Wednesday 27 August 2014

Day 552: Is God to Blame for War?

Continuing from: Day 551: Investigating the Image and Likeness of God

By the time I left the police I was in essence leaning more towards the New Age teachings and started investigating that more and more. Having studied the Bible extensively and coming to the conclusions that everything that exists is Divine and is God and that we are here to explore the Image and Likeness of God and to find within ourselves our Godhood, so to speak. And then to embrace that and bring about such conditions here, or be ready when we die to face God, as equal. Although the ideas existed, the practicality of the ‘how to’, wasn’t quite clear and I walked to find out.

At this stage I’ve been married for a while and first child was on her way and I ended up moving to Durban. Having been exposed to the world of Psychic Phenomena at that stage extensively. Especially through my father-in-law and that would be a whole other story because he was part of the group of the University of the Witwatersrand that investigated Psychic Phenomena after the Second World War. Professor Haarhoff and Arthur Bleksley and they extensively investigated the phenomena, although I could find very little of the writings from that era, or the publications of that era.

That’s all things that shaped his life and why he became a Healer and why the Healings he’d be doing was so effective that people would come to his Practice from around the world based on the stories of what happened to others. Yet in spite of his healing powers he had an adverse reaction to anything ‘Light’ or ‘Heavenly’, and regarded that as evil.

But because he was a Healer, he couldn’t switch of his Channel. Because if he’d switch off this Channel, he can’t do the healing. So there was still the healing part linked to the Heavens and it was all linked to Light – which was demonstrated to me very clearly during some of the sessions I’ve had with Entities from around the Universe. Always these Entities confirmed to me one thing: they called God ‘The Great White Light’ and ‘Whose Face No-one can Stand’ and ‘Who No-one has ever seen’ – but as a Light.

So, God was confirmed to me as the only and all power of everything. I never threw the channellings at that stage, or exposed to any form of Demonic Forces, and I couldn’t quite understand with all the things happening, the fact that God was placed so clearly as ‘The Great White Light’ as the Ultimate Force, I couldn’t understand completely why Phillip was so against the Forces of Heaven and I always implored him that he should forgive and forget. Although I would agree that what he had to go through in the Second World War was quite horrific and the decisions he had to make, no-one should be placed in front of such decisions EVER. But War makes men do things that is not necessarily your will that you’re expressing. It’s where you have no choice because if you don’t you’re dead. And that is quite a thing to face having to kill and having to choose between yourself and another. It is no way that one can clearly negate what you will do yourself in such a position or would you just react in fear and kill and protect yourself or would you, like Phillip did, consider your choice and found yourself bound to an impossible choice that profoundly affected your own life. Which is what happened to him.

The result of the choice he had to make, the choice where he had to kill had such an effect on him that after that, he blamed Heaven for such conditions ever to exist. Which is in fact a point to consider. I mean, why does war exist? Both parts in War are praying to God – which one is God listening to? If God is listening at all, that was a question that arose from this all.

to be continued...

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Day 551: Investigating the Image and Likeness of God

 Continuing from Day 550: Demons don't Exist

So we continue.

My parents were very concerned because I was not willing to accept the Devil or Satan or Demons. And to me God was everything, that was the point I was living, finding out practically what it means to be the Image and Likeness of God.

But at the same time I was exposed to the forces of this world, which includes seeking of pleasure and happiness. This would entail partying hard and exploring sexuality - both of which I did extensively in the endeavour of understanding ‘Why does that feel good’, and ‘What is wrong with it if it feels good’. Isn’t that the whole story of the pursuit of happiness and then if that is what makes you happy, how can what makes you happy, be wrong?

That is a contradiction to the whole idea of being placed here and to explore life within the context of the Image and Likeness of God.

I was quite naive though.

And progressively I found more and more people that would be quite aggressive towards my approach. They did not like the idea of ‘embracing life’ and finding out ‘what’ and ‘how’ happiness truly works. What is the worst that can happen? You are here embracing life. Obviously the worst that could happen is that you could lose everything, everything taken away.
Which is what happened.

So in this endeavour, first points after I studied law was going to the police and even there, the pastoral officers would take me into their offices and discuss, trying to prove to me that Demons and Satan and the Devil exist and they would use the Bible to show that ‘it is written there, therefore it must exist’.

I disagree.

Because obviously the Bible was not written by God, anyone can see that.
And obviously, God being perfect, the origin of all things – God would not create something evil. It must have a different answer.

