Wednesday 22 January 2014

Day 529: Bubbles and The Theory of Everything - Part 3

I suggest you all Burst your ‘Bubbles’ and find out: What Remains.

If all your ‘Bubbles’ are Burst, and you have got no more ‘Bubbles’, no Names, no Games – Who will you be - without a ‘Bubble’?

Inevitably, all ‘Bubbles’ Burst.

Time to Pop a ‘Bubble’. Make sense?

Fidelis: Yah

So what’s the Point? How did you get to the Point where… you got your ‘Bubble’?

You have to Understand the ‘Bubble’, if you Understand the ‘Bubble’ - you can always give the ‘Bubble’ what the ‘Bubble’ wants. You give the ‘Bubble’ what the ‘Bubble’ wants, the ‘Bubble’ wants ‘more’.

Once the ‘Bubble’ finds-out that you can’t normally ‘get what you want’ from other ‘Bubbles’, unless they give you that, the ‘Bubble’ starts to Realize something:

‘If I don’t give a ‘Bubble’, what the ‘Bubble’ wants, the ‘Bubble’ won’t want me’

So - how do you get the ‘Bubble’ to ‘want you’? You give the ‘Bubble’ what it wants, and then it ‘wants you’.

Because, how are you Controlling the ‘Bubble’? By giving it what it can’t have, by giving it what it can only ‘Get’ when it’s ‘Given’.

So, by ‘Giving’ - the ‘Bubble’ ‘Gets’ what it ‘wants’ and therefore the ‘Bubble’ Shapes-itself accordingly to always ‘get what it wants’.

Understanding then: ‘It’s all about the ‘Giving’’ - because in Existence = you can Never have what you want: It must be ‘Given’. Until the ‘Bubble’ Burst = Which is Inevitable.

And Every Single Moment somebody Dies and the ‘Bubble’ Burst, and ‘suddenly’, they ‘Understand Everything’ and just as quickly as they do = Immediately Build another ‘Bubble’.

We all live in ‘Bubblearia’.

We all have a Disease called Bubblearia.

And we keep on ‘Bubbling’: Blablablablablubbling. Does it make a difference to Anything? Not a Thing.

So is there any ‘meaning’, ‘reason’ or ‘purpose’ in anything? Only that which you Give it. And that Never Lasts, because it’s a ‘Bubble’ in the first place. It was never Real. It was just a ‘Bubble’…but it was as Real as you made it.

So - are we gonna keep on Blowing ‘Bubbles’, Forming ‘Bubbles’, Shaping ‘Bubbles’…What are we going to do? I’m quite sure the Future will Tell.

Watch the ‘Bubbles’ Burst. Whether it’s the ‘Money-Bubble’, whether it’s the ‘Property-Bubble’, whether it’s a ‘Government-Bubble’, whether it is the ‘New World Order-Bubble’,whether it’s the ‘Family-Bubble’, whether the ‘Education-Bubble’ = No matter what you call the ‘Bubble’, I mean - they all Burst.

Just look at how many times there’s been a ‘Revolution’, where a ‘Bubble’ ‘Change’ into another ‘Bubble’ – I mean, that happen all the time.

And then you have your ‘Ultimate’ Interesting-‘Bubble’. That ‘Bubble’ is a Fascinating ‘Bubble’, because that ‘Bubble’ gives you ‘Power’ over all the other ‘Bubbles’.

What ‘Bubble’ is that again? The ‘Bubble of Choice’ -

“Because I have ‘Choice’, so I have the ‘right’ to be this ‘Bubble’. And I mean – and I have ‘My Choice’ as ‘Power’ over you, because you can’t Change me as this ‘Bubble’ with ‘Choice’”. But I mean –what happens to your ‘Choice’, when your ‘Bubble’ of ‘Choice’ Burst? Was it Real in any way? It was just a ‘Bubble’ -

a ‘Bubble’ that you tried to ‘Enforce’ on other ‘Bubbles’ to try and tell them the way you ‘want them to be’ and you, the way you ‘want you to be’.

And then you have the Ultimate-Trip of a ‘Bubble’ - I mean, where you says: “I will be ‘My-Bubble’ and you can be ‘Your-Bubble’ and let’s ‘Bubble’-together, so ‘nicely’”.

