Sunday 18 November 2012

Day 218: Does God Exist in the Afterlife? - Part 3 - ADC - Part 66

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 50

Does God Exist in the Afterlife?

So, with the Ultimate God as Self-Interest – let’s See where this Conversation go.

In the Process of Establishing the Self-Interest within the Relationship with Self as Character, and with all the Characters in one’s life, and with the Character of the World System: one use an Evolutionary Process of Conversion and Exchange. This happens in the Development of one’s Personal Religion as what you have Faith and Belief in, not only as That which you have Defined as your Personal God - but also what you have Faith and Belief in, in what you are Able to Achieve with the Resources you have available, which is: Family, People in your World, your Job, your Education and the Level of Faith you have in what you Believe in, in how many people there is in your world that support Your Version of Religion and Values, so that you are Not Alone in your Faith.

This All follows on the Backbone of a Monetary System that functions through Exchange as Stock Exchange to Currency Exchange to Resource Exchange, and within this – a Value Conversion of Currency, which brings one’s total Faith and Belief into Alignment with the World Money System, and therefore: Money will Determine whether you are satisfied with your Religion of Self or Not. And you will make a Value Judgment on your Belief and Faith according to the Benchmark you have accepted, as Confirmation that your God and your Faith in your God and the Gifts He gave you as Skills – is Able to Produce, for you. And therefore, you will have people that will have a Relative Happy Life, with a middle-class Income, because that is the Religion of Self’s Value System that is being accepted. Or you will have somebody that Drives themselves to become a Millionaire, because that is the Value System that their Religion of Self as their Personal God have made them Able to Believe in.

In Both Cases, as in All cases – the Decision is a Personal One, based on Character Design within the Memory Resources and Physical Resources available within a Person’s Life. Similarly, a Poor Person will Design their Religion of Self exactly the same way, in their Value System according to their Resources and Income. And therefore, they will be ‘satisfied’ with the Subsistence Income, for instance, and focus more on the Spiritual, the Tradition and the Culture, to bring them a sense of Satisfaction based on the Everlasting Hope that All the Preachers dish out so Freely, which is that: “there is a better life after this, so make the best of what you have, because – your God, in which you have Faith, has given it to you and you must be grateful. And do not rock the boat and try and change the System, because it will only bring you lots of Pain and you will have conflict and you will lose even the little bit you have”.

So, people in general, must be Driven quite far before they start to take Actual Action. And continuously, a person will Convert and Exchange their Value System based on the Feedback they get from All the Resource Material in their Environment. And will quite Readily Accept a lesser-Reality in favour of not having to face Conflict.

All of this is quite well known on the level of Decision Making in this World, where Psychology of this particular Religion of Self is well understood and managed – with Continuous Examples of what happens to Groups that dare Challenge the World System. So that every human being in fact, at All Times, Only make Decisions based on their Self-Interest - in which FEAR plays a Far Greater Role, than what anyone will Admit.

And in this Way – God walks in the Minds of Men. Not as One God, but as Many Individual Gods - Pacifying Man, similarly to what is Shown in the Century of Self about the Policeman in the Head. Because, God of the Religion of Self - is Designed to keep a Person Safe and to Prevent Death at All Costs, to Submit whenever it is necessary to save ‘life and limb’.

You are thus, at All Times, under the Control of your own Personal God, which you have Created yourself - out of Survival and the Need for some Reward sometimes. And therefore, Happiness is not a regular thing - unless you Strike the Jackpot. But, as many has said: “10 minutes of Happiness, is worth a Lifetime” – this is the Most negative statement that could Ever Exist, placed as the Justification for Positive Thinking. Because – Happiness is the Result of a Life Fulfilled of All Needs to be Free enough to Pursue Relationships without Fear, Exploring the Earth without Fear, investigating Existence without Fear: that is Only Possible, when one Face and Understand How you have Ended-up Creating your Self in the Image and Likeness of your own Personal God as your Own Ultimate Self-Interest, which in fact - in most cases, is based on Survival only. And in spite of Positive Thinking: it is thus Mostly Negative Programming.

Fascinatingly enough – the Ignorance Level is So Advanced, that Not a Single Positive Thinker, for instance, in this World: have Even the Basic Integrity of Self-Honesty or the Knowledge of the Mind Technology that is Involved in the Quantum Design of the Self as Self-Interest, and the God it Serves.
In the End – Life is SOULd to a Self-Created Illusion, which is then perpetrated onto the Earth as a World System, like a Massive Life-Extinction System - where the Eternal is Exchanged and Converted in favour of a Temporary Illusion that Sporadically produce “Happiness”.

We certainly cannot regard the Human as an ‘Evolved Being’.

We will continue this Conversation


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