But according to the Bible there was no different answer, the answer was that according to the Bible and to the people that studied the Bible, the answer was that God created evil as well. Not that it is impossible but, it was improbable because absolute perfection, greatness... hardly the road to evil.
So, by the time I finished with the police and went on to giving myself direction in life, finding a way in which we could change the world forever more to be what God intended. I was very much clearly convinced; in spite of what I saw in the police which was murders and violence and all kinds of things. I saw that more than just an outflow, more just an outflow from the social condition and the lack of resources, the lack of money that caused most of the conditions that I have witnessed in the police. People simply did many of the things out of desperation.

So that wasn’t in their nature, it was just the nature of their situation rather than their own nature. And if they would have had the opportunity and have seen that to have all the resources necessary, they will profoundly change.

The question was ‘Why don’t they have all the resources’, and I was never satisfied with any of the explanations given to me or explaining to me that they have to work and make a profit in business and all kinds of things. Because none of the things really made sense. Having grown up in a business, having worked in it and then later on starting my own businesses, it was very clear that the profit motive was nothing else but making a decision about how much money you want to make, adding it onto the product and then presenting it to the buyer and they either buy it or they don’t. And then you present it to the buyer in such a way that they have no option but to buy it. Or they have no option but to question – they’d have to accept the price.
And then in that way you make money.

We really experimented with that in pricing goods from the very low to the very high. And strange enough, the higher the price, the more valuable it is seen to be accepted by the purchaser and we experimented with extremes situations. Which we became clear, if one, it’s like a predisposition that the human has. They like to pay a lot for things they feel is valuable and therefore all you have to do is to make sure that what happens is that they end up feeling that what they’re buying is valuable. If that feeling exists, they will pay the price because they are satisfying their feeling of value. Fascinating! Highly Effective! Incredible!

Was it actually applied in our Capitalistic System? Unfortunately not.
Because that would have already made the world quite a different place because a lot more money would have moved, a lot less suffering would have occurred. But maybe on the other side with the odds turning against everyone and the world becoming one giant casino where there’s only a few punters making the big bucks while most end up losing everything, that’s maybe the only way we will a better world. We will see.

to be continued

Saturday 16 August 2014

Day 550: Demons don't Exist

Continuing from Day 549: Demons Taught me the Secrets of Jesus - Introduction 
Demons Taught me the Secrets of Jesus - Introduction - See more at:

- See more at:
Day 549: Demons Taught me the Secrets of Jesus - Introduction - See more at:
Day 549: Demons Taught me the Secrets of Jesus - Introduction - See more at:
Day 549: Demons Taught me the Secrets of Jesus - Introduction - See more at:

Now, I never believed that demons existed. To me, in spite of many that tried to prove it to me, going as far as using the Bible as to prove that apparently Demons existed, I simply could not understand that being possible.

Because to me, everything existing was of God. God, the Father, was everything. I didn’t necessarily consider Jesus as God’s Equal. I more considered God as the Equal, as the Answer, as the Way; and that all come from God.

Thus by virtue of its origin, Perfect, and therefore I was embracing the principle of the Image and Likeness of God, within which I understood the way that Jesus walked, must have been similar. And that what Jesus presented, was the Principle of Forgiveness.

Now, initially I entered a world that was strange.

First studying at the Potchefstroom University, studying initially Engineering and then Law. And then in that single year finding out that in spite of my prolific ability to read, I was in fact not reading, I was in fact taking in information without understanding it. And therefore, in spite of reading, I was not processing the information. I did a course at the University which changed my life forever. Where I developed the ability to process information, something I’ve never had. And I became quite convinced, that if the World could read and process information, we would have a New World. Yet, it wasn’t forthcoming.

So, having that in the so called ‘back of my mind’, I walked the journey to find out ‘Why is it, that in spite of the examples of we had and despite the message of God, the world is in fact nowhere close to the Teaching of Jesus or God and there seems to be no progression happening in fact. We’re going backwards very fast. And this going backwards is certainly, causing a lot of harm to a lot of people.’
At the time, although I was embracing animals and bugs and plants and so on from young, and they were always very much part of my life – my primary focus was not on that, but on the Human Being.
And me not accepting that Demons existed and I have not been able to find any proof that Demons existed. To me the only point is Demon that exited was that the person itself was creating it.

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Day 549: Demons Taught me the Secrets of Jesus - Introduction

*The following series of blogs contains previously unpublished material by Bernard Poolman from 2011*

This is a seemingly strange topic.

