Sunday 17 February 2013

Day 300: The Encryption of Systems (Part One)

This is to give you some Idea of the Work that’s being done in Preparation for the eventual Change of the Physical.

As you’ve already Noticed, if you’ve been with Desteni for several years: Change, in any form whatsoever - is the most difficult thing. That, Simplistically because - the Systems that Control the Human, and I mean the Human - your Thoughts, Everything is Controlled Completely. At some level one do Understand this, although some are so well Controlled that they would for instance Think ‘they are their Thoughts’, which is like fascinating that one can come to such a Conclusion.

But anyway, the Principle of ‘as Above = so Below’, means also that: ‘as Below = as Above’. And all Secrets, Trade Secrets, and in this - the Biggest Secret that exists on Earth is: how much Money each person has – is all Encrypted. That’s why your Bank Accounts are Secret Protected. You don’t want to let others know – you don’t want others to know how much Money you really have, because: that would mean you’ll have to take some form of Responsibility, or some Conclusion can be come to about ‘Who you are’ just because of how much Money you have. Because so many times you have to say: “I don’t have any Money”, while you actually have Money - which is such a fascinating thing that one would Lie like that. And that is normally when somebody’s in trouble and they ask for some help - then, suddenly, you don’t have Money.
But anyway, this Encryption thing Function at All Levels of Human Society and it gets more Advanced. But Human-Encryption is really, very Limited. You have 256-bit Encryption, stuff like that, but - really not very cool. If you look at the Moment, Apple has got a problem with their Encryption. The other day, Facebook was Hacked - Problem with their Encryption. And Hackers are obviously an interesting phenomena, because - they have Lost Complete Faith in the System. But, on the other side - they also don’t Understand the Nature of the System. So, they do not Understand how the System came about and what actually went into Creating the System. So they don’t have Alternative to their Discontent with the System, and therefore – they’re just like petty-thieves that cause more Harm than Good, because they don’t have an Actual Way out of the Problem.

But anyway, their Access to for instance, Systems - are Limited, to Really Limited Formations of for instance, just Information, Bank Accounts, stuff like that - they don’t Change anything. They only Show that Nothing is Completely Secret.

Now, Understand that - the Creation of this Reality, in the Form that it now Exist, as Living Words / Living Pictures: took Billions of Years. In those years - the Creator Gods obviously Protected their Trademarks. That means, ‘the How’ they Programmed this. And they Encrypted it, not with 256-bit Encryption - but say with 256 Trillion-bit Encryption on Each Point. They left only One Point open that they couldn’t Encrypt – there was only ONE thing they couldn’t Encrypt, which was: Equality and Oneness as what is Best for all Life. Everything else - they Encrypted.

So we have been busy for several years Decrypting this. Because, with the Encryption comes a fascinating point – that: there is also a Projection that comes from it, because: every System, in its Design, will have an Image and Likeness, an Embodiment so to speak; which is how it will Present itself to Protect the System it’s Protecting. That’s why for instance, if you look in this World: everyone has got an Image and Likeness that you are Presenting to the World - the Smile you have, the Personality you have, the Make-up you put on, the Clothes you wear, the House you buy - everything is Encryption, where you Hide the Truth within yourself in various Images and Likenesses. Because you don’t want people to know the Real Nasty Thoughts that’s within you about other people, the Real Nasty Desires you have for someone else’s husband or wife. You don’t want them to know what’s Really going on inside you, because: your Secret Mind – you’ve Encrypted, you’ve Encrypted it in every single way possible. One of the primary things you use in this, is Money. Encryption is very Ruthless, because there is simply No Self Honesty. Even Honesty is Encrypted, because – you have made it part of being Honest to the System, for instance – ‘having to Pay your Debt’ is seen as ‘Honest’. So, if you don’t Pay your Debt, you are Dishonest and you Lose your Rights in the System. In every way the System is Protected.

We knew of the Problem in the Beginning when the Portal Opened – so, to Solve the Problem there was only One Solution: everyone had to be placed in an Equal Position in the Dimensions, that means - in the Afterlife. Unless they are in an Equal Position, we’ll have continuous Deception and Misrepresentation, and Image and Likeness’s that we have to Deal with - and it will take a long time to Break-through this to get to Self-Honesty where one can get to Self-Responsibility. As the Destonians know, how difficult it is to help another being on Earth - it is like, it’s Virtually Impossible. It’s like pulling hens teeth, and hens don’t have teeth – so, that’s how Difficult it is to even get One Person to Realize the Extent of the Problem that they are Existing as in their Fake Illusions, and their Images and Likenesses - through which they are Protecting the Inner Evil that Life has always been, within this World.

We’ll continue in the next Post…

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