Saturday 13 February 2016

Day 571: Authority and Consequence - Part 5

Continuing from previous blog, Day 570: Authority and Consequence – Part 4

Now your problem is that, that which you have accepted as yourself, is Resonantly the Authority as the Directive Principle of the Substance you exist as. And you have to first be Equal to that Understanding, how you have Created it and be Equal in Authority to that Instruction that is currently the Accepted you, to be able to stop it.

And then you have to Prove it, by Living it, because the Moment you Fall, what comes back? The original Authority, and you’re just Fucked. Which is why Nobody can get out of this shit. Because you have in fact created your own demise, and you have given Authority to it.

I mean, you can’t stop that Authority, unless you really stand Equal to it. That is the Principle of Equality. That is the Equality we are talking about, the Real Equality as Structural Alignment, as Structured, Resonant Authority as Life, Equal and One Here. Which is why the Polarity Opposites come out as Pre-Programmed Designs.

And then you will place it within context of ‘people around you’, which becomes then your Expressed Pattern. Therefore, your Patterns are expressed in All the People you Know. Because that’s the Authority you have given Permission to as the Patterns as Who You Are. Makes sense?

So as long as those Patterns are existent, and the way they are Formed and how your Feel, Energetically, about them – and how you act and How you try and keep them in place = will show you the design of the Authority and the Permissions you have already given. And obviously in stopping and changing that, what is relevant is that you will ‘lose’ all those people, because those people were not Real in fact in the Relationship of your life anyway.
They were based on the Patterns and the Authorities you have Given the Permissions. So the moment you change that, I mean, it’s obvious = it’s going to change. If you fear losing them – you’re not Ready to take Authority for your Life.

Makes sense?

So, within the Principle of doing the Forgiveness, Identifying the Pattern, watching how it ‘plays’, Doing the Forgiveness: You are Strengthening yourself to re-gain your Authority. That will take as long as it does. Until you actually establish it, and you have Definitive Authoritative Effect in Stopping the Pattern that you have Allowed yourself to Be.
Does That make Sense?

And within that means, it’s a Journey, that Journey will be Equal to How you’ve Lived it out in Time. But through the Acceleration of Self within context of Mind and Pattern, you’ll now be able to live Several Lifetimes in a Single Day, through Effective Application. That means, you can short-circuit the Multiple Lives within which you have given Authority to this ‘Absurdity’ that you call ‘Yourself’.

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