Tuesday 19 February 2013

Day 304: The Encryption of Systems (Part Five)

For Context from the Previous Post:
The Ultimate Way Out, obviously, has been made an Absolute ‘Evil Thing’. That means - Social System that is Best for All. It branded through Time, Designed through Time, to be Seen as Communism - because then, apparently, you won’t have Any Value, No Capital Value; you’ll not be able to Own anything and therefore, it’s Not ‘Valid’. Very Cleverly Designed so that you could Never Break the Control.

And so we have a System, a System that is Individually Centred, within each Human - as their Own Unique Code, the Book of Life, which is Ensures that: No One gets Out, No One Finds Life; and everyone that Looks at the World, do Not Look at the World as it Really Exists - you only Look at the World through your Designed Encryption and through the Feelings that you have Accepted and Allowed. And what you See is Measured according to these Feelings, and when you ‘Feel Good’ about it, then you do it - if you ‘Feel Bad’ about it, you stay away from it. You Never Challenge the System, because from your perspective – ‘everything is exactly the way it should be’.
You’ve been Enticed, you’ve been Plied, made Pliable through your Designed Program that keeps on Giving you Answers according to your Self Interest. And therefore, you Don’t Question the Design - but Believe that there is a ‘Higher Hand’ at Play which ‘only have Your Good Will at Heart’; because ‘you can always reach a point where you Feel Good’. But of all of the Design and how it Functions, the Essence of the Total Program: you haven’t got a Clue and you have No Desire to Find out, because - that would be Very Tough, because Every Single Thing will Not Feel Good. It will Feel Bad, because - it is not according to your Design and the Mirror within which you Look in your Image and Likeness is the Only Thing you Trust: “Mirror, Mirror in my Mind, how can I be Kind to Me? Self Interest. How can I make sure I Win? How can I make sure I get what I Want? Because it is ordained this way, I can’t take on this System, it is TOO BIG. I can’t question God, God knows Better!” Really?

There is Help if you Dare to Question. There is Help if you can Manage to get past your Self Designed Ego and your Intuition, and your Feelings, and your Energy and your Ideas of Reality. If you can Drop the Veil, if you can Break the Veil and become Available for Life, you will See that: the Physical Reality in fact Represents the Totality of our Existence…and it’s Not a Pretty Sight. And each one, no matter how Directly or Indirectly you Participate in it, is Causing this.
You are the Root Cause for the World in the Way that it Exist. And what you use to do it - is your Program, is your Idea of Good and Bad that you’ve Programmed in. And, you use a peculiar thing to Keep you in a ‘Wonderful Protective State’, which is: Money - it’s Capital, it’s Property. Not Realizing, that: that is your Self-Created Jail. You have Created it, and you will Defend your Jail - you are your own God, you are your own Guardian, you’re your own Guardian Angel. Nothing that you Create in your Mind through which you Reflect, is in any way something that is Supporting you to Find the Truth - it Only Supports you to Find ‘your Truth’, which you’ve Programmed in before, so you can Always Find it as ‘your Truth’, in Total Self Interest, without Consideration for what and how things Actually Exist.

There is Help, there is Support - if you Dare to Investigate. So, start with DIP LITE – it is Free, with a buddy to Help you to Break through some of the Points. But it will require Extensive Study. Whenever somebody claims they are Enlightened, know one thing: Enlightenment was part of the Script, Enlightenment isn’t Real. You cannot become Enlightened, from the perspective of some form of Consciousness – because, that will Separate you from your Responsibility as Life and you will Never be Self-Honest about what you really do.

Do Investigate, Test Self-Forgiveness, get to Understand Self-Honesty. Do Not Listen to your Thoughts, and your Feelings and your Emotions – they are your Guards of your Jail Cell. You are just in a Prison, ‘Pry Son’ – you are the Son of your own Design, you are the Creator, you are Playing God. But all of this Playing God, is all an Illusion of Self-Interest - where you Place your Interest before Life. That is Unacceptable.

Join us.

Expansions on the Words Prison and Enlightenment:
More on Pry-Son or ‘Prime Son’: Prime being Prime Creator and you being the Son. Your Encryption is God, from your perspective - and your Experience is you as the ‘Son of God’. And therefore: You have Designed, in essence, your Own Religion; where you are the Creator and the Created and the Creation – the Trinity. And this Trinity Traps you in a Triangle from which you Cannot Escape, simply through your Own Dishonesty and Self Interest.
On Enlightenment – we have a Series presented by Kryon, which Explains in Detail How the Design and the Encryption Function that has Ensured to Trap those of Love and Light in a most Bright Prison. A most Amazing Prison, where you are Alone and you can Entertain yourself with your Illusions for your all Life. It will take some Guts to Study Kryon, because it Challenge the Total Detail of what’s been Given before.

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