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Day 487: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 5

This blog is a continuation and conclusion to:
Day 483: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 1
Day 484: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 2
Day 485: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 3
Day 486: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 4

Equality-is-our-Desteni self awareness bernardpoolman Darryl: I would say that people really...I caught myself existing through my point of view, my perspective and then acting that know, I don’t believe in Politics, ‘cause Politics is crap – so, I don’t participate.

You’re going to have to participate in everything, because you cannot direct anything that is separate from you. You have to take responsibility for everything that is here: The Money-System, the Political-System, the War-System, the Education-System –

You have to stand up within it, as it, direct it. Make sure that the starting-point of it becomes Life-Awareness; Not self-awareness, not programmed-reality – but actuality of Life in Expression.

Considering, considering all expressions as a starting-point within it as Life:
Animal, plant, everything will have to be considered – Equal and One.
Otherwise Life will not give you access to what is Really Here.

Remember that the here that is here is ‘the here Consciousness’. It is ‘the here’ of the programmed-reality. You first have to stand equal as it in self-honesty to be able to let it go. It will not just go away because you stop.

You have to stop you as what you have become as an entity called ‘consciousness’. Because consciousness is where you have created you within a system, it’s a reflection of yourself.

The world is a reflection of what is going on inside each human being as who you believe yourself to be. None of it is real – all of it will END.

This is not ‘bad’ that it’s ending. It does not require fear. It is simply the END of our ILLUSION, our delusion as an idea, which is called ‘self-awareness’, which is called ‘consciousness’.

Here, Common Sense is required, to consider the simplicity of the Principle: That Life is Equally in Everything. And therefore – Life is One.
And that all and everything we do, must have that as the starting-point Principle.

If that is the Principle that each one is Living by, our reality, everything we’ve ever done: Change.

In doing that, Consciousness will disappear. Our reality as it exist now will change and Life will give us Access to what Life really is: We have no idea what is possible.

And we will not be shown, unless we are proven to be expressing Life Self-Honestly as every breath Here, in consideration of all Life, equally, everywhere, in all of existence, Heaven and Earth.

Therefore Heaven, is now, on Earth. In actuality, within Consciousness, trapped equally, as every human is trapped. To consider this singular point:
What is Life Equally?
And why am I abusing myself, as each other?

Understand, because Life is Equal within each being – you are me as I am you. We are responsible for each other.
That responsibility must be recognized.

You cannot allow one to die in a War, or in famine, or in a system just because they have not adhered to the rules of Consciousness, or the rules of self-interest and self-awareness. You have to stop that as well, because it is you doing it, there is no excuse...

And accordingly, HELL is Here.

What is Hell?
Hell is those points that we have allowed to become real from our experience-perspective, because we have denied the Principle that Life is Equal within All.

We have abused Oneness in the name of Consciousness, and in the name of ‘success’, and in the name of our ‘self-awareness’, our greater ‘ascending-self’. Where the fuck are you going to send your ass to?

Wherever you are going to go, you are going to face one thing: You have denied the realisation, the Principle that Life is equal within all, and you have denied yourself from standing up, and standing up as Life for Everyone.

There is NO EXCUSE.

I suggest, that one consider, forgiving yourself for every single point where you have denied yourself the insight, the realisation, the common sense that Life is Equal within everyone.

For that, Forgiveness is a tool, because in that you give yourself freedom from your delusion.

Only you are responsible for yourself.

Within that, you can test yourself in your actions that you are self-honest and that you are actually, recognizing Life Equally in Everything, in every single breath.
That is the point of Self-Honesty.
That requires Common-Sense, I mean:

‘Am I willing to exist as every single form, equally in expression as Life? No matter where it exist. Am I willing to be the slaughter-animal that is kept in a factory-farm. Am I willing to recognize myself equally as that expression as Life? Is that who I am?

Am I willing to accept that as my expression as Life?
Or do I stop, this abuse, of myself in other forms?

Do we know where it will take us? Obviously not! We’ve never walked this path, otherwise we wouldn’t have been where we are now.
That’s Common Sense.

So therefore, we, one must, develop Common Sense and walk the Path of Hell; the Hell of what we have already created. It’s not going to go away, we’re going to have to stop it as ourselves, equal and one as Life.

There is no other way. There is no way but to face what we have allowed.

So that we may remember, for eternity, what it means to deny Life.

And in the depth of our pain and despair, as Hell emerges, let’s remember: We did this to ourselves.

And unless we stand in every breath, Equally as Life, for all, on behalf of those that cannot stand for themselves yet, until they can stand...if we don’t do that, we will simply never be real.

Everything we will ever do, will not be real. Our self-awareness will simply disappear at death.

This is self-realisation:
To realise what it is to be real as Life, Equally within All as One.
This is Equality and Oneness. This is the Destiny of the Universe.

This is the end of money as we know it, it’s the end of education as we know it, it’s the end of government as we know it, it’s the end of war, the end of religion, the end of domination, the end of manipulation, the end of abuse...

...because all of that was done in our self-awareness as our attempt to control each other and protect each other from each other.
But none of that is even real, because none of that is based in Life.

All of that is based in programmed-realities, based on ideas and concepts of personality.
All of that, cannot even transcend death. It is useless.

