Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Day 464: Looking for Purpose

It is interesting that Every Human in a way is Looking for Purpose. I had an interesting Discussion with a New Arrival at the Desteni Farm where this point is so Clearly shown as to the Effect of the Win-Lose Competition Paradigm, the idea that a Person would have an Objection to for instance, ‘Money’ in the System, an objection to ‘Property Ownership,’ an Objection to ‘The Way the system Functions’ – but then at the End would say: “I’m Really Interested in Researching Science to find a way that can Benefit Humanity and then I can Make a Lot of Money” such a Contradiction that comes out and One Cannot See one is Doing this. So really Look at this Point because: If you have Money in your Pocket, you have a Device that currently Determines Purpose.

Purpose Practically would mean the Ability to Buy Food, the Ability to Participate in this Reality and Money Gives you that Ability, so your Primary Purpose within the Current System is Money. If you have No Money, then your Purpose is Poverty - If you have Lots of Money, then your Purpose is going to be Happiness.
What is really True Purpose?

True Purpose would be to for instance to Understand exactly How this Reality Functions so that you can Establish a Mechanism and a Methodology through which you could Create a Reality that Allows Everyone to Fulfill a Purpose of Value, where the Purpose is No Longer Just ‘Survival,’ just ‘Feeding yourself’ but that the Purpose is to Understand that If You Feed Everyone by Giving as You would Like to Receive = You will be Fed as well. If You Do onto Others as You would like to be Done onto and Ensure that the Laws of the Land are based on that, then you are Fulfilling the Purpose of Creating Harmony – that is a Higher Sense of Being, but first the Practical points need to be Sorted out.

So identifying the Practical Points in the World and Making it Your Purpose to bring about a Solution in this world that Harmonizes the Coexistence, the Interdependence of the Human and Nature and the Animals and the Earth in such a way that it is Sustainable = that would be a Purpose, a Purpose that is Relevant. Many People Give themselves Purpose and say “I want to be a Doctor,” “I want to be Rich,” “I want to be Happy,” “I want to Find a Partner.” Now these Types of Purposes are purposes that Tacitly Presuppose and Accept through Implication the Current Nature of the System. So if Your Purpose for instance is ‘To Do Good in this World’ without considering that That is Dependent on the System that Governs the World, you are in fact Accepting the System and thus Becoming part of the Purpose of the System, a System that Very Clearly shows that it Only benefits a few and that Most are in a Position of Lack which is By the Very Existence of the ‘Position of Lack,’ fulfilling the Purpose of the System.

So you have to Investigate Purpose Very Carefully because: If you Accept the System as it Exists and you look at the Result in the World Mathematically, you can Establish the Purpose of the System as it exists now, Protecting the Property Rights of the Wealthy for instance, Protecting the Right to become Wealthy, Protecting the Right to be Happy for instance, then you have to understand – if you take Happiness for instance – What will Make you Happy? And Here you have to Be Self-Honest: will you Be Happy Without Money? Without being able to Feed your Children? Have a House? Have a car? Have a Warm Bed to Sleep in? Would you be Happy? So what is the First Purpose Before you can Get to Happiness? The First Purpose is Going to be Money. If You Don’t Have that Money = You Can’t Fulfill your Purpose of Happiness.

So your Structural Design Practically in this World that Fulfills your Purpose needs to be Investigated and Understood, so that You Do Not Mislead yourself as to Your Purpose and whether Your Purpose is truly Fulfilling, because you may have an Individual Fulfilling Purpose in ‘How you Live your Life’ – But, the Underlying way that You Achieved Your Purpose Caused Abuse in this World, so thus your Purpose in fact would then be the Abuse you are Causing in this world and Not the Action you are taking in your Finite Confined World. You are Not Confined to Your Life Only, You are Part of a World System, You are Part of Globalization – the World has Always been a Global Entity.
Globalization is What You Are In Fact a Part-of. To Scream “Look at How Everything Moves with Globalization!” Really have a look at the Purpose of Globalization, it Actually Shows the Nature of your Oneness and Interconnectedness, that is Why Globalization is taking place – Now you must look at the Relationships and the Purposes of All Things that Exist. Within this Globalization Process you’re going to Start Seeing Massive Inequality – now if this Inequality Exists, understand that You are Part of it, Your Life Purpose Caused it. So now You Must Investigate your Life Purpose to see Why and How did you Cause this Massive Inequality and Poverty in the World. It’s very easy to Stay in Your Own Mind and to Pretend it’s Not Happening, but let me tell you: this is Really Happening and You are Really the Reason Why it’s happening and You are Already Globalized.

There is Nobody that’s trying to ‘Get you to be Part of a Great Global Society,’ You’ve Always been Part of that, it’s just like a Family and it’s called ‘The Human Race’ – it’s a ‘One Family’ thing. And all the Siblings of this family are Fighting about the Spoils of the Earth, I mean there’s Really some Problem in the ‘Purpose’ thing.

Find your Life Purpose, have a look at whether that Life Purpose is In Fact Aligned to the ‘Oneness’ that it is part-of, so that such Oneness can Produce an Equality, an Equality that is Best for All because: as long as You are Not part of a Solution of Oneness and Equality as What is Best for All you will have Anxiety, you’ll Need your Pills to Keep you Happy, because You Know at a very Fundamental Level that what You are Doing is Causing Harm and therefore You Fear Others will Cause Harm to you and Live in Constant Anxiety, Constant Fear, because at Any Moment you know Things can go Horribly Wrong! Like it’s Happening all Around you to Other People and yet! You will Not Give-up the fact that you Believe that Somehow ‘You could End-up with the Jackpot’ – you’ll Take the Risk, because maybe ‘You will Win.’

