattern just repeat no-matter which Dimension you enter.

The fascinating thing obviously, was Consequence.
Because Consequence is one of the ‘Beautiful Things’ of Individuality. It is what you Cannot Change once you’ve Done-it, what you Cannot Deny once you’ve Done-it, once you Accept-it, it is that which becomes the Unbearableness of Life - because you Know the Truth about Yourself, You Know and You can Never get-away from it. That is what Self Forgiveness in essence assisted me with extensively. Fortunately when I was in this world of Soul and Light , I was walking with Self Forgiveness and applying Self Honesty, and that allowed me not to Get Lost, but I liked to be Sure and so I Explored it to its Ultimate.

So measured by Experience, with specifically the study of Trance-Mediumship and Psychics and all that goes around All of Spirituality and the Soul, if you read All that we’ve Shared you will See that I have Extensive Experience in Every Field and I have taken this to a Level where I have not-just Accepted Everything.

But understand One-Thing: Life on Earth is Short, and what you Believe Exist after Death does not Exist. Life as a Soul was not Life, it was nothing-more than an Extension of the Same Energy-Illusion that Now Control as Consciousness the very-Existence of Every Human.

Life after Death as what is being Professed to Exist and what Everyone is Trying to Prove and Believe to exist: Does Not Exist. There is no Soul. There is no ‘You’ that read this blog, that remains.

That which could remain, is yet, as Khalil Gibran state, “a Pygmy in the Mist”.

Will you become Life? The Odds are Against-it, and that is how-it Should Be. Because Unless you become, Against All-Odds, That which is Best for All Life: You will never be Worthy of Life. And the only way this can-be Done, while in-the Flesh, is Breath by Breath - as only a Single Breath is Real as Awareness as long as you don’t Use your ‘Amazing Technology’ as the Mind to create your own Fantastic Illusion within which you are Always Right – but, so Alone, because No-One-Else sees the Fantastic Display you put-up for Yourself in your Mind --and No-One is Ever going to See-It, because it only ever was your own Personal Illusion. And some even get so Good at-it, that they have ‘Little Men’ or ‘Invisible Men’ Speaking to-them in the Illusion: Woaw! How Creative can one Be, just check out the Movies on Earth and you’ll see: Anything is Possible when you’re Doing the Illusion, that’s not ‘Freedom’, that’s ‘Free Insanity’. If one get lost in-it, because if you Believe these Voices you-will end-up in a Place where you’ll be Kept from Harming Yourself and Others.
Fortunately for many, that by now should already be incarcerated due to the Extent that their Personal Illusion is Influencing their Personal Relationships -- there are Many that Follow the Social Illusion, Believing these fantastical Mind Created Illusions -- all the while, Millions upon Millions of Real-Flesh Beings are Suffering, in ways so Grotesquely and Brutal and Barbarically that No Forgiveness can-ever Remove the Consequence of This.

That is why only Self Forgiveness will-do with Self Honesty – because you’ll first-of-all have to Confirm to Yourself and Prove to Yourself that You have in-fact Changed - and Then you have-to Prove-it to Everyone Else and once you’re Dead you’ll have-to Prove-it to the Universe as Life. Because your History is only Evidence of Abuse, of Ill-Discipline of Self Interest, of Placing the Illusion above Life.

Will there be Ascension?
No, there will not-be: it is an Invention and Illusion based-upon the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that has borne Fantastical-Fruit, a Complete Consumer-Industry where Many now Depend on-it for their Livelihood, so they cannot Afford to be Self-Honest, because then they will have No-Food and they will have No Way Forward because the whole Economic System of the World is Collapsing. That is why Equal Money is Necessary: to Support-you while you do your Self Forgiveness and you Birth yourself to Life so that you can get-to a Point where you can-get Functional Enough where you-can Decide What is Best for the Future of Life on Earth as What is Best for All.

And when I say that ‘your Life depends on-it’, I really mean, ‘your Life depends on-it’. And at the Moment of Death = it is Really too-Late.

Each-One that Understand This Message have a Responsibility.
To walk-away from this Responsibility, is strongly Not-Suggested, as you would Grasp the Consequence of Such-Action would Immediately Increase -- that’s just the way it is.
Because then, one walk-away from Life deliberately. In a way, before one Make that Decision, there is still a ‘Level of Innocence’, you can still to a Degree say ‘You Didn’t Know’ -- it makes it Easier to Face the Dilemma of One’s Self-Deception. But once you-know and walk-away: you have Made Choice -one that is Not Easily-Corrected.

I Understand that to Go-Against a System of Illusion, as the System we have on Earth, is a Tall Order and a Difficult Task -- But it is also an Appropriate Test as to ‘Who you Really Are’. And therefore - in a way: the Perfect Set-up, to Bring-About the Final Clarity:

Who Will be Life?

and Who Will Not-Be?
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  1. Awesome Blog, thanks.

    -- "Only a Single Breath is Real as Awareness as long as you don’t Use your ‘Amazing Technology’ as the Mind to create your own Fantastic Illusion within which you are Always Right – but, so Alone, because No-One-Else sees the Fantastic Display you put-up for Yourself in your Mind --and No-One is Ever going to See-It, because it only ever was your own Personal Illusion." --