I think that’s sufficient for now.

Darryl: Okay, brilliant.

Thursday 29 August 2013

Day 486: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 4

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 485: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 3:
And we’ve made of ‘love’ a definition, an idea, something that we’re attempting to express – but we do not within it consider that it exist in fact within each one as Life. And that Life in consideration of itself within all equally: Is what Love really is. It is within that – which we are One.
But that Love is not a ‘feeling’.

That Love is a Realisation of yourself. It’s an Acceptance. It’s an Embracing of yourself in every single breath and every point of your existence; whether you are in the physical, whether you are a dog, whether you are a horse, whether you are stone, whether you are the bed we sit on, whether you are an ‘angel’, whether you are in Heaven – doesn’t matter where you are:

You are an Equal as this Life.

And to dare to become or see yourself as more because of the form that flowed from it as your self-awareness: Is Deception and is a disHARMony that Harms each other.

That is what we say must be stopped.
We must stop that which we have become as, as ‘Self-Awareness’ in ALL its forms, because none of it is honouring Life equally as One Here.

Because incessantly we continued to define, define, define everything.
From what perspective: If we have to be Self-Honest, from the perspective of wanting to be better than another, more than another.

In fact, we are saying: We want to be more than Life.
And in that – we miss everything.

That is why at Desteni we say:
Self-Forgiveness, to forgive yourself that you have dared to deny Life. In every way that you have done that – you have to Forgive Yourself.

Because only you can do that, because you know where you do it in thought, word and deed. You know where you are denying another, Life, equally to you; where you are judging another, blaming another, where you regard yourself as more or less.

You know all the points where you are dishonest within yourself and denying you and everything else: Life.

You will not gain access to Life unless you are Equal to Life in every way, and you recognize Life in everything equally, and that is Proven as your Living Expression.
You will not gain access to Life at all.

You will simply live out your existence, die, forget everything and start again.
Which means in fact: That you have never existed.

That’s why, when you die: You forget everything.

Obviously before, when the soul-construct existed...what was the soul-construct?
It was an attempt to deceive oneself even further to try and remember your lives, because you apparently believed that your lives were real.

But, you had to record it, and place it in the Akashic Record – because you couldn’t remember it.
Which means what? Memory are part of a System.

We have manifested it as a Computer, and we’ve manifested it, memory-systems; why are we doing it? Because we can’t remember. We’re trying to remember what it is we are.

Life is not a Memory.

Life is in fact always HERE.

But Life will not give access to abusers, users of self-interest, users and abusers of self-awareness; where awareness has become more than what Life is.

Thus, Life-Awareness, in fact, has never existed.

We have investigated this back, through uncountable eons of time; Life-Awareness has never existed.
We have done the same thing over and over again. We found multiple universes, all doing exactly the same.

What is happening here on Earth, in various dimensions?

Earth, as a manifested dimension which brings together everything within the Principle of an actual experience in space and time – obviously is the foundation-phase of what one can call: The emergence of Life as Life-Awareness.

That is why Earth exist:
Earth is the Eye of the Needle where each one will move through it, to actually face what they have allowed themselves to become as Self-Awareness.

And where all Self-Awareness will be annihilated forevermore, until all that remain is Life Equally within each and that is recognized, proven, in every breath for eternity.
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Tuesday 27 August 2013

Day 485: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 3

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 484: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 2:
“Therefore Religion in itself is war. It’s a way that you actually put on armor, preparing yourself to defend yourself and who you have become as ‘self-awareness’. So that you can say,

“I had no other choice. This is all I had. This is thus, all I am. This is
who I am, and therefore, I must be recognized as this.”
Even we attempt to
control that, in the afterlife.”

grass_sun Unfortunately, we miss a fascinating point.

If you observe; when a Baby is born, when a Seed opens up and grows, it is following a Pattern, it’s following a Program.
When a Animal is born, it follows a Program according to its design, according to its DNA. But there is something in it that is Equal in everything.

It is Equal in the Grass, it is Equal in the Air you breathe. It is Equal in the Animal. It is Equal in the Human. It is Equal in the Being that is Dead in the afterlife.

That Equality is Life.

That Equality does not form or follow a Program.
That Equality is the Essence of what is Here.
That Equality, that Life-Awareness does not exist within the context of those that are in form, are in spreading the information about what is going on.
That is what is the Oneness that exists between everything.

Not the “oneness” that has been proliferated as that within Spirituality or within a world-system, or within meditation, or within a particular expression of consciousness.
Consciousness is simply the attempt of the system to understand itself. It‘s the attempt of the Organic Robot as the human trying to understand its point and its purpose within a system. A system within a system attempting to “evolve” into something. It knows there is something. It knows there must be something more, but it can't find it. Because, it's never really looked.
It’s because the point that you know that is “more” is the point that you don't want to look at. It is the point that takes away all your specialness, it takes away all your fear. It takes away all what you regard you to be, so that what remains; is that which is Equal in Everyone.

That is where real Oneness exist.
That is not being considered.
That has never been considered, for eons of time, as each being attempts, to make itself more special – without actually considering, what it is, that is in essence: Behind everything.