In the meantime, understand: in Any Group of 100 people only One can Win – that’s the 1% and 99 will Lose and as you can see the One that Wins, the Bloodlines confirm One thing: they Remain the Winner because once they Got the Spoils, once they Got the Power They Don’t Give it up. So a 100% sure if You are Not Part of the 1%: you’re Never going to Win, and to keep on Believing that it may Happen to you, That is rather Uninformed.
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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Day 463: Can Animals be Brainwashed?

This should be a rather Obvious Scenario: How to Find out how Brainwashing works practically with Animals?

You go to the Pet shop, you Buy yourself a Puppy. Then you Give the Puppy a Name and very soon the Puppy will be Brainwashed and Respond to the Name – the Puppy wasn’t Born with that Name, You had to Brainwash the Puppy to Get that Name; then, the Puppy will start Protecting you as it grows up and starts Believing that ‘You are the Owner,’ ‘You are the one that Takes Care of it,’ and as the Puppy grows Bigger, it will become more and more Brainwashed and your Personal Protector – and Without Noticing, Without Realizing you have been Part of the Action and the Practice of Brainwashing.

Now you can take that point through to for instance: Having a Child – have a look at your own life, What Are You? You are the Product of your Parents, the Product of your Education, the Product of your Environment, the Name you have was Given to you just like You gave a Name to the Puppy, it’s Not really ‘Your Name,’ you were Made to Believe It’s Your Name, you ended up Accepting it – just like the Puppy. We had recently an interesting scenario with a New Horse that arrived at the Farm, the Horse has been for years only in the Environment of One other Horse – that means the Social Structure of the Horse was Only One other horse. Then the other horse Died and the Horse was Lonely. When we got the Horse we had to Integrate him into the Herd on the Farm – what was the Immediate Scenario? The Horse had No Idea How to Socially Interact, it Didn’t Have Any form of Brainwashing yet, it didn’t automatically know How to do it, it Had to be Taken through a Process of Integration and even at This stage that Process is Not done yet – slowly but surely, Creating Relationships, Becoming Accepted by Each other – It is exactly the same with the human. As you Enter this World you will become Socially Integrated with your Parents’ Beliefs and you will become whatever Your Parents are and so Many Fear the one thing: to become Like their Parents which Inevitably Will Be What You will Become, because You are in fact Brainwashed.

You should look at the Definition of Brainwashing and How Those that Want you to Not Consider that You could Actually Program Yourself to be Best for Yourself and thus Best for All and thus the Best Human for Nature, the Best Human for Earth, the Best Human for Other Humans, the Best Human for your Children – those that want You Not to be the Best, because If You are the Best that means you are in a Win-Win Scenario, because as long as You’re Not the Best = it’s Easier for Them to Win and you have More for you to be the Loser that has got Less, because You have in some way Accepted some form of Fear to be Controlled.

You should look at the Research of John Gatto around Education, and you should Make Sure that Nobody that ever uses the word ‘Brainwashed’ can Control you, because Anybody that can be Controlled through the Fear that is Produced by the word ‘Brainwash,’ Do Not Understand that Word, Do Not Realize that they are By their Very Response Confirming that they are Brainwashed by the Word ‘Brainwashed’ and if one is Brainwashed by the word ‘Brainwashed’: Are you In Trouble or What? Get a Puppy, Brainwash the Puppy and Wake up from your Dream-world of Fear.

Realize that the World is the Result Of Your Fear and therefore, You are In Fact the Reason Why the World is the Way it is by the Facts that You Accept within yourself as Reality without Ensuring that That which is You, which are the Words you have Built your Life on, the Words you are Living and because These Words are based on Fear, they are Your Vocabulary, that which you are Voicing, that which is your Vocation, you are the one that In Fact Creates everything the Way it is By your Participation, by your Brainwashing. Isn’t it Time You Stop and Realize that it is really a Simple Process to Become What is Best, Not from a Winner’s Perspective but from a Win-Win Perspective. Desteni is about Win-Win. Those that Manage to get away with Winning by Creating Losers, Do Not want Desteni to Exist because We are going to Take Away through our Education Process Their Ability to Control Others, their Ability to Abuse and therefore Abusers Attack Desteni from One perspective only: to Abuse and to Use their Control that they have Developed through the Ability to Induce Fear in others, to Use that to Remain in a Position where they can Claim ‘They’re a Winner’ – but they Do Not Want You to Win because: if you are Equal, if You are in a Position of Win-Win: there are No More Losers and the current scenario of Abuse in the World Does Not Want a Win-Win, it wants a Win-Lose.

Make sure You Understand Brainwashing so that one can Stop the Win-Lose relationship that is Existing in this World, so that one can Stop the Scenario that is causing the Abuse which is Competition based on a Win-Lose Scenario.

Become a Win-Win Solution – I mean Stephen R. Covey in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People shows Very Clearly as well that a Win-Win Solution is the Answer. The Win-Win Solution is Equality you see? Be Equals, Ensure that ‘You Give as You would Like to Receive’ – that’s the Win-Win Solution – ‘Do onto Others as You would Like to be Done onto’ – that’s the Win-Win Solution. If you Cannot explain this Practically, Effectively: You are Brainwashed with Fear – that is Not an Acceptable way to Exist.

The Acceptable Way to Exist is to Exist in a way that is Best for All, if you exist like that and you Ensure that to be the World System, that to be the Foundation of your Relationships, that to be the Foundation of All your Actions – to Give as you would Like to Receive, then You are Truly a being of Love. At Desteni you will meet True Beings of Love and Those that Attack us, What do you Know? They’re doing it from Fear, so They are Not Love, but they will Claim ‘Love,’ because They Do Not Understand and they are Not Willing to Investigate Themselves for Real, to Investigate What is going on Inside Themselves, to Understand Where a Thought comes from, Where a Feeling comes from… They are Brainwashed – such a Funny Business this is.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Day 462: Natural Learning Ability and World Change

Within the Natural Learning Ability Restoration where the Vocabulary of the Human is Restored to Integrity so that the Words everyone is Living are based on a Balanced Life that is Realized under the principle of ‘Give as You would like to Receive’ – which is a measurable Living Structure – World Change will happen Naturally.