But, astoundingly enough, a story about ‘beating the odds, against all odds’.
You’re in a world where there are always odds: the odd thing out, the odds of winning or losing, the odds of life and death; and everything is always on the line. And when the odds turn, things do not always turn out the way you want them - and sometimes they turn out the way you would love it to be.

So, how could Demons teach me the Secrets of Jesus?

After all, the drive of Jesus has been told many times. I grew up with the story of Jesus. And although there are many things in this story that one might not seemingly find easy, some of them were difficult. Like carrying the cross and being crucified. Fearful hearts immediately turn away from such a challenge and rather say, “I don’t need to carry the cross, Jesus carried it for me”.

Coming from a family where the father figure was so intensely embracing the Teachings of Jesus, that by his death, the pastor on the pulpit was saying that ‘if you were not like Les Poolman, you will not get into Heaven.’

That was quite a statement, like passing judgment on a total community.

It caused much subconscious repercussions in the community where people that were friends before and working together, all ended up causing each other harm - never speaking again.

Just with the death of one man, which was living as closely as possible to the Teachings of Jesus.

Only at his gravesite did we learn about many of the things he did where he gave so, that the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing. He pushed the points to the ultimate. And yet he couldn’t beat, at a young age, in spite of his dedication, he couldn’t beat cancer in his prayers. It didn’t save his life. So he died early fifties, still with the Bible in his hands, professing the message.

What does that got to do with anything? Yet it was the example, which was a tough one to follow, which was focussed around the Life and Teachings of Jesus.

The next influence that came into my life around this, and that had a profound impact was from my father-in-law, Phillip Niemand. He was the extreme ‘other side’ of the ‘coin’ as being a deep-trance medium. Yet, stating absolutely, that one cannot trust anything that comes from Heaven. Although there are beings that speak through him, “you can’t trust a word they’re saying, it is all a lie” and he would prefer to die because “this world is purely a place of suffering and purely the result of lies and deception”.

So, difficult to marry the two extremes from a certain perspective. Phillip Niemand had different experiences that shaped his life, and part of that, maybe the biggest foundation that brought him to such an understanding of the Heavens were in the Second World War. Where he participated with the partisans, on the side of the Elite forces. He was used for his skill, let’s call it that, or ‘psychic abilities’ . [Yes they used people like that, it is part of the Armed Forces, so to speak. You are not going to get any of the information released by those in the know. It’s not to their advantage. Their advantage is to keep their secrets close to their heart. ]
As part of Military Intelligence, Phillip Niemand played his role.

That is the influences that shaped my endeavours and my search for an understanding of ‘Why the Odds are always against You, in Every Possible Way’. It’s as if you’re in a giant casino and every thought is measured and spinned around, to bring about the opposite effect. The effect that is the greatest odds against you; that the only thing you have that you can play with in this giant casino of life, is your Willpower.

And yet, in your Willpower and you applying it, you will lose everything: your friends, your family – everything will have to be given up because they will simply not be able to understand the game you play, because they’re not playing the game. Unless they play the game, and even then, you’re going to end up dying alone. Because there’s an interesting thing, everything that happens in your life, isn’t happening to you, it’s happening inside you. It happens inside your Mind, and that’s where everybody is trying to come to peace, and trying to come to a way of Life that is the ‘Inner Self’. So called ‘directed’ and ‘at peace’ and ‘in harmony’.

But that didn’t seem to be the answer, because I met many people that are seemingly at peace with themselves, at harmony with themselves – yet that was only so when they were in front of other people. When you get to know them closer, you go and stay with them, you spend some time with them you find out it’s not like that at all. That is why at the Desteni Farm we had people come from all over the world to come and stay with us for as long as up to 3 years, to see for themselves, a very difficult message we have to deliver. Where it comes from, how it works, what is real. And those that manage to stay, those that manage to hear and see, their lives were profoundly changed forever more. In fact, changed without anything that specifically can be pinpointed, so they can’t even write or speak about it and say what happened. They were just in a different environment and just being in a different environment changed them profoundly.

So, looking at all of these seemingly, unrelated points, we are here on a journey of Understanding, Hearing, Sharing...

The Secrets of the Demons….