I mean: “You don’t Question ‘me’, as ‘My-Bubble’, I won’t Question you as ‘Your-Bubble’, and because you have ‘Choice’ and I have ‘Choice’, so let’s all just be ‘Happy-Bubbles’”. I mean - that’s a ‘Happy-Bubble’-thing,

I mean, and then you have the ‘Love-Bubble’-thing: The ‘Love-Bubble’ is Fascinating, because that’s the one that Break Most, because it’s already got a kind of a Hole –because if you have a look at the Shape of the ‘Love-Bubble’, I mean, it’s causing nearly two ‘Bubbles’, but it doesn’t want to. It’s ‘trying’ to, but it’s already a Break-up - it’s already Breaking, it’s already Bursting in its Shape.

The ‘Love-Bubble’ = It doesn’t last-Forever, I mean - the ‘Bubble’ Burst.

I haven’t found a ‘Bubble’ yet - that didn’t Burst. And I’ve kept-on Shaking for Eternity. And have made as many ‘Bubbles’ as you can Imagine.

And where are they today? Not one is Here = they’ve all Burst. And can I find them again? No, because…heh…they don’t Exist.

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Sunday 19 January 2014

Day 528: Bubbles and The Theory of Everything - Part 2

Now if the ‘Bubble’ Burst, I mean - does it have any Effect? No. When the ‘Bubble’ ‘Moves’, it looks ‘Cool’ when it ‘Moves’ and I can give it ‘names’. Okay, so I can give the ‘Bubble’ ‘names’.

But now there´s even more Interesting ‘Bubbles’ – There’s ‘Bubbles’ that Shine!

I mean - I saw a Shiny-‘Bubble’, I says: ‘Oh! You´re ‘Beautiful’! A ‘Pretty, Shiny Bubble’! I like that Shiny-‘Bubble’ ‘more’!’

I mean - but now the ‘Bubble’ Burst, so, was the ‘Shiny-Bubble’ of any Consequence? No! The ‘Bubble’ was just a ‘Shiny-Bubble’, I mean - it wasn´t anything else! Did it Actually Exist even? ‘Apparently’ it did.

But I mean there´s a ‘New-Bubble’ that´s Interesting me now - let me Shake the Water again.

Then - when the ‘Bubbles’ are Bursting, an Interesting-thing started to happen to me - I was wondering: If I Shake myself as the Water, will I make ‘Bubbles’? And you know what happened? I made ‘Bubbles’.

Because, I mean - I am the Water Shaking the Water. So if I am the Water Shaking the Water, I can make ‘Bubbles’. So - does that Change anything? It´s still ‘Bubbles’.

I mean - what happens to the ‘Bubble’ when the ‘Bubble’ Burst? Still the Same thing - it´s just...Nothing.

So - looking at that...Hmm. So, hmm, huh - I started getting ‘worried’ about these ‘Bubbles’-bursting, because – ‘I like my Bubbles’, I mean, ‘I wanted to keep my Bubbles’. But, I mean - they keep on Bursting.

So - and I started looking at this ‘Bubble’, and whenever I looked at the ‘Bubble’ and I started to ‘worry’ I´m gonna ‘lose’ the ‘Bubble’: I started Shaking.

And then when I was Shaking about ‘losing’ my ‘Bubble’: I was Creating more ‘Bubbles’!

‘That´s so Cool! Isn´t it?’ So, all I have to do is ‘worry’ about ‘losing’ my ‘Bubble’ and then I Shake and I Create more ‘Bubbles’. ‘That´s a Cool-thing! What shall we call that? Hmm! Fear!’

Oh, that´s a ´Cool-thing´ - I mean, I can Create more ‘Bubbles’! All I need to do is Shake! How do I Shake? Just ‘worry’ about a ‘Bubble’!

Okay, let me ‘worry’ about (a) ‘Bubble’ – the ‘Bubble’, which ‘Bubble’ shall I ‘worry’ about? Let me Create lots of ‘Bubbles’ to ‘worry’ about, then I can Shake a lot...then I’m Creating a lot of ‘Bubbles’!

