Monday 21 January 2013

Day 278: Binge, Bulimia and Desteni

Binging is a Condition that affects More people, More often. Although Binging does seem to have a ‘Good Feeling’ attached to it, it is in fact Based on Fear. Mostly the Fear of Losing out.

One will be able to Notice your Compulsion with Binging most clearly when you go to, for instance, a Wedding or a Party, or you eat in a group – you’ll tend to Load your plate Bigger than Normal, you’ll go back for More Portions, you’ll try and get the Last Piece and you’ll Eat the things you like More than Normal, just because it’s Available.

For most, Binging do not turn into Bulimia, but for some – Binging is the Doorway to Bulimia. They will Binge, then Feel Guilty and go to the Toilet, put their Finger down their Throat and Throw it All Up - Mostly All in Secret.

For the Wedding/Party Binger, there is a Process of Justification that takes place and a Form of Urgency/Anxiety that Capture the Imagination and Attention, to Ensure that the Person Move Effectively to Get More of the Food. There seems to be No Reasonable Limit as ‘Enough’ for a Binger.

The Origin/Cause of Binging lies within the Family. It’s either Based on a Form of Perceived Lack or the Cause of Overzealous Parents. Obviously, most Behaviour Issues and Compulsions within Society - were All Birthed at Home. Parents are Not Qualified to Bring a New Life Form into Being and to Ensure that Such Life Form, as a Child, will Become What’s Best for the Child and Best for the World.
Due to the Unskilled Parent, that would have a Desire to Produce a ‘Good Child’ – the Parent will Enforce certain Eating Rules and Food-Management Rules. This is Done by using Sweeping-Statements like “it’s Good for you”, “it’s Healthy for you”, or “it’s Bad for you”, “don’t waste your Food there are Starving Children” – all kinds of Bizarre Justifications as to Why a particular Regime must be Followed, when it comes to Food. The Child, obviously in Fear of the Parent – completely Helpless, Follows the Instructions of the Parent. But, within the Child Develops an Energy of Lack that Forms, eventually, a Binging Personality which will Emerge in Situations where there is the Opportunity for More and there is No Threat of Parental Control. In those Situations, the Person will Binge and they will Enjoy the Binging as a Form of Experience as ‘Freedom’ and therefore, it will ‘Feel Good’. It will Develop into a Situation of Obesity in many cases.
But because the Child become As Unskilled an Adult/Teenager as the Parent: there is No Ability to Assess the Behaviour as it exist within the Construct that Comprise the Memory-Designs which will Designate Energy to Particular Patterns of Behaviour. There is Also No Skill to Consider Any Change in Mood/Energy/Feeling/Emotion and How it Emerge as the Imagination of the Personality that Believes it Must Fulfil its Desire; sometimes even to a Level where it Believes it is its ‘Right’ to Fulfil this Desire. Erroneously a Person Believe that this Experience is ‘Themselves’ – when in Fact: it is a Virtual Random Set of Circumstance that Formed Memories, the Memories then Formed Connections and Relationships that was Energized in an Energy-Circuit; the Circuit Flows like the Alternator of a Car, Building up a Charge like in a Battery, which takes on an Energy-Form, in many cases Invisible – that End-up taking Hold of the Physical Body to Act-out the Desire, Fulfilling the Need Developed through Memories of Lack and/or Unfulfilment from Childhood. This All Plays out like in a State of Dream-Possession, where the Complete Attention and Action of the Person is Heightened. If one would Stop within this Experience, you’ll even Notice that your Skin Feels more Aware, your Attention and Observation of your Environment is More Aware – but this is Not Real Awareness. This is the Opportunism of the Designed-Entity as the Memories that Produced a Form of Consciousness with the Total Intent of Gaining a Particular Outcome that would Fulfil the Memory-Design; this Case being the Binging Personality.

This is As Unique an Experience for Each Person as it can be, as the facets that Comprise and Construct the Eventual Consciousness Entity as Binging-Personality – would be Uniquely Accumulated through a Number of Years – seemingly as Unimportant Events with No Major Impact. Yet, once Accumulated and Formed as an Energy-Force – would be So Powerful that it can, for the Little While Necessary: Direct the Total Awareness of the Person to such an Extent, that the Person will only Notice Afterwards that they have Ate more than Normal.

In the Case of a Bulimic that Binges: this is quite different, because – the Bulimic will experience a Hunger close to Starvation and would Eat ‘till they are so Full that it Feels like they have Averted Starvation. And then, in many cases, they End-up having to Throw up, simply because there is Too Much Food.

There are Many facets to this, and the Lines between Binging, Bulimia and Anorexia is many times Blurred. Realising that, any of these Compulsions can be Stopped through Effective Dissecting of the Memories, Energies, Patterns, to a Point where One Understand How you have Created the Particular Personality: is Important.

In this, one will Find that you – obviously, Will Deny that it is Possible to Stop. That’s Why it is Necessary to Connect with somebody that has Already Walked this process and Stopped. They already Know all the Excuses, All the Lies, All the Deception, All the Secrets, that can Possibly be Used to Remain Trapped within the Cycles of these Childhood-Entities.

Within this, One First Start with the DIP LITE Training and you start Reading the Blogs of those that has Already Walked this. And, once you are Ready to Commit to the Journey that it will take, which will be Years: you can Connect with a Person which Show, in Evidence, as Writing and Outcome – that they have Already Mastered this Point and you Ask for their Support.

That is Why, with the Journey to Life – the Blogs are Written. They are Evidence of the Dedicated-Application to bring-about a Wholesome Human and a Wholesome World that is Best for All. And thus, if you are Helped – it is Necessary, as a Form of Gratefulness: that you Share your Journey in Writing, so that you may be of Service and Support to others as well. It is Important to Walk this in a Structured Way, and therefore – the Desteni I Process, is a Commitment to yourself within which you get to know yourself, firstly as ‘What Needs Changing’ and then as ‘Who you will Create yourself to Be’.

Join us.
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  1. Just met a friend that confessed having bulimia so I gave her to read this post as a very cool support. Thanks!