By definition, the fact that this exists in everyone – means Everyone is Equal in Everything.
Obviously the form you take on is a temporary expression, which has only emerged: Because of our division into an attempt to understand each other, from the perspective of understanding ourselves as form.
So therefore we started defining everything.
In that definition, we became trapped as the definition.
And in that we lost the awareness.
And we did not consider the awareness of what is really, in essence – our Equality.
What is it that makes it possible for all of us to exist together, what is the ‘binding force’?
It’s not ‘God’. It’s not a ‘Spirit’.
It is Life itself.
It is existent within everything.
But it is not ‘aware’.

Darryl: Could you say that Life is what people might be looking for?

Life is that which you are looking for, but in looking for it, you’ll keep on missing it – because you are it in fact already.
What you have to do is let go of your Programmed Self. Let go of your Self-Interest. Let go of everything that you have ever allowed yourself to be as ‘fact’, as ‘knowledge’.
Because all of that; is ‘Self-Awareness’. All of that is Self-Interest. All of that is your attempt to make yourself ‘more’ than What you Are, as Each Other in the Essence of your Origin, your Genesis, your Real Truth.

When we entered heaven through the Portal, or when the Portal opened, the Portal entered heaven through the Portal: I was already in Heaven – because heaven is Here as Life.
But not from the perspective that Heaven understood itself.
The same point was everywhere; I saw it in Earth, in everything, in every stone, every grass, every being. Same in Heaven – every being there - the same point: We are all the same.

Not only as a Program are we all the same, following the same desires, hopes and needs and wants; we are the same in Essence, as the Life-force from which we emanate.
But that Life-force we deny, because we can only actually access or recognize that Life-force, if we recognize that as Equal in All of Us – and it emanates, it expresses from us as what we are as form.

What have we done:
In the forms and the systems and our expressions we have taken on – we have disregarded Life, and we have made the system, the personality, the ‘spirit-idea’ of everything more than what Life is.
We have in fact become ‘larger than Life’, and in that has been our demise.
We have lost our humbleness. We have lost our consideration of each other. We have lost ‘love’ in fact.

And we’ve made of ‘love’ a definition, an idea, something that we’re attempting to express – but we do not within it consider that it exist in fact within each one as Life. And that Life in consideration of itself within all equally: Is what Love really is. It is within that – which we are One.

Monday 26 August 2013

Day 484: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 2

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 483: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 1:
“It is our search to be “God” within a system that causes that. The fact that one actually still adheres to the basic seven-days of Creation as it is written in the Bible, obviously is not realized, because within that you are still within a system that is seven days, you are still within a system where are dominant or “more than” the animal, dominant or “more than” the plant, which is regarded as a system.”

chromosomes dna monkey chimp human self awareness programming bernardpoolman desteni What is a plant, a human and an animal? What are the similarities?

All of it is based on DNA which is based on thus, a particular set of chromosomes, a particular set of relationships that cause one to have particular skills that are programmable as language, as society, as expression and so on.

And therefore the difference between a chimpanzee and a man is but a few chromosomes. The rest is exactly the same. Those chromosomes give the chimpanzee a particular language and expression and social structure, and it gives to Man a particular language and expression and social structure.

But in essence, within the context of its existence, within the context of its program, it is what it is. And it can only “evolve” to a certain point.

The same with Man. Man can only evolve to a certain point, which is why most of our Spirituality has been projected as ideas ‘Beyond Death’, which is based in hope and assumption and conjecture and apparent experiences while in “divine inner communication”.

What are you really communicating with within yourself? You are communicating with that part that you hope to become.

That then creates an idea of divinity or “God” within which one then attempt to exist as an example to society what you perceive would be “God,” what you perceive you would want to be.

It is not considered that any of that, in fact, do not actually have any impact on improving the lives of beings on Earth that is less fortunate.

So, what has really happened? Let's start to consider it:

When you as a child are born, in your first seven years, you are getting your basic programming; your cognitive skills, your language skills, your social skills, your basic body functional skills, eating skills, sleeping, your relationship with your family and your immediate environment.

Then it expands to your education, where your education will move you into and integrate you into society so you could become an effective part of the manufacturing industry of our consumerism. Where you could create things to be consumed and be effective within it.

All of that, is part of what you can call your ‘Programmed Self’.

From that Programmed Self, you’re then attempting to become an individual. That attempt to become an individual, is done through what is called, “self-reflection”.

You reflect upon yourself in relationship to your society, in relationship to what all your knowledge that is available, and you make a decision who you are according to that.
That you call “choice” or “free choice”.

Obviously, the fact that it is within a limited construct and design that is programmed as well, kind of never enters the equation.

Because you do not consider, that within the context of you assessing you, you can only assess you according to the program language you've been programmed with, within the context of the program; the society, the religion and the education you have.

Your insight is no more than that.

So now, within that you develop what you would call, “Self-Awareness.”
That self-awareness is totally self-centered, based on the interest of yourself to be successful within a world system, and to prepare yourself for something that you know is inevitable:

You are going to leave this system to enter another system, which is the Heavenly system, and you want to prepare your place from this system into the next system.

And you have been programmed to believe that you can influence your placement in the next system, which is the system of Heaven.

