Thursday 20 November 2014

Day 558: Meditation, Understanding and Self-Realisation

So we continue with What the Demons Taught me About the Message of Jesus, Secrets of Jesus.
Now, let’s look at meditation.

I was extensively involved in meditation and at the end of the day, which is quite important to consider, what I have come to realise through meditation is the difference between ‘understanding something’ and then ‘realising something’.
‘Understanding’ is no different to having a book that you read and you understand what it says. It doesn’t mean that you can in fact make it real and that in fact is part of you. It is only knowledge and therefore at the level of ‘understanding’ it is useless.

At the level of ‘Self-Realisation’, it is yourself. And it is real and repeatable, consistent and trustworthy, here and it is within the context of your starting point. So my starting point being ‘What’s Best for All’, ‘What’s Best for All Life’ and all ‘Forms’ and all ‘Ways’ in the Universe. That starting point thus is the point that must be answered as Equality within Self-Realisation for it to be of any value or meaning to me.

If your starting point is ‘only to ‘Serve the Light’ for instance, then obviously your answer is only going to be in terms of what your starting point is. And that is quite important within the Equality Equation and also within the context of what one’s actual Self-Realisation is.

So in meditation which I participated in extensively over many, many years –I have gone through the guided meditations, I’ve done the circles, I’ve done the – you know the circle is where you develop ‘Psychic Abilities’ – participated in that over many years, many times and watched the development of Channels.

I have participated in guided meditations, I found it very difficult to ‘make up’ what they want you to imagine in the guided meditation. You know, “there’s a stream, and under the stream, go and be quiet, wash yourself”- you know, all of the guided meditations are very suggestive and your mind being extremely fast, it will create with a little bit of effort, after you’ve been to a few sessions of guided meditation, it’ll create exactly what the guidance is simulating. And unless it works for you, you’ll move unto another group until you get a group where suddenly your guided meditation is working for you and you go and dump all your stuff there in your imaginary world where you have your imaginary guide. In some cases one will actually, in the old days, have had communication with a guide. But in most cases and for most, this never happened. And only for the few it did and that was made as if it was very special. While in fact it wasn’t. It was just part of a much greater plan, which we will discuss in some future discussions.

Anyway, so – when I found that this guided meditation thing is just not getting it, because the moment I am imagining it, because my starting point is ‘What is Equal and One’, and what is ‘Image and Likeness’, which is the same thing – whenever I make it up, I immediately know that I am making it up, it is not real and I can change it. So therefore I stayed Here within my meditations and I tended to follow my own, call it, “guidance” in not creating some illusionary colourful picture in my mind as if it is real. To me the physical reality, what I see with my eyes, what I touch with my hands and that which it is made up of, which is the unseen that gives it structure and substance of it – that was reality. To actually have an experience that is in the mind, imaginary, made up, that is requiring my participation intensely and very seldom can one find point where something can enter that is not necessarily within the context of your own consciousness. But – that we will discuss at another stage.

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