To be continued

Tuesday 5 August 2014

Day 548: CopyRight and MicroChip

Continuing from previous blog: Day 547: The MicroChip & The Mark of the Beast:
‘Religion is your thing for the Afterlife I mean – you’re only gonna find-out in the Afterlife if what you belief was really true or not – isn’t it?
It’s got Nothing to do (with) what’s going on Here on Earth – whatsoever. It does Not Feed you, it does Not provide you with Shelter – there is no such thing.
These things are done through Decisions made by us All as Humans: We decide what’s best for All, we implement it, it works = it’s Best for All.’

Have a Look: You can in the Afterlife ‘stand before God’ –if you believe there is such a thing- and say, you know, explain to him Why you believed what you did.

But, there is no-way you’ll be able to say to him, I mean: “Ah, I wanted just money for me and not for everyone else” – that would be not best for All and – I’m sure if there is a ‘God’ he’ll be rather pissed-off with you not-considering Everyone as Equal within the Context of this Reality.

We are All Equal in the context of this Reality – We All Breathe the Same Air – We All are under the Same Sun, we’re under the Same Moon – We All Eat from the Earth -

Nothing that is existent is original, so ‘Copyright’ in itself will not exist.
But to ‘Copy something ‘Right’’ so that when you make a Product that it lasts - and that it’s not made to only last for a short-while so you can sell-more products = Obviously many things will Change.

But – Everything that exist – have a look: comes from the Earth or (from) something that is Here before You got here.
Your knowledge is Not exclusive. The fact that you ‘find some point’ that actually ‘works together’ = is simply that you Recognized it.
It already existed before you saw it - you only Recognized it – therefore you ‘bring it ‘into being’’, you create a product, you create something that Everybody can benefit-from – you will not become rich because of that - because that simply will not serve All best, that would be Abuse of the Resources that is Here.

All Resources are Already Here before you got Here – you have no ‘Right’-to-it: All Resources Here Belongs to Everyone = that is the Value-of-Life – that is the Support-of-Life; And if a ‘god’ exist: that is what that ‘god’ intended.

That is the point of ‘Dominion’ = Dominion meaning: Whatever you do will have a Domino-Effect on Everything else – so therefore Abuse of our Resources will Stop.

We will have less ‘ranges’ of Products – because these things are done for Profit. We will NOT be working for Profit.
We’ll be working to give a Better-Life for All - a Better-Life where All have Equal Food, Equal Shelter, Equal Education; and can pursue your life in make the best of it – and learn how to LIVE a Dignified-Life – a Life which benefits You and through which you can benefit others – learn what LOVE really means – because that certainly is not-understood in this reality.

I suggest that one consider these points, again, there’s quite a number of positive points around the Micro-chip; The negative points I’m still looking for more, it seems to be ‘control’…
Now the best-way to make sure everyone is protected from each-other and not harming each-other or lose their Chips or be in a disadvantage – is to put the Chip under the skin, which is quite safe, and with having that under the skin one will be able to actually protect your ‘piece of connection’ to the System.
It’s already been tested, there’s already groups or Towns that’s running on Chips, that’s already been tested, it is already confirmed – your Body will be quite fine – I mean it’s also tested through Time in terms of the point where you can put-in Valves into the Heart, artificial Valves, artificial points that’s implanted in the body = that’s already proven that there is these things that DO work - and the Body is quite fine with it.

And it will be best to have implanted - then you won’t lose it and nobody else will be able to steal it – and if anybody does: it will be easy to actually solve the problem; Your Crime-ratios will Decline immensely – Corruption will End –You will have No-more Abuse between people to the extent that it exist now.

One of the things that we obviously will also propose is the End of all Alcohol – because that is one of the single things which is Profit-driven that cause most-Harm in this world where beings tend-to abuse - either in Families or in Public- because of their desire to Suppress their Discomfort and the fact that they are not enjoying their life -

And each one that has been extensively involved with Alcohol will be able to sit-down and actually come to a Self-Honest Realization = they only used Alcohol to Suppress their fears and anxieties and their discontent with their lives where they were unable to actually Express-themselves - because they felt ‘unworthy’ – they tried to ‘build a ‘worth’’ through Alcohol.

Saturday 2 August 2014

Day 547: The MicroChip & The Mark of the Beast

Continuing from previous blog: Day 546: Real Wealth & MicroChip
‘Now you’re gonna have some Smart-Asses that’ll actually try and categorize what we are doing. Why don’t you just Stop and Consider: We are looking for an Answer that’s Best for All.
If You do not see that and you do not want to see that – consider your particular-position of Self-Honesty: whether you’re actually interested in any point that is Best for All –which includes You obviously, I mean: a Best-for-All-Solution includes Everyone!’

