Thursday 31 January 2013

Day 286: Care for the Asthmatic and the Charismatic

Asthma is a Physical Condition, which affects the Lives of many. Again, with Asthma - we Face the Point where the Condition is Accepted and not Prevented, and the Condition becomes a Point of Management, in some cases even being subject to the taking of medicine for a lifetime.
If the Condition is Understood, Specifically in How it is Created – and Parents are Trained How to Prevent these Conditions in Children: we Will be Able to eradicate Asthma, but for the cases that have already become part of a Genetic Program-Disorder. The Genetic-part will take longer and may even require two or three Generations for the Code to be Corrected.

In the situation of the Asthmatic – the Condition Starts at Home, where an Oversensitive Child (and in essence, all Children are Oversensitive, as they Function in their First Seven Years at the Quantum Level Integrating their Environment, Structuring the Mind, through which they will eventually Create their Consciousness Personality), will Develop Irrational Fears and Anxiety, and would Superimpose this on the Physical Body – Training the Body to Respond with the Asthmatic Condition whenever there is a ‘Threat’.

This Threat is very Similar to how Animals respond in a pack to their leaders, by going into a form of submission. This Instinctive Behaviour forms part of the Natural World, and as the Human Being is of a ‘Higher Order’, supposedly: the Human should have Noticed that this Condition can be Prevented – instead of Allowing the Condition to Develop. The Asthmatics will Integrate the Physical-Behaviour of Submission, Automate it, and in many cases – even Create a Pattern around it, which in essence, is like a Coping-Switch within their Reality; which would Indicate Childhood Fears that was Never Directed. For instance, if the Asthmatic tend to have Asthma attacks just before they go to bed – there was a Childhood Fear of the Dark that was Never addressed, that Grew in Intensity and eventually became Physical. And so, without Any Conscious-Awareness – the person will have an Asthma-Attack and will need to use their Asthma-pump before they go to Bed. Another example is for instance, where – a person will wake up in the Morning and need to use the Asthma-pump. This condition develop when there is a Fear and Anxiety within the Environment of the Child, where they Fear being at Home and this could normally be Stimulated by for instance, situations where one of the parents Abuse Alcohol and becomes Verbally Abusive during the Hangover stage. The Child would Expect some form of Disharmony in the Home and would prefer, deep within themselves, not to be in the situation. But they’re Hopeless and Helpless, Stuck in a situation that they can do Nothing about. And so Internalize the Fear and Anxiety that eventually goes into a Physical Shock, like Asthma – which then turn the Parent from Anger to Concern, and therefore: it becomes, for the Child – a Management Mechanism to Control the Behaviour of the Parents.

There are Many Examples of these type of situations that would Cause, eventually, an Asthmatic Condition. As the Condition is Physical, and is an Anxiety-Stress related Constriction, a Chemical Relaxant is necessary to Relax the Physical Body, to Allow Normal Breathing. The Asthmatic is Never Aware of the Real Reason Why they have Asthma. Neither are those in the Environment Aware – or any of our ‘Profound’ Scientists. As, None of our Science or Physics-Study consider ALL Parts of the Equation when they do Research. And so, because we are Driven by a System of Profit – Asthma is a very Profitable Condition for the Corporation and therefore Research will be focused on Management and not on Prevention.
In essence, Prevention is in Effective Parenting and we will be Presenting an Extensive Program to Support Parents in All Kinds of Preventions with a New Series Called: “Parenting – Perfecting the Human Race”.

Now, one would say that Asthma is only a Physical Condition, but actually – Asthma also exist as a Mental Condition. And, for the Mental Asthmatic, there is also a Cure. This Cure is in Religion. And, inevitably – all forms of Religion will have some form of Charismatic Leader, whether it be Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, the Archangels, the Idea of Divinity of Self – Any form of Mental Relaxation, that is Achieved through a Regime of either Communion, Meditation, Yoga, or some form of Discipline, Faith and Belief that is used to Regulate Fear and Stress.

In All Cases of the Mental Asthmatic, there will be a Drive to Move away from the Negative, which would be perceived as Fear and Stress - and there will be a Surge for Meaning, which is the Positive. Again, this is just a Management-Tool, and there will be No Effort to Change the Conditions, which Start during childhood years through parenting, and then through the Education System - to Prevent these Conditions, which influence All Choice, from occurring. The Strange thing is, that: the Mental Asthmatic will accept the System the way it is and even Revere it. Essentially, because – the Mental Asthmatic has been Trained to Fear the System and to never confront it. And therefore, the Mental Asthmatic will spend Large Sums of Money on All Kinds of Spiritual Medicines – just to have, from time to time, the Condition where they Feel a form of ‘Freedom and Release’ from the everyday necessities of Survival against All Odds.
In this, Money plays a major Role, as the Mental Asthmatics Medicines - as the Mental Asthmatic can Buy all kinds of Remedies from Positive Thinking Courses to Books, to Seeing and Consulting with those that seemingly present themselves to have the Answer to Life as Love, Peace and Harmony: so that they can also have a little Peace of this so-called ‘Peace’.

Yet, the World is Always at War – the War of Survival, the War of ‘the Winner takes All’, the War against the so-called ‘Negative’ of the Hidden Subconscious Anxieties and Fears that came from Childhood and the Education System. And so, the Mental Asthmatic is Dedicated in their Life to Find Peace and Harmony and will Move from one Therapy and Remedy to the Next, but eventually: the Fear and Anxiety will catch up with them again and they will Seek ANOTHER Solution. And therefore, the Mental Health Industry as the Spiritual Evolves, all the time, where – there will Always be one that Finds a Solution for their own Stress and Anxiety and then sell it as the Ultimate Solution.
This Process is never questioned as it is seen as the Nature of this World. No Action is ever taken to Investigate the Causes and to Change the System so that this doesn’t happen. And even as you Read these Words, you’ll Recognize what I am saying and even wonder: “Why didn’t I see it myself?” There is a Reason…:You are Conditioned - and this Conditioning is not only Mentally, but is Also Physical. This Conditioning Controls What you can See. It Controls what you Choose. It Controls what you Feel. It Controls who you are. And therefore, who you can be as a Life Form that is Truly Free – Can Never Exist, because: you’re Searching for an Answer based on a Foundation-Premise that you do not Understand.

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