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Day 204: After Death Communication - Part 52

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 36

Demons in the Afterlife 

We continue with the Story of the Demons. This had to be walked, Breath by Breath, without any preconceived ideas, beliefs, about Anything – to be able to Direct it. And, I used several Laws, but two Specifically: the One being the Law of Resistance, which is based on “what you Resist, Persists”, and the other one The Law of Attraction, which is “like Attracts like”.

So, the Demons couldn’t Resist me, because the Act of Resistance is an Act of Giving, and they couldn’t be Attracted to me, because the Act of Attraction is also a Giving – so these two Laws cancel each other out. (Meaning: if they would be attracted to me, this attraction would create a relationship between us, if they resist me – the relationship would persist, because whatever you resist, persist.) Which is Why, all the Millions of Law of Attraction Fans that want to ‘Change the World’, is getting nowhere – because, they Resist the Negative. And therefore: the Negative Persist and it actually grows stronger, because the Application of the Law of Attraction Fans is Inconsistent, yet their Resistance is Consistent. And therefore, the World is tumbling down the Rabbit Hole very fast.

The only Reason the Law of Attraction schemes are making some money for some, is because they’ve worked out a Mathematical way where Some can make Money. But, this is just a Pyramid Scheme, and strange enough: all these ‘Loving Beings’ cannot conceive of the Ideal System, where there is no Pyramid, where there is Equality, where All Life is Equal, so that you don’t have to go through all the Bullshit of these Laws. Because, in the Law Of Attraction, Ultimately - you have to Convince yourself that you are somehow doing something ‘Positive’ and against the Evidence, Mathematically and Scientifically, that the Law Of Attraction do Not Produce the Result that’s Best for All – “one Must Stand and Resist All the Negative, no matter what”, and so – it is Done: the Negative persist and grows thanks to our Positive Fraternity, and the lack of understanding of the most basic Physics that functions in All Dimensions.

So, the Demons caught on to the fact that I was using, primarily, the Law Of Resistance. Because, by their very Nature, they would Resist me and what I represent as Life as what is Best for all – as from their Experience: it is just Impossible, and they have taken this to the Ultimate, in becoming the Extreme Outcome of Demon, in fact. And therefore have Lost all Faith that Creation in any way could Produce Anything Good.

Thus, with the Demons also becoming more Organized, with the Help of Hitler and Anton LaVey and Others – the Demons, as beings without Fear, because they have become Fear-itself, and therefore they have Transcended Fear: created a contest – because they’ve noticed that every Demon that goes into the Portal, will come out Transformed and then will no longer be in the Demon Dimension. And therefore, their Game was to See who would go into the Portal, and come back a Demon, and resist whatever it is on the Other Side of this Infinity Doorway we termed the ‘Portal’.

So, One Day – there was this very Stable Demon. He simply said to me: “you can try what you want; I know what you’re doing. I will Not Resist you.” I said to him: “thank you so much, because then – I will just Attract you”. And instantaneously – he was taken as the Life Force that was within him, to the Point of Realization of his Existence as and how he caused himself to be what he is so that he could Face it, the Responsibility and Self-Honesty through Self Forgiveness Spoken Aloud – checked, from the beginning of time to the end of time, to make sure that there are No Points not Dealt with.

And so, there it was: you can’t use the One without the Other – these two Laws cancel each other out, and only a participant in a particular Law that is Delusional in its Obsession to follow Faithfully to what it perceive to be what it is Creating and Attracting: would be stupid enough to deny Reality as the opposite polarity that is being created when one embrace the Positive, and the more you embrace the positive - the greater freedom you give to the negative, as it manifests Equally, to run rampant on Earth as it is doing - all thanks to our Dear Positive Ones.

Imagine, there is Another Law: the Law of Balance. This is a peculiar, interesting Law, because this is what Balance the Forces in the Universe and makes it Possible for Planets to be in relationships for Humans to be on Earth, for Nature to function – this is just but One of the Laws. And this Law dictates that: when you go to the Extreme Positive - your correction is the Extreme Negative. And therefore, could you Imagine what Awaits the Positive Ones on the other side of the Veil? The Debt they have to pay for what they created in the Lives of so many, by allowing the Negative Forces to grow out of Balance?

Self-Interest requires the Total Attention of the One that is Focusing on the Positive, and so also is the Demon, in total Self-Interest as it Focus on Vengeance and Revenge.

Remember a very important point here, when Dealing with Channels: you’ll notice that their speeches are prepared like those of a Politician, because they’re actually recruiting your Vote, they’re Actually Trapping you in Feeling and Emotion, which is just an derivative of Thought - because the greater the Separation, the more energy was produced on Earth from Heaven to Harvest, to create the many Frequency Bands necessary, for the Heavens and the Steps of Ascension to Exist.
These things no Longer exist - and how and why is Beyond the Understanding of Those trapped in Energy.

First Step is: to Study the Quantum Mind and to Study the Basic Laws that Function and cause one to be in Dishonest Relationships, even with yourself - and cause one to Believe, that what you’re Thinking is ‘real’, without understanding how a single thought is created by the Physical Body – how it got there, what it relates to, what energize it, how was it interpreted by the Mind, what is it that you’re really, actually seeing…and Ultimately: why are you here on Earth, in a Prison, where you are constantly Drugged through various dimensions of Energy that Impulse the Physical to release chemicals to keep you in a state of Positive Bliss or Negative Destruction. And, whenever you don’t get your chemical cocktail, then: “the Great Depression – there is no meaning to life”. Yes, there is no Meaning to the Illusion that exist as Personality in the Mind, because it is temporary – dependent on the Energy produced by the Physical, dependent on the Programmed Dimensions that transform it into an Experience that is Subjectively experienced within the Physical and the Mind. It is in its very Nature, this Personality, a Form of Demonic Possession. This will grow and Challenge Man in every facet of their Lives, because whether you are Attracted to the Desteni Message and you like the Idea of Life Equal as What is Best for All, which Very few will, due to the Demonic Personalities - OR whether you Resist the Desteni Message, which will cause you to come to the Realization of What’s Best for All, through the Negative Route – doesn’t really matter, you will get it, whether it is in this Life or the Hereafter.

We do suggest, Strongly, that you do it in this Life, because Birthing Life from the Physical, as Jesus said, in the Gospel of Thomas, is: “the Marvel of Marvels”, and that is what Desteni is: the Birthplace and the Support to Birth Life from the Physical. But at this stage – FEW will manage this, and that is Okay, because your Existence on Earth is Temporary, and what awaits…is a Very Rude Awakening.
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