And there are many, many different ‘options’ which are called basic religions, which you can follow that each has an idea about what apparently happens to you in the next system - which is Heaven. But you don't know that in fact.

You’re required to believe that.
But you have no other answer, therefore you believe it because you are quite scared what would happen if you get there and you don't have something that you can defend yourself with: Which is your religion.

Therefore Religion in itself is war. It’s a way that you actually put on armor, preparing yourself to defend yourself and who you have become as ‘self-awareness’. So that you can say,

“I had no other choice. This is all I had. This is thus, all I am. This is who I am, and therefore, I must be recognized as this.”
Even we attempt to control that, in the afterlife.

Saturday 24 August 2013

Day 483: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 1

human robot information program survival parents desteni bernardpoolmanLet's start at the beginning. What are the definable points within our awareness that are quantifiable? We are born, we then exist within this reality within a particular experience, and we die.

When we are born, we are born within a family, within a culture, within a country, within a language, within a particular social design. When you are born, all you have is that which you get from your mother and your father through DNA.

That is what we are, we have explained already at Desteni as your “Structural Resonance.”

According to your DNA placement, that means the design, within that which is in your bloodline, you will have particular abilities, you will have particular paths that are more dominant and paths that are less apparent.

So therefore out of that, you will have particular features, particular abilities which will be either a sharper mental ability, a more effective physical ability – various different points that will be DNA based coming from your parents, from your bloodline.

Within that obviously is, that is your Structural Resonance – that is, the ‘sound frequency’ which defines who you are as a physical being and what will be your ‘programmable abilities’ and in what field you will be ‘more effective’.

This gets then enhanced and is dependent upon; where you are born and what your social support is, your money support you have within this reality, your education support and obviously what your religious upbringing is.

All of that within the context of the family will have an effect on ‘who you will become as a personality’, ‘as a person’ that will participate within a system – which is the world as society.

If for instance, you were abused as a child, that will have an effect on that perception of yourself, that experience of yourself, based on what you've been programmed.

So what is the principle here? The principle is that you are programmed according to the experiences of those that were before you; your parents, your society. It is following no other principle but experience which is fear and survival based.

Accordingly, you will end up following exactly what you've been programmed to follow.

Which in essence would be the definition of a robot within a system which is a manufacturing system that manufacture facts, and according to these facts, which is information – you are in a formation [that] will be formed and the form of you, will be projected into the world according to that information.

Which is why we are now, we have moved from an industrial age to an information age, where everyone is controlled by information completely.

You are thus only a number.

And if you do not have that number – and that number do not equate to the system, and the value the system has given you and that you are actually following the system and the rules of the system, you are kicked out by the system and you become null and void, and you are unable to survive in the system.

Darryl: ah, “The Mark of the Beast.”

(Various references of the Mark of the Beast is contained in the Book of Revelations, where it is stated that in the end times that the “Antichrist” will appear and dupe humanity into enslaving themselves. The relevant passage:
“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16-17)

The Mark of the Beast. The Number. And as that continues, obviously, everyone participating within that, is doing it from a perspective of what is called, “self-awareness.”

You are aware of the system, you are aware of yourself within the system, you are aware what you as yourself must do to survive in the system, and accordingly, you participate.

We look back at history; we have been “evolving” as this self-awareness within a system.

And as we move and evolve within our experience in self-awareness, the system evolves and accordingly we have a system that seemingly evolves into more and more stuff we are manufacturing as the way we are showing that we are in fact actually, apparently, existing.

So it's like you look at something and says, “Okay, I'm a human. I created this. So therefore, I must exist!”

Darryl: Ah, Manufacture. Man is a Sure Fact.

Absolutely. So in your manufacturing, you are as Man attempting to make yourself real in fact, through a process of how you are aware of yourself within that which you have placed as your creation: which is a system and everything made within the system and of the system.

Now, if we look at the primary point where self-awareness is so easily used and abused, which is your New Age Spirituality scene, you'll notice a fascinating thing:

Everyone within that system of self-awareness, will use particular definitions, which according to them, makes them better than others, for instance, “Love.” They'll say, “I am love!” “I am God.” “I am ascending.” “I am becoming better, I am becoming more.”

What you are saying as a system, “I am becoming aware of myself within the context of the system within a definition that I like more, which makes me more acceptable as something that resembles something that I would call 'Divine.'”

It is our search to be “God” within a system that causes that. The fact that one actually still adheres to the basic seven-days of Creation as it is written in the Bible, obviously is not realized, because within that you are still within a system that is seven days, you are still within a system where you are dominant or “more than” the animal, dominant or “more than” the plant, which is regarded as a system.

