Monday 15 July 2013

Day 453: The BIG Scam and Robin

basic income guaranteed and human rights by sylvie jacobs So, at the Equal Life Foundation which is a Non-Profit Organization we research solutions that will be Best for All People on Earth therefore, B.I.G. was obviously one of the points we investigated. And then we saw the probability and the possibility of such a system becoming an acceptable vehicle for economic change in the world. Initially B.I.G. did not raise any interest because the current structure of B.I.G. as it is existing as a ‘Basic Income Grant’ is like a form of Cognitive Disinformation, where the majority of people that do not have economic stability are granted a right to life and the fact that they have a right to life is already dismissed and disregarded and it was used to describe the B.I.G. principle.

So, we investigated the words because we as Humans are Living Words and therefore the Words that describe the Principle of a Basic Income as a Human Right must be Guaranteed and simplistically, because we do research how these things affect the human mind, I was very clear that we have to present it as B.I.G: Basic Income Guaranteed. Now, we are Not a political organization so we’re not going to be involved in politics -- though it doesn’t mean some of our members/ supporters/ people that walk as our group may be, but in the meantime we cannot remain quiet when those that pretend to be leading B.I.G. are in fact not yet aware enough to realize what they’re actually doing and why it is that after a lifetime with B.I.G. they’ve gotten nowhere.

This is why we will present the Basic Income Guaranteed proposal within structural design and within the ways that it will be Best for All with a Plan How to implement it as a Guaranteed Structure, Stable and for a continuous future that supports the Basic Human Right of a Dignified Life on Earth.

Furthermore, we have members that dedicate their life to study how the world functions, that study economics, that study mathematics, that study solutions and that investigate all things and out of that keep what is best and only that which is measurably effective. Now we have so-called ‘leaders’ in the B.I.G. group that want to call us a ‘Scam.’

Now, a Scam is one of the structural words used by governments, religion and corporations to drive the living fear into people – it’s a form of cognitive disinformation to cause a fearful disassociation and ensure that the person never investigates things for themselves. Now Robin Ketelaars has got nothing to fear from us, he’s got lots to fear for himself because he may have been wrong all along in how he presented the B.I.G. solution. For instance, having a petition drawn up – I presume he’s involved in that because he’s promoting it – to get a million signatures presented to the European Union to Discuss the BIG proposal is really going to go nowhere, you can just study History.

If you want to know what brings about change then have a look at what happened in Namibia and South Africa, how change actually is structured under the union like the United Nations where proposals are drawn up where new Bills of Rights are drawn up and where this is in fact presented through a referendum which then brings about change and then through a structured political process, you then have a new government in place – these things are extensively funded and investigated. There is no way unless the Basic Income Grant people change their approach that it can ever be effective because it is seen as an Economic Threat to have the B.I.G. as part of an economy. It needs to be something that is an Added Value to the economic system – that is why with the Basic Income Guaranteed we are investigating the solution to bring about the Inclusion of the current form of capitalism in it; this way ensuring that those that have made great wealth – although it may be that they made it through all kinds of ways that are not necessarily best – we forgive them, and we rather focus on the solution point which is why Desteni is about Forgiveness, something that helps one get Beyond Your Own Ego to not only get stuck in what you are trying to get without considering what’s best but to ensure that you remove the limitation within you to consider what is best.

So Mr. Robin Ketelaars trying to attack me at a personal level based on Obvious Generalized Lies without having Investigated what we have done - yet without having walked a path with us, the Big point about knowing what a person/ what a cause is all about is to walk with them and “Eat a Peck of Salt”. That is the metaphor, you haven’t done that, you are just trying to spread fear. It is very unfortunate because it really actually only reveals the character that you are and that you are not worthy as a Leader. You should resign and get new blood in because you are one of the reasons why the Basic Income Grant has never gotten anywhere – a bit of advice here, unlikely that you’ll take it.
But for the rest of you people that have been mislead by Hope without structural proper design to bring about an understanding of who you are going to present this proposal to – those that actually have got the power/ those with Money – ensuring that they will make More Money, otherwise they’re not going to be happy with you, they’re not going to agree to your basic income proposal. It is necessary that you understand and investigate How everyone will benefit and by making the Basic Income Grant Unconditional to create the ideology that ‘Everyone will Benefit that way’ = it is not going to be so, it Cannot be Unconditional, it must be a Structural Economic Certainty that People will Benefit from – you cannot just make it ‘Unconditional’ and give it to everyone in hope they will agree that ‘that’s good’ because ‘they get a little bit as well,’ they must now give you a little bit as well – but this places the economy under strain because nothing about the funding of the B.I.G. is really understood, nothing about what caused the problem for at least the last 30-40 years in terms of how the value of labor of the human has been reduced, why life has become worth nothing? None of that is Understood.

One needs to understand the problem fundamentally and certainly those that currently drive it have no clue and have never really done any research and are trying to manipulate the wealthy to join them by calling the Basic Income Grant ‘Unconditional’ what a waste of time.

Check us out, We Will Not Shut Up, we Will Not Be Manipulated by words of Fear, We will Expose your Bullshit.
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