Saturday 3 August 2013

Day 468: Relationship-Agreements and the Cutting-Edge of Time

relationship-counselling Now most people live within the premise that Relationships and Love ‘Happens to you’ and when it ‘Happens to you’ and ‘the Feeling is Right’ then it Must be Right and then, you use the Feeling to Change your Behavior to Ensure that at least for a little while, your Relationship Works. But as the Divorce rate and the Break-up rate shows, this Feeling called ‘Love’ can Hardly be Trustworthy because If it were True, it would Stand the Test of Time and it is Not Standing the Test of Time at All.

Now within the Correct Approach to Relationship-Agreements, one must Walk the Cutting-Edge of Time and within that you have to realize that a Relationship-Agreement is Two People Agreeing to Be Together for the Benefiting of Both, finding out each other’s Strengths, Placing this together so that the Relationship becomes 1+1=2 and not 1+1=1 which is the ‘Love-Relationship’ thing. Because then Both are lost within a Feeling and there is no Practical Reality and you are Not in fact becoming Two or more in My name Together and the ‘In My Name’ is obviously the Name of Life, you are becoming just a name of ‘Love,’ of Feeling – Nothing more than the Sweetness of the Lollipop or the Sugar Pills your Mother gave you when they tried to Control you to Do What they Want you to Do. And the System is doing Exactly the Same.

So with the Cutting-Edge of Time within the Relationship-Agreements, the point is to Do an In Fact Data Assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses, then to do a Data Assessment of your Vocabulary so that you can have a Look that you are Agreeing on the Meaning of Words, because the Meaning of Words will give the Meaning of Life so you have to sit and Get to Know Each Other and so Develop your Agreement. It is best not to Start with the Physical Relationship first, That will in a way Screw things up, you Start with your Agreement Terms. Agreement Terms are a Contract, the Contract is How you are Working Together within the Terminology. The Terminology are the Words, Agreeing what it is that you’re going to Live Together as One Unit but you are Two People. So the Oneness is within the Agreement – not because ‘You become One,’ you can’t even Become One during Sex, you just have a Merging of your Potential Futures as Children and also within the context of the support of Assisting the Physical to Release Unnecessary Build-up of Energy that will Influence your Vocabulary and the way you Live. So, Sexuality is a Relationship Maintenance Program, it assists with Maintaining Balance. If you don’t have that Effectively in an Agreement and you don’t have an Alternative outlet for the Build-up of Energy obviously the Relationship will be in Trouble.

So within Relationship-Agreements understand the Vital Nature of Agreeing to the Foundation Structure of your Agreement -- and there you have to Look at the Words you Live and you have to Look at the Thoughts that Arise -- because you would have through the years of your Masturbation Secret Life, you would have created All kinds of Feelings and Terminologies in terms of What You Want within an Agreement. The fact that that obviously is All Staged – because that is what Pornography is, it is Staged – and Not True in Real Life seems to Escape all those that become Addicted to Masturbation. Being Addicted to Masturbation is the Same Addiction as Pornography, the only difference is that you have the Pornography in Your Mind Now, You are now Your Own Hustler and Playboy Magazine, you Carry it around in your Head, you Use it as you Need it and you’ll notice a fascinating thing as you Progress with your Pornography magazine in your Mind, your Masturbation: you will need more and more Bizarre Stimulus to Reach Satisfaction because the Satisfaction will Just Not be Enough, the Release will Just Not be Enough. And that is How People End up becoming Pedophiles for instance, they start with Normal Pornography, Masturbation and then Progress eventually to Children because they’re looking at the Secrecy Part, the Challenge Part, the Satisfaction Part which is Based on the Secret Mind and where the Energy Intensity Grows with the Possibility of Getting ‘Caught out.’ Now this happens and is taught already by the Parent, because the Parent put down the Roles and Rules of Engagement for the Child with Threats about ‘What will Happen if you are Caught.’ The Child then will Do something, there will be an Increase in Energy, Anxiety about Getting Caught – by the time the Event Happens the Parent will Do Nothing and will even Laugh about it because they’ll say: “I did the same.” The Child will become even more Invigorated by the Fact that they Got Away with it and that the Energy they Experienced will now start ‘Feeling Good’. So the Anxiety will Become a Good Energy and will Change a name –but the Energy will be the Same – it will become Excitement. And now the Secrecy Point will change Anxiety into Excitement and the Negativity of that Point would have been Transformed by the Parent into a Positive Image and the Child will End up Using that in some cases, and this is Not all Cases in their Existence to become Sexually Deviant.

Obviously Other Deviances will Develop as well, they are all a Matter of Progression. The more a person is Isolated from society, the Less Interaction a Person has through Friendship and/or Agreements = the Greater the Relationship that will be Formed with the Energetic Possession Principles that are specially surrounding Masturbation and therefore, the Person will turn into a Sex Pervert. The Perversion that takes place is all taking place in the Mind and inevitably through the Repetition of it, the person Brainwash themselves Into a Pervert and then become the Physical Living Expression of the Perversion. And this is something that Should be Diagnosed and Prevented at an Early age already, it should be part of the Education Process of School so that one can Prevent these things from Happening, but Not even the Psychologists yet Understand the Exact Nature of How this Develops, because they are Not Able to Assess what is Really going on in the Mind or How the Mind Actually Functions, they’re only dealing with the End Result – Not with the Mechanism, it’s Not Real Science – You see Psychology is Not Real Science! It is just Real Bullshit, it is so much so Bullshit that it’s just an Extension of Spirituality, there are Few Psychologists in the world that are Truly Dedicated to the Principle of prevention, which is the very Principle it should be Based on which is also what the Principle of Medicine should be based on, not to treat Symptomatic, but to Treat as Prevention. Doing that obviously is only possible when the Profit Motive is Removed from our Health Care Industry; as long as the Profit Motive exists= then there is No Possibility of Prevention, the Whole Point will be Driven to Symptom where Symptom = Profit.