More to follow

Friday 23 August 2013

Day 482: Energy and Illusion – Part 2

Energy and Illusion as Quantum Reality as the Future (Part 2)

Continuing from the previous blog (Energy and Illusion – Part 1): ”You are existing as the mental projection of your physical self. So, you became a digital self. A self contained within opinion, digits, symbols. Which is not physical. Because remember, if we go back to the story of Anu and them, they took symbols from the planet –they took pieces of the planet and made symbols of it- which is then made to an opinion –they created an idea. Then the idea became important and your opinion about the idea became your mental projection, your delusion, your illusion = what you believe yourself to be, which then I would call a personality. This personality will fight for its existence by having a point of view, which is in conflict with another point of view. The friction between those two has created ‘the System’ as it exists today. According to that we then made rules for the system, which is the laws and the moralities and the beliefs that exist today –which we then adhere to, we have taken that and put it back into symbols, which is Writing, made it our laws, and we have bound ourselves to that.”

illusion self digital mental projection bernardpoolman desteni For that reason something had to be created, a vacuum. Which is earth. The utmost fear. Did fear ever existed from a perspective as we have it today before we created the Mind? No. Fear did not exist as that. Fear started existing, as it exists today, the moment we started to fear losing our point of view, which we believed to be ourselves but which was not really real! So you inevitably would lose that point of view because it isn’t who you are. But the moment you believe that is all who you are, then obviously the moment the point of view no longer exists, YOU also no longer exist. Which is how we created our own end, which we are now currently living out.
We are now reaching the end of time, which means we are reaching the point where we can no longer generate this sustainable, this idea of our self sustainably, because we have created, virtually, in every possible way, a form of conflict, where we cannot trust each other but we live in fear of each other. So we have become simply mental projections, contained within the physical, which suck the physical dry until it dies, and then the mental projection that remains is what you end up in the afterlife as. In that you are basically absolutely powerless. So unless you actually deliberately in the afterlife give up your existence -within the understanding that you’ve become virtually an illusionary energy- you let it go. That means you give back what you’ve allowed you to become to its source, which is the physical. So that you become in that the physical.

You are pretty much screwed for eternity. Which is pretty cool from a certain perspective because you now have no impact whatsoever on reality. You are simply non-existent. Now imagine, the problem that emerges from all of this: the mental projection that you have become as personality has then created from it(self) entities, which are the systems. These systems have become alive in a way because, you know, you have changed its energy from the perspective of, or, it is projections of energy, it is like a wave of, it’s an outflow of, it’s a mirror effect of, -of the original energy. It’s not the original energy. It is like having a picture taken of it and believing the picture to be real. That’s how the mind system operates.

Now imagine these things existed before earth existed, a long time before it. Earth is just a manifestation, where all of these points have been brought together so it can be seen to understand how we’ve created this reality, how we’ve created ourselves in essence. So therefore, earth had to be manifested as a singular point, which was: everyone had to be brought together here, to get stuck in the actual manifested illusion, which was sound, which is what earth is: Earth is sound. And within sound, which contains all possible expressions, it’s possible to actually manifest the illusion and live it as if it is real, so that you can learn what is the consequence of your creation.
So, let’s look at it again. What is our problem? Our problem is our perceptual ideas of the energy that flows from the friction that is existent between ourselves as separate personalities. Within that we create an idea of what life is and we manage it through systems called laws and morality and belief. Within that we then create a digital world, which is existent in the mental, while we disregard what is real in the physical. And we have thus no value we give to the physical, but yet we fear to lose our mental self. That mentality has created the world the way it is today. That is our problem. That is the point that must be stopped. Not the physical. The physical reality is pretty cool. Our mental reality is pretty fucked up.
Now imagine, the consequential outflow of you when you die as a mental self is that you no longer exist, from the physical reality’s point of view, and you become nothing more than a thought, the outflow of what you have become. And then you become a thought of a thought. And a thought of a thought of a thought. The average human being today exists as less than their own thoughts. That’s why their thoughts have the power inside their self -inside the mind- to question them.

So if you have a conversation with yourself in your mind, where your thoughts have the capacity to reduce you to a physical experience of fear or anxiety or feeling less than –then you are less than your thoughts. Pretty screwed up, delusional existence, that is now placed within a fascinating context: That apparently you have a choice to be like this. The choice to be like this is existent within the mental projection of yourself within which you have a holographic experience of super-hero, for instance, where you are super man within your own mental projected self. Where you can do anything, because it does not impact the physical.

Common sense is existent within the physical, that which is commonly sensed between all physical (parts) to support itself.

Now imagine that our very nature in this world –the way nature operates- is a manifestation of our digital self, our mental projected self. And we have lost contact completely with the physical. Which is why, slowly but surely, most of the physical that was here is busy dying, is becoming extinct. Just as we are becoming extinct. We are becoming extinct as a real being, and in that we become only at the end: a thought, a projected digital self, which has no existence in reality whatsoever. And then we are screwed. And you can’t trust any of that because –can you trust your mind? You can’t trust your mind. Because your mind will form opinions and will be impacted by a singular energy source. So if you are two beings communicating: you are at high alert, the other one is at high alert, you’re throwing opinions at each other and out of that try and form an alliance or you create a war -of mind. And accordingly you’ll manifest your experience. And the being can say one word or move in one way, and you’ll immediately go: “Oh! What are they really saying? Are they mocking me? Oh, they are trying to convince me here. I will not agree.” Multiple ways you’re using your projections, but none of it is real, because it’s not real in the physical, it’s not within the context of what’s HERE. But what has happened is: you’ve taken the physical energy and you’ve transformed it into a projection of itself which is now a projected energy, and you have become this projected energy, which is basically like just a reflection of light. Not real. It’s not the light, it’s a reflection of the light. It’s the beam that’s out there. It’s not the actual light. And you believe that beam is you and you’re trying to get back to the actual light –which is impossible. Because it’s streaming forth. You can’t get back. You have to stop. And then you have to amalgamate with what is HERE to really be able to end your illusion. What is more fascinating is that, within the context of your self-creation you have de-valued life to such a degree, that, have a look: you do not give a shit about anyone in existence and what they’re really experiencing at the physical level –that which is real, which is the physical. Therefore, by that very fact, you have given permission for your deletion, for your non-existence. Because you disregard everything else as non-existing. And in that single act, you have given permission for your end. Which is accordingly emerging now. Got it? Any questions? Clear? Thanks.

