Monday 5 August 2013

Day 470: The Fetus and the Cutting-Edge of Time

baby-in-womb_1 Now the Fetus is an interesting example of the Cutting-Edge of time. This is where one can look at the Fundamental Transfer of Structured Designed Programs through the Genetics from Two Cells that Meet – from the male and the female – and then In Time on the Cutting-Edge of Time of the Physical at the point where Cells Divide, at that point you have the Progression that Designs and Brings forth eventually a Child. Obviously this is subject to the Genetics being without any Flaws in the Program, if there are Flaws in the Program then you get a child that will for instance have Down Syndrome or some other Genetic Disorder. A Genetic Disorder is simply a Programming Disorder and the Whole Process of the Fetus is the Physical Evidence that This World is the Result of Preprogrammed Design and that This Design is Not of some ‘higher order,’ it is the Actual Progression of the Parent and if there is Not sufficient Technology and Science used within the Prevention of the Transfer of Genetic Programming Disorders, you’re going to have a Child that’s going to have a Life that is Less than what they Should have been, such a thing is in its Essence an Atrocity. Obviously where a child like that Already Exists you have to Make the Best of it, You cannot Judge it: You Allowed it and therefore it is the Consequence you have to Live with.

But within the Fetus and the Cutting-Edge of Time there is Also the Part that Transfers Within and As the Mother and the Father and the Environment itself, and the Experience within that which is Energetic-based, Emotional-based, Feeling-based which is ‘State of Being’-based will Also have an effect on the Physical Design of the Child which will form part of the eventual Emergence of the Mind and so will have an effect on the Structure of the Mind, the Platforms from which Will Develop Personality and Character. So the importance of the Mother being in an Environment that is Structurally Sound and Balanced and yet being able to Access All Environments within that Stability is of Great Value to the Child to Come – we haven’t gotten this Type of Scenarios yet on Earth, so in fact the Children that Emerge progressively will have more and more Strange Side-Effects in their Personality Character Design which are called ‘Behavior Problems’ for instance or some form of Personality Disorders.

Here obviously the Parent can actually be of Great Value to the Child, for instance by Doing with themselves During the Process of the Pregnancy a Constant Daily Process of Vocabulary Assessment and Design and Placement – utilizing Technology to In Fact Impulse the Physical Memory of the Mother to Produce for instance Words through the mind, Assessing the Meaning of the word, seeing if there is any Energetic Bias to Correct it and to Ensure that the Placement of the Vocabulary that is The Living Word as the Mother is in fact What is Best For Both the Mother and the Child, and obviously For the World at Large eventually, because the Child to Come is the Future of the World and will Determine the Future of Their Children.

There are Already processes and Technology available to Do this where one can actually technologically Support the Child within the Living Foundation, the Living Parts of a Human Life which are Words. Doing this Daily is of Great Support to a Child and Ensures that the child will Develop the Mechanisms for Effective Integration of Reality in a Sound Balanced way, developing already the Foundation for Proper Reasoning, Reasoning that is Not Biased or easily Controlled by Fear, because the Being to come will have a Foundation of Effective Research, Effective Participation, Effective Communication because the Mother already inserted such points within the process of the child. There are for Instance Programs already Available and Research.

Now obviously within this Desteni is the Cutting-Edge of this research, we are the ones that Research this to the point of Understanding the Actual Influence of Every Moment within the Process of a Child’s development. And the Development of a Child is Based in Time and it is Functioning at the Cutting-Edge of Time and if that Cutting-Edge is Not Pure and to the Best of a child’s Future Outcome, their Future Life, the Child will be Diminished in some way – You may Not See that in a day, but in a Lifetime you’ll be able to assess All the points of Diminishment that Were Caused by the process during the Pregnancy of the Mother and during the first 7 years of a Child’s Life. So the first 8 years so to speak since Conception are some of the Most Important Times in Any Human’s Life, it Determines Everything, it is very difficult to Transcend that later and takes Immense effort to correct any form of Imbalance and Disparities and Misplacements of Effective Vocabulary later on, because You have become Biased and you are Controlled by the Feelings your Thoughts as Memories Produce, so it becomes more Difficult to Find Freedom, Balance and Harmony.

So for the Fetus, for the Expectant Mother the Most Important thing within the Process of Pregnancy is ‘Who You Are’ and ‘What You Do’ and there are Things you can Do that Accumulate in Extensive Benefit.

At the Desteni Forum you can find out some of these Mechanisms Available – When you Do Invest in something, Invest in something that will be Best for You and Your Child, that Commonsensically mathematically is Possible to be Assessed by Yourself to check what we’re saying, we are basing everything we say on a Mathematical-Scientific principle where One can actually place the points together and you can in Common Sense See that the Outcome is What is Best. You already Actually know it, You just Don’t Know How to Live it, We have the Tools – Join us.
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