Thursday 17 January 2013

Day 274: Eating Disorders and Desteni

Eating Disorders are a Global PROBLEM.

In the Years since Desteni’s Emergence – Eating Disorders were one of the First Things that Showed and thus we Investigated it Extensively. Several Blogs on this will be presented. There are also several people in the Journey to Life Blogging that Write about their Personal Experience with Eating Disorders.

It is Very Clear that, in Psychology, there is No Solution or Definitive Clear Approach to Solve this Problem - and that the Problem is Not Understood.

In the Case where an Eating Disorder is a Physical Disease, or an Allergy-Reaction – to Identify the Nature of the Disorder through an Physical Food Elimination Process, is Relatively Easy.

In the Cases where Eating Disorders are of a Mental Nature that is Fuelled by Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions and Imaginings: it’s a Total Different Kettle of Fish. In such Cases, the Condition has been Created Uniquely and Specifically by the Person within their Environment, themselves. This would Start as a Small Impulse that could be related to a Judgment, a Comparison, a Movie, a Picture of an Advertisement, Looking at Self in the Mirror – Multiple Different Possible Points, from which will Emerge a Cycle of Thought that will Grow in Magnitude to Eventually Convince the Person that their Thoughts, Feelings or Imaginings about themselves in relation to their Physical Image and how Food influence it: is Actually ‘Real’. This will take on Various Dimensions and end-up as a Disorder, which Nowadays All have ‘Special names’, Special Treatments and which is Regarded as a Mental Disorder that is not easily cured or stopped.

In Fact, like with All Psychological Disorders – it is the Bread and Butter of the Psychologist. And, in a World where Money Determines Everything: Curing a Patient – is Not High on the Agenda. As Profit and the Urgency of Survival, Influence the Psychologist. In the Words of a Psychologist, to Me, Directly, some years ago: “If we Cure All Mental Disorders – How will we Eat?” Therefore, their approach is one of Management, rather than Cure.

The SOLUTION to Eating Disorders is to Study the Creation of the Mental Entity that became the Dominant Character through which Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings and Imaginings are Created – to Keep the Person Trapped in a Loop of their Own Self-Destruction. As this has Normally Taken Years to be Created: it Takes Years to Dissect Every Memory, Every Mutation of a Memory, Every Thought, Every Emotion, Every Feeling and All facets of Imagination – to See How one Created the Condition, Yourself.

Depending on which Stage a Person is Supported with the Process of Self-Correction – it will be Easier or More Difficult. The Easier Point is where the Person has not yet Convinced themselves that What they Experience As All the Mental Processes, is Actually Real. Once a Person has Convinced themselves that this is Actually Real: it becomes a Far More Difficult Task to get them to a Point of Self-Honesty and Commonsense Correction.

We have Done this Already at Desteni in Several Occasions and the Support is Available.

We will Discuss Warning Signs, Ways of Support and the Reward of Being Free from this Silent Visitor that Functions in the Mind with the Full Permission of its Creator.

The Following Blogs can be Followed for Support, as they are all Related to Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD), of which Eating Disorders form Part:

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