We have all the Evidence throughout History that No form of Violence, No form of Forced Change brings about Any Real Change ever; all that Happens is you change Leadership and the Systems that Become the Education/Political/Economic Systems of the world Remain Dysfunctional as there are No Proper Considerations for a System of Balance that Considers the Equal Human Rights of Every Human as Living Being, ensuring that All Receive Support, Given by Each to bring about a Balanced Society.

So, the problem is that the Natural Learning Ability currently is Not Understood and therefore in the first 7 Formative Years of a Child, the Child is Not Educated and shown How the Mind Functions, in fact not even the Parent Knows How it Functions, which results in the Mind becoming More than what it Should be, and instead of a Proper Balanced Personality Character that develops, an Imbalanced Energetic Based Character Develops that is basically a form of Bipolar Imbalance that moves between the Positive and the Negative, where the Personality Continuously will try and Win, without realizing that If that is your Participation = Somebody Must Lose. The Evidence of this is obviously Visible Everywhere in the World yet, because the Vocabulary is Biased and has been Incorrectly Imprinted into the Physical, the Correction is Not Possible without Re-Education, without Correcting the Vocabulary which means one Must Restore your Natural Learning Ability and then Take your Words, your Vocabulary and Restore it to a Balanced Proper Meaning so that You have Effective Reasoning skills that can Look at a Problem in its Real Context.

Now for those Adults that can Hear me, there is Support through the DIP Lite that will take you Progressively to a Restoration of your Natural Learning Ability as One of the outcomes. It is an Extensive Process to Restore the Breakdown that has taken place and it will take a Minimum of 7 Years just to Restore a Level of Integrity that is Sufficient so that When one Restores the Balance of your Being, the outcome of that can be truly Magnificent, Trustworthy and with Integrity, one that is Truly the Living Word, the Living Water and that can Walk the Principles Jesus already Indicated as a Solution for Earth, which is ‘Give as You would Like to Receive’ and ‘Do onto Another as You would Like to be Done onto’. Obviously within this, we have a Massive Task to Investigate All Things First to see All the Vocabulary that has become Biased and Contaminated by the Desire to Win, which is in short now Spiritualized as Energy and ‘Love and Light.’

So the More ‘Advanced Beings’ on Earth – those that have been able to Break from the Most Basic Programming and that have then Developed New types of Views around What the World Should be, They Do have a Better Chance of being able to Walk a Process of Discipline where they Correct their Base Design, the Living Word so that it can be Balanced. Unfortunately it will mean that one will have to Truly Dedicate Yourself to Yourself and thus Restore Yourself to Credibility as a Physical Breathing Living Being – such humans Do Not yet Exist, because there is the Mind that has become virtually like a Secret Agency where you have Lots of activity, Lots of Personalities, all Vying for Position and where You Only Act in Self Interest.

You have lost complete Touch with Reality and created only an Illusion while the Part that is Reality –which is your Physical Body – has become Virtually Dysfunctional, it has No Skills in terms of the Actual Developed Abilities that it Should have as a Living Being, it is something that will have to be Restored Over Time.

So Join us at Desteni, If You can Hear me – Let’s sort out this Problem and Restore the Natural Learning Ability.
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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Day 461: Skeptics Failed the Jesus Message

skeptic-t-shirt-vintage-t-shirt-review-cotton-factory-cotton-factory-3 For YouTube video click HERE

Skepticism is being Sold as a ‘Good Thing’ but it certainly Does Not Embrace Practically the Principle that is obviously What Each should Always Consider which is: Investigate All Things and Keep what is Good – and obviously, that which is Good is that which is Best for All.

Now a Skeptic, Simply doesn’t Do that, a Skeptic does quite the Opposite. A Skeptic Judges First, because they come from the premise that ‘they’ve already investigated’ – instead of Investigating All Things, they only Investigate to the point where They Believe they have already Found some form of an Answer and especially when they are Certain that they have had some form of Success, so therefore ‘They must be right.’

The fact that everybody doesn’t have the Success, the fact that what is Best for All is Not established by their Action simply escapes them, and therefore Skeptics Always Judge instead - Jesus said ‘Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged.’ And so, the foundation of Skepticism is in fact a Complete Acceptance of Negativity – then the Person will be Positive about the Parts that they have Achieved Success and Claim that ‘They are Positive’ and that anything that Challenges Their Positive Belief is Negativity; in the meantime, their Foundation In Fact is Just Negativity and their ‘Positivity’ is just Self-Interest and They are the very Core Reason Why the world is Screwed up because They are Doing onto Others Exactly according to How They’ve Accepted the Existence: they Do Not Care about Any Outcome but Their Own Self-Interest, and therefore Self-Interest becomes the Foundation of our Society, because we have a Society of Skeptics. Everywhere you Go the First Response you’ll Always have: Skepticism.

Is Skepticism a form of Escapism? Escaping the Actual Truth of the Negativity and Evil that one has become in accepting the Premise of your Life where you Feel Hopeless and Helpless and Unable to bring about a Change that will be Best for All, that You can’t even Conceive the Fact that Each Living Being has the Same Life Force Equally, and that only After that All this which we call ‘Intelligence’ and ‘Education’ and Character and All of those things are Added on there like ‘add-ons,’ but the Real Essence which Makes this All Possible which is Life, is simply Not Respected or Considered and this is All Done by Skeptics.

