Sunday 24 February 2013

Day 307: Innocence of a Child - Encryption of the System of Self (EOSOS)

Encryption of the System of Self (EOSOS) – continued

The Concept/Idea of the ‘Innocence of a Child’ Forms part of the General Language and Belief-System that exist with Every Human, and - this particular form of Encryption is quite fascinating because: Although the Adult will Profess the Innocence of a Child – they will do Nothing about it. They will Purely, in fact, Admit that: the Innocence of a Child is taken away by the Adult, Deliberately and will Full Knowledge, and that the Adult Accept that as ‘a Way things must be’.

This particular Encryption is Imposed on the Child at a very young age. First of All, the Child Observe, in the Quantum-Phase of Learning from Birth to 7 Years, that - there is very Clear Discrepancies in the Behaviour of the Adult and the Behaviour of Society at Large; calculations are made in terms of the Physical Survival Instinct, which is rather the Prior Knowledge the Physical has by Virtue of its Design of what it Needs and what Functions is Natural. And, according to That – it would Calculate what to do, how to behave, to get these Natural Functions to Function Naturally.
The Child will Observe, in Innocence, that: the Adults are Not Innocent. And, they would Copy the Behaviour of the Adult, and very quickly – the Child would do what the Adult do. And, whenever the Child is Challenged - the Ultimate Act of Ignorance is used, one Demonstrated Daily by the Adult: the One where the Adult ‘Plays Dumb’ and Pretend that they Don’t Know what they’re Doing; and Pretend, that – ‘this is the Way things are’. And therefore, with a Sweet Smile and Innocent face, the Chid will look up in the Adult’s Eyes and say: “I didn’t do it, I don’t know who did”.
Who Taught the Child this? - The Example of the Adult. Because, there is a Silent Agreement in this Encryption, between All Adults, All Families – to Never Speak of this Constant Lie that’s Proliferated in every way Possible. To Never Speak about the fact, that: everyone, Deliberately, is all the time Planning to, in some way - Take Advantage of Someone else. To be Always on the Alert, to be Able to be Ready whenever there is an Opportunity to Take Advantage and to Take it. The Reasoning, simplistically: “If you don’t Take it First, which is ‘Winner Takes All’ - then, the Other One will Take it First”. So, there is this Agreement - that: “Whomsoever Takes Advantage First, they’re the Winner – so, let’s just let it go and Next Time be Faster and Better at How we Deceive and How we Take Advantage of”.

And, this has Proliferated, this has Accumulated over Generations to a Stage, where – the Human Take Advantage of Life on Earth without Any Sense of Morality, without Any Sense of Awareness, without Any Sense whatsoever as to the Consequence of this. For instance, if one have a Look at Antibiotics: it is well-known, through Research, that Antibiotics have a Side-Effect. It Trains the Bugs to become More Effective. The Bugs are Genetically Superior to the Human, so – they can Actually Learn from the Genetics.
The Human, simply, cannot Learn. It is Because the Human’s Natural Learning Ability, as the Physical, has been Compromised by a Thing - called Consciousness, which is Consisting of an Energy-Derivative; it is thus Inferior in every way to the Physical. And therefore, it must Compromise and it must Deceive to exist - as it does for instance, with the ‘Innocence of a Child’-Concept.
So, it is well-known that: Every Possible Attempt that the Human, under the Disguise of Consciousness, has made to Take-On the Bugs, the Bacteria and Viruses of this Reality – has Resulted in SUPER-Development, they’ve Learned. Now, we just Continue doing it – can you Believe it? Instead of Looking at Co-Existence - we Look at Chemical-Warfare, we try and Find all kinds of Ways.

They’ve Now Found Another Way in which they can take-on the Bugs – and, they will Become More SUPER. SUPER-HEROES. Obviously, they are the Defence System of the Earth. The Human is an Alien-Invader, because the Human has Never become Part of the Earth, Part of Life – the Human has tried to Dominate it. Instead of being, Here, as Dominion, as a Support, as an Understanding to CREATE a Reality that is Best for All Life - the Human has Created an Ideology, an Ego, a Consciousness of Superiority. And, has Taken that to the Point where – the Human, Erroneously, Claim that: there is ‘Something Better After Death’; and so the Human has Created a Three-Part Existence: The Body, the Mind and Spirit.
The Body, is that which Gives Life.
The Mind, is the First Major Separation.
And then, the Final Separation – is Spirit. Spirit, as That which Becomes Nothing – which is not even Able to Conceive How it Become What is Became. Oh…you’ll See once you’re Dead, it is Quite a Little Problem…

And so, the Innocence of a Child – which should have been Developed with Proper Parenting, with Developing Vocabulary that is Worthy of Life, with Developing Language and Linguistics that Support All Life, that Honour Life, that Respect Life…Instead of that: the Innocence was Destroyed. And, Who did it? –The Parents. ONLY the Parents, it’s No-One else.
Everything that Exist – the System, the Corporation, the Elite – Every Single Part of the System that Now is being Blamed for What Happened on Earth: All were Developed and Allowed…by Parents. Not by anyone else, because that is the Essence of the Human Existence on Earth: Humans Exist because they had Parents. And Parents Taught them, by Example, by Removing the Innocence – to Become the same as them, and Even Worse. All the Time, Developing an Encryption – So Prolific, So Silently Agreed-upon that Nobody Dares Challenge this Encryption, because then: “there is Something Wrong with you”, “you are not Honouring the Family”, “you are not Honouring Tradition”, “you’re Not Honouring the Way of Life” – What ‘Way of Life’? The ‘Way of Life’ that Rape Children from Young and Remove their Innocence – a Mental Rape, a Rape of the Life Force…there could be No Greater Atrocity. It is In Fact a Holocaust happening every single day, with FULL KNOWLEDGE of everyone that Participate in it…and yet: You All Continue.

Granted, there has been a Point that: the Consequence of what you’ve Done, takes Time to Manifest - sometimes so long, that you kind of ‘Forget’. That is Changing. The Consequences is Going to Zero-Point, to a Singularity, where the Consequences will Manifest Faster and Faster. Maybe, then – Man Will Learn…
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