Thursday 22 August 2013

Day 481: Energy and Illusion – Part 1

Energy and Illusion as Quantum Reality as the Future (Part 1)

energy illusion history universe bernardpoolman desteni

Ok so let’s look at the situation around energy.
What has caused our problem within the context of our existence? In the very beginning, we emerged from the physical universe. From that which was, call it ‘manifest’ – that which was here. So the physical universe. In our emergence from it, we were in a way like an energetic impulse that came from it. So in the beginning, they will explain to you, for instance if you look at and you study the races that is here in the universe – how everyone emerged from the planets. And then when you died, you returned to the planet.

For instance, when we found Anu – well, all the beings in heaven – we started going back: we were looking at the forefathers of Anu. We found them in the planets. They existed as an imprint, as the history of the movement of the energetics. Because energy always changes form but it’s always the same energy. So, dimensionally, it will have a different imprint. When you for instance now eat food, the food that you’re eating is coming, say, from the plant, but that plant has derived its energy from the shit that was placed back into the earth, and thus it’s the same energy –it’s just another dimension of it. Which is how your multidimensionality operates in a physical way.

So if you really go back at any singular point in the physical reality, you will be able to find all its dimensions –that means that which it has existed as before– which is your quantum reality as you experience it as a physical reality and as you assess how it has progressed through what you call time –but it was simply its functionality within a sequential process of eternal existence, where it simply changes form from energy to energy. Which means it changes substance, it changes its nature from one form to another form. But you can go back within that and actually trace back its origin. That means: Where does it come from and how did it move –which is similar to past lives and one’s existence throughout time. This ‘time’ though is not really measured as anything else than the sequential change/transfor­mation of the energy (energy=that which was its substance).

Within that we became aware. We became an energy of the energy. In that awareness we created a mind. That mind was basically our attempt to understand our existence within this emergence from what is here. Everything was always fine because, from a certain perspective, if you have managed, or, directed it within the interest of all, there was no conflict, there was no friction necessary, because the energy was simplistically transforming within the relationships that was existent. The relationships that was existent was within its definition of and as the form it has, that is then taken apart and it releases energy – which is fusion, for instance, or combustion for instance.
We all existed within a reality that you could call quanta, a quantum reality, where everything in a way was immediate, yet we would experience ourselves within the sequence of our expression. Within that emerged a process of abuse. A process of, where some noticed that they could form a point of view about something and that their point of view, which you could call an opinion, was worth more than another’s point of view.

Within that point of view, a friction developed between two points of view. The friction between those two points of view, which are now a manifestation of another dimension of the same energy where it comes from, which has become individualized and separate from the total movement of the physical energy within which all existed. Within that contextual relationship that was created, a friction developed between those two points of view / opinions. That friction created (energy) or allowed energy to emerge that was separate, that could be directed as individualized energy –which you can call THOUGHT today. Within that we created our ILLUSION.

Once we started taking that thought -that separated changed perceptual energy which was not seen, which was not returning to its source– we started to create illusions. And we started to trap that energy which is real into an illusion and we slowly consumed the universe. Throughout billions of years, as you now call it, we have consumed the whole universe like that.
A solution had to be found. Because of the very nature of the energy, that was created as a mental energy, as an energy of individualized delusion. Implied within that, equal and one, was a limitation to a single point, which made possible the manifestation of the individual form within the context of the triangle. Because that emergence of an opinion, of a point of view about something, in conflict with the point of view of another point: created a triangle. Two points in conflict created a point of combustion, a point of friction which created energy. Another level of energy. That energy is the energy we today live as personality. That made it possible obviously for the automatic emergence of what you would call 3-dimensions. Because that’s how we created 3-dimensions as a system. The fact that that was a delusion didn’t matter. Because within that we became that separated opinion, that idea of ourselves. When we became that idea of ourselves, we created what you have today. Entities, beings, even in the physical, that exist NOT AS the physical.

You are existing as the mental projection of your physical self. So, you became a digital self. A self contained within opinion, digits, symbols. Which is not physical. Because remember, if we go back to the story of Anu and them, they took symbols from the planet –they took pieces of the planet and made symbols of it- which is then made to an opinion –they created an idea. Then the idea became important and your opinion about the idea became your mental projection, your delusion, your illusion = what you believe yourself to be, which then I would call a personality. This personality will fight for its existence by having a point of view, which is in conflict with another point of view. The friction between those two has created ‘the System’ as it exists today. According to that we then made rules for the system, which is the laws and the moralities and the beliefs that exist today –which we then adhere to, we have taken that and put it back into symbols, which is Writing, made it our laws, and we have bound ourselves to that.
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Tuesday 20 August 2013

Day 480: Meeting your Maker

Continuing from: Day 477: Man as Demon
Day 478: Change and Evolution
Day 479: In the Image and Likeness of God

bernardpoolman desteni thoughts creator maker Have a look at Christians it’s fascinating because they are some of the best examples in the world. They theorize their religions.

