Thursday 31 January 2013

Day 287: Asthma – How I Prevented it in my Children

Where Asthma is genetically in a Family Bloodline - like in mine - where my grandfather had Chronic Asthma and died from it, my uncle had Chronic Asthma and died from it – the chances of it occurring in the Children down the Line is increased.

How Genetics play a role in this will be the topic of another blog.

Within this one, we are specifically looking at my two Children. My Daughter at the age of 5 suddenly developed Asthma. We investigated what to do and came across Kinesiology. We took her for a session where I was not present. There was a Traumatic Event at the Home where my ex-wife suddenly Miscarried one night and we had to get her to the Hospital and leave my Daughter at the neighbours.

My wife was at the hospital overnight and the next morning I took my Daughter to the Beach Front where we had Ice-Cream while feeding the doves at the beach - which was something she liked A Lot.

During the Kinesiology Session I received a phone call, I was asked whether I took her on That Morning to a place where I gave her Ice-Cream. I said ‘Yes, I did that’. The Kinesiologist deprogrammed the Trigger that was related to the previous night’s Trauma and Anxiety and Fear and the Asthma Immediately Stopped. This obviously Peaked my Interest in Kinesiology which I then used extensively over a period of 12 (Twelve) Years in my own Deprogramming and Reprogramming to Effective Awareness.

Obviously, this is not just something Randomly done and require an Extensive Understanding and Specificity and Objective Self-Honesty to be able to Adjust ones Pre-Ordained Existence.

And the Consequences of this is that everyone around you will no longer know you as ‘who you were’ and will React to the ‘New You’ - Mostly in most Unfavourable Ways.

So, do not use Kinesiology unless you have Very Clear Understanding of How-to and within this you will need a Kinesiologist and it is a Very Expensive Process.
With my Son, the situation was different. I was present at the Moment when the Asthma Triggered. He was Playing with someone in the House, who was Tickling him and during the Tickling he became Anxious and Gasping for Air and his Chest started Closing-up.

At this Stage I have already acquired Extensive Skills in relation to How the Human Actually Functions and How-to Direct the Will of the Life-Force to make Clear Decisions Immediately while in fact Walking with-it As the Person in Real-Time. And therefore I could Move with the Life-Force as Myself - Equal and One - and thus Confirm that the Point is Clear and Support the Person to the Correction.

So I Immediately indicated to him, Directly at the Level of his Life-Awareness to Stop and to Not Go Into the Condition of Fear where he was going as he was Creating a Problem. I Stood with him until he Corrected it and the Chest Opened and the Condition Never Re-occurred.

The Skills Necessary to Walk with a Life-Force As Yourself and Another - One and Equal - is taught through the Desteni Material and one can start with that with the DIP Lite course. There is no Quick fix - you’re not suddenly going to be Aware of what Life-Force is, where it is Situated in the Physical Body and How-to Move with-it and How you can Confirm this through the Movement of your Own Life-Force within you. As the Life-Force is Connected Equal and One, and has Nothing to do with your Consciousness, your Thoughts, your Feelings, your Emotions, your Imagination and Everything you currently are Aware of.

In Time, in the Future - Asthma will become a Preventable Condition.
I will do several blogs around this showing the Multi-Facetted Nature of Asthma that is not only a Physical Condition and is not necessarily just based on the Chest closing-up. There is also Mental Asthma that can take on the form of Obsession and Compulsion with Positive Thinking, Love and Energy and takes on Physical Conditions such as Extreme Physical Exercise, conditions such as Anorexia and Bulimia - it is all Conditions with which one Re-Focus oneself from Fear and Anxiety that Stems from Childhood Events that you did Not Understand and that you did Not Manage and where you had No Parent present to be able to Realise that you are experiencing the Condition of Fear or of Anxiety. Parents tend to Treat Children as Stupid, just because they are not Equal in their Language-Ability.

The Child, is Superior to the parent in the first 7 (Seven) Years as a Quantum Physical Being, which is why only Children goes to Heaven as the Bible implies. You have to Become like a Child, to enter Heaven. Thus you have to Return to the Quantum Physical Condition/Awareness that Exists in the First Few Years of a Child and is the Foundation through which a Child Integrate the Total Consciousness on Earth and is the Time within which the Child Construct the Mind-Parameters that will create the Personalities - mostly obviously: Personality Disorders actually - because the Parent have No-Skill whatsoever and are also in a Mental Disorder Condition.

This is Why the World is in a Mess.
Because the Foundation-Stage at which Learning Takes Place is Not Understood at all and from Generation to Generation only Disorder is Transferred and No Actual-Understanding. It takes a minimum, of 14 (Fourteen) Years to acquire Skill that will Correct these Conditions. This Should have Happened during the 14 (Fourteen) Formative-Years of a Child and it Didn’t.

Many react to the Desteni Message, as they Must - because no one wants to Hear that Everything they’ve Ever Known is a Lie. Yet no two Human Beings completely Trust each other because Always the Little Voice in the Back tells you the Person May Be Lying and is Only doing so Because you as a Human Being Lie at least 3 (Three) Times every 10 (Ten) Minutes that you are Thinking or Speaking. This is already known in Psychology, yet the Individual Human continues to Present itself as a ‘Moral Being and as somewhat of a ‘Higher Consciousness’.
That Science has Proof - is a Lie.

Understanding How you Function and Why you Function the Way you do, where Every Thought Originates from, How you Created it, where Every Feeling Originate from and How you Create it - should be a Common Sense Realisation that this Must be Understood, if you are to Be a Being of Integrity. If you do not Understand this in its Mechanical Specific Detail, You Cannot Trust You - Ever.
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