Wednesday 9 January 2013

Day 267: Copies and Clones, dear Clowns

Wisdom is to be Clever Forever? Is it?

There are So Many that Claim they’re ‘Wise’, but they do not Question WHY they are on Earth in a System of Copies and Clones. Some even Believe that Enlightenment means that – ‘somehow’, it ‘Lights’ the Path. But, the Path is Always ONE, ONE as Copies and Clones. Each ONE is Only Ever a Clone of those that GONE before. And, Copies of those that WON before.

It is So Funny - that JESTERday should be a Clown.

Isn’t it Funny, that our Children that are Now our Adults – Copied their Wisdom from Bugs Bunny? Yes, there is a Bug in the System. And, this Bug is that: there is Buggerall Any WON, can Do about the Fact that they are ONE as Copy and Clone. Being Conscious, or Conscientious as Consciousness – Trying to be ‘Clever Forever’, and Yet: Not in Any Way Able to be Stable without their God as Thought. Unable to Create For Real, because All that can be Created – is that which is Real, and Only that which is Real: can Create. And All that can be Created – is What is Best for All, because Only Then – one will Not be a Copy and Clone. Only then One MUST Live Breath by Breath as What is Best for All, because: Strange enough – Every Moment becomes Completely Unpredictable and Requires Actual Awareness to Take All Parts and Direct it AS the Living Participant to What is Best for All, Always.

Thus, with Real Awareness – One can NEVER SLEEP, One can NEVER LET GO, One can NEVER REST; because Life Never Sleeps, Never Rests. Life is Forever Industrious - Supporting Life, Being Life. If Nature goes to Sleep and for 24 Hours Let Go and Rest to Not Produce Life-Giving OxyGEN(E): the Whole Gene will become an Oxymoron and it will be the End of Life as we Know it.

But those that are ‘Clever Forever’ – do Not have a Clue, because: they Believe they ‘Know it All’.

The Answer to What is Here, is Everything that is Not Part of One’s Awareness. It is Everything that Makes it Possible to Exist. It is Everything that is Disregarded, and Disrespected. And yet, the Respect DEMANDED by the Clowns that are Copies and Clones, are Really the Subject of Laughter that Leads the Sheep to sLAUGHTER.

A World of Words where Everyone is Smith. But if Everyone was a Word Smith, which Forms Life with Every Word, Breath by Breath: Life will Eventually Encompass ALL Smith’s. And All Will be the Same. But NOT as Now, just Copies and Clones – Completely Unfamiliar with even the MOST BASIC Functioning of Themselves: Each One will be an ACTUAL Individual that will Not Become just a Point in the Scale of Opposites, in its Feeble Attempt to be the WON that Hope to Race to the Line to be First.

And, when you get to the Line and you Suddenly Realise you are Thirsty for Life: What would have Become from the Living Water that was so Intoxicated by the Energies of Clowns as Copies and Clones.

You are Alone, because you Alone are a Stranger to Life. A Lone Ranger so ‘Clever Forever’, that you believe Guns and Roses will ‘Fix it All’.

(NOTE: Read this Aloud… if you Can.)
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