So, you’ll Notice for instance that the Desteni Message specially is Attacked by Skeptics, those that Do Not Investigate and Actually Walk the Process, Walk the Writing, Do the Self-Forgiveness, Investigate the Self-Honesty, Consider that it is Possible that We can Create a World that is Best for All – those skeptics will go to the Ends of the Earth in their Nastiness and with the Lies that they will Come up with to Protect their Self-Interest, but they will Not Investigate All Things, they will Not Do onto another as They would like to be Done onto, they will Protect their Self-Interest and they will use Skepticism as the Justification, Claiming that That is Free Choice – In the meantime it’s Not Free-Dom and now there is No Freedom for everyone. There are just some Free Choices for some, those that are Elite enough to have enough resources as Money and Property that they can Protect themselves from everyone else that they have Stolen these things from, so they Live in their Little-Forts, the old Lord System from the Dark Ages is Still Existing, it’s all as Properties where the Lords with Money are Sitting, Protecting Themselves from their Slaves, from Whom they have Stolen their Lives through Invalidating their Labor and Giving them No Money/ No Wage/ No Income. Our Current System is Just a Glorification of the Old Systems of Slavery, Just in a more ‘Digitized’ way, Justified by Every Possible Way.

So, solution: See if You can Step beyond Skepticism and Actually Investigate All Things and Investigate that which is Best for All Life Always, and therefore you should Consider what the Equal Life Foundation presents in Education, in Self Enhancement, in Self Purification, in the Study of Economics, in the Study of Psychology – We Investigate All Things and We Establish Clearly through Cooperation and Cross-Reference, through time, through Multiple Tests and Considerations That which is Best for All. That’s Why We can Stand in the Face of even the Nastiest of Attacks, because We Have Integrity: When will You have Some?
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Friday, 26 July 2013

Day 460: Transhumanism: the Rise of the Machine – Part 1

trh This will be an ongoing discussion wherein slowly but surely we will Dissect the situation around the Idea that the Machine could be ‘The Savior of Mankind.’ Within this we have to first look at Where we are with the Machine as it exists now: What is this Machine? What have we Done with this Machine? How is this Machine Functioning in our Current Society?

Here let me give you a Story. About three years ago, one of the neighbors came and we were Discussing things in general, he then mentioned an Interesting Event, a family member tendered for the Engine Block of one of the new Toyota models that were going to be Produced. The specifications of the tender were that the Block must last for a Warranty Period of Five Years. So in their Diligence and Commitment to get the Tender, they Engineered an Engine Block that would last 8 years, obviously under the impression that If you Produce something Better than the Specifications, your Tender will probably Receive a more Positive View – fascinatingly enough their Tender was Rejected, because it did not Keep to the Specification of a Warranty of 5 years. Now the Engine Block of a motorcar is Engineered, Produced and Constructed by the Machine, but Who Makes the Machine that Makes the Engine Block is the Human and the Human Intent. If we take this now to a Broader view of many, many products that are Available in stores, we’ll Notice that many of them are Produced by the Machine, but Regardless of being Produced by the Machine – which by the way Ensures a Greater Level of Perfection than when it is Produced by the Human – in Total Disregard of this Potential Perfection, the Human would Design the Machine to Produce the Goods to Only Last a Limited Period of Time, Causing Massive Levels of Consumptions, placing Massive Pressure on Resources and All in the Name of Creating a Market Flow which Produces Money and Profit, which produces according to our Well-Drilled Brainwashed Economists – produce a Market Economy that’s Necessary to Keep the World Economy Going. And within this obviously, the Competition that exists between the Remaining Few Corporations in this game of Monopoly, is to see Who can Destroy Who in Price Wars, it’s an Economic War going on and at the end ‘Only One Shall Remain’ – and the One that Remains obviously will Determine in the End the Quality of the Product Produced. If the Consumer has already been Educated by the fact that Nothing Else is available but what has a Limited Warranty, the Corporation can Keep Producing the Same Product over and over again, knowing that it will Fail within a particular Period of Time where the consumer will be Addicted and Adapted to have the Product and thus Must Replace it by their own Apparent ‘Free Choice’ and so a Market Force is Being Created. Is this really the purpose of the Rise of the Machine? What is the machine replacing but the Human Labor point?

By replacing Human Labor what we have already seen is Many People Lose their Jobs and even Those that Remain, end up receiving Lower Incomes with only the few at the top receiving Higher Incomes, in this way Ensuring that Those that Do Make the Decisions, Do Not Question the System; Those that Do Not Make the Decisions have No Choice because otherwise they will have No Job because the Competition for Jobs is so high with the High Levels of Unemployment. So, a Perfect Slavery System exists – all in the name of the Machine and the Machine is Blamed for it, Instead of the Human.

Certainly in a Redesigned Economy, the Machine can play a Significant Role in Perfecting the Products Available for the Human Race to use, Perfecting the Reduction of Resources used in Producing them, Extending the Life of the Produced Product as Part of this Perfection, Allowing the Human to Benefit from their Placement of the Labor Resource by Ensuring that There is Significant and Enough Basic Income for Each One to Ensure that the Product Produced can be Consumed but Not really that, to ensure that the Right to Life is Recognized as a Human Right, Allowing the Human to have More Free Time in which to Develop their Awareness to become more Benevolent, Less Competition which should be the Outflow of the Rise of the Machine, a Reduction in Competition thus a Reduction in Conflict, a Reduction in War, etc. because the Principles are Understood, What is Necessary to have an Ecosystem that is Effective and Supportive in Nourishing the Human Race as a Whole. Unfortunately, this is Not Considered.

You should watch the Documentary The Light Bulb Conspiracy to Understand the Nature of the Problem: the Problem is the Human Being, Not the Machine – and the Machine certainly can Create and Contribute to a Society that brings Vast levels of Freedom to Everyone and Our Society can develop a Higher Purpose for its Existence – at the moment, we’re at the most Basic Part of our Existence where there’s not even a Basic Income, there’s Not Even a Living Income for Everyone! While This could have been Possible if this was Introduced as the Machine was Rising but instead, those Brutal Enough to take Advantage of the Situation Forced a Play that caused a Massive Problem in the World, and now All the Top People, the Elite in the World has No Idea How to Solve the Problem.

