Sunday 3 February 2013

Day 290: Psychic Ability in the Genetics

In 1984 I met a Man that Changed the Course of my Life. He took me aside, Looked me in the Eyes and told me things that happened to me in my Childhood, like for instance Medical Operations. I asked him How he could do that, and he told me he could “See it in my Eyes” - and so I was Introduced to Iridology where the Physical Conditions of the Physical Body and the Current State of Health is Mapped out; making it, possibly, one of the Most Proficient Diagnostic Tools available to us in Modern-Medicine, that is Not being Use by Anyone.

Imagine, having your Own Medical Record – literally Right in front of your Eyes, with your Current Health-Conditions Mapped of every part of your Body; with Sufficient Evidence and Research that this Works. You can Study the Work of Jensen on Iridology. Actual, Proper Healthcare based on Prevention, and yet – most in the Medical Profession do not even know that this Exist. Because this will Reduce the Profit Pharmaceuticals make, the Profit Doctors make, the Profit Health Insurance make – See, everything about Health is just about One Thing: Not to take Care of Health – but to make Health so Scary that it ensures Massive Profits.

So, that was my Introduction to a New World, so to speak. The Next thing I was Introduced to, was not quite something I Expected. I was watching television with the Man, when there was a Deep Breath – and the Next Moment his Voice Changed telling me to put off the television and not to switch on the Light; and so started a Journey of Many Years of Communication with the Other Side through a Deep Trance Medium.
Now, a Deep Trance Medium – Lose Consciousness Completely during the Trance Event. And, a Deep-Trance Medium is Light-Sensitive – to the Extreme. A Deep-Trance Medium is also Sensitive to Red Meat. The Interesting point about this, though - is Focused on One Particular Explanation that was Given to me: As the Years Progressed, towards the End of the Man’s Life – I was told that the Deep Trance Mediumship ability, would Transfer upon his Death and that it would Transfer to the Woman I was married to, at the Time. At that Time – there was No Evidence that she was a Medium.

In some of the Books of Psychic Ability, these type of Transferences were mentioned. So, actually Experiencing such an Event – is something that Very Few people in the World had the Privilege of Experiencing. I Investigated Mediums and Psychics for many years – even using them in Police Work during my Time in the Police, and would say, that: a Psychic Ability as a Real Programmed Existence – must have these type of Evidence, to be Real. Any form of Psychic Ability that is Trained in and comes through Meditation or other methods: are Not Actual Doorways to the Other Side.
The Actual Ability manifest Immediately, in a Single Breath – there is No Training, No Preparation, No Foreknowledge of Exactly what it Entails, there is No Study…it is simply Like Opening a Door.

So, upon the Man’s Death – Nothing Happened. At the time of my Divorce – I and my Ex decided to do Forgiveness face to face, to Ensure that our Relationship remains Supportive for the Sake of the Children. During the First Session of Self Forgiveness, which lasted something like Eight Hours – Suddenly, there was another being in the body, and my Ex was a Deep Trance Medium. She did not particularly like the Idea. And so, Several Points relevant emerged in a Sequence of Deep Trance Medium sessions that occurred without Warning, and was very Specific in Guiding my Life.
A Deep Trance Medium has a Doorkeeper. It is like a Guard that Decided who comes through, because – obviously, beings coming to speak must come one at a time. Lots of Energy is necessary for this, and normally a Session will not exceed one and a half hours at the most. And as the Energy runs out the Voice will grow softer and softer and grows slower and slower and eventually just Disappear.
According to the Guides from the Other Side – I had an unusually High Level of Energy-Capacity. They said I was like a Battery, because me Alone could Supply enough Energy to the Deep Trance Medium to do its part. And that continued even when the Ability was transferred to my Ex. The Guides used to call it a “Gift”, but let me assure you: having this Ability is No Gift. You have No Directive Control over it, unless you Decide to Stop the Ability. One of the most effective ways to stop it – was to eat Red Meat. Whenever the Man would eat Red Meat – he would Violently throw up. Was quite Interesting to See to What Degree he had No Say over his Particular Condition.

What is this Evidence of? There is certainly some form of Life in the Hereafter. We Explain our Research into this Extensively through the Desteni Material and there’s much more to come.
A Psychic Ability that is within the Genetics and Bloodline – Transfer, at this stage with Certainty: upon Death. But, it could also be possible that it Transfer when Not being used for that which is Best for All Life. We’ll have to See.
Nowadays – there are virtually No Real Genetic Mediums left in the World. Maybe one day – we will discuss Why.

So, just something interesting for your Consideration.

In a World Filled with Deception, where everyone Lies – at least Three times every Ten minutes, and mostly Lie for the Purpose of Profit; Never Caring about Actually Confronting the World System and Providing a Solution that is Best for All Life, which will Stop all the Lies: one should make sure that your Source of Information about the Afterlife is Authentic. That there is Sufficient Research done that the Way things Really Work can be Explained in a Measurable Way - because, you are going to End up in the Afterlife One Day and then it’s Too Late for Regret. Best to make sure – you Understand what Awaits and How you can Prevent Consequences in the Afterlife that you would not wish upon anyone in Existence. But yet – Everyone in existence walks Blindly, Straight into it.

Whomsoever Claim any communication with the Afterlife and do not Provide Permanent Solutions to the situation of Life on Earth – should never be Trusted.
In Fact – Anyone that do Not Dedicate themselves to bring about a World that works Practically for All Life in the Best Possible Way within a Equality Context: should ever be Trusted – because, whatever they are selling is for their own Self Interest and Profit Only.

If you Care about a Better World – Invest in What Desteni do. Donate to the Research for an Equal Money System at At this stage, very few people do – yet many would give to Charitable Work which are Purely the Side-Effects of a Dysfunctional System that is hidden behind Feel-Good Illusions. We Need a Permanent Solution that Stand for All Life, Always. And for that we Need Humans that Actually Care and do in fact represent Love as a Living Action.

You can, in a way, See Desteni as the Great Divide - which will already show you, whether you are ready to face the Transformation at Death. If you are Ready: you’ll Embrace Desteni, because we are the Destiny of Existence. And if you can see Beyond Death for Real: you will See that this is so.

Ask yourself this Question: Must other people that care about Life, spend their Money on Providing everything for you for Free, so that you can Profit from their Actions, while you use your Money to Support a Dysfunctional Abusive System? How can you Expect to Benefit from the Actions of others for Free, when you are Not Willing to take Action yourself?
This is a World Controlled by Money, and until we have an Equal Money System: we will all have to Invest our Money in Change and Participate in Creating Change. It will not be Free and will not happen by itself. Understand that, the current Spirituality Ideologies of providing things for free, is purely an Extension of a Consumer Control System, making sure you Never will form a big enough group, Financially Stable enough to Take On the System and Change it. This should be clear to anyone Reasonable Man that do have Powers of Deduction and Commonsense.
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