Sunday 17 February 2013

Day 301: The Encryption of Systems (Part Two)

For context from the previous post:
We knew of the Problem in the Beginning when the Portal Opened – so, to Solve the Problem there was only One Solution: everyone had to be placed in an Equal Position in the Dimensions, that means - in the Afterlife. Unless they are in an Equal Position, we’ll have continuous Deception and Misrepresentation, and Image and Likeness’s that we have to Deal with - and it will take a long time to Break-through this to get to Self-Honesty where one can get to Self-Responsibility. As the Destonians know, how difficult it is to help another being on Earth - it is like, it’s Virtually Impossible. It’s like pulling hens teeth, and hens don’t have teeth – so, that’s how Difficult it is to even get One Person to Realize the Extent of the Problem that they are Existing as in their Fake Illusions, and their Images and Likenesses - through which they are Protecting the Inner Evil that Life has always been, within this World.

That’s Why, if you look at History - the Points of Benevolence are like a Few Words here and there, but they have Never been Lived. While the Points of Evil, is not only few words here and there – it’s Actually being Lived as the History of this World, through Wars, through Inequality, through everything.
And yet, like in a form of complete Zombie-like Fashion: beings will hang onto the Idea that there is ‘Hope’ and something ‘Positive’, and they will use Words as that ‘Evidence’. But, in their lives - if you start Looking at the Secret Mind and how they Protect their Money: you will See - None of it is Real and True. It is all just about Self-Interest and Accumulating Even MORE. No one will take a Complete Risk to bring about a Change in this World, because – that’ll ‘Inconvenience you’ and you will ‘Lose what you Own’, you will ‘Lose your Capital’ and your Capital is your Value. There is No Value in Life - doesn’t matter who must Die in your name, so that you can Protect your Capital Value; that’s the interesting thing about the World, and all of this you’ve Encrypted. And so is it Encrypted Interdimensionally, in Systems, in every part of the Being.

We have to take down these Systems, One by One, and we have obviously an interesting thing on our side: we have Virtually an Uncountable Amount of Beings, that’s already Died throughout Time and that’s End-up in the Dimensions. You will not Believe how many there actually Exist in Existence – it is bordering on Infinity. It’s a lot.
So, ALL of them, Imagine, is working ALL the time - at Decrypting Systems. And Each System, that’s Decrypting - need to be Corrected, need to be Taken-out of its Position of Control, it Needs to be Forgiven, Understood, from All Dimension so that it cannot occur again.
Now, Interdimensionally, the Relationship is from the Original Design – 1 Day Equals a 1000 Years; which means, that: if you take an Interdimensional Program, and you Decrypt it and you Change it - by its Original Design, it will take a 1000 Years before it Manifest on Earth. Obviously, everybody wants Immediate Proof. Impossible, because - you have Created a very interesting Image and Likeness Deception, which is: Evolution. Evolution, means: you are Learning through Forever-Losing. So, most of the time everybody is Losing, and through Losing – you’re Motivating yourself to try and Win. So you Win only a few times, but 99% of the times - you’re Losing. Nobody is Self-Honest about that – that is the Real 99%.

So, you don’t even Realise, that: through Multiple Lives, you’ve Actually Learned - Virtually Nothing. Because, all the time you’ve been Losing and you’ve only been Integrating a very, very, very Little-bit of Change, every time. And that very little bit - has made you Feel ‘so Good’, because it is like having a lollypop when a Child is says “Mama”. And suddenly, that is ‘Massive Achievement’. But, if you look at the context of Reality in its Totality and what you have as a Multi-Faceted, Trillion-Faceted Existence: that little “Mama” is Completely Meaningless, but to the One who’s Self-Interest and Capital of Self-Interest is Served: which is the Parent. Which in All the Parent’s Obsession, Compulsively, will Create a Copy of itself - to try and let its own Value System, its own Achievement, its own Capital: Continue, because - nobody wants to Give Up what they Own. And so the Child becomes the Parent, Inevitably, over and over and over again, Generation after Generation.

So, back to the Encryption point: so as we take down these Encryptions and we have already taken down virtually all of the Encryptions of the Interdimensions, of Multi-Universes of…you cannot even begin to Comprehend, from a Human perspective, what has actually existed.
So, for some years now we are busy with the Physical Encryption. A little bit more difficult, because - you have to take down the Complete Program, Decode the Encryption; and - these Programs are Programmed to Activate similarly, to say, the Seed of a Plant. The Seed of a Plant requires a certain amount of Rain, a certain amount of Heat, a certain type of Environment before it Activates and it Grows.
The System is Designed like a Plant. It requires a Very Specific Environment before it Activate. So, before we can Find the System, because it’s hidden into uncountable Dimensions - we have to first Create the Environment within which the System Activates. And when the System Activates - we can find the bloody thing. When we find the bloody thing, then we can deal with it, Decrypt it, take it out. And then - we have to take it out in the Physical, because it is a Physical System that is Creating Control within the Physical. And as you’ve Noticed, that stuff is like Really Effective.

Taking out a System in the Physical, is like walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. It is absolutely Hell, because - the Physical Body Believe itself to be the System. So, you have to get it to See, and Realize that it is Not and that it can be something else, because it’s Complete Image and Likeness, it is the Physical. And then, you have to take it out - and its got to then Willingly Release the System and itself from the Ideas and the Ideologies that the System Represents…and only then, can the System be Removed.

How long will this take us? We don’t know. We are working as fast as possible, as fast as the Physical can Recuperate. Because, after every event - the Physical needs to Repair itself.

So, this is very fascinating stuff – we are Moving and Removing this. And eventually, it will Assist in allowing the Human to See what they have allowed. So slowly but surely, like pulling hens teeth, we are Moving, little step at a time, baby steps at a time, Forward.

We’ll continue more in the Next Post…

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