Saturday 17 November 2012

Day 217: Does God Exist in the Afterlife? Part 2 - ADC - Part 65

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The History with Life After Death – Part 49

Does God Exist in the Afterlife?

Firstly, we must get some Definitions about the word “God” straight – so that you will be Able to Understand what I’m going to Explain to you.
So therefore, it is Important to Remove your Preprogrammed Definition of God, which is the Result of, in the case of most people - the Insistence of your Parents through Meticulous long-term Brainwashing, to get you to Submit to your Beliefs. In this, Parents will use Multiple Techniques, which is Normally Found in the Modern-Day Torture Manual - and if people Self-Honestly Investigate their Childhood: they will See how Many of these Techniques has been used by Parents to Force the Child into Obedience and Submission.

Therefore, the word “God” in a person’s Mind – will be the Result of Multi-Dimensions of Memory that Connected and Formed Relationships. These Connections and Relationships formed a System, based on the various Dimensions of Memory. These Systems were Animated through Various Methods like, a Decision, Self-Interest, Survival – purely because that prevents Conflict, many reasons Why the System would Activate and Create a ‘Feeling’, which will then be used by the person who Created this particular ‘God-Impression’ within themselves with Words like: “this is what I Feel about God, and how I Feel about God, and why I Feel I can Trust God”. And so – the Person will be in their Own World View, Define themselves as someone that Believe in “God”. Without Realising, that: the Being that they believe-in, is a Creation through their Own Mind. Based on the Lies that they gave Value to through Memories in their Process of Self-Definition, which in most cases - were Exposed to Various Forms of Manipulation throughout the Vital age of 0 – 7 when the Quantum Physical functions, and the ages from 7 – 14 when the Emotional Body Establish, and the ages from 14 – 18 when the “Age of Justification” arise, which many claim to be the “Age of Reason”, because your Primary methodology with which you will reach Conclusions are formed, normally in your 14 – 21 year bracket.

This “God” one Create, will play a Significant Role in all the Decisions one will make in this World, and it will Determine the Path of Evolution you will Walk within your Character Development, as you would try and Improve on “Your Version” of “God” and how it “Feels” and Align yourself more to this “Feeling” and eventually: call this “Feeling”, “Godly/Divine”. Or in many cases, even Fear – it depends on the particular Memories used to Create this. And, within this – you’ll Design the particular way you’ll Pray, and you will Design All the Rituals you will Follow to Honour this “God” you have Created, and so: you will be Stuck in this Religion of Self as your own “Personal Religion”, for Life – in most cases.

From this, the Social Policy of Freedom of Religious Expression form in Society, and at the end of the day - you cannot get two Human Beings that can Agree about their View of God, because: everyone’s God is a God Created by themselves in their own Mind, through the Quantum Mechanics, of which not a Single Human Being on Earth – no matter how Educated or Intellectual, have got Any Idea about.
This Cause, obviously, the Absolute Fragmentation of Society, and it’s the basis of All Inequality.

This Personal Version of “God” will be Defended by its Follower, which is you – until Death do you Part. And History has filled Graveyards, and produced Rivers of Blood, in the Name of this Personal God. Obviously, in the Consumer World of Religion, Religious Organizations is a Business that Produce some of the Best Incomes in a World of Poverty. And it has done so throughout History, where the Religious Leader would take a Cross-Version of the Religion of Self and mould the people together in a Group so that they can Derive income from that, and so have a Reasonable, Protected Life - and in some cases even become extremely Wealthy by feeding on the particular Group they have Established.
All of this Developing through many Generations, as the Parents subdue their Children to make sure they would Walk in the Parental Footsteps. And so we have Reached an Age, where Every Law of the Land, is in fact, in some way related to Protecting All facets of the Religion of Self. As that is the BASIS that is being Exploited within Consumerism in this World, under the Auspices of “Freedom of Choice”, in search of one’s Highest Self-Expression in the Pursuit of Happiness.

Obviously, “Happiness” only becomes Possible if the Flock have a Way to Deal with their Guilt – as they View the Effects of the World System on the Population in General, and they can Justify this then by saying that: “your Life is in Poverty or in trouble, because you don’t believe as I do”. And so, the Process of conversion Starts because: the Bigger the Flock, the Greater the Interaction, and the More the Flock support each other to create a form of Social Community that also have an Economic Implication to members of the Flock. Obviously, the Religious Leader must make Sure that the Flock sticks to the General Policy which will Promise a Better Life After Death, but will Not institute Any form of Change to the System in the World and even Justify it as, for instance: “based on Man being born in Sin”, and thus being “marked for life” – and one must just Accept the World the Way it is.

As this Total “God” Brainwashing starts virtually at Birth – by the age of 21: the Human are functionally Incapable of Challenging this. And the Best the Human can do is to form Breakaway Groups and form a “Better Version” of exactly the same Religion, using ‘Nicer’ conversion techniques like “Love” - Still ending-up Not Taking Action to sort out the World Social System, Ending up as Gurus and Masters and Teachers: all benefiting from their Flock, just a ‘Higher Spiritual version’ of the Old Consumer Religion – Nothing, Really, Ever Change. Because, the Core Problem is that: the Original “God” and the Evolution of this “God” happens within the Quantum Mind and is then Stored in the Memory Dimensions of the Quantum Physical from where it Produce the Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions that will make sure that the Conviction and Faith in this “God” of the Religion of Self is Unshakeable.
Even when a Person would Move from a Religious God to a Science God: there will STILL be No Challenge to the World System, and especially the Money System, which was in fact Born from Religion – and the Same pattern would Continue. And thus, regardless of what Approach the Human take within the Religion of Self - the Basic Pattern, the Basic Personal ‘Superior’ Point as a “God” or a “Science” or as any other Format: Remains the same. And will ensure that the Same Pattern Prevails, and will ensure that Inequality Prevails, and will ensure that Life gets Abused, regardless – in the Name of the ULTIMATE GOD at a Personal Level, which is: Self-Interest.

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  1. All posts make me a little nauseous but I cant stop reading. Thanks so much for putting it down!