Tuesday 9 February 2016

Day 568: Authority and Consequence – Part 2

Continuing from previous blog, Day 567: Authority and Consequence – Part 1:

Because, if you cannot say “till here no Further, I stop!” – and stop in One Breath, immediately = you still don’t have Authority. And therefore, your Forgiveness will only be temporary, and you will have to re-do it over and over and over gain: until you have generated Authority. Okay – make Sense? -

That's why, the whole Process is Day in and Day out: Repeating. Because, you are not yet Directing it 'as you', you are directing it still as Pattern, as the Authority which Accepted it a long time ago, not only this life.

That anguish, anxiety, uncertainty, ‘not feeling good enough’, ‘requiring support, ‘requiring assistance’; all of that is still not sorted out at the Level of Authority.
What are you establishing? What is your Primary Authority? That means, the Primary Pattern which you are living that you are ‘unable to change’.
Now you say, ‘Okay, How did I get myself to be this, in an Accepted Form, as if it can ‘never change, I have accepted this As Me’.
And every Human Being, every Being in Existence has got this Problem:  You have no Authority. You have Abdicated your Authority, to the Pattern that you have accepted yourself to be. You’re going to have to understand that that Authority, is the Substance you’ve accepted yourself to be. So if you only ‘communicate’ to the Pattern, you’ll only communicate to the Muscle (in relation to Muscle Testing), and it’ll take you through the Same Cycle. You’ll not communicate to the Substance.
And if you do not engage Effective Substance, Substantial Support – the Information transfer in assisting you to correct this ‘Substantiality’ of Yourself, this ‘Authority’ of yourself, to bring it Equal and One = it will not happen, it will cycle.
And you will have to re-do it and re-do it – until you get this Point of Authority, the Point that has been abdicated.

Who is the Creator? At the moment, the Creator is ‘Patterns’. You have Abdicated your Authority to ‘Patterns’, you are existing as ‘Patterns’..

That’s not who you Really Are. But you will say ‘this is who I am’. Because you Say so, and you have said it to such a degree, that the very Substance of the Universe has accepted your Statement as Truth = You’re fucked.

Now that’s one of the Reasons, or ‘One of the Parts’ that you are busy correcting through ‘Structural Resonance Alignment’.
You have to align yourself back to the ‘Authority’ that is Yourself, that is not subject to any Form, which is any Limitation, cause all ‘Form’ is Limitation.

It doesn’t mean you can’t express Form, it means you mustn’t live the Form as if it is ‘the Only way you exist’. The Form must not be Dominant, ‘Authority’, which is what is that’s happened to everyone. Your Form, your Thoughts, your Mind, your Structure, your Belief of Yourself. All of that is Dominant, that’s what has become ‘Creator’.
Now it becomes System. That System lives out your Accepted Belief and Form and Authority about Yourself, and therefore you can’t Change it.

To be continued…

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