I mean, and, as long as there´s a ‘Bubble’ - I don´t have to ‘worry’ about the ‘Bubbles’ that´s Bursting. I mean - all I have to have...

I´ve got enough ‘Bubbles’, and I´m Creating enough ‘Bubbles’, I mean - I´m Shaking, I´m Shaking, there´s more ‘Bubbles’, there´s more ‘Bubbles’, there is more ‘Bubbles’!

Ok - now! Can ‘Bubbles’…maybe, maybe, I can Talk to a ‘Bubble’, Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-‘Bubble’! I can talk to Bu-blah-blah-blah-Blah-‘Bubble’! I can blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-‘Bubble’ about a ‘Bubble’!

And let´s ‘Bubble about a Bubble’, I mean I…you can ‘Bubble about a Bubble’, and - one ‘Bubble about a Bubble’ – ‘Bubble’s’ start to ‘Bubble’ with each-other, I mean - they are blah-blah-blah-blah-‘Bubbling’ with each-other!

So - how´s that possible?

Oh, because they are Shaking! I mean - when...when you are ‘Bubbling about a Bubble’, I mean - you are Shaking one ‘Bubble’, and then, from that ‘Bubble’ there is a...a Shaking going, it goes and it starts to Shake other ‘Bubbles’ as well,

and they all start to Shake-together, and when they start to Shake-together they start to come ‘Closer’ together, and when they start to ‘Connect’, they start to become ´One´ - another ‘Bubble’! And they start to form their own ‘Bubbles’!

‘Oh, God’! Now - I have ‘Bubbles’ forming ‘Bubbles’. I have Invented ‘New-Bubbles’… ‘Bubbles’ then can make ‘Bubbles’, ‘Bubbles’ that can’t exist without ‘Bubbles’, because they want to have more ‘Bubbles’.

I mean, where am I now, in all of this?

Pretty soon, I am so ‘Mesmerized’ with all my ‘Bubbles’, what happens? I start to ‘Believe’ I am this ‘Bubble’. And I’m Shaking as this ‘Bubble’ and before-long: I’m ‘living’ in a ‘Bubble’.

So, then I start to Realize a Fascinating-thing: Who I am in a ‘Bubble’ ‘needs’ someone-else, also in a ‘Bubble’, before I can make more ‘Bubbles’.

So, I get someone-else, we come together as One-‘Bubble’ and then Small-‘Bubbles’ ‘Form’. Ha-ha, a ‘new-way’ of making ‘Bubbles’, but we’re Still Shaking, up and down, up and down, up and down,

shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake and now I have taken Shake to a ‘new-way’ of Shaking. I mean, I can now Shake and make Small-‘Bubbles’ – even when I’m in a ‘Bubble’.

Wow! Am I like Fucking Cool or what?

So, while I’m making these ‘Bubbles’ I find an Interesting-thing: That I’m All-Together with my Little-‘Bubbles’ in a Big-‘Bubble’.

So I, with the ‘Special-Bubble’ which made, became One-‘Bubble’ has now made Small-‘Bubbles’ and they’re all Still in One-‘Bubble’, called a ‘Family-Bubble’.

So now, we’re in this ‘Family-Bubble’ and this is a ‘Special-Bubble’, I mean, this ‘Bubble’ is ‘different’ to all other…the other ‘Bubbles’, because this ‘Bubble’ is the ‘Bubble’ ‘we made’. I mean, we made this ‘Bubble’,

and we made the Small-‘Bubbles’ and we must make sure the Small-‘Bubbles’ look ‘different’ to the other ‘Bubbles’. I mean, the fact that these ‘Bubbles’ is gonna to Burst: We mustn’t ‘worry’ about it – all we have to do

is keep-on Creating more ‘Bubbles’, because - then even if the ‘Bubbles’ Burst, we’ll Still be ‘here’ in some-way, because in some-way = this ‘Bubble’ we’ve made is Still ‘us’, we just don’t know exactly how, but it’s Still ‘us’ –

I mean, so we just keep-on making more ‘Bubbles’ – okay - let’s make ‘Bubbles’, let’s Shake together, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake – let’s find more-ways to Shake!