Obviously, your Desires which was based on a time when one was programmed to actually ‘want more than another’ – a time of ‘Competition’ – will no-longer be valid; ‘competition’ will be an Expression: if one want to go and do Sport or Athletics and so on, that becomes an Expression according to your Skill. It’s no-longer one where you’ll gain Profit from your ‘expertise’ or ‘the way you look’ – All of those things are really only used to ‘bamboozle the Multitude’ into all kinds of ‘hopes’ and ‘desires of some Greatness’ which is in the end of the day based-on ‘Success and Money’ - on ‘Wealth’, which is a ludicrous in a System that does not have sufficient for All in the first place, as a Money-System.
Because there isn’t sufficient – as it has been demonstrated many times through the ways our Markets are going Up-and-Down = there is a Problem, and this Problem is not going to be resolved.

We also do not want to wait till we have Multitudes Looting Shops, destroying the Basic-Infrastructure because they are Hungry - and then at the end of the day:
still having to capitulate to a point where you HAVE to introduce an Equal-Wage-System and (where) you HAVE to consider (because your life is threatened by those that has No Food) you have to consider a System which is based in the Value-of-Life, where – it’s no different to what we have now, where it is based-on the Value of your Debt: where we have to create Money through Debt; We can just as well create Money through Making it Equal to the Value of Life. Which then at-least is an Equal-System – because: there’s sufficient Money according to the amount of Living-beings on the Planet.

And according to that one can plan your Labour-points and producing Food and related items, and there will be sufficient people that actually DO CARE.

Those that profess ‘Love’, I mean, that will be your opportunity to really prove that your ‘Love’ is real. Your Labour is gonna be in Service of your fellow-man. You’re gonna actually prove that you do ‘care about your neighbour’ – I mean, all these ‘wonderful points’.

Now – in all of this, obviously, have you noticed? No religion is necessary, which is wonderfulReligion in itself is sentimental in value, and will have-nothing-to-do with the Basic Life-giving Needs that is required for Every human being on Earth.

Religion is simply irrelevant; it is something that is ‘relevant’ for your Afterlife, if you want to follow a particular-Pursuit that will according to your Belief ‘solve your life’ in the Afterlife = that you can do in your own Time, I mean, you will have enough Food, you will have enough Shelter, you’ll be able to do it:

And that is only sentimental, it’s got no bearing whatsoever – no bearing whatsoever on anything that’s going-on in this Physical-World in terms of the Basic-Needs for People in terms of: Food, Shelter and Education.

Then those kind of points (religion) will be completely excluded from any System – because that is the part that will remain personal, although obviously one can debate it if you really want to but: it is irrelevant within the Context of whether the Micro-chip is ‘positive’ or ‘negative’.

The whole point of the Micro-chip being a Number -666- or the ‘Mark of the Beast’ – I mean: Every single human-being in this world is already bearing the Mark of the Beast: if you have a Bank-Account = you have the Mark of the Beast; if you Buy any Product = you are participating in the Mark of the Beast; if you have Money in your Pocket = you have the Mark of the Beast; Anything that you’re doing now: having an Electricity-Account, having a Telephone, having a Cell-Phone, having Water-Accounts = All of that is the Mark of the Beast = You have it already.

So you can just as well now go to a more effective ‘Mark of the Beast’ - being a Micro-chip.
And in that very Chip we will be able to actually find a far more suitable Solution, where one can be able have a System that Control Us – so that we do not harm each-other unnecessary.

This will obviously being a Global-System –that’s what’s so wonderful about the New World Order – because it places everything in place for a Global-System that’s Best for All; where there will be no more be Boundaries, no-longer be controls through Passport-travelling –you’ll be simply Moving and be tracked through your Micro-chip.

You’ll be able to know whether somebody wants to Blow-up your place or not, but there would be no need – because you’re no-longer fighting about religion, everybody’s got Food;
Religion is your thing for the Afterlife I mean – you’re only gonna find-out in the Afterlife if what you belief was really true or not – isn’t it?
It’s got Nothing to do (with) what’s going on Here on Earth – whatsoever. It does Not Feed you, it does Not provide you with Shelter – there is no such thing.

These things are done through Decisions made by us All as Humans: We decide what’s best for All, we implement it, it works = it’s Best for All.