Wednesday 5 November 2014

Day 556: Are Demons the Key to Reality?

Continuing from: Day 555: Self-Forgiveness & Change:
”So I applied the points and all of these points are relevant to the eventual outcome and the eventual point of meeting Jesus, and the final transcendence, the final facing, the embracing of the demonic in the universe. So bear with me, because all the points lead to one astounding discovery - Something I didn’t expect and I’m sure nobody would’ve expected. Especially the way it happened, it couldn’t have been more unlikely for it to happen in such a way."

That was the fascinating thing about what was happening is that, you could not have thought it up. It was happening due to changes, due to actual universal application of oneself, due to the actual transformation would bring about this change because the transformation must have an effect not only on the mental, the metaphysical or in the hereafter – it must have an effect on the physical world here. While there was all this idea that the physical world was the illusion, but that was certainly being challenged more and more as I was doing the self-forgiveness, because what was revealing was pain. Pain was amazing because pain was a measurement, and if I didn’t do my forgiveness effectively the pain would remain. So pain will come at the point when somebody speaks, I react and there’s a pain. Until I have the actual structural re-alignment design of the forgiveness in place, it wouldn’t change. So I was developing a very clear way of directing myself and having a feedback with the physical body.

That would become extremely important eventually in dealing with the demons and finding out when they were deceiving and how they were deceiving and exactly what was the nature of the deception. Because within the universe, which is a reflection of the human body (which is what we found and I will explain that in detail as we go along in the various presentations to come) it was fascinating that one could possibly align all the possible matrixes in the universe within a human physical body even within one cell, and then you can establish the alignment, the relationship that is existent that created it, its origin, and its end, its cycle, its circle, the circle of life – which was always a system and it always had a beginning and an end and it could start at any point.

I mean a circle’s beginning and end is always the same point and it could be any point within the circumference of the circle. So it was fascinating that that played such a fascinating roll in these alignments, therefore your forces in the universe were finite although they were infinite in different ways that they could come about because there were just so many, there was still an end to it. The universe thus had a beginning and an end and therefore it was discernable. Therefore everything was measurable. Therefore one could actually assess everything once you could align and realize the great simplicity that in the small is the big and that in the big is the small, and that it is always a reflection of each other and therefore you could actually establish the actual reality repeatedly. And that was the key through the years that I practiced the gifts and the application of self-forgiveness and the alignment of my physical body to a stage where I could trust every single point no matter what. It took years of practice assessing, placing – I used during that time kinesiology over a period of twelve years utilizing a facilitator, testing out, and obviously the facilitator didn’t know about the other tests I was doing and didn’t know about the physical test and didn’t know how I was doing it, and didn’t know about the visual tests I was using to create cross-referencing alignment systems to test out what is happening and where is it going and how do one take care of it. Within the so called limited illusion that was this reality which was more and more showing itself to not be the illusion, because it was in fact a representation of reality. And what was starting to become clear is that maybe heaven, maybe that which we can’t see, that was maybe the actual illusion.

But let’s see where this takes us. Could it be that the demons held the key to reality in all ways, because the question was ‘what were demons and where were they coming from?’ ‘Why did they exist?’ ‘What was the origin of the demon?’ And it was only once I had really aligned myself and I was satisfied that I was starting to get to a point that I could make a real impact in the world then I start to consider that I am getting ready to take on the demons. And now the question arose ‘Why? Why the demons?’

Look the answer was simple to me because I had an emphatic and absolute trust in God and at that stage was certain that whatever was happening in my life and what I was understanding about self-forgiveness and the physical body and what I was shown was simply a test by God – seeing how the mind cross-referenced, that means that, what I found with the physical alignments once I disengaged the mind was that the left side of the body correspond with the left side of the brain and the right side of the body with the right side of the brain in fact but your mind interpretation system was cross-wired and therefore everything was in reverse. You couldn’t see straight what is here and so everything was like upside down and very difficult to discern. And I saw that the test of forgiveness, the way that God would set up the test would be that one must prove and stand and show in fact that forgiveness work with demons and that if a demon forgive themselves they can find their way back to God. And if one is certain within forgiveness – and at that stage I was very certain because I have tested it over many years within myself in my world – that in fact forgiveness will stand the absolute test and be the way through which evil can become life, because the human that I saw in this world was just as evil in many cases as any demon could ever be. And therefore, if God is all-knowing and all righteous and all of everything then he would’ve left us a way to get back. And that forgiveness from my experience and I have admitted to my life and how I really made a mess of it, I looked at it from the context if I can find my way with forgiveness, any being in the universe can, because I was as evil as they were. I have had within me, the things that I have done that was just the same, there was no difference. And many times they were just in thought but it was the same. The thoughts of rage and anger and harm and deception – it were all the same. Yes I stopped them, and therefore I proved that self-forgiveness was the tool with self-honesty within which one can affect a real transformation in the physical while here in limited form. And that set the scene to a most astounding experience where the demonic were explored over a long period of time of about a year and a half where I set out to help every demon I can, no matter what unconditionally, to find self-forgiveness.

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