The more we can Shake, the more ‘Bubbles’ we can make. The more ‘Bubbles’ we can make, the less we have to ‘worry’ about ‘Bubbles’.

I mean, even if the ‘Bubbles’ Burst, I mean, there’ll be New-‘Bubbles’, so therefore we don’t have to ‘worry’ about ‘losing’ ‘Bubbles’, because we’ll have New-‘Bubbles’ –

and all we have to do is Shake and there’s ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Bubbles’.

But in the End…if all the ‘Bubbles’ Burst: What do you have? Hey?

Fidelis: The Same that you always had.

Bernard: ‘The Same that you always had’.

Fuck, so - is all this ‘Bubbling’ worth Anything? Is all these ‘Bubbles’ with ‘names’ worth Anything? But why can’t you Remember when you Shaked the first-time?

But you keep-on Shaking, so somewhere you’re Remembering it was all about Shaking.

I mean, whether you are ‘pumping’ for Children, or ‘pumping’ for Water, or ‘pumping’ to Eat, I mean = All of it is a Form of ‘pumping’, is a Form of Shaking.

Whatever you’re doing = you’re Shaking. Whenever you’re ‘Moving’ = you’re Shaking. So, you keep-on Shaking, so - somewhere you must have started Shaking.

So - why are you Shaking? You even Shake, Extensively, just before the ‘Bubble’ Burst.

I mean, that’s where the Shaking gets quite ‘bad’, I mean, just before the ‘Bubble’ Burst you Shake, Extensively, because - is that because you’re ‘Returning’ to your ‘Shaking-Self’?

I mean, is that where you go back-to the Point of where you actually have to, suppose…you’re supposed to Remember that you were Shaking.

So where does this all come-from - this ‘Theory of Everything’, the ‘Bubbles of all Bubbles’ - how the ‘Bubble’-work, what the ‘Bubble’ is all-about, and why the ‘Bubble’ Burst, and why the ‘Bubble’ is going to Burst?

Because the ‘Bubble’ must Burst, because the ‘Bubble’ is a ‘Bubble’, I mean it’s never been anything-else but a ‘Bubble’.

So, because the ‘Bubble’ is a ‘Bubble’, the ‘Bubble’ will Burst, therefore = to ‘worry’ about the ‘Bubble’ that Burst will only Cause you to Shake and then you Create more ‘Bubbles’

and then all those ‘Bubbles’ will Burst and at the End of the Day - you just end-up (with) the Same-Thing, which is: The ‘Bubble’ will Burst.

So, what is the Point about the ‘Bubble’ then?

Fidelis: To Burst.

Bernard: The Point, to Burst, yes.

What is the Point about…Shaking? If you Stop Shaking, what’s going to happen? Are you gonna get back to yourself then? Because there’s no more ‘Bubbles’.

And this all happened – Interestingly-enough, as I said - with a Child, three and a half years old that came through and, I asked for Impressions.

But - even the Child, already, was already Accepting the ‘Bubbles’, as if the ‘Bubble’ is what it’s all about.

So now, all the Child is going to do is Burst the ‘Bubbles’.

Part Three to Continue…

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Monday 13 January 2014

Day 527: Bubbles and The Theory of Everything - Part 1

Okay, so - I´m going to tell you the whole story, about…this is the...‘The Theory of Everything’.

And we were just chatting-along and we says: “Okay, let´s chat to the first Child that´s just stepped out of the Body, just died”.

And so, Breathe-In – Breathe-Out = Here´s a Child.

“Okay, what´s your First Impression? What do you See - you´ve just died - what do you See? know...just, you know, give me your First Impression of Existence”.

She said to me: "Existence is very busy." I says: “Oh, What do you mean, ‘Existence is very busy’?”

She says: "I mean, there´s like, like...these ‘Movement’ everywhere."

I says: “Okay, but I mean explain...I mean where´s the Physical?”
She says: "It´s Nowhere.”

I says: “Oh, Oh no, come, explain, explain, explain”.
She says: "No, I mean - Existence is like, Everywhere, and then inside Existence is these ‘Bubbles’ that ‘Move’."

