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Day 214: Jesus was the Greatest Threat to the Creator Gods - ADC - Part 62

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The History with Life After Death – Part 46

Jesus was the Greatest Threat to the Creator Gods

Lao Tzu clearly stated that the Simplest, Most Direct, Answer and Solution is the Greatest Truth. In this – the Jesus Message was a Great Threat to the Creator Gods, as it Placed Emphasis on Practical Living Solutions that could Change the Relationship between Man and Man from Inequality, Competition, Distrust and All the Parts that cause Problems in Society - because the Creator Gods required Man to be Unstable in the Mind so that Friction in the Movement between Good and Bad could generate the Energy necessary that the Creator Gods were here to Mine through the Mind on Earth.

The Simplicity of the Jesus Message of “Do unto another as you would like to be Done unto you”, “Give as you would like to Receive” and “Love thy Neighbour as Thyself” – caused quite a Problem. And therefore, Meticulously, over hundreds of years – the Creator Gods sent many Messengers to Create as many Distractions as Possible around the Jesus Message, so that the Illusion and the Promise linked to the Jesus Message, could be bigger than the Practical Living Message here on Earth.
So, it would be No Surprise that, after Jesus Died – and yes, he did Die on the Cross - he was Incarcerated in Heaven, ‘till around the Time when the Portal Opened.

Much of the Religious Ideas around Jesus, are the Manufacturing and the Deliberate Distraction the Creator Gods introduced, to make sure Man remain Divided and do not reach Equality as What is Best for All Life. Within this - Particular Distractions were Emphasised, like – that “Jesus is the Only Way to Everlasting Life”, “Jesus is the Only Begotten Son of God”, “Only through Jesus can you be Saved”…and many more. These were All specifically Designed in the Preprogramming of each Soul, to make Sure that: regardless of What the Soul would Choose - it will Always be in Alignment with the IDEA that ‘somehow’ there is a ‘Better Life’ After Death, and that Earth itself is the Realm of the Devil, of Satan, and therefore – All Earthly things, all things of the Flesh are to be Ignored and Discarded. And in this, Emphasizing the use of the Mind in deliberately Developing the Mind through a Timed Evolution Preprogrammed Unfoldement. That even the Science that Man would End up using, would be Influenced and Distracted by the Monster that would be the Consciousness Created through these Distractions, within a Mind that Man would Never Actually Understand in Any Form of Detail, Whatsoever.

Strange enough - Man would be Aware of Many inconsistencies, but would virtually - Obsessive-Compulsive, Trust the Energy Produced by the Mind in Alignment with the Preprogrammed Symbolism of the Soul – seeking out the ‘Sweetness’, the ‘Good Feeling’ that these Programs would Create. And so – the Creator Gods made sure that the FLESh as the Real SELF would End-up as nothing More than an Organic Machine, addicted to Multi Dimensions of Feelings and Emotions, which would Automatically Generate the Thoughts, which would Create the Characters that will become the Parasites that will serve the Creator Gods in feeding on a Living Planet.
The Extent of this Atrocity is Immeasurable, and yet – behind it all, was the Peculiar fact, that: Every being that would Agree, throughout time, to become a Soul – was only Ever the Actual Nature of this Abuse. And if one could in fact Bridge the Divide to See the History of the Universe, you’ll Notice a Burning Universe in the Wake of Billions of Years of Abuse in the Name of Self-Interest.

The attempt by Jesus, to Bring Awareness to Man – was a Valid Attempt. In a way, Calling On Commonsense Reasoning, to Emphasize the Interconnectedness of Life and How Abuse Produce a Consequence, and that Simply by Reversing this from Inequality to Equality – what Man Imagined Heaven to be: was in Actual fact Possible on Earth. But this was Never to be, as Jesus did not Realise the Extent of the Problem, and in a sense – his Reverence for Life and Kind Nature, did not Conceive that there would be, within Man, not even a Spark of Life that could Hear Him and Actually Live the Practical Solutions he Suggested. And the Few that did Manage to Grasp this – were Quickly snuffed out by a Crowd that would Scream in Mass the Moment their Self-Interest were Threatened.

Nothing has Changed about this for two thousand years…it is Still the Same. There is Still No Commonsense Reasoning, there is Still No Understanding of the Basic Mechanics of the Mind, there is Still No Understanding of the Mechanics that Produce Feeling, there is Still No Understanding of the Mechanics that Produce Emotion, there is No Understanding of the Mechanics that Produce Memory, there is No Understanding of the Mechanics that Produce Thought, and there is No Understanding of the Mechanics that Produce Consciousness. And the Messengers Sent by the Creator Gods – continue to Distract Man, by Claiming Consciousness without Detail, by Emphasizing Feeling and Emotion without ACTUAL Understanding, by Glorifying Consciousness and Thought, without Structural Engineering. You see: the Earth, the Flesh, is the Key. Around you, you can See that Nothing can be Built without Exact Detail, Exact Understanding. But, in the Mind – it is Possible to Create Illusions, and even for Crowds to Agree and Believe, delusionally, that these Illusions are ‘Real’. In a Future World – Earth would be an Asylum, for those Insanely Screaming in their Heads as they Defend their Illusion.

What is the Future on Earth? At the moment – Precarious, because Man will not Stop destroying every piece of Life it can…until it’s Too Late. Man Cannot Stop.
The Forces that Drives Man, is the Forces from which Man created Manself, and therefore: Man is Less than these Forces. And this is Not Life Forces, this is Mind Forces, Energy Forces - so that is Why Man Glorify these Energies.

I Invite you, and Dare you to Investigate the Jesus Message Again, and apply it according to the Physical Implication it Embodies, and to become the Living Word, the Living Flesh that LIVE the Jesus Message. And, you will See: Heaven on Earth is Possible. And you will either be Part of it, or you’ll be apart from it – Lost, in the Illusion of Consciousness. The “I” that Jesus was talking about, is not the I Am in the Mind: It is the Physical Body as an “I”. That is the REAL being, the REAL SELF, the REAL FLESh – and THAT, not a single Master, or Guru on Earth – has yet Conquered.

So – “Man Know Thyself” mean: is to Understand the Flesh and How That is Fundamental in Making Life Possible within the Human Experience, making it Possible to Even Create Illusions through the Mind. And until one Understand how you Create the Illusion through Thinking, Feeling and Emotion – creating Consciousness: you’ll Never be Free. 
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