Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Day 261: Love is Not Seen through the Eyes, but through the Mind

This is an Observation made by Shakespeare. The Eyes See without Judgment. The Mind See As Judgment, As Comparison.

The Eyes Function as a Physical Support for Life on Earth. But, when the Mind becomes the Path used through which the Eyes See: the Eyes become Blind for the Physical World.

The Eyes Function in many ways without Consciousness as the Mind being Part of it. When you look at the Space around you in Every Breath, the Eyes See a lot more than what the Mind See. The Mind only Seek out Self-Interest.

The Eye do not See with Fear. But yet the Mind will.

If you have a Group of Humans, all dressed in the same clothes – you’re not going to Readily Discern for instance, their Religion. Because, the Religion do not Exist as Part of the Physical World – it exist in Isolation, in the Mind. And is the Result of Learned Behaviour, simply for the Sake of Fear.
And to Run Away from the Fear, in the Mind is Created: Love. Those completely Possessed by their World-View as Love, will Impose Love as part of the Context of Everything they See. And in that Way – Contaminate the Balance and Lose Touch with Reality.

For the Eye – All it See is the Business of Life. For the Mind – you have to ‘Mind your own Business’ and Create Isolation, Separation, Self-Interest and Exclusion.

In the End, the Mind doesn’t want to See the Physical Reality of Suffering and will do Anything in its Power to Ignore it - and to Not have to See it. You see this Especially with Positive Thinkers and the ‘Light and Love’ Fraternity, that would Even go as Far as Calling What the Physical Eyes See: ‘Negative’. But it will Create Beautiful, Colourful Pictures of its Interpretation of the Physical Reality and Impose these Pictures on Reality as if it is ‘Real’. For All Practical Purposes in the Final Analogy – this would Indicate a Mental Disorder. Because the Mental is Not an Exact Copy of the Physical, and therefore: the Mind is no longer a Vehicle through which Order in the Physical can be Maintained, because the Mind has made its Own Version of the Physical, based on an Internal-Created Picture-Reality. The Actual Physical Reality will Actually turn into Disorder through the Way that Those that are Mentally Disturbed through the Input of Beautiful Pictures, Not Living according to the Physical Rules that Governs the Actual Physical Reality.

Strange enough, even the so-called Science that is supposed to Order the Human into a Living Being that Functions Effectively, called “Psychology”: only work with the Mental Disorder. Even Imposing More Mental Disorder on the Human by Promoting Imagination, Pictures, Self-Created Images as ‘Solutions’.
Where the Human is Incapable of Creating Sufficient Illusionary Pictures: the Psychiatrist will Give the Person Chemical Substances that will Produce Hallucinations, which is Just another word for “Imaginings”. You should take a Drug that cause Hallucinations to See the True Nature of your Imagination, and then Investigate whether Imagination and Hallucination actually have a Place in the Physical World.

So Many have Fallen in the Trap of for instance, Imagining that they Love somebody or that somebody Love them - Creating All Kinds of Scenarios in the Mind, only to find out in the End that it was All an Illusion.
Very Little of Any Actual Relationship in the Physical World is based on a Bringing-together of People in Ways that would be Best for All. There is Always Hidden Secrets, strange Imaginings as Motivation for Decisions. In many more cases than is Currently Revealed, the Person may go into an Agreement/Relationship – simply because it Provides Financial Security. This happens so often that there are even Metaphors that Say: “When Money walk out the Front Door, Love walks out the Back Door”. Would this then mean, that: if One in Any Way go into an Agreement/Relationship for Financial Security – that you are in fact a Prostitute?

Why do we Not want to Call “a Spade a Spade”? Why do we Respect Decisions that are obviously made by the Mind, when The One who Lives in the Mind – is Not the Real Person, but is a Creation of Quantum Energies, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Dynamics within a Machine where even the Most Basic Components of this Machine as the Mind, is Not Understood? And None of it is Ever Taught, because neither the Parents, nor the Educators, nor the Professors, nor the Scientists - In Fact, None of those that are Currently Claimed to be ‘Highly Educated’ on Earth: have an Inkling of an Idea, How the Mind Actually Functions. Yet, this is Imposed on Every Child Born, Forcing Generation after Generation - into a Behaviour Pattern that Accumulate Generation after Generation into More Suffering on Earth.

Waking up, do not mean that you have to use your Mind. It means: you have to OPEN your PHYSICAL EYES and SEE DIRECT. But, So Much Emphasis is placed on the Mind, that some even Claim that they can ‘Wake Up’ in the Mind and become ‘Enlightened’.

If you could only See what the Source of Light is, in your Mind: you would NEVER Trust it Again. But you can’t – because: the You that’s Looking, is not Looking with Physical Eyes, but is Looking with Imagination. And in Imagination: you can make-up Any Illusion to your Heart’s Content. That’s Why you Shouldn’t Trust the Content of your Heart. Because, the Heart Imagined as some ‘Higher Force’ – is but just another Illusion, to Keep the Mind in Control. While you are Not in Control of the Mind. So Sad. 
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  1. Bravo Bernard! I thank you for inspiring Us to learn to see real physical Truth instead to hide behind illusions that only continue to support the atrocities that are going on in the world. When we see Real - then only can a Real change be made.