And therefore we cannot trust our Health Care system, we cannot Trust our Nutritional System, we cannot trust our Psychology System, they are all Symptomatic Based, they are like Taste-based and at the End the Taste is in the Profit unfortunately and because professions which are Involved in Health Care have become Highly Paid, it’s become really Profitable to Be this. This requires Urgent Addressing as the situation will Spiral more and more Out of Control. Read the News – Go Back 10 years, Read the News – Go Back Another 10 years – Read the News and you’re going to See what are the New Events that are taking place on Earth, how are they Accumulating, what are the Causes and you will notice that tells you the Level and the Process of Evolution as we are forever losing to the fact that we don’t understand How things Really actually Work.

So within one’s Agreements understand one of the most Difficult points you’re going to Face in being able to go into a Proper Relationships-Agreements are the things you have Done while you were Masturbating. You have created your Dysfunction within a Relationship and eventually within Marriage through Masturbation and your Disrespect for Other People because of the Masturbation point. You Need to Correct that, You need to Write it out and then Live according to the writing. You have to Fundamentally Change Yourself – we have already, as we are supporting Many people within Relationship issues, been in Multiple Situations where we had to Support Young People with Erectile Dysfunction, Young People with Sexual Problems within their Relationships – All of it caused by their Masturbation History, by the Addiction that they have Developed, by the fact that they have Developed an Image and Likeness of their Future Sexual Life based on Pornography and that they have Copied a Complete Publishing House in the mind where they Produce the Pornography according to What they Need to Reach Satisfaction during Masturbation. And now your Partner has got to Step into that Position in your life – your Future Partner – and suddenly Become your Whore that Satisfies your Pornographic Addiction: That’s Not going to Happen! It is Not Real in the Physical! It is Staged! You want to have a Proper Relationships-Agreement = You have to Stop your Pornography in your Mind and you have to Stop Masturbation.

Masturbation is Effective Within the Agreement where you are Doing things Together as a Team, you’re Doing it WITH Each Other and FOR Each Other, a Team Marriage, a Marriage is a Team, an Agreement is a Team – it Makes you Both Better because You are a Human that is Limited in the Physical World, you Can Never be the Best Alone, the Best is Only Possible in a Team. That’s why the Best World is the Team Human, All Humans Working together to Produce what’s Best, that’s the only way that we can have the Best World, it’s a Team – Working Together Creates Strength.

So, Few at this stage will have the Self-Honesty and the Discipline yet to Actually Create Proper Relationship Agreements, it takes Massive Effort to Build an Effective Solution. We have Agreement Courses to Assist you, they Work on the Principle of Self-Honesty, You Pay what You Can Afford and if you Cannot Afford to Pay: you are Sponsored. There is only One Condition, the Condition is to your Benefit is that you Write Daily, because in Writing Daily you are able to Walk the Cutting-Edge of Time, the Cutting-Edge of Breath and you can have a look at Where you are Not yet Disciplined and Principled Enough and Do Not have Enough Integrity yet to Walk the Words you are Writing and that way you can Learn what’s the Difference between Change and Energetic Release, they are Not the same thing.

Energetic Release is what is being Proposed by the New Age Fraternity because it’s similar to Psychology: it gives you a Quick Solution, it’s like Masturbation, it Releases the Energy but it Doesn’t Change you. So for a moment you ‘Feel Better’ and then you say “I’ve Changed because I Feel Better, I am Experiencing it!” But it’s Not True because You are Not Consistently the Same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow in Your Change, you haven’t Really changed. Change is a Permanent Condition, while Energetic Release is a Temporary Solution, is a Temporary Relationship, it’s the Relationship with your Current Publicized Desire.

Correct Relationships will Take Great Effort, it takes Dedication, it takes Commitment, it takes Discipline, Respect… All the Words that you Truly would Like to Live – that is Part of a proper Relationship-Agreement.

So, if You are Ready for that Type of Life, a Life that is Extraordinary, a Life of Integrity, a Life that Brings Harmony, a Life without Anxiety, a Life Free from Fear, a Life Complete, Wholesome and Fulfilled, a Life that will be the Practical Version of Love for Real, then you Join Desteni because You Understand Your Desteni is something that you are Responsible for and you are Taking Responsibility for your Desteni. If you are Not Ready for that and you Just want to Continue with your Self-Interest and Addiction: by all means, the Consequence is Certain and eventually You will Face it. Make your Decisions: You Determine Your Life, that’s the Point of Free Choice. Freedom? That’s a complete different story, that Doesn’t Exist yet because the Humans are Not yet Able to Make a Free Choice that will Ensure the Freedom of Everyone, because Unless that is Equal, obviously: Your Choice is Not Really Free.

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