Thursday, 24 January 2013


The Only Property that can be Truly Owned is the Properties of Words as the Meaning that is Best for All Life.
This Property Transcends All Time and all Dimensions, and Gives Individual, Equal Ownership to each One as the Living Word.

Our World is Constructed through Words and How we Live these Words, as the Meaning we Embody Collectively and Individually as these Words. When our Words that we Live are not What is Best Equally, for All – we Produce a Society of Injustice and Inequality.
Thus, the Inner-Transformation that will Produce a New World that is Best for All – is Within the Meanings and Definitions of Our Words and How we Live them.

All Words are, first and foremost, Taught Generation after Generation by Parents at Home. If we All Together, as a World, Dedicate ourselves for This Life to Purify the Reason and Meaning of our Words: we will Create Together a World of Happiness, Peace and Harmony.
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