And more and more they are Considering a Most Stupid thing: a World War. Every other way of ‘Waging War Against the Human’ has been Trumped by the Human Physical Body being able to Adapt to all the Poisons that’s thrown at it, and In Spite of it all: the Human is Living Longer.
So the solution to the Problem is Not Apparent, more Radical steps are being considered. I would suggest that the Real Radical Step is to Realize that the Mistake was Made when Labor was Removed from the Equation of the Pricing of a Product, and it was Replaced by the Labor of the Machine, you Cannot Compare the Two: the Machine is actually an Extension of Human Labor and therefore the Human should be Glorified through it, it found a Better Way to Create More Time; instead, those that Do Not Fit into the Economic Model are Forced to Use All their time to Find ways to Survive – that is certainly Not the Way Forward.

Investigate Living Income Guaranteed, become Part of the Research. If your Objective and your Principle is like Ours: to Find a Practical Solution that is Best for All that Works for Everyone and You can See that obviously that is the Only Way we will have a Workable Solution on Earth, then Join us because there is No Way that an answer on Earth is going to come through an Individual, it’s going to Require a Group, the Group as Humanity to Work Together, to Bury the Hatchet and to Forgive Each Other and to Move on and Create a System that is Best for All – there is No Other Solution Possible. And to simply try and ‘Find Ways’ that Do Not Involve an Outcome that is Best for All: is Just a Waste of Time.
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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Day 459: BIG Pilot Project Namibia: a Perspective

bignam Now, my perspective is probably going to be quite unique. I was born in Windhoek, growing up in Okahandja, very close to Ontjivero where they did the BIG Pilot Project. Growing up in the community and with the culture and with a unique understanding of the Dynamics there, allowed me to see how things really work - let me give my two cents of this Project.
The Project was based on giving a community a 100 Namibian Dollars a Month as a Basic Income. Now, first point is to understand that Namibian Dollars are Not American Dollars, it is Very Easy to Mistake this point. So to give you at the current Exchange Rate an estimate, a 100 Namibian Dollars = 10 American Dollars approximately, so It is certainly Not a Basic Income that is Being Given, it is Not Making any Significant Change, it does not Impact the ‘Dollar a Day’ Poverty Bracket, it doesn’t even Take the Person Over that. So from the perspective of what a Basic Income Should be, this is Hardly a ‘Pilot Project,’ it’s more a Feel-Good Project and certainly not something with which One can Sway a Government to Implement a Basic Income Project.

Next, Ontjivero is Far out, there are No Industries as such, there’s No Employment as such, the Only thing the People can Do there is Buy Consumer stuff which are very basic survival stuffs, and obviously buy Alcohol as that is the Foundation of each of the smaller communities, they have No Entertainment, they have Nothing else to Do, it’s become part of the Culture, it is the Same Culture that is being Used by ‘the White Man’ so to speak over Centuries, keeping the Locals busy with a Very Structured way of Alcohol Consumption – When they have Money, the tendency is to Get some More.

The Products/ the Goods that will come in and Those that may start a little Business to Sell to the Community will be buying this in the closest towns which is either Okahandja, but more probably Windhoek because your Hyper stores are in Windhoek, Okahandja as a community is really very small – and the Goods will be Sold as Prices that are Highly Inflated because the consumer base in Ontjivero is very small, so You have to Make Profit, you have to make Quite a Profit on every product sold, a 100 dollars a person Extra into the Economic Scenario will obviously bring a Significant Increase in Spending Power from the Spending Power they had before. So it will Look like it is a ‘Significant point,’ but one needs to look at what Was there Before this Pittance was added to Remind the people of how Little they Have.

So some will make some More Money and there will be More Food on the table because the Staple Foods being Mealiemeel which is Porridge made from Corn, selling approximately at 80 Rand (+- 8 US Dollars or 6 Euros) for a bag of 10 kilograms, which will feed a person, probably for about 10 days with 3 meals a day – obviously Who Cares that they are Eating the Same Food 3 times a Day, which in itself leads to Malnutrition – Nobody would ever Do that in the Western World, Eating 3 Same Meals a day for a Whole Month, but that is what it boils down to, you can buy One Staple Food that will last for Part of the Month, and you have to Eat the Same Food Every Day. And the fact that there is No Electricity or Running Water or Toilets or anything relevant to a Normal town scenario – that means there are no Costs for that, but there are also No Benefits of this – would mean that a Significant Amount of Time is spent in Preparing Food because the person would have to go into the Veld to find Wood for the Fire, they’ll have to go and get Water and then they have to Cook the food on the Fire. Now the pots they Cook this food in are Iron pots, an Iron pot costs in the region of 300 Namibian Dollars, that’s Without the Transport to get it there – that is if you buy it in Town (capital) and obviously the transport from Ontjivero to the closest town is quite Expensive because it is a significant way to travel.

To give you an idea, I grew up in a small town where there was No Entertainment. To get to the closest Movie theatre, was 80 Kilometers, to go and do shopping from the whole salers – because you couldn’t find all the stuff in the small town – was 80 kilometers. So it is a significant point that must be planned well and that is quite costly to bring resources to the town. Now there was some researcher from Germany writing a Negative article about the Pilot Project and some of his observations only confirm the level of ignorance that exists within the so-called ‘Researchers.’ One of his Complaints was that the Namibian University was Not Involved in the Research Project. To Involve a person – or several of them from that University in the project – will Cost More than the Total Money that goes into the Pilot Project – that should be realized as the First Point.
Secondly, the level of education of the people in an area like that is So Insignificant, their Capacity so stunted as the current research shows that a person that grows up in poverty will be equal to a person that had a stroke, which would mean that their ability to answer questions – specially from a person Not understanding the Basic Cultural Language, even through an Interpreter – is not going to get you Relevant feedback, because you don’t Understand the Dynamics that exist within the survival pattern of the particular group of people.