I says: “Oh, okay. So, um, what is these ‘Bubbles’?”

She says: "No, Existence is the Physical and then inside the Physical is these ‘Bubbles’ which is like, the Dimensions, the Dimensional´s like...the Being.

And the Being is trying to Move Existence; but the Being is just inside this ‘Bubble’ inside Existence."

(I) says: “Okay, now = What´s the First Thing you´ll do, what´s the first Action you´ll take? You´ve just Seen this. You´ve just Seen what Exists, what is Here. What will you do?”

She says: "No, I´ll go and...go into the ‘Bubble’ and ‘try’ and ‘explain’ to them that they’re in a ‘Bubble’ - I mean, I mean what would You do? I mean, you can See they are all in ‘Bubbles’."

So I said to her: “No but, um, I mean - what about Bursting the ‘Bubbles’ - what will happen?”
She says: "I don´t know."

I says: “Okay, Burst the ‘Bubbles’”.
She says: "Okay, I´m Bursting the ‘Bubbles’."
(I says): “And what happens?”

She says: "I mean, everything is just ‘Floating’."
I says: “Okay, now...what will happen now?”

(She says): "I don´t know."
(I says): “Okay”.

I mean, if you are in that ‘Bubble’ and the ‘Bubble’ is Burst, I mean - what happens to You? Are You still Here? The only thing that´s happened is the ‘Bubble’ is Burst - isn´t it?

I mean, you were moving inside a ‘Bubble’, inside the Physical. So now the ‘Bubble’ is Burst = you’re still Here.

What is gonna happen? What are you normally doing - First Thing: You´ll build another ‘Bubble’, isn´t it? I mean, that´s ‘all you know’.

You´ll only do what you know, which means, you ´know you have to have a ‘Bubble’ to be ‘here’’ and ‘without a ‘Bubble’ you’re ´nothing´’, so therefore - what´s the first thing - when your ‘Bubble’ Burst: You´ll build another ‘Bubble’.

So - we looked at this Whole-thing, I said: Okay - Here I am, okay, what happens if I take Water and I Shake it? We take Water, Shake it, what happens? It make ‘Bubbles’.

Okay, so you take the Water, and you Shake it, and there´s a ‘Bubble’. Okay, so, it´s easy to make a ‘Bubble’.

So now the Question is: What´s In the Bubble?

Is what IN...what´s IN the ‘Bubble’ exactly that which is Outside the ‘Bubble’ as well? What do you say?

It´s Exactly the Same - Inside and Outside the ‘Bubble’ is Exactly the Same. But there´s a ‘Bubble’.

So, I asked: Okay, now, I´ve been Shaking the ‘Bubble’ - What do you See? - "No, it´s ‘Vibrating’"

I says: “Oh, but I mean, isn´t it Shaking?” / "No, no, no, it´s ‘Vibrating’!"

Yah, but - isn´t it Shaking? I was Shaking the ‘Bubble’ - the Water - and the…from the Shaking there´s a ‘Bubble’, and the ‘Bubble’ is still ‘Moving’, and that ‘Bubble’ that´s ‘Moving’ is still Shaking, isn´t it?

"No no, it´s Vibrating"
Are you sure?

Oh, so you say - when you look at a ‘Bubble’, you can give it another ´reason´, a ´purpose´, a ‘name’.

So - you can take a ‘Shaking-Bubble’ - which is where it comes from: You were Shaking (the Water) - and you can call it a: ´Vibrating-Bubble´.

But what´s inside the ‘Bubble’ and what´s outside the ‘Bubble’ is the Same!

But now what happens when the ‘Bubble’-burst? There´s...What is there? Just...Nothing! I mean - still the Same!

I mean, what was Inside the ‘Bubble’, what was Outside the ‘Bubble’, and when the ‘Bubble’-burst: Everything is still the Same, isn´t it?

The ‘Bubble’ didn´t Change anything, did it?
Oh! Okay, so the ‘Bubble’ didn´t Change anything - so let´s Shake the Water again:

We Shake the Water, Shake the Water and there´s ‘Bubbles’, okay, there´s ‘Bubbles’ - okay, the ‘Bubble’ is still Shaking.