“Love thy neighbour like thyself, but if my neighbour is Muslim, he’s in shit.” So, now you are disregarding the base laws of your belief system.

You’re invalidating your own existence, but you’re still doing it. You’re still believing that you’re standing up. Why are you then believing? Why is a Christian a Christian?

Not because of love, because of fear – you are fearing your ass off – what is going to happen to you for all the shit that you have already done and all the lies that you told and all the people that you hurt?

And you hope by Jesus’ forgiveness you would be clear from your apparent dishonesty and your apparent inability to be disciplined and honoring life.

So, I have some sad news for you, you know, we did meet Jesus – he is a real fucker. Unfortunately I didn’t always know that, I wasn’t always certain, until I met the fucker, and he’s a normal being like everyone else.

I have sad news for you: your sins will not be washed away.

Synchronistically – which is a chronicle sin, when sin is chronicle, it’s sin-chronicity – so, in Synchronicity you will Equal and One become what you have done to another, I mean, which is the law of Jesus explained simply:

“Don’t do unto another what you don’t want them done to you” – which implies in it’s every nature that what you do to another, you will experience. So, that is Synchronicity, that is, Equality and Oneness is Synchronicity.

Be careful of Synchronicity because it traps you, which is actually you trapping yourself into your beliefs, you trapping yourself Equal and One to what you allow. So, therefore if you fear your neighbor, what does that mean if your neighbor fears you?

Eventually you’re going to end up in a war, killing each other, destroying each other, deceiving each other, hurting each other.

But we don’t notice as long as we have money obviously, that is the nice thing. The best medicine for not feeling shit in this world: is money.

Because when you have money, you feel good, you can buy shit as much as you like, I mean, make sure you take the shit to heaven because in heaven you have a little problem.

In heaven your problem is: you don’t have money anymore, you don’t have status anymore.

You have nowhere to hide. I mean, your first fucking meeting in heaven and I mean, there where the shit hits the fan – the shit hits the fan in heaven, because the moment you fucking die, you meet your maker. What is your maker? All your thoughts.

So, immediately the first thing you have to take care of and face is all the thoughts you have ever had because from that you have made yourself. So, you meet your maker.

Obviously you have those stupid enough to say: “Oh bullshit, come on, you can’t really be serious”.

No, I am not serious, Sirius is a star somewhere, it even gets hijacked here as a ship – but a serious star, no, I am not serious. It’s obvious common sense, I mean, you don’t have to be fucking Einstein to work this one out.

Your thoughts – have a look, it’s constructed, your belief system – before you make a decision you think about it, you come to a conclusion, you decide how to construct it, what you’re going to believe.

Look at your personalities, they’re all thought-based, look at your actions, look at all the decisions that you have made though out your life. Everything you’ve done throughout your life is thought-based.

So, thought is your maker, and if you look at the sound of the word ‘though’t it sounds like ‘got-god’, you know like ‘Thor’ in the old days, but it’s ‘thought’. So, the first thing you do when you die is meet your maker.

And all I suggest is that it is possible to meet your maker right now, right this life, and actually have a look at how you have created yourself. And stop blaming others for it, and stop hoping that somebody is going to save your ass from it.

And for that you need a thing that nobody really wants, because apparently that is what makes you weak. You need a thing called self-honesty, you have to be self-honest in what is going on in your thoughts.

Because if you are not self honest in that you are fucked for this life, I mean, it’s that simple – you will never become real, you will never be able to see what is real.

If you have to make up your mind based on thoughts about what is real in creation, I mean, isn’t that already questionable, you are unable to even direct your thoughts and you believe your thoughts to be that which tell you what is real… Come on!

Your thoughts are stuck in your head. What the fuck does it know about Pleaidians? “Oh there’s a voice in my head”… that’s a serious fucking thing. I mean, telepathy, “tell me a path”.

Is that apathy? No sorry, tele-pathy is a form of apathy isn’t it? No, it’s ‘tell me a path’. What is the apathy? “I don’t want to take responsibly of my own thoughts, someone must tell me what it is, so I create that entity”.

Communication with ‘other aliens’, channels, shit like that, that is not real – these people practice for years through meditation to do this shit properly.

In that time they construct the entity through thoughts, because they have all the good thoughts all the time until the good thoughts become a real being which is an entity that speaks.

After all, your thoughts are your maker. Don’t you think you can make other things as well, that possess you? That is how you make them. Then it speaks to you.

Those that really do some research must go back many years now, with all the channels from aliens and from angels and shit like that – they all speak the same shit…

But they never give you a practical solution on how to live and you never change your ways and you never make a difference in this world to live practically for all right here, right now.

It’s all about what will come one day and you believe those angles to be real and you will see them! I mean, you have created them, they’re in your mind! You are seeing with your mind! You’re not seeing with anything else.

