Friday 29 March 2013

Day 340: What is Authority?

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Authority is the Taking of Responsibility to Produce a Form of Management, Government, Directive Principle and Outcome that is Best for Everyone. Our current Authorities on Earth, the Governments, Scientists, Academics, Corporations, Religions - all are Not Authorities, they are Dictatorships. Dictatorships Use and Abuse Authority in a way where the Advantage of only ‘some’ is Protected and the rest is Denied Access to Equality, Equal Support and Equal Part in Authority.

Someone that, for instance Claim they’re an Authority in something would then, in fact, Produce (like, if it’s a scientist) a Result that is Best for Everyone. If they are just Someone that ‘Dictates Advantage’ (like a Dictator), they will Misrepresent the Research to Benefit only a certain view and only Part of the Population. You’ll for instance see how Authority is Abused on Quora, where ‘Anonymous,’ the Government and Social Internet Trolls, would Use Fear as Authority and then Produce a Mob of Humans that Have no Authority on the subject that they Speak, for instance The Equal Money System – or even on Anything else they speak, they have No Authority. They have No Authority, because their Authority is Tainted with Dictatorship, Exclusion and Producing Only a Result that Suit their particular Self Interest, with No interest whatsoever to Produce a Solution that is Best for All. These people are Not Authorities, they are Dictators - they Dictate through Fear. They Use Fear to make sure that Those who are Foolish enough to ‘fall for it’, would Become Emotionally charged with their Fear and then Speak with the ‘Authority’ of Emotion and feeling. Where they don’t even Understand What created and How this emotion and feeling was created. Then, they will try and Impose Authority through Abuse.
You see: Authority that is not what is Best for All, is Always Abusive. It Always wants to Diminish some and Uplift others. It has no concept or conceptualization of What is Best for All, or of Equality.

What was the Authority of Jesus? He Gave the Guidelines of Authority. Those Guidelines Is, Was and Will be - ‘Give as You would Like to Receive’, ‘Investigate All Things and Keep was is Good’, ‘do Onto Another What you would like to be Done onto’. But, our Society has taken, for instance, the Authority of Creation, of the Creator and made it a Dictator - made Creator ‘God’ something to fear. Instead of Something to Aspire to, instead of the Image and Likeness of Equality, Authority, Creator, Responsibility - the Authority of Dominion, which would indicate the Ability to Find a Way to Coexist as What is Best for All. That is Dominion: Not to ‘Dominate’, but Authority as Dominion, as Life, as what is Best for All. Instead, every part of society is a Dictatorship.
Even the Family functions as a Dictatorship and Not as an Authority. An Authority in Parenting would be to Show the Child ‘What is Best,’ How to Coexist Best without Fear in Peace in Harmony with Everyone else, Without Abusing or Dominating another, Without Enslaving another through Fear. Yet, every single part of our society at this stage Enslave through Fear. Those that then Have the Resources and the Power over ‘Life and Death’, so to speak, with Guns, Medicine, Religion, Government and Education - would use their Dictatorship to Manipulate and to Misdirect the rest. So that there is such a Cognitive Disassociation with What is Best for All, that the individual will only look at what is Self Interest, what is Best for Themselves. They’ll Impose and Claim, that “if they don’t take it first, they’ll get nothing, because then the other one will take it first - and so, it’s best to take It first, because otherwise you’ll lose anyway”.

Authority is That which Life Grants Each One Equally, the Authority as Life.
There is One Authority on Earth now, which Stands Above all, that Dictates, which is Death. Death is the Point where Life is Authorized or Not, and to Get Authorized as Life - you Must, before Death comes: Be the Physical Evidence as the Living Flesh, as the Living Word - that you Understand the Authority as Life, as Equal, as What is Best for All - or You Will Not Pass Death.
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