And in Namibia, the Basic Language for instance there would be like Herero and Afrikaans, as English is Not a major language, specially outside the cities to such a degree that when I came to South Africa in 1981, I failed my first year university because I couldn’t Speak English, because English was not emphasized – although obviously under the auspices of the ‘United Nations’ and all the wonderful tools with which they Pretend to Stop Poverty, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and stuff like that, the main language has been made English but there has been No Significant Input to bring about this change, specially where it’s Outside the main centers.

So the person is not going to be able to understand the context of the questions and the interpretation of any form of research material will hardly be of any significant value. Furthermore this researcher claimed that there were no empirical economists to overview the project, so now you want to add another part of the Empireconomists to this whole pile which will Increase the Cost even more, because this Empire – you call them ‘Empirical’ I call them ‘Empire-Economists’ because they Justify the Process of Empire – these Empire Economists will cost Even More for Money that Could have gone to the Basic Income Project will now be Diverted to the few researches which – whether they’re black or white are in fact actually White, because those Blacks that are Significantly Educated become like White People, because that’s how the Brainwashing functions.

So, the research would not have been significant because the Statistics used would be to Justify why the Project Can’t Work which is exactly what your major organizations like the World Bank and the IMF actually do. Their point is Not to Find a Working Model, their point is to Justify the model they’re already using and therefore, they’ve already shut down the Basic Income Grant overall because there is no way at the level of the brainwashed Empireconomists where there is any form of Understanding that There Could be a Better System that will involve for instance a Basic Income Grant.

Furthermore this Researcher – I don’t know if one can call them ‘Researchers’ if they are that Ignorant, but let’s attempt to value this point – claimed that in all the years has been ‘No Infrastructure Development‘– now tell me, in a community where a bag of Mealiemeel is nearly the Price of the 100 Namibian Dollar Allowance, you want to tell me they have sufficient to buy Bricks to do some improvement. Now to give you an idea of what the Price is for a brick, the Price for a Brick before delivery and the delivery will double the price due to the distance – virtually where this is located, the bricks are 5 Rand Each which is 5 Namibian Dollar each, which gives you 20 bricks if you take the basic income grant allowance that was received by a person that Can buy 20 bricks a month if they don’t eat bricks, they don’t Buy Food and they accumulate it, it will take them several years to have enough bricks to build an outside toilet, just to satisfy these dear researcher’s peculiar strange conclusion.

So I would not pay much attention to those that claim they are working at some University in some project, doing some form of research that apparently means that They Care about what’s going on, they are just being paid with Grants, Grants that should have been Focused on and Pulled together for a Basic Income Grant. All these Researchers will No Longer Exist in a Basic Income Grant project because there, people will Do Research because they Really Care, not because they need the money or they pretend to care. I would not give much attention to how this is all being viewed.

Overall, there would be some change, I mean having money to buy Mealiemeel and to have some food where you have virtually No Income in a community, certainly is a Massive Impact, but is it significant that it will actually make a Permanent Change to the Cultural Tradition and to the human nature in that area? No, it will not make any significant difference, it will Not bring about Significant Change where the person can make a Life Changing Decision because there is No Possibility. This particular Pilot Project is more a Project where one will have a look at How effective Slavery can exist within the minimum income bracket of the poverty line as accepted. One can call the Big Project rather a World Bank or an International Monetary Fund Project. Obviously it’s been Funded by the Church which is some of the Significant Influencers and Supporters of things like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, because the Church Does Not Question the Suffering and Poverty, they in fact Ensure that it Exists.

So therefore the Money that is there is really completely insignificant, the Project is insignificant – obviously the people are Grateful, they’ve got some ‘more food,’ food that otherwise would not have been there and due to the continuous process of Globalization that is even affecting Namibia, there will be Less Food and Less Money in this type of Communities. But if you guys can continue getting the Money to this people, let me tell you: They Really Need it, it’ll buy them some Mealiemeel, they will Smile for you, you can take some snaps and Publish it all over and tell the world How Good you are because You are Feeding the Starving – they will make a living, they will survive, they will give you the Photo opportunity and the Public Relations opportunity – but Don’t Fool Yourself, your Pilot Project is insignificant and is of No Real Value. In fact, it only gives an actual overview of the nature of the current Basic Income Grant Project, that the people behind it Don’t have a Clue what it means to Make a Difference in a person’s Life, it is Actually Disrespectful to Do So Little and to Blow it Out of Proportion So Much.

So it is important to realize that Economics should Not be based on Statistics, it must be based on Fact and another word for Fact, THE Word for Economic Fact is Mathematics and for that you need Correct Data and then You can Work out what is the Real situation and What is Best.

Now what I suggest to a Researcher: if you want to have a Model of Establishing What would be Acceptable in another person’s Life: You Start with Your Life and You Assess what it takes to have your Lifestyle. You Do the Mathematical Data Collection and then you start to Remove Stuff from your life to See at What level you Reach the Point where Your Lifestyle is No longer Acceptable, and When you get to your Threshold, then you have to Live that for a Significant Period, like for instance in the BIG Pilot Project it’s being going on for Several Years so you have to live at this Threshold for Several Years and Then See if it is Still Acceptable.

From that perspective You can Work out Exactly What You would be Willing to Live with as a Basic Income and thus, That is what You Propose for Everyone else because then You Do onto Others as You would Like to be Done onto and thus You Give as You would Like to Receive, and so Unless a Researcher in Economics Follows the Principle of Assessing their Own Lifestyle and establishing What is Acceptable or not within Their Own Life – they have No Way Except a Mathematical Way to Establish What is Valid and What is Not.

