Tuesday 19 February 2013

Day 303: The Encryption of Systems (Part Four)

When one look at Encryption: it’s ‘Inscripting’, and was the Foundation of the Soul System. So, the Soul System is where Lives were Scripted. Each Life, each Being - having a Special Encryption Key that is Unique to them, which would then Lead the Soul, once in the Body, to Create in the Physical, in Space/Time: the Encryption of their Own Design, so that they Feel they have done that themselves. And, because they’re Unique and Different to everyone else - it’s ‘Special’ and therefore, ‘it must be Protected’. And, from another perspective - it’s like Scripture. That’s Why that would then be the ‘Book of Life’, which is Equal to the Scripture or what would be termed the ‘Bible’ later on, and become part of the Entrenchment of the Encryption.
These Encryption Keys would then Follow the being After Death into the Akashic Records, into the Afterlife and Determine at which Dimension, meaning - which Energetic Design, which was Created by the Encryption - they fit into, so that the Individuality as a Designed Energy Entity continues , and the Separation from Life becomes as Extensive as possible.
This allowed the Hierarchy to have Absolute Control and to Design Paths like Mastery and Ascension, which then would be by the Encryption They Desire, the Way and the Outcome they Desire - to Keep each being on a Path that they, in a way, Feel is their ‘own Design’ because they Achieve particular Objectives. These Objectives were all Encrypted, and All Beings in the Universe were CONScripted to participate – they had No Choice, initially. There was a Majority Point of Agreement, and then once the Agreement was established - the Encryption started, the Scriptures; so that each Book of Life will be Unique – you can Read the Book and it looks wonderful, because it’s YOURS.
So, Capital or Capitalism started long before it was on Earth. It started in the Original Inscription which ensured that each one Feel that their Capital, their Value, is Unique.

This taken a further Step that it became within Language, within the Words - Each Word Designed according to your Own Unique Encryption Key, where you have a Special Meaning to the Word and this Special Meaning is in the Energy Design that you would Accept and Allow within it. All of this, obviously, under the Premise of Accepting and Allowing, which implies, tacitly, that - you Give Agreement the very Moment you Accept for instance, a particular Word and the Meaning of the Word, and you take it a step further by Becoming it. And thus: Living it, Speaking it - it Becomes your Whole Life, All your Feelings and it becomes your Intuition.
Your Intuition you’ve Encrypted yourself. You have Encrypted it to Ensure that you Never Question what you Feel, because what you Feel you have Designed and if it Feels ‘Good’ and it Feels ‘Right’ - then you Know you are within your Book of Life. If it doesn’t Feel ‘Good’, then you have to Deny it, you have to Push it Away - because it Doesn’t Fit your Encryption. And so it’s Ensured that you would Never Investigate All Things, you will Only Ever Investigate what is Good and Bad. And you’ll Always hang onto what is Good and Reject what is Bad according to your Own Encrypted Design - each one Uniquely.

That’s Why you have every Human Being on Earth having their Own Idea of ‘what God is’. There is Not two Human Beings on Earth with Exactly the same Idea of God, or Divinity, or Source, or Origin, or Light, or Love – each one has their Own Unique Encryption, your Own Unique Program which you ended up Designing into you through your Language and through the Energy you Placed into the Words; and so it was Ensured that no one would Escape this Prison - but through Death. And when you get on the Other Side at Death: your Complete Encryption as your Life, which were Recorded - would be Removed, and would be Placed on the Akashic Record, and you would be Passed-on to a Dimension which you then Accept and Allow because it Feels ‘Good’; where you apparently will meet your Soul Family…it is Brilliant in its Design.

It Exist exactly like that on Earth, where you have a Hierarchy, that means - the Top Elite, they’re essentially Protected by Money, by Capital. And therefore, they Design Reality according to the Essence of making sure they Remain in Control, they Encrypt how they do it - and therefore, you will Never Learn in Any of the Educational Facilities how things Really Work. You will Only Learn how to Submit and How to be a Slave within the System. No matter How or What you Study, no matter How Advanced your Studies become - and all the information is Particularly Encrypted to Ensure, that - you Do Not Find a Way Out.

The Ultimate Way Out, obviously, has been made an Absolute ‘Evil Thing’. That means – a Social System that is Best for All. I mean, it’s Branded through Time, Designed through Time, to be Seen as Communism - because then, apparently, you won’t have Any Value, No Capital Value; you’ll not be able to Own anything and therefore, it’s Not ‘Valid’. Very Cleverly Designed so that you could Never Break the Control.

We’ll continue with this in the Next Post…
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