So that ‘Bubble’ that´s Shaking is...Now we say it´s ‘Vibrating’. So, now, this is, but, you then call that ´Energy´.

Oh, say: Okay! So - when you Shake a ‘Bubble’- and we Shake the Water - the Water makes a ‘Bubble’ - the ‘Bubble’ is ´Vibrating´ and you can call that ‘Vibrating’: ´Energy´.

So what does that mean? I don´t know. I mean, it´s Still the Same ‘Bubble’.

The fact that the ‘Bubble’ is ‘Vibrating’ and that is called ´Energy´- doesn´t change the ‘Bubble’ Inside, Outside, or when the ‘Bubble’-burst – so = it has No-Effect on the ‘Bubble’, does it, Really? It´s only something you call the ‘Bubble´, isn’t it?

So - then - we started looking at this Whole ‘Bubble’-thing - okay - it means: How many ‘Bubbles’ can you make? As many as you like = all you have to do is what? Shake the ‘Bubble’.

Then - you Notice an Interesting-thing: You can take...take the ‘Bubble’ and you can Shape the ‘Bubble’.

I mean - you can make the ‘Bubble’ Square, you can the ‘Bubble’ Round, you can make the ‘Bubble’ anyway you want it. Or you can Push the ‘Bubble’ and then it...the ‘Bubble’ has got a Wobble.

When the ‘Bubble’ has got a Wobble, I mean, it´s a Wobbling-‘Bubble’. Isn´t it?

Okay, then you Look at it all and Says: Okay, so, I can make the ‘Bubble’ Wobble. What does it Change about the Wobble...oh no - the ‘Bubble’?

When the ‘Bubble’ Wobbles - does that make the ‘Bubble’ anything different to the ‘Bubble’ that was coming from the first-Shaking? No difference. Still the same ‘Bubble’, isn´t it?

But - the ‘Bubble’ doesn´t Change anything about Anything - the ‘Bubble’ is just a ‘Bubble’ until the ‘Bubble’ is not a ‘Bubble’ - isn´t it?

Even the ‘Bubble’ with a Wobble doesn´t make a difference to the ‘Bubble’, or to anything else - does it? It´s Still just a ‘Bubble’.

Okay, so - Now we look at it and say: Oh! But you know what? I can Blow with a ‘Bubble’ into any Form. And then I can make the Form ‘do things’. Does that mean anything?

I mean - I´m Blowing into the ‘Bubble’, the ‘Bubble’ gets a Form, and I can get the ‘Bubble’ to do things. Okay – so, the ‘Bubble’ ‘Moves’.

Okay, now, I can give the ‘Bubble’ ‘names’. Because it´s a ‘Moving-Bubble’ - I mean,´s ´special´. So, when it´s ´special´- does it Change anything about what´s In the ‘Bubble’?

It´s the Same that was Outside the Bubble, and I mean - in this case it will be Air – I mean, I´m Blowing Air into the Bubble, and I’m Blowing and by Pushing I´m giving that ‘Bubble’, for instance, Legs and a Tail and a Head - and I mean, now the ‘Bubble’ ‘Moves’.

Part Two to Continue…

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Wednesday 8 January 2014

Day 526: Stimulation: Existence as One Word – Part 4

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 525: Stimulation – Addiction – Part 3:
“They will Stimulate you to have an experience not to worry about reality. Christianity is doing that, the Muslims are doing that, the Hindu’s, every Religion is doing one thing: it is Stimulating you not to care about what is going on in Reality, and it’s Stimulating you to worry about what happens to you AFTER you are DEAD.
It’s too late then!”

key to reality desteni The Masters do the same. Did they really Master anything? There is not a Master in Existence that’s mastered anything. The Masters mastered the way to Stimulate their followers effectively to become Mentally Incapable of Realising what is Here. Incapable of making any movement to actually care for Earth. That’s why we’ve created a Consumerism System.

In Spite of all the Great Masters that’s ever been on Earth – what have we done? We have not moved, we have not evolved. What is evolution at this stage? Evolution depends on Stimulation. Stimulated on how to become ‘more’. ‘I’m evolving! I am more Intelligent!’