So at the moment we have No Real Data all around about Establishing an Economic System in the world that is Best for All. The Basic Income Guaranteed as we are Proposing, is coming with suggested Data Models, How to take Data into Account and How to Adjust the Structure of Consumerism and thus Improve Capitalism to bring about a Sustainable Basic Income for Everyone that Qualifies.

So investigate the Living Income Guaranteed – We Really Care and Actually Do Research.
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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day 458: Facts and Feelings: How to Stop and Prevent Brainwashing

We’re living in a Strange World where Feelings Counts for More than Facts to such a Degree that one would Place the Value of Feeling as More Relevant than the Value of Fact. Within this, we have a Structure with which we can Establish the Actual Facts within this world, while those that Follow Feeling Do Not even Understand How a Single Feeling in Fact is Created, they’re believing that Feelings are Created by the Mind while in fact, Feelings are the result of Physical Programming, the result of Memories that are Part of and have been Integrated into the Physical Body.

Now, Feelings themselves only exist actually as What You Feel, then the Polarity that comes from it obviously gives you the Positive or the Negative of the Feeling and that Feeling then becomes the Motion. So All Feelings in essence are in fact E-motions because they cause Energy Motion, they cause one to Move and Act out on the Feeling creating a Physical Consequence which you then call a Fact. These facts though are not THE Facts, they are only ‘A Fact’ that follows as a Consequence through the Motion of Emotion as a Feeling that is either Positive or Negative that ends up as a Physical Representation. And even now Hormones use Memories to stir up Feelings which is why what you believe is in Fact ‘Love’ that you experience, but is nothing else but a chemical reaction prompting you to Exacerbate the Belief that ‘Who you Are’ is What you Feel - you’ve been Duped!

Real Facts are that If You Do Not Breathe = You Die. If you Do Not Fear what you Should Fear, You’re in Fearful Danger as Lao Tsu pointed out 5,000 years ago – that means: Real Fear are Physical Fears that are the same for everyone. An example is: if you Step in front of a Moving Bus: it will Smash you – that is the same for every Human Being, so that is Real Fear. Fear based on Feeling is based on a Memory Implant, that is Brainwashing and a Lot of that has been going on for Many Generations and we have even Developed a whole Pseudo-Science field called ‘Psychology’ to Justify the Existence of these Feelings, making ‘The Good Feeling’ better than ‘The Bad Feeling,’ Influencing how we Manage the Resources of this Reality, how we Mismanage the Facts of this Reality into the Fiction of the Feelings. And every Part of our Society currently Functions in Feeling instead of Fact, which in fact is Brainwashing! Because, it is how one would Implant Information with a Bias and then form Groups around that to Give one the Illusion that ‘Because Many Believe in these Feelings, they have Value’ and you Create an Incoherent form of Democracy and Majority Rule which is Not based on Fact, but is Based on Feeling and thus Produce a situation where Some are Abused and Others have Power.

The Fact is that all Human Beings Born on Earth, are subject to Very Basic Facts: You Need Breath, you Need Water, you Need Food, you Need Education, you Need a Home, you Need Each Other – these are Facts, but because these facts are Influenced by Feelings, the Value of the Facts got Diminished and we have a world where Half the World is Living in Less than Effective Conditions while a very small Minority holds sway over virtually All the Resources. The Rest, the other 40% or 45% which you can call the Middle Class are The Real Brainwashed, they do what they do because they are Working together to make Feelings More Valuable than Facts; and Regardless of the Fact that that produces a Total situation in society of Inequality, They don’t Care because the Feelings they have are Produced by their Own Mind, their Own Memories Individually where they then Agree to work together to Impose this absolute Atrocity of a Brainwashed Society because they get the Benefit of having More Access to the Resources and thus as long as They are Protected = They don’t Care!

Many Words have been invented to Justify Feeling instead of Fact like Compassion and Empathy and Love and Light, all kinds of Words are Feeling Not Based on Fact.

The Fact is: You are in this Physical World, in a Physical Body where you have a Mind – this Mind gives you the Functionality to be able to Consider Parts of this Reality that is Not in your Immediate Sphere of Access – that means, if that Information that is in the Mind is Not Balanced based on Facts that are going on in the world, then you will have an Illusion about what’s going on in Reality because you are Trusting the Information, when the Information is in Fact Not Based on Fact. And then you have a Warped View of what is going on in Reality. Whomsoever has the Ability to Influence these words and change them from Fact to Feeling, then will have the Power to Control ‘Who You Are’ and If you do Not Understand How this Functions, You cannot Help yourself and your Value System will be based will be Warped based on Feelings instead of Fact.

Now this is a Universal Condition that now exists in this World where the Vocabulary – which is the Building Block of a person’s life – is Not based on Fact, it is based on Feeling and thus Biased and that Groups are formed Around this Bias, because this Bias gives groups certain forms of Power Over Others. This result obviously in a world where one can see as Fact that this form of Bias is causing Inequality, it is causing Some to Have and Many to Have Not.
It is thus critical that one does understand the Difference between Facts and Feelings and that one do realize that If you are in any way within your life Directed or Moved into Motion to Take Action by Feelings: You have a Problem, you are in Fact Confirmed Brainwashed. And you will find if you dare – and you can actually dare to find out with the Desteni Lite Process and the 7 Year Journey to Life how Difficult it is to In Fact Stop the Feelings that are Controlling Your Existence, how Difficult it is to Stop Brainwashing – but once you’ve Stopped it, you can also Learn how Easy it is to Prevent it.
The guide is simple, if a person is moved by Feeling: You Cannot Trust them, they have No Integrity because their Integrity has been Compromised by Feelings, and they Cannot make Assessments based on Fact and therefore their Reasoning is based on Feeling and therefore it is Not Reasonable. Reasonable Reasoning will Consider Facts and Produce an Outcome that is Best.
Irrational Reasoning will be based on Feeling and will Push for the Feeling to produce a Bias that will Lead to an Outcome of Inequality.

