Tuesday 22 January 2013

Day 279: Anorexia and Desteni

In these Posts on Eating Disorders, I am touching on Some Aspects - to Give some Context to Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD), in Ways to Show that these Compulsions could be Understood and be Removed once one Understand How you Created them. In this, the Key is - Understanding the Mechanical, Structural Functioning of the Mind and How the Mind Package, Present, Transform and Manage Energy that the Mind Harvest from the Physical Body.

So, with Anorexia we’re going to look at the Aspect of Calorie Counting.
The Obsession around Calorie Counting makes quite a Few Assumptions. But, what is Interesting about Obsession is that: Behind Obsession – there is Discipline. It takes Immense Discipline to Remain Obsessive Compulsive, to Remain Dedicated to a Point and therefore, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD) – Manifest in Multiple Ways. It is Disorder when it Result in some form of Disharmony or Inequality. That’s Why you will See Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD) for instance, also within Religion, Spirituality – specifically where, the Person will become Obsessed with Their Version of Reality that Justify Inequality or Disharmony, Just to Protect their Position of Privilege, or Perceived Intellect, or Perceived Enlightenment.
Because the Justification for the Obsession, the Compulsion, is Complete - in as much as they Believe they are Right, no matter what: it Brings One to the Peculiar Point where Faith Reveals itself as the Underlying Culprit of Any Obsessive Compulsion. Because, Faith – with Discipline, that Result from a Belief that ‘you are Right’: Trap you within the Imaginary World of your Righteousness, so Completely – that No Other Voice but your Own can be Heard. And therefore, you will Avoid and try and Destroy ANYONE that Enter your World – Challenging your Obsession. You’ll also Seek out others with Similar Obsessions and form Groups that Justify Why the Particular Approach that Cause Disharmony, Division and Inequality is Acceptable. And that, as such – there is Acceptable Reasons Why Life should Not be Equal.

What is Fascinating about this, is that: this Religious and Spiritual Approach As OCD, is the Same that Manifest in ALL Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour – also in Anorexia.
The Anorexic that Count Calories, Obviously make Several Assumptions of Trust. For instance: that the Guideline of Calories, worked out by Scientists – are In Fact, ‘Exact’. But, if you Investigate it – you’ll Find: it’s Not. Yet, you will Base Life-Decisions on this Information, as if it is your Bible, or your Spiritual Path. Furthermore, you will Believe - as if it is Unquestionable, that: the Various Nutritional Aspects that Scientists present as Necessary for the Body – is All you should be Concerned about. This is again very similar to a Person that would Completely Disregard Life in Favour of a Spiritual or Religious Views, and that would Condemn any Empirical Evidence to the Contrary.

What is Furthermore Interesting, is that: the Calorie Counter will Not Normally use the Calorie Guide exactly, but would even Half or bring down the Calories to Only a Quarter of the Suggested Amounts on the Nutrition Table. Taking, so to speak, a Step – Based on an Idea, that somehow, just because they got a little bit of Knowledge: they suddenly know a Hell of a lot about Nutrition, and therefore – ‘their Point of View is Right’. This is called The Dunning-Kruger effect: “The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than average. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their mistakes.[1]” QUOTE
This Effect is One of the Reasons Why it is Very Difficult to Communicate to the Self-Converted, and in this – everyone with a Very Strong Belief in something, for instance, the Bible or the Calorie Table, or in Buddha, or in any other Teaching - whether Religious or Scientific: is in fact Self-Converted. When one Study the Mind and How a Thought is Designed and Aligned with Imagination and the Idea and Ideals of Self to Create an Energetic-Experience that is So Convincing, that it is Believed to be Something that Must be Trusted: is One of the Facets of this Effect.

For the Calorie Counter, it becomes Necessary to Realise – before one Harms your Body Extensively, that: you are Not an Expert, and that Even the Information you are Basing your Expertise on are Not Necessarily Trustworthy. Therefore, One Must Reconsider what you Give Value to and Realise that: you Have One Life on Earth, which you can Live in a Way that is Not just Self-Centred, but that Consider that Life is Not about Images and Imagination, but Life is for Living. And thus, one can Stop the Quest for Individual Perfection – and rather Focus on Perfecting the Togetherness of All Parts Here on Earth. And Make the Experience of Life on Earth for Everyone, something Worth Living.

We have had Great Success with Solutions for the Anorexic Condition. Unfortunately, it is normally Created over a long period of time, and therefore the Correction takes time. But, what already exist in the Anorexic: is Discipline and an Ability to Focus. Yes, it may be Obsessive and Compulsive – but in it is the Ability to Focus on an Outcome that will, in the Imagination, Lead to some Perfection in some cases, or in others, some Satisfaction of Control, or any other Achievement the Imagination was Created into Believing to be the Reason Why there is something about the Person’s Body that can be Perfected or Controlled, through a Strict Regime, of Counted Calories.

For those Interested in Assisting themselves, Join DIP LITE, Joint he Desteni Forum – and Indicate your Interest for Support. And those that are already walking the Journey to Life for themselves, to bring about a World Perfected in Ways that Consider ALL Life, and not only themselves: will Step Up and be of Support.
Understand, that – when you are Trapped in your Imagination: the Physical Body also gets Addicted to the Energy that is Generated, and therefore, in a Way, you are Under the Influence of a Drug. In this, the Imagination that Stimulates the Physical Body to Release Chemicals that will make the Initial Break with your Compulsive Condition – quite Challenging. But, Creating the Condition in the first place was quite a Challenge, if you Look back. So, you have already Proven – that you can face Extreme Challenges. You just have to Change, the Fundamental Reason Why you have conditioned yourself to the Compulsion, to Something Tangible that do not only include you and those that agree with you, but Consider: the very Essence of That which Gives you Life as the Same as That which Gives Everyone else Life. And from That Starting Point of Equality: Reassess the Reason for your Being. 
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