Wednesday 17 September 2014

Day 554: The Power of Forgiveness

Before I got to the point of testing the education so extensively I first went through the process of divorce. After I did my divorce I discovered an interesting thing - I looked at my own actions within the context of my relationship within my marriage, and realized that if I entertain the thoughts that were in my mind I become an unpredictable person that tend to be the result of energetic feelings. And many of them being feelings that are misunderstood in rage of not being supported in all kinds of experiences and yet I am the one that made most of the mistakes. So I proposed that, to my ex wife, that we sit down and forgive each other and we made a day to do that and to be honest with each other so for the sake of the children we can move on. And one evening we got together and face to face we started the process of self-forgiveness and asking for forgiveness and speaking the forgiveness out aloud with the undertaking and the understanding that we would push ourselves to forgive and not hold that which we were going to hear for the first time against the other, we are here to clean the slate.

Now obviously at this stage, and this is quite important, Phillip Niemand was already dead although my father was still alive. These two factors are quite important at this stage. We then did the forgiveness and it went very emotional and explosive because things were shared that was not shared before and we did the forgiveness and the experience of release was immense - doing this forgiveness aloud. And as the evening progressed - it went on for many many hours of forgiveness - at some stage suddenly something happened that we knew was possible but which didn’t happen yet which was that the gift of Phillip Niemand which was deep trance medium ship, was transferred to my ex wife, and the next moment Phillip Niemand was in the body and he was extremely pissed off with me. He said to me I must save her and I must tell her what I know, and that I know the answer. And I looked at him and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I mean here I am I am busy doing the forgiveness, I am doing my best. But nobody seemed to want to hear what I have to say. ” He was extremely upset, and eventually even I got upset with him because he was so insisting that apparently I know the answer to what was going on in the universe, and I must save her from what she’s buy doing, which was obviously wanting to have a happy life on earth which was her endeavour. And therefore she wanted to take me out of her life because I am a high risk factor. And I should save her from herself and help her and I didn’t know exactly what he meant and it took many years for me to find out. In fact many many years to find out what it was that Phillip Niemand was really saying to me at that stage, because why could I not understand his message was because I was very certain there were no demonic forces. I mean here I was again doing forgiveness; I have not met a single point that was demonic except human beings that became demonic through their emotional conditions due to environmental issues. So people will get angry or get full of rage because of things that happen in their world, because of jealousy, because of fear. But those actions would be demonic and evil and therefore evil to me only existed in the minds of men and not anywhere else. And so, heaven was a place to aspire for – that was my absolute commitment.

At this stage, after the evening of forgiveness, me and my ex wife decided to give the relationship another try, and a process started that I did not expect. In the evenings suddenly a being would take over my ex wife’s body and start speaking to me in a way that, which I obviously understood due to its very nature as a message from God and it was stated as such, that due to the forgiveness we did and my embracing of forgiveness God had a gift for me – and that was the words that was used. And a process started which was presenting these gifts and that these gifts were presented by people on instruction from God, from the heavens, and these beings were in the heavens. And that if you hear the nature of these gifts, it was astounding and it was very clear that forgiveness was proven to me to be one of the ultimate keys, and God recognized it and was speaking not directly to me, but was sending messengers with messages to me which shows that I have in fact in a small way proven the effectiveness and power of forgiveness. Now, each one of these gifts required me to actually apply the gift and test it out and become it, embrace it, become the living words of it so to speak.

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