Thursday 8 November 2012

Day 208: Pain & Radical Self-Honesty - ADC - Part 56

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History of Life After Death - Part 40

So we continue with the Pain Point, and what I suggest here – is: to use Radical Self-Honesty within your Moment-to-Moment Breath-Life wherein you initially, deliberately Challenge your acceptances and allowances as ‘Who you have become within the System’, through looking at “What would be Best for All Life” in that Moment - if you were in a Reality that was Best for all, “How would you have Lived it?” And to Observe, specifically, what Discomfort arise in the Physical Body. If no Discomfort arise, you’re still in the Mind. So, here – discomfort is already an Indication that you are starting to use the Quantum Physical Mind, through a Radical Movement in Awareness of your Relationships from your current Preprogrammed Self-Interest as the World System, to your Participation within a ONE BODY World System as Life as What is Best for All. This will not produce any particular Result, and you’re not going to Act it out – as you’re purely, first of all, Identifying the Programs by bringing them into your Awareness, through Pain, that are the programs that you are Living As, as a Choice, so to speak, you made BEFORE you incarnated on Earth.

(With “This will not produce any particular Result, and you’re not going to Act it out…” means that, the above process one initially only walk for self, WITHIN self in and through writing and self-forgiveness/breath – investigating the patterns, the systems that’s come to define self and self’s life and how self would have changed the moment, the relationship and one’s behaviour within that if/as one stood in/as the principle of What is Best for All. In and through this process, self will start the initial phase of re-aligning self/self’s awareness to how to live in/as the principle of What’s Best for All instead of the Preprogramming of the Mind, the System we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be/become)

Within this, it is Important to Realise, that if you keep submitting to the Preprogrammed Design of the Soul, so to speak – you Will Only Ever look at Satisfying your Self-Interest, and you will Justify Suffering with Great Ease by claiming that you have ‘No Authority’ over what is happening on Earth. This in itself would be you allowing the Authority as Life you could be, to be Abdicated and in a sense, you would Sell your Life for Self-Interest. It will make your life seem easier, because you will be existing in the Mind, separate from Physical Reality – oblivious to the actual torture you inflict on the Actual Physical, to gain the Energy through which you Create your Consciousness as its various feeling and emotion Experiences.

So, it is Suggested that One look at the Point of Self-Honesty, the Point of the Present-Breath Here as the Reality-Moment, and to walk that Breath with Full Attention to Observe, through the Physical Feedback – what it is that you Allow to Dominate, as Pattern, your Existence - and how that Contribute to a World of Inequality. Especially look at How you React to any Principle that ‘threaten’ That which you believe is ‘yours’, because you have ‘earned it’. Realising, that you are in fact Never Owning Anything, as Everything of you – from Energy to the Physical Flesh: is only ‘on Loan’ to you, from the Earth. And that, when you were Born – you had, in fact, Not yet had Any particular Awareness of Anything and was only Existing in the Beginning, by the Great Ingenuity of the Nature of Earth, being a Mixture between Plant and Beast as Egg and Seed, growing into a Tree of Life that was supposed to Produce the Fruit of Life as that Which is Best for All Life. But, through a Process of Designing a System as the Mind, and Forcing it onto the Physical Self: one has Completely Separated yourself into That which produce only Self Interest, which is Energy. And in this, you have made the Physical the ‘House of Pain’ and the Mind the ‘House of Pleasure’ - Reducing the Physical to a Slave. Similarly to How Consumption reduced the Earth to just a commodity and a slave to the wants and desires of Human Consciousness and Civilization, which is only a Product of the Mind.

The Process of Learning from your own Patterns, through the Law of Resistance and observing the discomforts that it produce, will only be as Effective as you are Willing to go/walk. Here, Remember – that: it will take a minimum of 7 Years to identify all your Specific Patterns, and that it is Possible to Also Learn through Observing the Patterns of others, and Observing the Greater Patterns of the World System in How it Produce Suffering; as those are the same Patterns on a Bigger Scale, as the Patterns that you are using to Force the Physical into Submission and Slavery, through the Mind. This is Why there is no Difference between the Mind as the ‘House of Pleasure’ and the World as a System Driven by the ‘Pursuit of Happiness’, within which there is a Total Disregard for the Consequential Suffering that is Caused through Forcing a particular ideology onto Life, which Excludes Valuing Life and IMPOSE only Self-Interest.

It is Best, if you have the Integrity – to, where possible: Remove yourself from any point that purely just serves Self-Interest, and the vehicle as Self-Interest – only have Value if that Resultant benefit will be used and Directed to assist in producing a World that is Best for All Life, Always.

We will continue in the Next Post.

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