Friday 11 January 2013

Day 269: When Cycles Collide

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In the News, again, is the Inequality Shown between the haves and the have not’s. When the Have dies – it is Front Page News, and the Have is Characterized as an ‘Incredible human being’ who Always Thought About others, than himself. This is a Complete Contradiction to the Actual Reality, as in this Case – a Bicycle Collided with a Taxi, the Bicycle representing Wealth and the Taxi Representing Poverty.

Now, the Have is Dead and the Have Not Accused of Culpable Homicide. The Dead One, on the Other Side of the Veil – do not have Any of these Personality-Memories Available as they have Returned to Dust. The Legacy left behind is a World of Inequality, where the Have apparently was a ‘Star’. But, the Only Star that was Shining – is Self-Interest and No Actual Contribution but Thought, which is an Illusion, was what he left behind on Earth.

The Have Not, Never had a Chance in this Pattern of the Inevitable Collision of Cycles. The Same Collision between Cycles are happening All Over the World as the World is becoming Increasingly more Polarized into Haves and Have Not’s. So much so, this Polarization go, that for instance in America – the Income of the 400 Top Earners is Equal to the Combined Income of the Poorest 150 Million Americans. It is Astounding that this can be Justified and Even be Claimed to be ‘the Will of God’, where Each Human, supposedly, Created by God, in the Image and Likeness of God – yet: this Certainly do Not Reflect as Equality, which is Implied, here on Earth.
Strangely enough, Death has been turned into a Memorabilia – where very nice Memories of the Dead is Shouted out from the Rooftops. And, in this – the Media play a Major Role because the Media belong to the Have’s and therefore Glorifying ‘Having’, while Marginalizing ‘Having Not’.

As the Cycles Continue to Collide – this Polarization will be Emphasized More and More with Extreme Events. And More and More, the Opposite that should Happen – meaning: an Awareness of the Gross Inequality that Exist, will Happen.
Unfortunately, Awareness do Not Yet Exist and Current Levels of Awareness are either ‘Having’ or ‘Not Having’ and According to that All Decisions are Made. In this, the Have’s will Protect what they’re Having and try and Enhance it as what has happened especially in the last 30 Years, where the Margin of Inequality has Risen Dramatically. The Have’s and the Have Not’s will be Increasingly Driven into Situations where they are Criminalized and, if necessary, Incarcerated – to Protect the Have’s from the Unjust Demands of the Have Not’s. It is a Bizarre Situation that Exist on Earth.

More Bizarre is, that: this is Justified as ‘the Will of God’. If One is Able to Actually Access Life After Death – you will Find that this is Not So. And that what Happens on Earth – is the Soul Doing of the Human. The Human Soul that Have, do not Care about the Human Soul that Have Not. The Have Conveniently Blames the Have Not, for Not Having. Not Considering the Influence of Resource and System, in Creating this Blatant Atrocity.
As you watch the News, Daily, you Will See: the Accentuation of the Divide. Dare to Open your Eyes – Realise your Responsibility. Because Inevitably the Cycle will be Visited upon you and your Children. And when that Happens…it’s Too Late.

Prevention is the Best Cure, and the Only Cure. Investigate Equality, and Create a Commonsense Reality that is Best for All Life. And Much of the Trauma of Sudden Death, unnecessary, will be Prevented.


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