It’s going to speak to you because, I mean, you listen to your thoughts and you even speak to yourself in your mind, I mean, that’s different personalities speaking to each other – so, you’ll say:

“I wonder – what should I do?”

and then a thought will come up: “ Do this”,

and you say: “Yes, I’ll do that”.

What does that mean! There is more than one in you! Hohoho… spooky… You’re pretty fucked. So, that means, when you die you are going to have to meet several of your makers, not just one.

Oh I have 5 minds, 20 personalities and now I have to deal with all of that to find out ‘who the fuck am I?’

Sunday 18 August 2013

Day 479: In the Image and Likeness of God

Continuing from: Day 477: Man as Demon
Day 478: Change and Evolution

bernardpoolman demon church fear god parent image likeness But again – if you have Fears, you are Possessed by those Fears. Did you know? That is a Demon Possession. What is a Demon? A Demon is: ‘to be less than man’, because – let’s take just the Basic Principle that Man is Created, if we would take that Premise.

Man is Created -- you know; mom and dad had sex, two little, small both useable things that you need a microscope to see it with, you know, got together and suddenly started to multiply.

And out of that Multiplicity came the Form that is Here today. And then you had People around you that went the Same Way, but you Came from them, I mean; there was an Interaction of Two Beings that Caused you to become into Form.

And then they Teach you, by Programming you, Who the fuck You Are - and they keep on going, and they say to you: “mommy, mommy, mommy” until you say: “mommy’ and then it is “daddy, daddy, daddy” until you say: “daddy” – and then they continue like that until you say All the Things they Want you to Say.

I mean, and you Can’t Remember at What Point you starting saying ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’, you Can’t Remember all the things they taught you because you Become-it.

I mean, so you are Truly a ‘Product of Creation’. You are Created, and those Responsible for it, you Know them Directly; they’re your Father, your Mother and your Peers. I mean, they have Created You. You are thus ‘Created’.

And now, you’re in the Image and Likeness of your Creator, which is: Equal and One to your Mom and Dad and therefore You Become your Mom and your Dad.

But imagine if God would be teaching you, what would God teach you?

So, if your Mom and Dad would stand Equal and One as God and Teach You, would you then be God?

I mean, the same way, God comes to you and says: “God, God, God”, I mean; teach you all the stuff of God.

Your Limitation is Linked to the Example you had. If God gives you all the examples of God, I mean, if that is what you see…

Have a look, an interesting Life to study, is the life of Osho. Osho was Created in his Formative Years when he was a Young Child through the influence of especially his grandmother.

That’s why he Questioned so many things and that Laid the Foundation for the Life of Osho. If that didn’t happen, Osho would not have existed.

Study Osho’s life, study the lives of those that have made a Difference in this World and you will find the Points that made the Change Possible, until the Being gets to the Point where they Don’t Change Any More, then they have an Ultimate Life.

But Understand that they are making certain Statements in those Books that imply that ‘Man is the Image and Likeness of God’.

I mean – what does that really mean… the Image and Likeliness of God?

What is an Image and Likeness? An Image is the Form, is the Imagery. What is the Likeness? The Sameness, isn’t it?

I mean, so God looks like man, and then ‘likeness’ is that man can do the same shit as God. Okay, so what does that imply?

That Man equals God as an Image and Likeness, isn’t it?

So, if you are ‘less than man’ it means you are ‘less than God’ isn’t it. Then you are de-manned isn’t it, which is a Demon.

So, the moment you are less than God, you are a de-man, you are a Demon, because you are less than man. Therefore you are less than God.

So, therefore All People are Demons by Definition of the Bible.

And that’s why Everybody Fears Each Other, isn’t it – because Demons Fear Each Other, because they Fear the Atrocities that they can Do to each other. Who does Atrocities?


So, why are Groupings formed called ’Churches’? Because you are hurting. Churches are for Hurts – it’s Specific; you have Enough Pain, you go There to have a Group to Protect Yourself against all the Other Demons, which is Man.

And you Pray to God that somehow he must Save You from your Demonic Existence.

Earth is an Existence of Demons. How do you know that Practically?

Go and Look at the Old People just before they Die, you’ll see: they look like Demons.

Have you looked? But nooo, you Don’t want to Look because you are going to End-up like that.

Have a look, Old People in the Old Days looked like Demons and you Know what we do? We push that into the Face of our Children the moment they are Born. And immediately the Image and Likeness of a Demon is imprinted because we Honor our Old People – they Prepared the World in the Way that it is Now and they are So Special. And – we do it in the Name of Love…

By the Time the Person is Old their Functional Programs are Dysfunctional.

Our Fear of Death is so Extreme that we will Not See what is Here.

The Physical Body has been Sucked Dry by the System, by the System of Apparently Living. That’s why People look the way they do when they Get Old; they are Sucked Dry, Wrinkled.

But we don’t Look at that. I mean, Demons are Things that you Cannot See, really?

Can you see your Fears? You can’t – your Fears are Unseen and Undefined.

So, How Come it’s so Real? How come you Hang Onto that which you Cannot See and you Give-it Power. But can you feel God? No.

So, that means – what is More Powerful in this Reality: God or Fear?

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