Let’s look at it furthermore…The Ultimate Deception of Stimulation lies in the moment that you are improvising. When you are improving your wisdom, ‘I am wise’ – somebody says something and you respond immediately, ‘Jah, I’ve seen that!’ – but actually you didn’t, you’ve just seen it now, you’ve never actually tested it, you don’t even know if it’s really real. But you’re pretending that you know. You’re all wise! You know Everything! You’ve done it for Yourself!
Not True, you’re improvising.

You never even know if you’re being tested to check if you’re self-honest or not. Never improvise. Test the shit out for yourself and Stimulate it yourself to see how it works. Then find out whether you’re justified in Stimulating something for your pleasure without making sure that this part of Existence that is there as you as another being – is actually understanding what the fuck they’re doing, and what they get themselves in for and that it is possible to exist without Stimulation.
From the perspective of Understanding what’s going on. Why are we Here, for Eons of Time, uncountable time?...We’ve existed only through Stimulation.
We have not existed as Life in fact.

Life is Here. Life does not require Stimulation, Life doesn’t have a Beginning or an End. Life has been Stimulated into Illusions and being abused as these Illusion called ‘Man’, ‘Nature’. Everything that exists as a System is an Illusion! Because that System is not aware of itself and how it functions. It is not aware how it is Stimulated to get a result. You are not aware of all the points that Stimulate you – have a look. You are living according to those points of Stimulation in your life that you like.

That determines who you are.

Even the Name that’s given to you soon after it’s been given to you and you have been Stimulated into accepting that Name, you will respond to any Stimulation where somebody calls your Name. You say, ‘Oh, are they calling me?’.
But that’s not you!

You have been Stimulated to accept that Definition of you – but it is not you.
You are not really your family. Your family – you’re purely here by a Stimulated Event that took place between a Male and a Female that brought you forth within a Design and then you were taught according to the Stimulated points that is in this existence as to what Life apparently is.

You’re not Real, in any form, whatsoever!

Have a look – take your Stimulation away, what happens to you? You’ll find you go into a Depression, you go into a Boredom, and you’re unable to get out unless you Stimulate yourself - which is what? You’re experiencing the System dying because it’s not Stimulated. That’s what you’re experiencing when you’re in a Depression and when you’re in a form of Boredom – you’re experiencing = No Stimulation!
And then you start searching and suddenly the next moment you ‘meet someone’. The ONE that can Stimulate you. And Immediately your whole body is on Fire = ‘I’m Stimulated. Please Stimulate me – I don’t mind! I’ll exist as long I’m being Stimulated.’

That is the whole point where everyone is existing. Because what do you want? You want to be Stimulated. ‘Give me enough Stimulation and I will exist, I’m satisfied. As long as that Stimulation is to my approval, the way I like it = I’m Happy.’

‘Let it not be the way I like it, and I want to discard it = I’m not Stimulated by this. I mean, this is just not acceptable. I want to be Stimulated. Like THIS! I have CHOICE! I can CHOOSE how I want to be Stimulated. This is the way I want to be Stimulated. And that’s all I’ll accept.

I mean, that’s not Life!

That’s not Real!

So, existence exists as One Word. This is the Revelation that will be proven that existence exist – I mean common sensicly you can work it out now – that existence exist as One Word = Stimulation.

Everything in your Life exist as One Word.

Who you are, is who you are right now because of how it’s been Stimulated to be.
Everything you believe, every Religion and every book you read is a point of Stimulation. Every Philosophy that exists is a point of Simulation. The total Science is an observation of Stimulation. Science is nothing extraordinary!

It is people that are Stimulated to watch Stimulation – and according to that they write down their own observation of Stimulation. That we call = Science!
Isn’t it wonderful.

It’s Profound! We’ve worked out Reality!

I mean, it’s One Word = Stimulation.

