Wednesday 10 February 2016

Day 569: Authority and Consequence – Part 3

Continuing from previous blog: Day 568: Authority and Consequence – Part 2

That is the whole point of Structural Resonance Alignment, is to align yourself back to ‘who you really are’.
Within that, you have to understand, ‘How the fuck did you get here in the first place?’
And that is not understood, because, you’ve accepted yourself as ‘the way you are’ as apparently ‘all you can be’, ‘all you are’…

And you are living in a reality of Projection, which is ‘Consciousness’, where you are believing that you are ‘not what you are’ – which is ludicrous, ridiculous.
You cannot believe you’re Divine, if you are not so in-fact.
That is the whole point of the Authority Level at the Substance Level, where you have given Permission to yourself to be stuck as a Pattern.

And then you end up in a Mirror Projection of Divinity, where you are fucked for Eternity and you remain fucked for Eternity.
And there is really nothing you can do about it, because you have to Correct yourself at the Substantial Level, which is Matter. Because your Origin is Matter, your First Cause – is Matter.

You are coming from the Physical Universe, the Physical Universe is a Single Body, you’re a ‘Thought’ of the Universe.

Got me?

And within that, you have abdicated your Substantiality. You are thus in a Complete Separation, similar to a Single Thought. Which is why you can be Deleted as a Being, Through, even in your Body, through Chemical – you take a chemical and it will change your thoughts.

Your Physicality is Superior to your Beingness, your ‘Spirit’ – in Every Way.
Your Spirit is just Thoughts = Really, Really Unsubstantial, no Substance, just Patterns of yourself. And they are Primarily Deceptive, based in Fear, based in Limitation.
And now you’re in a Process of ‘being exposed’ as ‘who you are’. Then you are Trapped ‘in Matter’, so that you can understand the Matter that is at hand.

So therefore, in your Life, you will go and always ‘live in a Pattern’, a ‘Family Pattern’. A pattern which Confirms your Acceptances, as ‘Who you Are’ as a Pattern. And within that you’ll feel Comfortable. So anything that comes and challenges your Pattern = you will Attack, and you will Try and Destroy. Because you will believe that the Pattern you are is ‘Who you Really Are’, and that you have a Right to ‘Be this Pattern’ and ‘Nobody has a right to Question your Pattern’

And you will refuse to consider the Consequences of your Pattern, as it plays out in the Bigger Pattern that is the System of the World, of even the System of the Afterlife, the System of Heaven.
So everything which exists = is Relationships with System.
You are System, Existing as a System within yourself.

Within Thinking, within Behaviour, within Family, within Culture, within Language, within Education, within the World, within Money, within Social Order, within Religious Order.
Within all of it = it’s just One System of which you are a Small Part of a System that you’ve accepted yourself to be. The Big System can only exist because you are Creating it through your Participation. That is happening without you even realizing that you’re doing it.
Because have a look, you’re not Questioning the Money System – why? Because you’ve accepted the Money System to be ‘authoritative’. Without money you feel invaluable, without power, without anything. So receive money, and you are ‘all fine’. But you don’t question where the Money comes from, in fact, you don’t give a damn! ‘It Doesn’t Matter!’. ‘Money is just Money!’ Have a look, you have no idea what Money really is.

Nobody in this world can state the Exact Nature of Money, and exactly ‘Where it All is’, ‘How much was exactly ever created’, ‘how much of it is actually in circulation’.
Nothing is really known, cause nobody really cares. As long as there is ‘enough to do’, that which affects you within your life and within your pattern = you’re quite okay.

Makes sense?

To be continued…

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