That’s how you for instance know within the Desteni Message and What We Stand for Who you can Trust. You’ll notice those that are within the Group of the Brainwashed will use Words to produce Feelings within you, Feelings of Fear and in essence All Feelings are in fact Fear, even Love is Fear – that is why Love is the Opposite of Fear but it is the Same Coin, it exists together: the one cannot exist without the other, it is one thing ‘Love and Fear.’ So they will use Words particularly, specifically to Induce and to Activate your Memory, Memories that are Existing in you, otherwise the Feeling would Not Exist; that Feeling will then come up as Thought and you will make your Decisions based on the feeling which means it is not really a decision you’re making, it is a Preprogrammed Decision based on a Memory, something in the past that is determining your Ability to See the Facts in the Present and that tis Preventing you from seeing What is in Fact Here, What is in Fact Present.
So there is Great Value in those that attack Desteni, it shows Who are Ready to in Fact Face the Structural Design of themselves and bring it Back to Reality to the present, to be Based on Fact. And it shows Who’s Not Ready Yet and Will Remain as part of the Brainwashed.

Those Ready at this stage of our Existence will become the Future World Teachers that will help those that are Lost in Brainwashing, to Eventually realize and practice a Solution for Life based on Fact, Removing those Mechanisms that are Creating Feeling so that One can Become a being of Integrity. At Desteni we Support the Development of Beings of Integrity – anyone that comes to you that tries and Mislead you with Feelings, know one thing: You Can’t Trust them, they don’t even Know How their Own Mind Functions, their Ignorance is Extreme. They keep Ignoring the Facts, that is why they’re Ignorant – it is Nothing Personal, it is purely a Measurement of their current capacity and is a measurement and an explanation on Why they Cannot be Trusted with Life and Why they will Allow Life to be Abused on Earth extensively. All the Evidence of this abuse is in fact Available and being Published in Multiple Ways Every Single Day but that is the nature of Brainwashing, the Brainwashed Cannot See the Facts, they only see the Fiction because the Inner is the Outer, that means what is Inside them as their Designed Program will be What they See Outside them as Their Reality which is in fact an Illusion, the ‘In’ is the ‘Out’ and Deliberately they are Creating the ‘In’ to produce an ‘Out’ that they like, one based on feeling without understanding that in fact they are Brainwashing themselves. This has been one of the Root Functions of our Education System, our Religious System, our Spirituality Systems – all of them are Producing Functional Brainwashing to a Degree where the Being is producing it themselves, Never ever Teaching anyone in Fact How it is Done, simply utilizing Methodologies based on Outcomes – that means to ‘Feel Good,’ to ‘Feel Happy,’ to ‘Feel Loved’… Just the Outcome, Never the Mechanism because if you had to Understand the Mechanism: You will Never be Foolish enough to Embrace such Obvious Abuse.
It is thus Absolutely Imperative that one Investigates All Things as Jesus suggested, that you Investigate How the mechanics of the Mind Functions so that you can See how you are Producing the Feelings that you Believe are True, how this Illusion is Your Own Making simply because you are Ignoring the facts, the fact is that the Mind is a Mechanism, it is a Machine, it Functions by Laws and Rules. If you do not Understand the Laws and the Rules and the Relationships that are Inherent within the Process of Producing a Feeling and you cannot go to the Actual Memory that is the Origin, the Starting Point of a Feeling, investigating Where it comes from and Why it exists and How it exists and How you use it to produce the Feeling: You are in fact Lost.

As we enter now the Next Phase of the Process which is Confronting the Brainwashing and the Illusion on Earth understand: the Way Forward in all of the aspects of the Desteni of the World is to first Identify Those that can be Trusted with Fact and to weed out the chaff that are Contaminated by Feeling, they are Not yet Ready. And to Assist those that are Ready to also Help their children to Build a Vocabulary, a Memory Structure that is based on Fact and Not Based on Bias and Feeling, to bring the Being to a Level of Equality through their Vocabulary, that their Vocation becomes Life, that they Become Truly Worthy of Life.

This is a Monumental task where You will Face your Own Program which will Assist you to Stop and Remove All Mechanisms that is Causing Feelings within you which Leads to your Delusion and your Illusion. If you Allow Feelings: You are in Severe Trouble, Do Not Allow this. We already have the Evidence of this, we have walked this for Years and the Desteni I Witness Blogs are the Evidence of those that has Managed to Stop this Contamination of their being that has Got the Evidence that what the Message of Desteni is In Fact Works, that the Principles of Desteni are in fact Measurably Certain to Produce what is Best for All. Inevitably Realize if the Desteni Message causes Any Reaction within you, you still have Levels of Contamination that are diminishing your In-Fact-Life-Being, and therefore as long as that is Contaminated: You are Not in Fact Life.

Do your research “Seek and Ye Shall Find” that means When you are Seeking, make sure you See how things are Really created – Especially in the Mind – and have a look and understand that All Our Systems in the world at the moment are the Result of the Mind and they Only Exist because the Human Participates in it as the Mind, Not as Living Physical Beings. Inevitably the World will become that which is Best for All, whether you will be Part of it or Not, You in fact Decide through your Alliances and Allegiance: Are you Aligned with What is Best for All Life or are you Aligned to your Self Interest only? Are you Aligned to the Feelings that makes you Feel Good or Are you Ensuring that Life is Good for All on Earth?
Investigate if you can, if you Cannot, Don’t Worry – We Will find a way to Remind you that You are Not the Mind: You are in fact a Living Being that has Abdicated Your Responsibility to Life.
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