Thursday 2 January 2014

Day 525: Stimulation – Addiction – Part 3

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 524: Stimulation – Thy Rod and Thy Staff – Part 2:
You need to be Stimulated to do anything – You will not Move for Equality and Oneness in Existence because there is no Stimulation, there is no Point which you can Stimulate yourself as consistently to get it done – because ‘I need a Stimulation’, ‘You’re not Stimulating me… You’re taking away my Stimulation with Equality and Oneness – I need Stimulations! Otherwise I can’t exist….’“

addiction-khairzul-mg Have a look – when you go down and you cannot stand anymore and you feel like you want to give up – what are you really doing it? Why are you really doing it? ‘Because I no longer have my stimulation – give me my stimulation and I will do this. Otherwise I won’t do it.’

Dimensions: Manipulating for a Stimulation.

Bernard: Yes, have a look. We have beings for instance, attempting to Manipulate what we are busy doing using ways of Stimulation like harming themselves Physically. So that we can Stimulate them again so they can feel better about themselves, but they cannot actually decide who they are. ‘Gimme someone that Stimulates me and I will feel better about myself’ – what Statement is that? It’s a Statement of Slavery. It’s a Statement of ‘I’m enslaved to Stimulation – without Stimulation I am Nothing’.

Stimulation is giving the power to that which is outside you to decide who you are = that’s Stimulation.

If you read a book and you feel better in reading the book you’re being Stimulated to do so, according to your Programming.

If you like Music – what is the Real Point of Music? What is Music? Music is Stimulation, that’s why you only like certain kinds of Music. What does the Musician do to the listener = Stimulates the listener into a certain mode of experience – an inner experience, which is a Stimulated experience = you’re Stimulated.
And it that Stimulation you are Simulating. You are experiencing. What is experience? It’s a Simulation according to the Stimulation. It’s not Real, you’re experiences are never Real. Your experiences are always just a Simulation that is based on your Stimulation – and according to the Relation that exist within the Relationship between the Stimulation and the Simulation you have your Elation, your experience in terms of how you feel. So feeling is never real, because feeling is based on Stimulation and how you accept that Stimulation as your Simulation = it’s never Real.

Energy is never Real, because Energy only exists when there is Stimulation and the Stimulation is always external and I mean if you or another person Stimulate the point and you Simulate it - that means you’re accepting it – you’re gonna have an experience, an Elation in that Relationship that Elation is your Joy, your Love, everything. Love by itself doesn’t exist! It requires Stimulation – that’s why no-one can actually stand for Life, because you want Life to be ‘unconditional’. Why do you want it unconditional? So that you can have Choice. So that you can have the choice to Stimulate you the way you want to Stimulate you. Bugger everyone else! It doesn’t matter what’s happening to them, they have the same power. They have Choice! They have Chosen to be Here – the fact that they’re in a country where there is no food – has got nothing to do with me! I mean, they must plant something, I mean, they must not starve. I’m quite happy this side, I’m Stimulated! I know they’re not Stimulated, but that’s not my problem! While I’m Stimulated, I am not even Aware of their Existence – which is so wonderful! Please Stimulate me then I don’t have to worry about anyone else! Just keep me Stimulated!
The same as being on Drugs. Existence exists for drug-addicts. Everyone is on drugs the whole time through Stimulation. Stimulation is your drug, you’re addicted to Stimulation you have no idea what Life really means, no idea what self-movement means, no idea, whatsoever. You want to find out? For 21 days Breathe! Do not allow any Stimulation, that does not come from you, specific as self-movement. Nothing must Stimulate you to Move! Or to Decide. So you can start finding out how little you’re actually able to do.

Forgive all the Stimulations. Because the Stimulations are your addictions, they are based in Geometrical Patterns = The Sacred Geometry! I mean, isn’t it beautiful if we can paint a beautiful picture about Sacred Geometry so that we can justify our Stimulations which is our addictions to specific Stimulations that make us ‘special’.
What are all these beings in Existence that are Masters and that are Masters of, in their points of Attention and Ascension – the whole point about what they know what is going on in Reality. Have a look! They will not explain to you how reality practically works and why it doesn’t work. They will Stimulate you to have an experience not to worry about reality. Christianity is doing that, the Muslims are doing that, the Hindu’s, every Religion is doing one thing: it is Stimulating you not to care about what is going on in Reality, and it’s Stimulating you to worry about what happens to you AFTER you are DEAD.

It’s too late then!