Friday 25 January 2013

Day 282: Can Human Nature Change?

There are Vested Interests with Investments in the System as it Now exists, that is of the Opinion that Human Nature Cannot Change. You’ll Find that this Ideology Forms the Foundation of Economics, Religion, Psychology, Education, Politics – basically Everything that Forms part of the Current System, Follows the Premise that Human Nature Cannot Change.

Fundamentally, this Flows from Religious Faith and Beliefs, and is the Foundation of, for instance Christianity which States that, “Man is Born in Sin” and that, “God already Decided your Fate from the Beginning”. This Implies obviously, under this Ideology that: Man is Designed and Programmed with No Choice Whatsoever, Leaving the Bizarre Idea that One can Only be Saved from Oneself as the Creation of God through the ‘Son of God’ Who ‘Died for your Sins’. Strangely, this Implies that you, as a Creation of God, were Created as ‘Imperfect’ by God – Only to be Saved by God and that everything else is Incidental.
Here, the Atheists Fall into this Perfect Trap as well, because the very Moment that you Accept that Human Nature Cannot Change: you are In Fact a Christian Fundamentalist; and everything else is Incidental and a Smoke Screen - as Inherently, your Nature, no matter what you Believe, Cannot Change.

Essentially, this is the Foundation of the World System - and All those with Vested Interests in the System in terms of Profit: make their Decisions Based on the Fact that Human Nature Cannot Change - and that makes for Secure, Profitable Investments.
Even our Scientists cannot Break this Bond – as they are the Observers and thus Part of the Experiments they do, Viewing Everything through the Eyes of someone that already Fundamentally Believes that Human Nature Cannot Change. And therefore, Scientific Discovery on All Fields are Governed by this Starting-Point.

The Total System of this World has Invested Individual and Personal Survival in the Ideology that Human Nature Cannot Change.
Even All the Movements that Promise Personal Change, from the Human Potential Movement, the Law of Attraction (LOA) and the Emerging Positive Psychology – Still Only comes from the Acceptance that Human Nature Cannot Change and that you Must be ‘Positive’ and ‘Make the Best of What you have’.
None of the Approaches Understand, Investigate or Research What it is that Actually Creates Human Nature. And instead of going back to the Beginning to See where the Program Fails: it Only takes the End-Result as Human Nature and attempts to Manage.

The Documentary Series “The Century of The Self”, is Confirmation that Human Nature can be Changed, Shaped and Manipulated.

Educate Yourself. 
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