Saturday 12 January 2013

Day 270: Conspiracies of Synchronicities (Part One)

If we Look at this World and our Basic Education that a Child is Subjected to, from early-on by Every Facet of our Society – whether it be Education, Family, Consumerism, Religion, Politics – the Same Message is CONSTANTLY Repeated: “You’re Flawed”, “You’re Born in Sin”, “You have an Expiry Date”, “You won’t Last”, “It Cannot be Done Better”, “This is All we Have”. It’s a CONSTANT Message that’s being Sent to Every Child to Ensure that Each One Remains Subject to the System. Essentially, to make sure Everyone Obey One Instruction: “You Must be Imperfect. You Cannot be Perfect. You are in an Imperfect World.”

Yet, within all of this and the Laws of Physics – if one Look at the Laws of Physics, you can Actually Move with Perfection within these Laws. So, there is Perfection in this World. Just not According to All the Support we have.

So, from that Perspective – the Starting of ‘New Age Movements’ and ‘Love and Light Movements’, are quite Understandable. It’s like an Escape from the Constant Reminders that “There is Something Wrong”.
Interestingly enough, where these ‘Love and Lighters’ should have Transcended this Message and Brought-about Practical Changes in the Physical Reality – they Create an Alternate Reality, and start to Claim and Impose that the Alternate Reality is the ‘Real Reality’, and that the Real Reality is the Illusion. And then End-up Escaping from this Constant-Message, making ‘The Best of What is Here’ and bringing about No Change in spite of Astounding Evidence to the Effect that the Physical World is Real like for instance, Pain, Starvation, Sex, Food, Waste – you name it, there’s So Many Examples that Each One is Subject to that Proves that the Physical is Real and that the Mind Illusion through which One Escape from this Reality, is Not.

It is Understandable that one can End-up Believing this Constant Messaging that Brainwash you into a Complete Submission to the Ideas and Ideologies of Control and Imperfection. And, Unfortunately – once you are Subjected to that and it becomes part of your Physical Make-up, which is your Automation and Systemization Process – which is the Same Process through which you for instance Drive a Car, or Speak a Language – then, you have a Big Problem. Because, you can go and try and Learn a New Language, you Notice it’s not that Simple and you can’t Remember Exactly How you Learned to Speak a Language in the first place. So, once you Reach the Age of Seven (7) and you have Acquired certain Basic Systemizations – you have Quite a Problem to Solve this because, it has become Integral, Physical Systemizations.

What is then Necessary is to Actually - according to the Laws of Physics – to Walk Back and Disengage, Remove the Physical Systemizations, which is Done through a Process of Self-Honest, Self Forgiveness.

The Problem, Obviously, being that: you’ve been Programmed to Believe that ‘you have No Power’ and the Power of Actual Forgiveness is ‘not yours’. And, you’ve been Programmed to Believe that you Cannot be Self-Honest because you have to Lie to Survive.

So therefore, What is Best for you – you’ve been made to Believe, is to “Win at All Costs” and that “this is a Competition”, and “you Must Do Whatever it Takes”; the Whole System Keeps-on Telling you and Showing you, that: “Unless you Do Whatever it Takes, you will Never be a Winner”, “You will Never be Anyone in this World that is Successful”. And therefore, Success – Secretly, is Agreed to be “to do Whatever it Takes”, and then Once you are Successful - then you have to try and Give something back to Society; it’s like trying to Pay a Debt.

But, is it Really a Debt? It’s Not Really a Debt – it’s Actually like a ‘Guilt Factor’. A Factor where you then try and Create for instance, a Product that’s Affordable for All, made Better and all kinds of things – Cheap. But, the Side-Effect of that, is that: you Cause Millions of Jobs to be Lost because you Destroy the Basic Capitalistic System, because you can through your Own Advantage that you have, with one particular Point, you can Take Advantage of the System by Creating a Monopoly, by Creating it Cheaper and Affordable for Everyone.

Nobody wants to Realise that you’re Actually Causing a Massive Problem, because – “You’re Doing something Good!”

Unfortunately – you’re Not.

We’ll continue in the next post
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